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Poetry of a Madman

by Jason Alan

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I: a rose lies

a rose lies, resting
for every heart broken
a metamorphosis
a promise never spoken
a wheel that never turns
a rusty chain
dripping with blood
and black rain
drown above water
into silver darkness
another drop in the bucket
another tear in the fabric of misery
her eyes
another page
of meaningless words

II: all is lost

the void
is constant
i look left and see it.
i look right,
more of the same.
deliver me from evil,
deliver me from good.
i am no longer,
a shadow of a long since gone
lay me down and cut me
make me feel something
for all is lost
in this new year

III: i am, part one

i am the street you cross
when you are lost
i am the feet
that click upon the concrete
the leather shoes
cracking from the heat
i am the clouds that cover the sun
the shroud that covers your son
i am the bullet wound
and the pain
the gunfire that reigns
i am those lonely nights
those peaceful days
tranquility, zen
the shiver down your spine
that fear of waking up again
and again
i am metaphor muses
and simile smiles
the desert that spans many miles
i am hunger
the song of a bluebird
the knife in your chest
i am the lullaby
soothing you to sleep
i am flesh tearing
a wound so deep
i am the tears
that flow from your eyes
a wicked smile
a thinly veiled disguise
i am the spark of creativity
the fuel of longevity
poetic license
twisted justice
i am cold, hard logic
an unending stream of static
white noise
black clouds
a toy in the rain
making unholy sounds
the brick and mortar
the gale that tears it all down
i am the butterflies in your stomach
and what you learn from it
the stars in the sky
and the mote in your eye
i am misplaced anger
a baby in a manger
a badly worded email
the devil in the details
i am Asia Minor and labia majora
the bible, the torah
the astral plane and cellophane
the love of a child
the eyes of the insane
i am the buzzing of a chainsaw
powerful, raw
the twinkling of wind chimes
the anticipation of end times
i am the eye of the storm
the horn of the unicorn
the light at the end of the tunnel
i am the petal, the flower
the rose and the dark tower
a heavenly punt
a demon’s cunt
i am a joke that kills
an orgasm that thrills
i am torture
horror and disbelief
i am here, a bird’s song
i am nothing
i am gone

IV: tiny

i turned the machine off
before i fled
i took small steps so they wouldn’t
hear me
eventually they caught up with me
they beat me
tortured me
left me for dead but the machine
never knew
because i turned it off
a long time ago

V: micropoetry

the corn grows
the bird sings
the scarecrow merely waits

music inspires
the golden throat
the platinum heart
yet even love expires

as a flower

I live
and die
born again
to live through another
(Inspired by Angela Bandy)

love is
a warm embrace
a stain
on your heart
that you cannot
dare not
wash away

even the river has an end
even the ocean has borders
even space has life
take a step back
let love find its place

let your thoughts flow
your ink
real or virtual
gives sustenance
many miles away

loved by the sun
embraced by the earth
published by the clouds
instant gratification

over the sky
expanse of space
in a vacuum
I cannot die

the heart of Van Gogh, a brush
of Da Vinci, an idea
of Twain, a pen
of Gacy, a knife
of god, the hand of death

I turned a phrase
she turned away
I made love
she made off
with him
I don’t miss her
and I didn’t say goodbye

the lovely flower
grows best
in a pile of shit

the beast only loves you
when it feeds
upon your flesh
and the demon
your soul
the lover’s touch
only masks the pain

she holds those young men
to her breast
with an empty nest

grain of sand
tooth of beast
coffee of poet

a ride
into infinity
a lover’s touch
a writer’s muse
never leave me

I Am Not White

by Stan Grimes

I am not white. My jockey shorts are white. My sheets are white. Clouds are white but I, I am not. I am not black. Tree trunks are black. Tee shirts are black. Paint is black, but I am not. I am not yellow. Rainbows are yellow. Canaries are yellow. Taxis are yellow, but I am not. I am not brown. Deer are brown and so are bears. Chocolate is brown, hot cocoa too. But, I am not brown. I am not red. Fire trucks are red, shiny new cars too. Cardinals are red, but I am not.

Romantic Poems Collection: The Best Ever Romantic Poems For Those Who Involves In Love.

by Emily Watson

The Best Ever Romantic Poems For Those Who Involves In Love.

Songs of Innocence & Songs of Experience

by William Blake

In this collection of poems, Blake contrasts Songs of Innocence, in which he shows how the human spirit blossoms when allowed its own free movement with Songs of Experience, in which he shows how the human spirit withers after it has been suppressed and forced to conform to rules, and doctrines. In fact, Blake was an English Dissenter and actively opposed the doctrines of the Anglican Church, which tells its members to suppress their feelings. Blake showed how he believed this was wrong through his poems in Songs of Experience.

Sweetness In November: A Collection of Poetry

by Earl F Spangler

Collection of Love poems, romance, forget me not and past loves.

Tales Of Regret: A Collection of Poetry

by Earl F Spangler

A collection of Poetry dealing with Regret of love, romance and life.

The Unvoiced Poems by an Amateur: Pri Writes – From Life and Experiences

by Priyadarshika Ingle

This is a collection of Poems that is inspired by the experiences of my own and the worldly beings around. I hope you are able to connect and like my work.

Copy Rites and Sacred Text: Volume One

by Blake Ford Hall

The poetry of Blake Ford Hall. He is an artist with a background in the esoteric arts, paganism, comparative religions, computers, and design. All while in pursuit of being an artist, musician, public speaker and online journalist. He is a techno-pagan and online activist, but a writer first. He never turns away from any subject matter, having written on topics conservative and controversial; his clients have been from the worlds of professional business, affiliate marketing, public education, online gaming, scientific researchers, product developers and the adult video industry. Why does he publish poetry in addition to his other works, simply put, he says, “I love writing.”

Dangerous Day Dreams (The Poetry of James Burns Book 8)

by James Burns


Cross Creek Cats (The Poetry of James Burns Book 5)

by James Burns


Brilliant But Brash (The Poetry of James Burns Book 6)

by James Burns


Rhythms of Love

by Randeep Wadehra

LOVE has many shades. It is perhaps the only creed that is not normative â?? its followers make and observe their own norms. Love is a feeling that numbs all senses. It is an experience that heightens sensibilities. Love is a chemical reaction that involves pheromones. It is a spiritual function. Love is blind. It opens one’s eyes to an entirely different world. Love is profane â?? a thoughtless consummation of carnal desires â?? an all-consuming passion. Love is sublime â?? it prompts one to sacrifice one’s all without expecting anything in return â?? it is tranquility personified. Confused? Not surprising, really. It is a phenomenon involving curious contradictions. It has not been demystified despite the best, or is it the worst, efforts of poets, philosophers, scientists and ordinary folks.

You can say the same about hate, too. This collection, Rhythms of Love, deals with these two powerful antithetical emotions.

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