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Romance: Boxed Set: Bearing The Shame – Bear Needs – The Laws Of Nature (Paranormal Shifter Romance 3 in 1 Box Set)

by Katie Hayward

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Book 1 – Bearing The Shame

Book 2 – Bear Needs

Book 3 – The Laws Of Nature

Bearing the shame

Ellen Frank is a jaded woman who has lost all faith in humanity. Everything changed for her after takes on a job from her boss to research on werebear hunting. On her dangerous journey, she encounters Ben, a handsome man, there is also something uncanny about how attracted she is to him Is he something beyond man? What would happen if she finally surrendered to the temptation?

Bear needs

Death of Becca’s grandfather has drawn her to come live in Clearfield. With the help of Luke, a handsome and a kind hearted neighbor, She soon realizes her family’s ancient secrets, . Now to return the favor, she must help Luke with some of his fantasies and needs.

The Laws Of Nature

Alison Roberts is caught in the abusive grip of her high school lover. Until, one day, Gerald a bear-shifting police officer comes to her rescue. With Officer’s gentle care, Alison’s feelings for her protector become stronger the more she is with him. The threat looms above them as their bond grows stronger, but will her ex-boyfriend manage to separate the two? Or Will she be able to accept Gerard’s secret and his announcement that she is his mate?

WARNING: These Paranormal Romance books contains steamy scenes, themes, and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

TABOO FILLINGS – 20 Book Bundle

by Tina Tight

Off limits and all the better…

20 book bundle of that naughty stuff you crave!

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