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Crouching Costs, Hidden Savings: 10 Deadly Moves for the Frugal Warrior

by Buck Flogging

This book isn’t very helpful or entertaining. I didn’t care for it really, but Buck Flogging is certainly a very polite and impressive young man that reminds me a lot of my pastor.

~No Person Ever

Man, it’s about time someone with some sense that isn’t a complete imbecile and a total tool like me (who recommends putting money into envelopes and hiding them like an absolute friggin’ lunatic) came along to set the world straight on saving money and making smart financial decisions.

~Dave Ramsay; author of The Total Money Moron

The Frugal Warrior

Are you one of those brainless sheep that accumulates all kinds of crap you don’t need just because you saw it on sale at a store or on TV? Do you watch rap videos and wish you had a ton of gold jewelry, a sports car, a pimped out “grill,” a giant house with a $1,000 monthly air conditioning bill, and a swarm of gold diggers twerking in close proximity to your face?

Or are you an aspiring frugal warrior, satisfied with a simple life, who feels a little piece of your soul get murdered every time you pull a plastic card out of your wallet? If you are, and you’re sick of how bloated your monthly bills have become, this training manual will set you back on the path to frugal freedom.

Crouching Costs? Hidden Savings?

Many people try to save money by doing painfully mundane and inefficient tasks like clipping coupons or growing their own vegetables. But the BIG costs in life are where the real money is saved, saved most painlessly, and often these big costs lie in stealth without you even realizing it. On top of that, old-fashioned personal finance gurus often recommend archaic practices that could cost you a Ferrari worth of hard-earned money in your lifetime. For example, one of the most expensive things humans do is SAVE MONEY. In the book, you’ll find out why.

Less Money, More Freedom

Ultimately, in Crouching Costs, Hidden Savings: 10 Deadly Moves for the Frugal Warrior, Buck Flogging takes you into his discount dojo, revealing ten epic ways to save big on major life expenses. These savings can give you tremendous freedom to work less, play more, travel the world, and much more. To start your training, download it on Kindle now (also available in paperback and audiobook).

Facebook Marketing Buddy Use Facebook Marketing to reach more customers for your business, make money online working with the world’s largest social media network.

Facebook. One word which has turned into phenomenon over the past decade. Today Facebook as a name is synonymous with Social Media. It is rare to find someone who does not have a Facebook profile these days. My Grandma has one, my friend who runs a job portal uses his to run a background check on prospective new hires and even my dog has his own Facebook profile. But why am I stating the obvious, Facebook surely needs no introduction. We all use Facebook as part of our daily ritual and according to statistics Facebook users spend 20 minutes on average using Facebook.

Speaking of numbers here are a few interesting numbers associated with Facebook:

– 1.09 Billion is the number of daily active users. That is 1.09 followed by 8 zeros. The estimated world population stands at 7 billion this year.

– 5 new Facebook profiles are created every second.

– One in every Five page views on the internet happens to be on Facebook.

– 510 comments and 250,000 statuses are updated on Facebook every minute.

– Facebook witnesses 2 billion searches every day.

– Facebook has more monthly users than WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram combined.

Purpose: The College Student’s Guide To Figuring Out Exactly What To Do With Your Life

by Pedro Silva

If you knew that no matter what you did, you would be successful, what would you do?

“If you are freaking out because a few years ago, you had it all figured out, but now it feels like you have no idea where your life is going or what you should be doing. If you swear you could be achieving so much more than you are right now, if you only knew how. If you know you have potential, but don’t know where to focus it. If you have so many ideas – for a business, or a book, or an occupation, or a future – but don’t know which one to pick. If you’re driven, but are in the middle of what I call a fifth-life crisis.”

This is here for you. Discover:

– Your answer to the question “What should I do with my life,” and why it is unique

– What purpose is (I can almost guarantee you it’s not what you think), and why it’s the single most important factor in leading a personally meaningful life, being able to make money doing something you love, and maximizing your ability to be your best self

– What’s holding you back from living your purpose, and how to counteract those restraints

– How to find and define your unique purpose to start building and experiencing a life that lives up to the fullest of your power and potential

Purpose is about you. Your story. Your journey. Your Potential.

This is what you should do with your life.

eBay Selling Mastery 2016: Turn Your eBay Hobby To A Six Figure Business (Product Sourcing, Product Research, Retail Arbitrage, Wholesale, Liquidation, eBay Secrets, ebay listings)

by Zack Barnes

eBay Selling Mastery 2016 is Finally HERE !

Today only : the eBay selling mastery 2016 ebook for just $0.99 !

Regularly priced at $9.99.

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover powerful ebay strategies and resources that I used while I turned my ebay hobby into a SIX FIGURE business !

Finding the right products to sell on eBay and most importantly, finding a source that will supply them to you, isn’t easy.

In fact, most eBay sellers I know pretty much quit on their ebay business because they can’t find a good reliable source to source their products from.

That is what “eBay Selling Mastery” covers, and more…

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to find out what products sell on eBay
  • How to analyze the demand for a product on eBay – So You Know How Well It Sells
  • How & Where to find products to flip for a profit (retail arbitrage)
  • What Sources I Use To Get ‘Customer Returns’ & Resell Them !
  • My secret sources for getting products for dirt cheap
  • How to sell MORE on ebay
  • How to turn your HOBBY to a BUSINESS in 4 simple steps
  • And much, much


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The eBay Selling Mastery has so many great ideas in it that can turn your eBay business to a HUGE success, GUARANTEED ! get it and see yourself !

Tags: eBay, eBay Selling, eBay Product Sourcing, eBay Product Research, Retail Arbitrage, Wholesale, Liquidation, eBay Secrets, ebay listings, sell on ebay 2016

Soap Making: A Quick Soap Making Book, Including Homemade Soap Recipes, Soap Making Supplies, Lye, Process and More!

by Kelly Kohn

Are you or your family member looking for homemade soap making tips? Want to start a DIY soap making business but don’t know how?

Well, if your answers are ‘Yes’, then this is the book for you. In “Soap Making: A Quick Soap Making Book, Including Homemade Soap Recipes, Soap Making Supplies, Lye, Process and More!”, you’ll not only uncover the information you need to successfully make your own soaps but also to possibly turn this hobby into a profitable business.

– The Squeaky Clean Truth about Soaps
– Every Soap Maker Should Have This Equipment Used In Making Soap
– What Are the Ingredients You Need For Soap Making?
– Basic Techniques You Need In Making Your Soap Bar or Liquid Soap
– Adding Your Dyes, Botanicals, Essences And Fragrances For Your Soaps
– Easy and Simple Soap Recipes
– The Dos and Don’ts of Soap Making
– Trouble Shooting In Soap Making
– Selling Your Beautiful Handmade Soaps

And much more…

The purpose of the this ebook is to provide a wealth of information about the process of making soap. Not only will the reader obtain knowledge about how to make soap, the history and scientific basis of soap making is also covered. Several recipes for soaps made using a variety of procedures are provided. For people who become truly inspired to make soap, they can also learn about turning their hobby into a profitable home-based business. The information provided is in-depth, comprehensive, and entertaining.


by Tristan Jenevieve

The author returns with a riveting look at his experience day trading the stock and futures market full-time in 2008. The significance being that the sub-prime market crash of that year proved to be the start to one of the worst bear markets in history! Follow Tristan as he carves a slice of time out of that period and some of the tough lessons learned in the process. This essay will prove especially valuable to those who are embarking on their trading journey and unsure of how to answer the question: To day trade or not to day trade? The answer, my dear fellow trader, lies within you . . .

Part-Time Work from Home: Start a Part-Time Business That Can Give You Passive Income from Home… Cookbook Publishing, Instagram Marketing & Teaching Courses on Udemy

by Warren Geisler

Choose a Business Idea to Implement for Your New Online Business

What you’ll get in this bundle:

Mobile Cookbook Publishing

-The step by step process on how to make money via cookbook and recipe publishing

– How to choose a category that will make money

– How to guarantee sale even before you publish your book (The secret is in the pre-publishing!)

– How to create your book for FREE

– How to have a published book without writing it yourself

– The list of website and facebook pages for your initial promo

– The MAGIC 7 keyword and why it’ll increase your sales 2x

– How to sell your book and market it long term

Instagram Profits

– How to properly set up your account

– How to build a BRAND and not just a business. This is crucial to your success!

– The power of your story and how will this make or break your business

– The best apps to use to create great post

– How to get 3x more followers than your competition

– What makes a great post great!

– The 3 Step Process on how to build a list

Teach on Udemy

– How to do proper niche research

– Some niche research methods that 99% of your competition is not using

– How to do course topic research so you’ll know immediately if it’s profitable or not

– Keyword Research method for maximum UDEMY SEO power

– How to create and outline your course from start to finish…nothing left out!

– 3 Basic ways to market your new course

– How to build your list so you’ll get consistent full-time income from your new business


Get Your Heavily Discounted Copy and Start Your Business Today!

Social Media Commerce (2016): How to Make Money Selling Affiliate & Physical Products via Youtube & Instagram (2 in 1 bundle)

by Jesse Neymar

Create a New Income Stream via Social Media E-Commerce Marketing

Quit Your Day Job and Work At Home!

What you’ll discover:


– How to find the best keywords and products to target

– How to create a video review that sells the product without being pushy whatsoever

– The exact tools you need to do a video review

– How to use these 2 cheap services to rank faster in Youtube and Google

– How to upload your video for maximum ON PAGE YOUTUBE SEO power… this is the secret to higher rankings on Youtube


– How to make money via Instagram ecommerce even without spending money on advertisement

– The entire process of finding products and selling them on Instagram

– How to choose a theme or main topic for your instagram account

– How to find the perfect product to sell to your followers

– Different types of content to create for your audience

– The apps and tools needed to do Instagram marketing

– The #1 mistake most Instagram marketers make and how to avoid it

– How to promote your product without irritating your followers!

Starting a Business Doesn’t Have to Be Boring and Complicated!

Scroll Up, Download Your Copy and Start Implementing the Lessons Today!

All About Revshares: A complete guide to making money with revshares.

Revshares can make you huge returns, but you have to know what you are doing in order to profit. This book will help everyone be able to participate in revshares successfully. The author tells you what matters and what doesn’t matter from his extensive background of participating in revshares.

The book starts by explaining what revshares are and giving examples of returns of people who participate in them. Revshares can be tricky, and it’s important to know how to evaluate them, how to monitor them, and how to know when a revshare is in trouble in order to profit from them. It also recommends a personal guide to help you on that journey.

By the time you’ve finished reading this short and concise ebook, you should have a clear picture of how to find good revshares and how to profit from them.

As a bonus it includes a brief primer in Bitcoins, explaining what they are, how to acquire them, and how to use them.

Product Selling Blueprint: Learn to Sell Affiliate or Your Own Products Online to Make Money Online and Help You Quit Your Day Job

by Adam Bolt

Sell Product, Make Money Online and Quit Your Day Job!

Inside you’ll learn:

The First Timer’s Affiliate Marketing Guide
– The super newbie friendly method of making money as a new affiliate marketer
– How to find the best products to promote
– What are the criteria to use when choosing a product to sell on your website
– How to create a wordpress website from scratch
– How to invest $30 and make thousands back!
– How to write a product review – Step by Step
– How to rank your website without learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
– How giving away bonuses can literally 5x your sales
– What exact bonuses to give to your potential customers

Zero Down Aliexpress
– The 4 step process on how to make at least $1,000 per month via Aliexpress
– How to get started with ZERO capital
– How to find products that are guaranteed best-seller!
– How to create a free website from scratch
– How to create a product listing
– How to set up your payment option
– How to drive free traffic from Facebook and Youtube
– How to fulfill your orders

You can stick to what you’re doing right now or you can try the method that I’m going to teach you.

If what you’re doing right now works, then don’t buy this book!

However, if you’re part of the majority who”s been tryin really hard to make online marketing work, but you haven’t got any success yet. Then you owe it to yourself to try my internet marketing methods.

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Content Marketing Decoded: How to Quickly Build Your Digital Business and Passive Income Using Content Marketing (Marketing Success Secrets)

by Matthew Lucas

Content Marketing

In this book I’ll show you how to quickly build your digital business and passive income using content marketing

Hi, I’m Matt Lucas

After having my own issues getting traction with online business ideas I finally figured out some of the best ways to make money online. Passive income streams, using tried and tested marketing systems online, are absolutely possible. In the pages of this guide I’ll let you in on what and how to use content marketing to exactly this.

What you’ll find in this incredible 40 page guide is an amazingly easy but super successful way to take content marketing from zero to launch. You’ll be able to recreate this system that can lead you to a full time “career” online…

Here’s just a LITTLE of what you’ll discover in this incredible guide. . .

  • A Concrete method that works over and over again
  • Something you need to avoid if you want to get ahead online with content marketing

  • One simple step that many people don’t do to get ahead with their business
  • Some Serious content marketing Gold

  • The steps you need to create a system that works over and over again
  • Don’t wait, you’ll want to put this information to use as soon as possible.

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    Passive Income: 3 Proven Methods to make $300-$10,000 a month in 90 days (Step by Step Guide to Create Passive Income)

    by Peter Becker

    Be the Boss of your life and Begin your adventure to make $300 – $10,000 in 90 days

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you can:

    – Say goodbye to your 9 to 5 jobs?

    – Work in your comfortable clothes/pajamas?

    – Spend more time to do what you’re actually passionate about?

    – Travel and explore the World?

    – Create a fun, easy-second stream of income?

    If that sounds good to you, Passive Income: 3 Proven Methods to make $300-$10,000 a month in 90 days can help you start living the life you’ve always wanted.

    Think about all the countless hours spent on your 9 to 5 jobs. Those unproductive hours have been wasted to better someone else’s life. It is about time for you to take back what is yours. Learn to make your money, assets, and resources work for you.

    Within this book you will learn the most up to date powerful income-generating opportunities:

    – Blogging with Affiliate Marketing

    – Kindle Ebook Publishing

    – Teaching an Online Course Through Udemy

    – Money Making Mindset

    – And much more..

    Don’t delay acting on a good idea. Execute while others are still thinking. Success comes to those who act!

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    Pokemon Go Money Secrets: Become Rich Using Pokemon Go

    by Devin Kim

    WHY use Pokemon Go to make money?

    Pokémon Go is by far one of the hottest trends in the United States and around the world. Nintendo added $7.5 billion to its market value in just two days following Pokémon Go’s release. So the question is: how are YOU going to profit off of the success of this game?

    I will teach you how to become rich (or at the very least, have your pockets stuffed full of bills) using the popularity of Pokémon Go.

    Now that I’ve told you WHY, follow my steps as I lay out the WHERE, WHAT, WHEN, and HOW of making money.

    Easy Cash Profits for 2016: Blogger Fast Cash & Easy Fiverr Selling

    by Martin Scott

    Want to learn 2 ways to make easy cash online?

    In this 2 in 1, highly discounted bundle you’ll learn:

    – The simple platform to find your products and never pay for them with your own money
    – How to run extremely cheap FB ads for your products
    – Where to find product ideas that sells
    – How to do long term SEO!
    – How to fulfill the product just by lifting a few keystrokes of your finger! Never do the hard back breaking labor of shipping and handling ever again!

    – Method# 1 – A simple way to make an extra $300 per month without providing the service yourself!
    – How to create a Fiverr listing that converts visitors into buyers
    – The secret up-selling method that will turn $5 customers into $50 customers …. it takes almost no effort to do this!
    – Method #2 – The Long term plan to make more money on Fiverr!
    – The secret source for getting Done For You services for $1 that you can sell for $5-$20 or more!

    Download your highly discounted copy today!

    The Sidewalk Executive

    by Lloyd Lofton

    If you want to make more……GET BETTER! In this book you will learn how to GET BETTER in the areas that matter most to build a 6 figure income and a 7 figure business.

    Whether you struggle with prospecting, working leads, getting the appointment, making the presentation or closing the sale this book illustrates in detail how to successfully complete each step of the sale. From asking questions, listening skills to learning key phrases that move the sale forward you will find tips you forgot and skills you need.

    Moreover you will find tips on creating a business plan, a marketing plan, getting referrals in addition to sample scripts, key phrases and you will find two complete sales presentations in two different markets as a model to build your own presentations.

    You should read this book to learn sales from the basics to the advanced or to improve the skill sets you have and create more activity for better results.

    You will improve your results 15 – 40% in as little as 2 – 4 weeks while reading this book so start with chapter one and make more money TODAY!

    Go Green: Green Living: Green Facts, Green Energy And Tips For Going Green (Go Green & Discover How Green Living Can Save You Money While Helping The Environment For A Wonderful Living Lifestyle)

    by Ace McCloud

    Save Money And The Environment By Going Green!

    A Must Have book if you or someone else you know is thinking of Going Green! Learn how to make your life better while helping the environment at the same time! This book contains simple steps and strategies that you can follow to easily live a better and Greener Life! Learn how to save money by Going Green at home, at your work, with Energy, and much more! It’s A Great Time To Go Green!

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Discover…

    • The Benefits of Going Green
    • Going Green With How You Eat and Shop
    • The Best All Natural Ways To Go Green
    • Great ways To Go Green with How you Get Around
    • How To Go Green at Home
    • Going Green at Work
    • Going Green with Energy
    • Much, much more!

    What are you waiting for? If you are still reading this you are obviously motivated to get all the benefits this book has to offer. Stop thinking and take ACTION.


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    E-COMMERCE MADE SIMPLE: How to Boost Sales and Profit Instantly Using Proven E-commerce Techniques


    I am about to disclose an important piece of information that will enable you to boost your business and leave your competitors far behind.

    But first, let me ask you two simple questions:

    – Are you still trying to sell your products and services physically?

    – Have you spent a lot of money and time to achieve this objective?

    Let me just wake you up with these astonishing stats:

    – Online sales will reach $523 Billion by 2020 in the U.S

    – E-Retail spending will increase by 62% this year

    – 51% of U.S. consumers plan to do most of their online shopping at

    – Ecommerce salaries in the United Kingdom have increased by over 14,000 euros in 2015, and by the end of this year, it will grow by more than 3,000 euros

    – 36.5% of worldwide B2C e-commerce sales came from Asia-Pacific in 2014 and will cross 39.7% this year

    – The average amount spent by each consumer is expected to rise from $1,207 per annum to $1,738 per person this year

    With over 85% of searches for products and services happening online, the growing relevance of e-commerce can’t be taken for granted

    E-commerce Made Simple!

    This unique and easy to understand book will give you the most accurate information needed to get best results for your e-commerce business.

    Here’s a brief insight about what I am going to cover in this detailed book:

    Chapter I: What is e-commerce all about?

    Chapter II: How can an offline business benefits from e-commerce?

    Chapter III: How can an independent professional offer services through e-commerce?

    Chapter IV: How can an online marketer make tons of money from e-commerce?

    Chapter V: Setting up an e-commerce site- step by step.

    Chapter VI: 10 do’s you have to apply for successful e-commerce venture.

    Chapter VII: 10 don’ts you have to avoid for successful e-commerce venture.

    Chapter VIII: Premium e-commerce tools to consider.

    Chapter IX: Shocking e-commerce case studies.

    And, that’s not allâ?¦â?¦â?¦

    Stock Market Investing: A Beginner’s Guide To Stock Market Investing (Stock Market, Stock Market Investing For Beginners, Stock Market Investing Book 1)

    by Efron Hirsch

    The stock market; we all see financial analysis in the news, hear how companies’ stocks are performing on the different stock exchanges and how upcoming companies are about to issue an IPO. The world’s richest billionaires bet on stocks (Warren Buffett and his one million dollars wager is a good example). You then wonder; if the richest invest in stocks, isn’t that reason enough for anyone wishing to become rich to start thinking of investing in stocks too?

    Well, if you’ve thought about investing in stocks, you know that this investment can be complicated to a complete beginner. You just cannot seem to understand why stock prices move up and down, why a company’s release of financial statements affects its share prices, why companies issue shares in the first place and lots of lingo that any ordinary guy with no finance knowledge cannot grasp.

    Nonetheless, now is your time to start investing in stocks. If you want to invest in stocks, you need to learn the basics first. This book is the key for you to learn about this market before making the first move, making it the perfect solution for you, the beginner, to educate yourself about stocks. You will learn what stocks are, the best time to buy and sell stocks as well as some tips on being successful at stock market investing.

    AUTOMATIC CASHFLOW (2016 bundle): Start a Cashflow Based Business via Instagram Local Marketing and Affiliate Launch Profits

    by Drew Dawson

    Start a Cashflow Based Business and Create a Passive Income Stream from Home!

    What you’ll get:

    – How to properly set up your account
    – How to build a BRAND and not just a business. This is crucial to your success!
    – The power of your story and how will this make or break your business
    – The best apps to use to create great post
    – How to get 3x more followers than your competition
    – What makes a great post great!
    – The 3 Step Process on how to build a list

    – How to take advantage of the hundreds of product launches happening right now (2016)
    – Why product bonuses are key to making a lot of product sales without extra effort in selling
    – How to create a website that will convert
    – How to write a REAL and GENUINE product review that customers like
    – Example of websites that made a killing though this method of affiliate marketing
    – How to rank your website on Google without much effort from your part!


    Scam Busters: The History of the Ponzi Scam Exposé

    by Antoni Muldoon

    My name is Antoni Muldoon and I was a professional conman for many years. All in all, I must have conned hardworking people out of over £100 million. Inevitably, I was caught for my crimes and ended up in prison, losing almost everything I had amassed. One thing I did not lose was my vast knowledge of the different scams that regularly entrap people and part them from their money.

    I decided to use that knowledge to help people avoid getting caught in the types of scams I used to run. This book is the next in a series covering many different scams and I call it the Scam Busters Series. Each book will take you through a different scam, so whether you have been scammed or are likely to, we will be there to help. Highlighting what you should look out for and how to avoid getting caught.

    Hopefully you will enjoy this, the next book in the series, and that it will help you protect your finances.

    The sixth of the Scam Busters series, Antoni Muldoon gives you his behind-the-scenes knowledge of a variety of smaller but noteworthy scams. He points out what to look for and what to avoid. This will certainly help you out from debt fraud, land baking and others.

    The Procrastination Cure: Stop Procrastinating and Get Back in the Driver’s Seat

    by Jeremy Baker

    Procrastination Cure: Learn How to Deal With Procrastination

    Procrastination is an inherent part of the human psyche. It means that every one of us is bound to procrastinate at some point of our lives. In fact, procrastination is considered as a defense mechanism towards stress and anxiety. Many people procrastinate as a way to momentarily escape their tasks and to clear their mind off stress from too much work. However, too much of it can also be dangerous because it robs us of our ability to perform to our fullest. This is the reason why it is important for people to learn how to deal with procrastination.

    Procrastination is inevitable and many people are prone to procrastinating once in a while. If you are one of the individuals who want to know how to deal with procrastination, then this book is for you. This book will teach everything that you need to know about procrastination.

    With this book, you will learn the following:

    • Understand the nature of procrastination. In this book, Chapter 1 is dedicated to making you understand what procrastination is, the types of procrastinators, justifications and reasons why people procrastinate.
    • The book also gives a discussion about the benefits and disadvantages of procrastination. Contrary to popular beliefs, procrastination has advantages and this book aims to dispel the myth that procrastination only brings disadvantages to people.
    • Lastly, the book also has an entire chapter that is dedicated to providing tips on how to avoid and deal with procrastination. However, if procrastination is inevitable, the book also discusses on how you can procrastinate productively.

    All of us have the tendency to procrastinate but what matters the most is how we deal with it. This book will serve as your guide on how you can deal with procrastination so that you can become more efficient so that you can get back in the driver’s seat.

    Get this book and learn how to deal with your procrastination.

    How to Brand Yourself: A Guide to Branding Yourself & Using Personal Branding Strategies to Promote Yourself

    by Daniela Bachelder

    If you want to learn how to use personal branding strategies to promote yourself, then this book is for you!

    Today only, get this incredibly useful guide for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    A personal brand is in many ways synonymous with your reputation. It’s important to understand that people are judged within the first ten minutes of meeting someone. Thus, any of your personal characteristics that evoke sentiments, attitudes, impressions, and beliefs are all part of your personal branding. As an individual, you must always acknowledge yourself as a brand and understand that there is no one better than you who can market your personal brand. Personal branding involves highlighting things that are unique and distinguishable about you, including the key characteristics of your personality. People who are looking for those characteristics should be able to conveniently identify you as a key interest. Throughout this book, we will discuss various techniques you can implement in order to effectively market yourself as a brand of your own. We will discuss the characteristics you will need to develop and cultivate within yourself, and how to effectively market these select characteristics to your target audience.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Forming your Brand Image
    • Identify your Target Audience
    • Analyzing your Competition
    • Promoting your Brand
    • Maintaining Consistency
    • Associating Yourself with Other Brands
    • Much, much more!

    Download your copy today!

    Tags: personal brand, brand identity, brand awareness, rebranding, what is branding, brand strategy, how to brand yourself, brand yourself, branding yourself, personal branding, branding strategies, how to brand myself, brand positioning

    Cognizanti: An annual journal produced by Cognizant | VOLUME 9 ISSUE 1 2016 ((Part III) Digital Business 2020: Getting there from here! Book 3)

    by Alan Alper

    Progress on the Path to Digital Authenticity
    This edition of Cognizanti explores the essence of what it means to be digital (think of a digital-to-the-core attitude and customer autonomy as critical operating constructs) and amplifies the role that the thoroughly modern CIO can play in helping organizations achieve progress, both from a leadership and “gig” economy point of view. From there, we examine the evolving world of intel-ligent automation (systems that do, think, learn and adapt), as well as the emerging landscape of business platforms, where companies of all sizes and shapes can plug and play in ecosystems that they either own, manage or merely participate in. This new approach introduces an interesting variation on the “co-opetition” theme that has pervaded business for the past few decades.

    Body Language: A Guide to Mastering Body Language to Become More Successful, Attractive and Desired: Become Amazing through your Body – The Complete Body … Mind Power, Body Language Secrets)

    by Tom Harvey

    Body Language – You need to know whether people care about what you do and/or say. Without this knowledge, you may be wasting your time convincing the wrong people.

    Psychologists praise the power of body language. Using it, you can decode the inner thoughts and/or emotions of others even without listening to the words they’re saying. You also have the ability to adjust your behavior based on the situation you’re in, and you have better chances of making other people like and believe in you. Simply put, body language can do things that words cannot.

    This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to use body language in different types of situations.

    This e-book will teach you the basics of body language. It will explain the “physical signs” people give in certain situations. By reading and/or using these signs, you can boost your desirability and attractiveness. It will also provide you with tips, tricks and strategies on how to apply body language in your daily life.

    Lastly, this material will teach you how to use body language during a negotiation, a sales presentation, or a job interview, and therefore will allow you to stand out from the crowd. By reading this book and applying the given information, you’ll become skilled in the art/science of body language.

    Here are some of the things you will learn from his book…

    Some of the keypoints of this book are:

    • How to Read Other People’s “Signs”
    • The Basics of Mirroring
    • Negotiations and the Body Language
    • How Salespeople Use Body Language
    • Job Interviews and the Body Language

    You will also learn how to read and/or emit:

    • Confidence
    • Interest
    • Authority
    • Nervousness
    • Doubt
    • Contemplation
    • Excitement
    • And much, much more!

    You will also learn how to use your body to mimic and match another person’s mood in order to gain that person’s trust. Keep in mind that the information in this book can be applied in all possible life situations!

    Want to master persuasion and influencing skills? Want to become amazing? Download your copy today! Discount for a very limited time only!!!

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    The Mortgage Accelerator: The Complete Guide to Understanding this popular method of paying your Mortgage in 7 to 10 years.

    by Brian Gugala

    The Mortgage also known as a Australian Mortgage Accelerator is a unique type of mortgage where the borrower is able to make maximum repayment every month to ensure that the mortgage is paid off in the shortest possible time. If used appropriately one can complete the repayments in a third of the time that it takes using regular mortgage loans. It originated in the late 90s in Australia and has been used in several other countries.

    Here a home equity line of credit (HELOC) is created as a primary mortgage. The bank creates an account tied to the HELOC which replaces the usual savings and checking account of the borrower. Every month the borrower deposits his paycheck into this account. The mortgage payments are made automatically through this account. For all the expenses this account is used either through an ATM or check book. Hence this account is used for all the day to day expenses of groceries, gas, utilities or other miscellaneous expenses.

    What you will learn in this book:
    Detail explanation of the whole process which includes graphs and spreadsheets
    Pros and Cons of using this Mortgage Accelerator
    Avoid scams by companies that will sell you software that cost thousands of dollars
    Alternatives to the Australian Mortgage (if you are not ready for it)
    Useful Tips to find an Ideal Mortgage
    Tax Implications of the Australian Mortgage
    Word of Caution and understanding all the Options

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