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Billionaires in Vegas: A Dom Vs. Domme Story

by Cynthia Dane

A standalone romance.

Billionaires Kathryn and Ian have no idea what they’re about to get into…

They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… well, those who say that have never been so drunk that they woke up with the world’s worst hangover.

And a piece of paper that says they’re married.

What ensues is one week of ruined vacations, lawyers, sexual frustration out the wazoo, and one nosy mother who has a sixth sense for drama.

That’s Vegas, baby.

This book takes place after the events of Dom Vs. Domme, but can be read as a standalone story as well.


Military Romance Novels Boxed Set

by Zachary J. Kitchen

The top three Military Romance Novels by Bestselling author Nikki Sex and real life Marine Zachary J. Kitchen.

Nine Line

A nine line is the standard radio format to evacuate casualties from the battlefield. It is a call for help.

When Nick Patterson signed up for the Navy reserves, he just wanted some money for medical school. He never imagined he’d someday find himself
fighting for life and limb in the sands of Iraq. Frustrated by a military bureaucracy he cannot begin to understand and an increasingly pointless war,
he doubts why he is there and what he is doing.

When the plucky and idealistic MEDIVAC pilot, Samantha Brown, crashes into his life, he sees another side to the war. As their friendship grows into something more serious, Nick is faced with a multitude of choices: should he stay in the military or go home to the relaxed atmosphere of private practice? Should he play it safe, or step off into the unknown with the daredevil pilot?

The Unbeliever

If faith can move mountains, what can the utter lack of faith achieve?

Major Max Bradley left his faith, along with a leg, in the sands of Iraq. Even the Marine Corps, the only thing that mattered to him, thanked him for his service and sent him on his way. Feeling abandoned, left adrift and without purpose, scotch and oxycontin became his only friends. He lives a hermit’s life on a boat moored in a small coastal North Carolina town, struggling with addiction as well as the physical and emotional scars from a war that now seems pointless. He only just exists, caught between pain and despair, until one night his world and his perceived place in that world are turned upside down.

A call for help snaps him out of his drug laden fog and a chance midnight rescue brings him together with the woman who will pull him out of himself and will show him that he is more powerful than he has ever imagined.

Promises to Keep

As the only ER doctor this side of Fallujah, Iraq, Jack Curren is a very busy man.

When he’s unable to save the life of his wounded medic, the soldier’s dying request is for Jack to personally deliver his wedding ring to Laura, his newlywed bride.

He vows to do so the moment he returns home.

Jack’s been through Hell on earth, while Laura’s a feisty, stubborn survivor of her own personal Hell. She’s got a mind of her own, and she’s no victimâ??but what is she so afraid of?

Despite their growing attraction, there’s just one thing the young widow doesn’t know about her husband’s death:

Jack Curren is the one who got him killed.

Jay’s Epiphany

by Theo Poling

Benjamin Acker (25) is a successful physical therapist in Los Angeles going through a difficult breakup with his ex-fiance. He wants nothing to do with social life-or other human beings at all- until a shy young man, James “Jay” Lisowski (20), comes into his work. James is here for a sprained ankle, and as Ben helps him heal, they develop a budding relationship. Things come to a halt when Ben discovers James’s accident wasn’t caused by mere clumsiness, but by the hands of his father, and that James has Atypical Asperger’s. Ben does all he can to help the man he cares about, but the struggles build, and his life becomes far more complicated. Together, they work to create a future together, even with the odds against them.

Hottest Gay Romance Collection: Gay Romance (Gay Romance Best Seller)

by Lisa Newman

The Hottest Gay Romance Collection!

  • What the Doctor Ordered
  • The Prince and His Rogue
  • Behind His Artist

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