Free world literature Kindle books for 13 Aug 16

The Renaissance of Tyler Farrell

by Frank Adler

This story is about a gifted, but repressed 40 year old surgeon and an absolutely gorgeous 23 year old free spirit. They get married and, after a short time, he decides to murder her.

Not enough?

If I tell you our hero is a middle aged Jewish American prince who acts like a jealous teenager concerning his very young and very beautiful wife. Will that help?

I’ll add that his best friend is trying to steal his young and beautiful wife by using methods that were inspired by the Wily Coyote of Roadrunner cartoon fame.

Perhaps now you’ve gotten the idea.

“The Renaissance of Tyler Farrell” is a 1980’s glimpse into a relationship that bungles its way through love, marriage, attempted murder and â?¦. I don’t want to give away any more.

Read the book to find out how it turns out.

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