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True Crime: The 10 Most Notorious Serial Killers In Ohio And Their Horrible True Crime Cases

by Tyler Crane

BONUS INSIDE – True Crime: The 10 Most Notorious Serial Killers In Ohio And Their Horrible True Crime Cases

Find out more about these Chilling Ohio Serial Killers Stories

With names such as Neil Armstrong (the first human being to set foot on the moon), Steven Spielberg (considered the most successful movie director in history), Thomas Edison (inventor of the light bulb and much more), as well as eight U.S. Presidents â?? the State of Ohio is a land of rich history.

Known as “The Buckeye State” because of the trees that grow there, this Midwestern state is a territory with a strong presence in sports, economy, and transportation.

However, Ohio also has a dark side.

The state’s capital, Cleveland, has a crime rate two to three times the national average and has birthed some of the most disturbed criminals in the country. The amount of serial killers and psychopaths in the area is even considered disproportionate compared to other cities, whether nearby or far.

What better a state than Ohio for our next book on serial killers?

In this book, you shall read the stories of ten of the most dangerous human beings (a very loose term, considering their acts), who had no sort of remorse or mercy within them when unleashing their murderous desires on their victims.

Whether it is eight or eighty victims they left behind, these killers are some of the worst in U.S. history, and it makes you wonder: where is all that darkness coming from?

It is time to move on; prepare yourself, and be wary: you may not be the same after reading these accountsâ?¦

Here Is A Preview Of the Book…

  • The Cleveland Monster
  • The Serial Slasher
  • The Cleveland Strangler
  • Brother Heidnik
  • The Butcher of Kansas City
  • The Angel of Death
  • Murderers in Love
  • Herb
  • Arsenic Anna
  • The Cleveland Torso Murderer
  • Much, Much more

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Top 25 Reasons to Dump Trump

by Joe Gadway

If you are a Trump supporter this book will not persuade you. But if you are a Trump opponent this book will give you facts, arguments, and links to supporting evidence you can use to persuade undecided voters or Americans who are still open minded. Our country is in danger. We need to work together to persuade as many people as we can to DUMP TRUMP!

From the Introduction:

“If you need a handy collection of facts, arguments, and links you can use to argue against Trump supporters and help you to persuade undecided voters to NEVER support Trump, then this little book is ESPECIALLY for you!”

From Reason #3:

“So when people accuse Hillary of being dishonest, just remind them that Trump testified in court, and under oath, that for him, the “truth” about his wealth varies from day to day depending on how he feels.”

From Reason #7:

“Based on the evidence I have seen, it is my judgment that Trump is a hustler, always looking for his next financial score, not caring who gets hurt or what damage he does. In fact, it appears that a lot of Trump’s money has been made by licensing his name to people who run businesses better than he can. We need to stop him before it is too late!”

From Reason #10:

“Back in 2010, Greg Abbott, who was then the Attorney-General of Texas, dropped a probe into Trump University and later received a $35,000 donation for his successful gubernatorial campaign.”

From Reason #12:

“When Republican leaders condemn the racism and bigotry of their own candidate that is a powerful argument for all people to condemn it, and find another candidate!”

From Reason #14:

“When New York Times Columnist Gail Collins referred to Trump as a “financially embattled thousandaire” he was, of course, infuriated. In his “mature” way he got a copy of the column, circled Ms. Collins’s picture, and wrote next to it, “The Face of a Dog.” Then he sent it to her.”

From Reason #15:

“I think that guy’s lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks.”

From Reason #18:

“Speaking of Trump Armitage said, “He doesn’t appear to be a Republican, he doesn’t appear to want to learn about issues. So I’m going to vote for Mrs. Clinton.”

From Reason #19:

“The economy will be significantly weaker if Mr. Trump’s economic proposals are adopted,” writes Moody’s. “It will be a difficult four years for the typical American family.”

Reason #21:

“Imagine an American President who wants to “open up the libel laws” so he can make “lots of money” by suing the press for criticizing him. Incredibly, we don’t have to imagine such a thing because that is exactly what Trump says he wants to do!”

Reason #22:

“Among many incidents he once said of a protester “I’d like to punch him in the face.” In another case he longed for the days when protesters could be “carried out on stretchers.” In another case he promised to pay legal fees… for followers who got in trouble for using violence.”

From Reason #24:

“Trump’s plan to kill civilians is immoral, it would lose the moral high ground for the United States, it is illegal under international law, it would be counterproductive – stirring up more opposition and violence against the United States – not less.”

From Reason #25:

“In 2007, he praised Putin for ‘rebuilding Russia.’ In 2008 he gushed, ‘He does his work well. Much better than our Bush.’ When told that Putin has murdered his opponents Trump answered, ‘At least he’s a leader….'”

From the “Final Note:”

“Trump is the most dangerous threat to the United States in the world today. Other threats can kill individual Americans or groups of Americans, but Trump is attacking the very heart and soul of what America means.”

The Life of John Wesley Hardin (Illustrated)

by John Wesley Hardin

In an era and an area notable for badmen and gunslingers, John Wesley Hardin was perhaps the most notorious. Considered by many of his contemporaries to be almost illiterate, he nevertheless left for publication after his death in 1895 this autobiography, which, though biased, is remarkably accurate and readable.

Elie Wiesel: 50 Life Lessons from His Life and Work

by Patricia Karnowski MSOM

Bestselling author and Nobel laureate Eli Wiesel has influenced millions around the globe with his lessons of compassion and love in the face of hardship. Born in 1928, Wiesel found himself in a fight for his life during World War II as he was persecuted for his faith and eventually sent to Auschwitz. Following World War II, Wiesel used his life to tell of the tragedies he witnessed in hopes future generations would not make the same mistakes.

I first discovered the works of Elie Wiesel in 1993 during a difficult period of my life. Starting with Night, and then moving onto And the World Remained Silent, All Rivers Run to the Sea, and One Generation After, I have found important life lessons within the words of Elie Wiesel’s writing. It is from his works that I have become a more understanding woman and a more compassionate human being.

Eli’s writing has so greatly influenced my life that in his recent passing I felt compelled to compile 50 life lessons his books have taught me. From becoming a more caring person, to have a better appreciation of the past, Eli’s writing has had a monumental effect on how I view the world. I hope to instill upon you some of the lessons that I have learned throughout the years and demonstrate why Elie Wiesel is such a prolific and beloved writer. Come and join me as I go through 50 of my favorite Elie Wiesel quotes and share the important life lessons they have taught me.

In this book you will:

* Find a brief history of Eli Wiesel’s life.

* Understand how Elie Wiesel impacted the world following World War II.

* Find 50 quotes of Elie Wiesel and the lessons that can be learned from them.

* Get a better understanding of why Elie Wiesel is such a beloved author.

* Learn how even in the most harrowing of conditions the human spirit can still persevere.

Abraham Lincoln

by William Curtis

This is not a conventional biography. It is a collection of sketches in which an attempt is made to portray the character of Abraham Lincoln as the highest type of the American from several interesting points of view. He has doubtless been the subject of more literary composition than any other man of modern times, although there was nothing eccentric or abnormal about him; there were no mysteries in his career to excite curiosity; no controversies concerning his conduct, morals, or motives; no doubt as to his purposes; and no difference of opinion as to his unselfish patriotism or the success of his administration of the government in the most trying period of its existence. Perhaps there is no other man of prominence in American history, or in the history of the human family, whose reputation is more firmly and clearly established. There is certainly none more beloved and revered, whose character is so well understood and so universally admired, and whose political, moral, and intellectual integrity is so fully admitted by his opponents as well as his supporters.
Of such a man, wrote a well-known writer, the last word can never be said. Each succeeding generation may profit by the contemplation of his strength and triumphs. His rise from obscurity to fame and power was almost as sudden and startling as that of Napoleon, for it may truthfully be said that when Mr. Lincoln was nominated for the Presidency he was an unknown man. He had occupied no important position; he had rendered no great public service; his reputation was that of a debater and politician, and did not become national until he delivered a remarkable speech at Cooper Union, New York. His election was not due to personal popularity, nor to the strength of the party he represented, nor to the justice of his cause; but to factional strife and jealousies among his opponents. When the American people were approaching the greatest crisis in their history, it was the hand of Providence that turned the eyes of the loyal people of the North to this plain man of the prairies, and his rugged figure rose before them as if he were created for their leader…

Hardtack and Coffee or The Unwritten Story of Army Life

by John D. Billings

Hardtack and Coffee or The Unwritten Story of Army Life (1887) is a memoir by John D. Billings. Billings was a veteran of the 10th Massachusetts Volunteer Light Artillery Battery in the American Civil War. Originally published in 1888, Hard Tack and Coffee quickly became a best seller, and is now considered one of the most important books written by a Civil War veteran. “Hard Tack and Coffee” is not about battles, but rather about how the common Union soldiers of the Civil War lived in camp and on the march. What would otherwise be a mundane subject is enlivened by Billings’ humorous prose.

Living water

by Osborn Kurski

He has been ekstrimal looking for the key to eternal life and can not ostvavit the idea behind that prevents him to establish personal relationships with other people and his family.

Like An Eagle: Ten Years In Mongolia

by Tom Terry

Like An Eagle is a biographical account of my ten years in Mongolia with Eagle Television. Eagle TV was Mongolia’s first independent TV station after the fall of communism and the only local Christian TV station on the Asian continent, from the border of Eastern Europe to the Sea of Japan.

Eagle TV began as a unique partnership between a group of Mongolian democrats and a group of South Dakota Christian businessmen. My story picks up in 2002 when I was installed as Managing Director of the company.

Like An Eagle tells the dramatic story of how Mongolian powerbrokers and religious parties attempted to damage and shut down the TV station, and the trials we endured while we openly shared Christ through a unique ministry founded to share the Gospel of Jesus and advocate for freedom of speech, press, and conscience.

In “Like An Eagle” you’ll learn how Eagle TV changed Mongolia, and how it changed my life.


When I first heard that Tom Terry was leaving his office at Cru Headquarters, just down the hall from mine, for Mongolia to manage a TV station, my silent thought was how easily many American Christians, those accustomed to the predictable life, could interpret such a move as equivalent to being sentenced for committing a crime. Tom, along with his wife and young daughters left all behind in the sun-bathed, entertainment center of the U.S called Orlando to take a bold step of faith. They followed God’s call to a distant land to lead a television station and to embrace a new way of life that, from a distance, posed far more questions than answers. The result was a powerful move of God for the gospel of the kingdom in Mongolia.

When most of us hear our Lord say things like, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me”, our tendency is to quarantine his words under the “hard sayings” of Jesus. Quite differently, Tom Terry heard God speaking to him. The result is the story of Eagle TV. Set mainly in Mongolia, Like An Eagle tells the tale of what the gospel can do when a family says “yes.” Few accounts of God’s faithfulness and powerful working on the mission field are more compelling or better written than what appears in these pages. It is a story. But it is more than that. It is sheer inspiration.

John Barber, Ph. D.
Pastor, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Tom Terry totally gets it. He gets it that when you start a mass media ministry in a culture almost totally alien to the Gospel, your media outlet has to relate to the needs of the people and provide a service to the people you’re seeking to reach. That means news, information, culture, resources, family and marriage, entertainmentâ??a holistic approach that builds relationship, credibility, and trust. This is the incredible story of how God planted Eagle TV right in the middle of a previously unreached and unreachable audience. With professionalism and dedication, Eagle TV has survived the birth pains of such a ministry. They overcame hostility, opposition, hardships, and frustration.

This is not just a story of a TV station in a faraway place. It’s the implementation of a new missiology invented 2000 years ago. It’s the implementation of serving the needs of the people you’re seeking to reach. It’s an example of incarnating the Gospel in a way that people will understand and engage in. It’s the story of a major breakthrough of the Good News into what some might consider a hostile place. And it’s the story of the tenacity; talent and dedication of the man who made it happen and kept it going.

Wayne Pederson
President: HCJB Global

Dreaming in Night Vision: A Story in Vignettes

by Jalina Mhyana

In edgy and effervescent prose, ‘Dreaming in Night Vision’ tells the true story of a poet and a soldier who risk everything to save their marriage; namely, granting each other permission to fall in love with other people. Told in screams and whispers, the story presents a potent, breathtaking portrait of a family looking for a solution to the modern epidemic of quiet desperation — a solution they hope will keep their family together.

Both cautionary tale and siren song, ‘Dreaming in Night Vision’ is a fearless meditation on a life less ordinary written with subtlety, imagination, and bite. The essays, excerpts, journal entries, prose and poems in this volume are rich with magical realism and wonder, whether describing acts of love or the brutality of war. Mhyana’s elegiac and wildly irreverent memoir is as multi-faceted and kaleidoscopic as the shattered love story that inspired it.

‘Dreaming in Night Vision’ holds universal appeal for readers who have ever questioned the status quo or dared to dip their toes in fairy tales.

A Wake-Up Call – Vietnam 1968

by Roy L Parker

In the early 1960’s I had become a teenager, but while other boys my age were interested in girls, I developed an infatuation for war. It was my dream to find glory in combat. I read more than 200 books within a years’ time on war and was fascinated by it. I built plastic models of warplanes and naval vessels and even wrote stories about the Atlantic convoys during World War II. My step-father was a combat veteran of World War II and Korea and he discouraged me from even considering becoming a soldier. In December 1967 I was a high school dropout and the Vietnam War was in the news every day. I wanted to be a soldier and experience the glory of war so I enlisted in the Army. I volunteered for the infantry and requested duty in Vietnam. I was only 18 years old and thought I was bulletproof. I arrived in Vietnam on May 10, 1968 and was assigned to the 4th Infantry Division stationed in the Central Highlands of this war-torn Asian country. During my tour I watched in disbelief the horrors of war and on the 19th of August I was severely wounded by friendly fire. My entire unit was decimated and I lost many a good friend during my short time in combat but I learned there is no glory in war. The experience would change me in many ways and after 42 years I still live with the demons from my combat days in Vietnam. I returned to Vietnam for a second tour in 1970. This only reinforced my lesson -“There Is No Glory in War.”

Anne Lister’s Secret Diary for 1817

by Patricia L Hughes

For Anne Lister, 1817 was a year of new beginnings and farewells to her old life. The coded entries for this year reveal decisions and events which form the rest of her adult life. She would continue her education and read extensively. She would not allow herself the luxury of self-pity and depression but would start her studies at 5 am each day. She would recognize her true personality and dress in black, the colour of male dignity and practicality. She would save her money to participate more fully in the social life her richer friends enjoyed, though this was difficult as her parents had none. Above all she would avoid gossips and parties in order to live a quiet, dignified, self-sufficient life and regain the respect of her aunt and uncle who ran the Lister estates. Maybe they would choose her to be heir?

Warren Buffett Box Set: Simply Amazing Lessons on How to Achieve Profit, Make Progress and Become Successful (Warren Buffett, warren buffett biography, warren buffett way)

by Jason Butler

BOOK #1: Warren Buffett: Lessons for Boundless Success and Amazing Improvement of Your Business, Investments and Life

Warren Buffet is one of the richest people and is used as one of an immersive symbol of success for you. This incredible book is well searched and contains whole of the logistic material. In the proceeding chapters of this book, you will come to know about how you can kick start your business and which tactics you can use for sake of boosting them.

BOOK #2: Warren Buffett: 23 Simply Amazing Secrets of Warren Buffett for Money Saving, Worthy Investmants and Successful Life

If you are one of the many people that sit back and wonder how Warren Buffet has become the third richest person in the world, you are not alone. Hundreds and thousands of people all the time wonder how this man that seems to be the go to guy when it comes to investing and building a fortune. In this book, you will see firsthand all of the secrets that Warren Buffest has used in the course of amassing his large fortune.

BOOK #3: Warren Buffett: Awakening Lessons on How to Achieve Profit, Make Progress and Become Successful

This book tells you how to learn the investment lessons of billionaire Warren Buffett. It reveals the wisdom of the “Oracle of Omaha,” one of the world’s very richest men. It explains the simple principles which he used to build his vast fortune. The book also details how he has subtly evolved the way he works to continue beat the market year on year. And, most importantly, it explains how you can invest like Buffett and make progress and become successful.

BOOK #4: Warren Buffett: 33 Simple Lessons For Life-Changing Results and Extraordinary Success

This book is an interesting collection of suggestions and tips to help you succeed financially, and even more important – in life itself. All 33 of these pearls of wisdom come from Warren Buffett, who is one of the wealthiest and most successful businessmen in the world. Reading this book will not turn you overnight into a rich person, but it will give you ideas of how to do whatever you are doing in life much better, and thereby begin to feel more sagacious and accomplished even before reaching your most paramount goals.

BOOK #5: Warren Buffett: 23 Metamorphic Lessons of Warren Buffett for Surprisingly Amazing Success in Every Aspect of Your Life

Investing and living life can be hard. Sometimes there are things that people don’t know how to do, and sometimes people are left with the inability to make a decision on something. There are inspirational people out there, and one of them is Warren Buffet. As an investor and one of the wealthiest people out there, he can help teach you some important life lessons that will make you more successful in every aspect of life. This book will help you not only learn these life lessons, but it’ll also go into detail explaining how they are a part of life.

BOOK #6: 28 Essential Critical Thinking Skills and Brain Exercises which Can Improve Your Logical Thinking

Critical thinkers are highly prized for their ability to see problems, read between the lines, and analyze information to get better and more detailed results as well as spot potential problems that others might miss. There’s nothing magical about critical thinking, it’s all down to hard work and practice, your brain is a muscle and you can’t expect your muscle to be in great shape unless you work it out. This book aims to give you some lessons and ideas in how you can start your journey to being a critical thinker today.

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