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Hacking: Hacking Made Easy 1: Beginners: Python: Python Programming For Beginners, Computer Science, Computer Programming

by Ash Publishing

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Other Books In This Series Hacking Made Easy 2, Python Made Easy 1 & 2

Interested In Learning How To Hack But Don’t Know How To Begin?

Hacking Made Easy 1 Would Guide You Through The Process Of Hacking With Some Practical Applications And Prepare You For The 2nd Book “Hacking Made Easy 2” Where You Will Learn The Most Useful Hacking Techniques Such As How to Hack A Facebook Account, Wifi Password Etc.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to become a true hacker novice. This book is not all inclusive by any means. The first half of the book is dedicated to educating you on what hacking is, clearing up truth from fiction, bringing you up to speed on what to expect and giving you an overall picture of what the world of hacking is all about.

The second half of the book is the meat and potatoes. This is where we hold your hand and walk you through some scenarios you or someone you know are likely to encounter in which hacking can prove a useful solution.

Here’s an inescapable fact: hacking influences your life whether you choose to read this book or not. Your knee jerk reaction to that is probably something like “That’s garbage, none of my accounts have ever been hacked.” or “How could he know that?”

As you will come to learn there is a lot more to hacking than stealing data and electronic mischief. It is our hope you’ll find the following information useful and entertaining, but here and now I’m going to hit you with a disclaimer. Do not start this book with the expectation that upon completion you will be a hacker. That’s beyond the power of any one book to bestow. My expectation is of a more humble and reasonable sort; I expect this book to be a litmus test for you. Upon finishing this book you should be armed with enough knowledge to know if hacking is something you truly wish to pursue.

If you do not develop your skills and knowledge base after reading this, hacking will be like that hobby you took up for a while and then forgot about. For me it was playing the trumpet. In middle school I saw a parade and was captivated by a jazzy tune some trumpet players were jamming out. After that I just had to become one myself. I made a pretty good run of it by taking some lessons and ended up playing trumpet in my high school marching band for four years. Being a trumpet player even helped me land my first girlfriend. No, I didn’t use it as a blunt weapon, she was a saxophone and our sections sat next to each other. Alas, all that is over a decade behind me and that trumpet now resides in the land of the lost called my attic. I haven’t touched it in years and couldn’t do much more than fumble through a scale now.

The moral of the story is this book is only going to give you basic facts and advice about hacking. How you use the informationâ?¦ if you use it at all and how far you go with it are left up to your own discretion, effort, ability and drive.

What You Should Expect To Find Insideâ?¦..

  • The Many Kinds of Hackers, The Good, The Bad & The Unclear
  • How To Get Started Explained With Recommended Programming Language
  • The Requirements Of Being A Good Hacker
  • Popular Tools For Hacking
  • Step-By-Step Instructions For Beginners For Practical Application
  • And Much Much More !!

Are You Ready To Begin Your Adventure To Becoming A Genius Hacker?

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Data Visualization In 7 Simple Steps

by Nuno Correia

Data visualization is an art and creating effective data visualization is one of the most challenging aspects because of the amount of complexity involved in it.

In this book, we have broken down the process of data visualization in 7 simple steps and explained the science behind the art of effective data visualization. To explain the steps clearly we will go through a simple real life project and dissect all the aspect and map it to respective steps. So you are able to use the knowledge into practice easily .

INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE SOCIAL PROFITS: Make Money via Instagram & Youtube Video Marketing (Book Bundle)

by Drew Dawson

Use the power of video (and pictures) to make a living via online marketing

What you’ll discover in this bundle:

Instagram Profits

– How to properly set up your account

– How to build a BRAND and not just a business. This is crucial to your success!

– The power of your story and how will this make or break your business

– The best apps to use to create great post

– How to get 3x more followers than your competition

– What makes a great post great!

– The 3 Step Process on how to build a list

Youtube Cash Cow

– How to find the best keywords and products to target

– How to create a video review that sells the product without being pushy whatsoever

– The exact tools you need to do a video review

– How to use these 2 cheap services to rank faster in Youtube and Google

– How to upload your video for maximum ON PAGE YOUTUBE SEO power… this is the secret to higher rankings on Youtube


Download this book and get started with your $500-$3,000 Per Month Passive Income Path

Programming: Computer Programming For Beginners: Learn The Basics Of C# (Coding, C Programming, Java Programming, C# Programming, JavaScript, Python, PHP)

by Joseph Connor

Learn Programming In Few Easy Steps

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Your Definitive Guide to C# Programming!

C# programming is the most useful and sought-after programming language that is used for a variety of needs.

In this book Programming: Computer Programming For Beginners: Learn The Basics Of C#, you’ll discover how powerful it’s features are.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Introduction To C#
  • Hello World: Writing Your First C# Program
  • Understanding Data Types And Variables
  • Start Using If Else Switch Statements
  • Loop Your Way Around C#
  • Get Introduced To Classes In C# And Their Properties
  • Becoming Familiar With The Concept Of Inheritance
  • Learning The Basics Of Debugging
  • Tips For C# Beginners

Joseph Connor, the author of this book, came up with this manual to purposely show you this state-of-the-art language that will enable you to create excellent applications.

The advantages of using C# programming is endless, from its native garbage collection, conditional compilation, simplified multi-threading and much more.

It’s safe to say that it’s better than JAVA and C++ programming!

So if you want to build more awesome apps and games, or system components, then this is the best way to go! This book will be your ultimate best friend when it comes mastering the skill of C# programming.

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How to Make Money as a Smartphone Application Software Developer: Previous Experience Not Required

by Gerry Marrs

Learn The Secret to Making $1,000’s Online Developing Apps for Smartphones!

There are many opportunities online, and people, like you, are finding it easy to make serious money using the power of technology. One of the best ways to make money online is to understand the trends as well as be willing to work with technology.

If you can do this, you can make a fortune online. You will never have to worry about money again and will have all of the financial security that you need.

You need to be creative in order to make money this way. You have to have your finger on the pulse of pop culture and know what is hot and what is not. You can do this with very little technological skills as well as marketing skills if you follow a proper tutorial.

You can make money online when you use technology, which is all free online for the taking, to build web applications. But not just any web applications – special applications. Applications that are in hot demand right now and that people are clamoring to get.

Investing a few dollars will make it easier, but if you have no money to spare, you can do this with free download software and a website. A website, including a domain name, tools to build the site and a host can cost around $10 to start and $5 a month to operate. You can even get companies to host for free. After that, you just need to know the proper resources to use to get the word out to the public, for free in a great deal of cases, about your application.

The hottest technology to come on the market are both the I-Phone and Android series phones. Right now, People are knocking themselves out to try to get the best applications for their smartphones. By making applications and selling them or distributing them online, you can make a lot of money in this arena.

Even if your technological expertise is limited, you can still make money using the smartphone applications. You just need to use the right type of tutorial to help you understand the concept and how to market the product once it is completed. This guide will teach you everything that you need to know about how to get started building an app for smartphones, where you can distribute it and marketing skills that are necessary to sell the application.

Anyone can learn how to make money this way using these techniques. The average app developer makes over $5,000 per month, per app.

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Agile Product Management: (Box set): Product Vision and Release Planning 21 Steps (scrum, scrum master, agile development, agile software development)

by Paul VII

Agile Product Management Just Got Easier

Agile Product Management:

Product Vision:

21 Steps To Setting Excellent Goals for Your Product

Thank you and congratulations on taking this class, “Product Vision: 21 Steps To Setting Excellent Goals for Your Product”.

This class is going to provide you with a host of proven tips for setting excellent goals for your product.

I am sure this class will be very informative, as it will give you an introduction to the concept of scrum as well as that of product vision. I will then explain to you the steps that you can take to create a project vision followed by tips of how to use a clear product vision in your team or organization from the ground up. I will also provide you with lots of examples, which will go a long way in helping you understand this topic better. In this class, you will learn:

– A brief recap of agile and scrum principles

-What is a product vision

-What is a product vision board and how is it used to provide a clear overarching
-goal for any product

-A high-level outline of how the product vision is used to create a product

-A step by step example of how to create a product vision for a real product

-Concise techniques for improving your product vision

Agile Product Management: Release Planning:21 Steps To Plan Your Product Releases From A Product Vision With Scrum

Thank you and congratulations on taking this class, “Release Planning: 21 Steps to plan your product release from a product vision with Scrum”.

In this class, we will discus some actionable steps and strategies on how to build a release plan using 21 easy to follow agile techniques.

I am confident that you will find this class extremely valuable irrespective of your level of knowledge about scrum and release planning. We will start by building a strong foundation about scrum and release planning then move on to discussing the specific steps that you can follow to build a successful release plan.

I won’t stop there; I will go on to explain some very effective tips and tricks on how to master and improve release planning in your team or business from the ground up. And as with my other classes, I will give you plenty of examples to illustrate how best to implement scrum in product development and release planning. In this class, you will learn:

-A brief recap of agile and scrum principles

-What is a release plan and how it helps the team and stakeholders to set reliable expectations

-How a release plan is built for a single release

-The steps involved in building a release plan including starting from the project vision, including stakeholders, using the roadmap and building the release plan from the product backlog

-How and when to conduct the release planning meeting and why it is important

-Concise techniques for improving your release backlog

-How to maintain a release plan

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C Language and Programming of Computers

by Michel Desaintfuscien

This book is written for readers with no computer skills and willing to learn to program a computer.
The principles of procedural programming are detailed, showing in particular how the work is split up between several software entities, named sub-programs or procedures.
It then examines how these principles are applied to the C language: the types of data, elementary operations, structures that control the flow of a program, the preprocessor.
The role, structure and use of functions (sub-programs of the C language) are discussed.
The meaning, use and applications of pointers are carefully detailed.
The composite data types (arrays, structures, unions) are described and analyzed.
The input/output library, which allows exchanges between the program and its environment, is reviewed.
Finally, a chapter is devoted to the lists and their manipulation.

How To Effectively Bring The World To It’s Knees: Cyber-terrorism or Hacktivism?

by Joseph D. Smith

I teach to those who want to learn, but yet they may not be ready for the truth. That truth, is the fact that in order to do a good thing, we must do a bad thing. This bad thing I’m talking about is both a form of cyber-terrorism, but the good will show itself in due time.

The good about all this? The world will find away around it, and make us into a better, more technologically advanced society once we find the way around these security flaws!

Still want to know how to effectively bring the world to it’s knees? Purchase this book and read on! Purposefully for hackers. I intend on for this book to be taken as info and entertainment, because I can’t encourage nor condone real acts of cyber-terrorism!

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