Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 14 Aug 16

Spy Pets 2: Haunted Drive-In

by MéLisa Lomelino

Frankie may look like a regular cat, but in fact he is a secret agent known as a Spy Pet. When Frankie goes with his owner Alex to a drive-in movie he can’t wait to see scary monsters in 3D. That is until Alex’s little sister sees a ghost. But is the ghost real or is she playing a prank? Frankie only has till the end of the movie to figure out the mystery.

Spy Pets is a children’s book series for ages 6-8. Each adventure book is filled with a fun exciting mystery and lots of animals. Your child sleuth will love using their detective skills with these safe, easy to read chapter books full of pictures.

Books in the Spy Pets detective series are standalone and can be read out of order. Funny mystery books for kids. Adults will love them too! Spy Pets 2: Haunted Drive-In is a hilarious adventure for children ages 6-8.

Oui Oui, Gigi! (Nuggies Book 4)

by Jeff Minich

After getting lost in Paris, Chomper and Coco are spotted by the local dog catcher and suddenly find themselves on the run. Then they meet Gigi, a French Nuggie who offers to help them get home. Along the way they dress up in Parisian fashion, learn to speak French, and discover the sights around Paris. Will the Nuggies find their way home? Or will they stay lost in Paris? Find out in Nuggies Vol.4 â??Oui Oui, Gigi!’

THE SCARE-IT: Book 1: The Hunting

by Kae Bell

During an FBI manhunt at a family’s vacation home, a strange creature terrorizes the family and the agents on the scene.

Worlds Of The Wooden Candle (The Enchiridions Book 1)

by G.C Althazeer

Magic does exist…you’re just on the wrong world.

Who am I? I am known as many things, but you may call me Althazeer. You are reading this because there is something I need to tell you, something you need to knowâ?¦the world of Atherlia exists and it has been hidden from you.

The conspiracy is real.

I have spent a lifetime preparing The Enchiridions, they are manuals for uncovering the truth, they will teach you how to travel the cosmos. But first you must start at the beginning.

And everything begins with the Wooden Candle.

Of course, it’s not exactly that simple. You see, the Conrad twins are the key to unlocking the worlds of the Wooden Candle. When they do they are faced with the secret of The Skyark, the magnificent Heart Of Grace and a world full of mystery, magic and monkeys. Yes, monkeys.

I won’t lie to you, it will be dangerousâ?¦shadows always make things dangerous. But I promise you, it’s worth it, the truth is always worth it. I know things seem hard right now, but please, don’t despair. Magic existsâ?¦you’re just on the wrong world.

Let me show you.


G.C Althazeer


by Miriam Isa

Some of the strategies and influences of the devil are exposed in this short book about the testimony of Miriam Zion Isa’s life with references to the bible from the New International Version. The Christian walk is a battle and your enemy happens to be the devil, to come out victories you have to fight the good fight of faith. As you read this book I hope you will be encouraged and trust that there is no battle you can not win.

The Winter Fairy

by K. A. Wyllie

A fantasy picture book that tells the story of Samantha Watkins, a young girl who with the help of Aurora, the winter fairy, discovers the true meaning of Christmas.
I would like to dedicate this fairy tale to my grandparents.

10+ Ultimate Recipes for All-Natural Smoothies: Raw, Natural and Organic!

by Kevin Marquet

A collection of the best 10 recipes for smoothies! The eleventh recipe is a special one kept for the end of the book.

Zac and the Magical Bat

by Michael Zolezzi

Young Zac wants to be like his awesome dad, a military man. A man who makes a difference in the world, is fierce, yet compassionate, loyal, strong and the poster boy of America’s brave. Well, Zac is eleven, small for his age, and his father never came home from war. So yeah, life is tough.

Living in a new small town, Zac finds solace in baseball and his bat, which seems to hold his father’s essence. Zac soon discovers the town has a dark secret; every other year or so, a kid his age disappears from the woods, and the local police do little to investigate.

Zac, with the help from his hometown mystery club friends jump on the case to discover the truth. As they zero in on the culprits, fluid from a mystical creature enchants his bat, sending him to another land filled with candy lakes, giant sneezing stone golems, bubbling lava pits, and a train to nowhere.

The land is inhabited by never aging children, living divided and on the brink of war. One faction touting equality, the other individualism. Sound Familiar. Zac and his magical bat must unite the land before the war spreads to the world above.

Davion’s Journey

Boy gets in trouble in school kicked off bus and has to walk to school

Trinity the Troublemaker: Trinity and the Sad Child

by Erich C Davis

Christmas is coming to Westrock. The leaves have fallen, the snow covers the town and a little girl named Trinity is shoveling it from the driveways. It’s a time for families to celebrate together. However, in December 1950 the Korean War has taken many of the townsfolk to a distant shore. For one young boy, he will never see his father again. David and his mother Mrs. Song receive news that no military family wants to hear, a loss so huge that Trinity and her friends face the biggest challenge of their childhood.

Will the kids be able to restore joy and happiness for the Song family in time to save their Christmas? This is a story for all military service members, veterans, their families, and the memory of those who gave their lives for the country they loved so very much.

A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this story will be donated to a charity for military orphans and widows.

The Ascendants (Warriors of the Way Book 2)

by Orlando A. Sanchez

Ascendants are being killed and the barrier between worlds is failing.
Dante, along with a group of Warriors and Guardians must confront the Harbinger. An undying servant of Lucius, a killer who can’t die. His purpose is to destroy the barriers and recapture Maelstrom-a sentient weapon of evil created by his master and wielded by Dante.
Can Dante learn how to control Maelstrom before the evil corrupts and kills him? Can the Warriors of the Way stop the Harbinger, and prevent the fall of the barriers before it’s too late?
Or will Lucius escape and kill them all?

Boom Baby

by Captain Sourabh

An accountant is murdered in cold blood at the Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. Within a week, the police arrest a man who pleads guilty but he is found murdered in his prison cell on the same day.

Arjun Parekh is an out of work actor recovering from injuries he had sustained in an accident. He has been reading about the murder in Mumbai in the newspapers. But that is not the only thing that ties him to it. His doctor, Kanaka Arora, who he has started to fancy, is friends with the person who pleaded guilty in the Mumbai murder. Kanaka believes something is amiss and shares her thoughts with Arjun.

Agent Kavya Nag, Economic Offences Division, CBI, is following the murder in Mumbai closely. She has her own theory about it. Only three other people in the world know about her intentions. One question bugs her mind. Can I trust Arjun Parekh and is he who he says he is?

As the events in the aftermath of Arjun’s discharge from the hospital transpire, he becomes a key element to one of the largest crime syndicates in the world – The Lotus Company, with a plan that pushes the economy into jeopardy. He ventures to decrypt the fraudulent activities of the organisation but soon realizes that nothing is as it seems and there are very few people whom he could trust.

As Arjun and Kavya’s paths cross, they must act fast for they don’t have much time because within twenty-four hours, the only evidence against the Lotus Company will be wiped out. And both of them know that if they don’t get it, Dalal Street will go boom, baby.

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