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BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE: SECRET BABY ROMANCE: Rodeo Cowboy’s Bride (Cowboy Alpha Billionaire BWWM Romance) ((Western BBW Mail Order Bride Second Chance Romance))

by Piper Sullivan

Must Love: Horses and Ten Gallon Hats

Hot shot businessman and popular rodeo star, bad boy cowboy Benjamin Martin has it allâ??except, that is, for a very special cowgirl that would share his life and fortune.

Throwing caution to the wind, he places an ad on a curious website for modern day mail order brides.

A single mom whose heart was broken by the father of her child, a hunky cowboy and rodeo star who’d swept into and out of her life in the course of a single night, Eliza Rowell finds herself once again in search of love.

Yet when she answers a mail order bride ad placed by a mysterious cowboy billionaire, she is not quite prepared to make the acquaintance of the man behind the ad.

A man, who it turns out she has met beforeâ?¦and from whom she has kept a secretâ?¦

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 10,000 word stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! Story contains mature themes and language, and is intended for 18+ readers only.

Romance: Historical Western Romance (Clean & Wholesome Historical Westerns Frontier Romance) (Inspirational Contemporary Happy Holiday Rancher Short Stories)

by Johanna Jenkins

This is a standalone short story with no cliffhanger and comes with various bonus stories at the end.
Anyone who’s ever heard of Moonshine Mack can tell you straight away she’s not a gal to be trifled with. Underneath her tiny stature and lady-like appearance, Mack’s a sharpshooting scout who wrangles rustlers and bandits with the best of them. She’s no newcomer to the busy town of Copper Creek, and has a well-established reputation for keeping everyone, even the dogs, in line.

And when a sudden, inexplicable murder happens right behind Colin Hayes’s trade post, he gets a brief glimpse of exactly how tough she gets. With every unanswered question and investigation, Colin finds himself closer and closer to being pinned for the crime he didn’t commit. He’s desperate to convince Mack of his innocence, desperate for anything to clear his name. But with every moment spent with her, he finds himself falling for the lady sharpshooter.

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Clean Inspirational Romance: Escape to Paradise (Inspirational Happy Sweet First Love Second Chance Romance) (Contemporary New Adult Love Inspired Holiday Short Stories)

by Johanna Jenkins

Victoria Martin once had the perfect marriage. Now, five years after tragedy left her alone to raise her daughter Katie, Victoria decides to take a vacation in Australia. She’s excited to see her best friends, and Katie wants to reconnect with her own.

During her stay Victoria meets the charismatic Nick who manages a surf shop and owns the Beach Bar where street kids receive counseling for life and love. Victoria finds herself falling for this handsome blond surfer who teaches her how to ride the waves.

One night she sees him dining with another woman and trying to avoid him becomes increasingly difficult. Katie has surf lessons with Nick every morning. Longing for love once more, Victoria discovers that all is not what it seems, and her escape to Paradise may change her life forever.

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Looking Through Walls: Based On a True Story

by Hal Holbrook

The year is 1916 and life of a man from humble beginnings and a woman he could have never envisioned would play such a huge role in his life are about to be tested, time and time again as tragic events unfold around them.

Hailing from South Carolina, Harold Deal knows what it means to work hard and never lose sight of his small town values, but when the young architect accepts a position far from home, his life and the lives of those left behind are forever changed.

Mae is instantly smitten when she meets handsome Harold. He’s unlike any man she’d ever met before. His drive and ambition are only matched by his warm heart and unwavering zeal for life. But, no sooner does their love affair begin when the world around them is rattled by a deluge of disturbing events. On top of that, another threat looms; this one, determined to disrupt their lives and pull them apart.

Set against the backdrop of a time of great change in the United States and the world, a young couple struggle to hold onto their love in the face of turmoil, both on the home front and in the place Harold holds near and dear to his heart.

Will their love withstand the strain or will the bond between mother and son prove to be too much for them to bear?

Western Romance: Mail Order Bride Delia: (New Adult Inspirational Sweet Christian Pioneer Historical Victorian Romance) (Clean and Wholesome Short Stories) (Brides Of New Haven Series Book 2)

by Charity Phillips

Read This Western Historical Victorian Romance FREE With Kindle Unlimited!

Includes a Heartwarming BONUS COLLECTION of 25 Clean Historical Mail Order Bride Stories!

New Haven, Connecticut – 1865

For four women, the Civil War has sparked a bout of change within them that cannot be ignored. For Delia Hennessey, it has created a passion for life that will not be denied. It is the reason that she convinces three of her closest friends to join her in contacting men across the country who have placed advertisements for mail order brides, hoping to find the ones who would be a part of each young woman’s next great adventure.

They will not travel together, but Delia isn’t afraid. She has been awaiting a great change for what seems like her whole life, and now it is within her grasp. When she answers the ad of a wealthy landowner in Wyoming, she is positive that she has met the perfect man–but when she arrives, things are not all as they seem.

Can Delia survive this abrupt change of events? And if she does, will she be able to satisfy her lonely, aching heart?

***This is the second book of the Brides Of New Haven series. Each book within the series is a STANDALONE story and may be read without having read the other stories first.

BOOK 1: Mail Order Bride Eleanor

BOOK 2: Mail Order Bride Delia

BOOK 3: Mail Order Bride Catherine

BOOK 4: Mail Order Bride Laura

Perfect for fans of the following genres: Mail Order Bride, Clean Romance, Western Romance, Historical Western Romance, Christian Romance, Clean and Wholesome Romance, Victorian Romance, Inspirational Romance, American Historical Brides Series, Pioneer Romance, Frontier Romance

ROMANCE: REGENCY ROMANCE: Rogue Rake (Secret Baby Clean Rake Romance) (Bad Boy Alpha Male Romance)

by Jane Price

Disgraced noble Marion Warren comes to the Duke of Rosemont’s estate, hoping to

become the Duke’s second wife and regain her place in society.

But a mutual attraction between Marion and Lord Philip, the Duke’s rakish and

devilishly handsome son may make those plans impossible.

Will Marion and Philip unite or will she marry the Duke?

This is a sweet and wholesome regency romance edition. Find the original Rogue Rake and free bonus books on Amazon!

Allan Quatermain

by H. Rider Haggard

This sequel to King Solomon’s Mines is based on Rider Haggard’s own experiences in Africa. During their search for a white race reputed to live near Mount Kenya, Allan Quatermain and his companions undergo a series of dangerous and thrilling adventures. The dramatic and often poetic story reveals Victorian preoccupations with evolution, race, sexuality, and the “New Woman.”

Caged Birds: Suzanne Elliott

by Suzanne Elliott

Set in Victorian London, Caged Birds is a story of life, hopes, dreams, love and the cruelty of society.

Marble Creek

by Karen Charbonneau

A plot that could lose America World War I.

His mentor murdered, but his life saved by a woman on a dark street in Seattle in 1916, Pinkerton detective Robert Jamieson is later caught up in the Everett, Washington, Massacre while infiltrating the Industrial Workers of the World – the Wobbles. Accusing the Pinkerton agency of collusion, he quits to join the Army’s fledgling Military Intelligence Division but, instead of being sent to France in 1917, he’s assigned back to the Pacific Northwest with a mission to go undercover to track down Irish radical Malachi O’Neill, suspected in a scheme to transport guns from Irish-dominated Butte, Montana, to Ireland. Find O’Neill, find the guns and forestall unrest in Ireland that would weaken America’s ally, Great Britain by forcing it to redeploy soldiers from the Western Front to Ireland, leaving America the burden of fighting Germany with insufficient troops. Locating O’Neill, Jamieson partners him in a remote logging camp on Marble Creek in north Idaho. Likeable, but deadly, O’Neill has shifted his loyalty from the disintegrating Wobblies to an incipient Irish rebellion. Fats Gerard, the complex villain of the piece, plays both sides and has an old score to settle with Jamieson. The course of the story unfolds as O’Neill plans the secret movement of guns and Jamieson dogs him , a dangerous game neither man can win until events force their hands along the Milwaukee Road railroad tracks near Marble Creek in the mountains of Idaho. A young prostitute helps one man to the detriment of the other. And the woman who saved Jamison’s life in Seattle? Their paths are fated to cross again, at first in mistrust, for Addie MacLean harbors a secret that could change Jamieson’s future, but later in mutual attraction, complicating Jamieson’s pursuit of the Irishman.

This character-driven story is set in the fomenting unrest of the Pacific Northwest during World War I where Spokane and Butte were under martial law; rights to free speech and assembly were suppressed; and the Department of Justice blessed the formation of the American Protective League, in which its secret members spied on fellow citizens for the government.

The Beddington Incident: Top Secret Cargo

by Bill Flynn

In July of 2013 a strange black package with the words, SS Beddington, Top Secret, came up in the net of a fishing trawler off Cape Cod. Because of its classification the captain of the trawler, Peter Broderick, does not open it, but notifies the Navy under the impression that they’ll declassify it and it will belong to him as an artifact taken from the sea. Wrong! The Navy confiscates the package, stating that there is no record of the Beddington being sunk during WW ll. The trail toward the package’s origination, sixty-eight years before, is filled with mystery, suspense, foreign intrigue and even cover-up activity dating back to the year 1945, during WW ll. Peter Broderick and marine biologist Janie Sheffield with the help of a Massachusetts Senator and the captain of a deep sea salvage ship, Sean Kelly, attempt to prove the existence of the SS Beddington to the Navy. They also need to determine the content of its top secret cargo that’s emitting gamma radiation near the wreck… an ecosystem for marine life. The trail to find out why the Beddington sinking by a German U-boat was a government cover-up starts in Strassfurt, Germany in 1945 where material to build one of Hitler’s secret weapons is captured by the U.S. Army. It continues to the port of Avonmouth England where the Beddington is loaded with the captured material and other cargo from Russia…then onboard German U-boat, U-873, in the Gulf of Maine. The story ends in 2013 four-hundred feet down in the Atlantic where the ship, ‘that never was’, is located and the contents in its hold number four discovered. This initiates an intriguing turn of events. Their shock of what’s discovered there gets answered for the reader in Munich, Germany.

The Redemption of Rachel: Companion Book Two: The Cattlman’s Daughters

by Danni Roan

Davrum Deeks, the longtime blacksmith of the Broken J Ranch knows there’s a darker side to every town but has seldom been confronted with it. Living far from any real civilization for so long he’s almost forgotten the pain humans can inflict on their own kind. At least until he comes face to face with a fallen woman in a dark alley.
No longer wanted by society’s lowest establishments Dusty Ray is left for dead in a cold dark back street in Casper Wyoming, and knows she has come to the end of the line. It will only be a matter of time before it’s all over and she welcomes the relief of death, as she huddles for warmth among the refuse and detritus of a growing town. When two strong hands suddenly grasp and lift her from her mire she tries to resist, but is too weak to fight back as the old man carries her off for his own.
Seeking only to save a forgotten soul, can Deeks uncover the girl who was once called Rachel or will she always retreat behind the granite wall that blocks her off from the rest of the world?

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