Free war Kindle books for 14 Aug 16

INFILTRATOR, BOWLER & BOMBER: search of the existence

Three young guys met under the roof of Lashkar-e-fatehkas compound. Search of their existence and importance in this world brought them to an anti-Indian organization. After getting a precise teaching and training they had to choose the way forward. One became infiltrator on became bomber and one became bowler. Will they succeed to complete their individual campaign in India or they will just become puppet for two countries intelligence agency.

Marlow’s Secret Baby (Westerns, Mail Order Brides, Billionaires, Cowboys)

by F. Saunders


Marlow had nothing except for a miniature chicken and a box of cheap stuffing for Thanksgiving. Less than a year ago, her husband died in a car accident, and she never moved on.

She just couldn’t spend another Christmas alone. She decided to sign up for marriage services with the Head Mistress, an unconventional matchmaker known for her wealthy male clients.

That was where she met him: Johnny. He was a beautiful cowboy with tender eyes and a soft heart.

Will she finally be able to open up to someone else, and allow Johnny to mend her broken heart?

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