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Ancient Greek religion

by Cristian Lapens

History may not be, or at odds with some source since many of them, but there are common feature of this narrative, and you are ready to intrigue and be immersed in the old days of Ancient Greece!

Egyptian burial last

by Cristian Lapens

Secrets of Egyptian tombs, lie in the pages of this narrative.Do not miss the time to find out all the details and the little things Egyptian epoch time of Rebirth!

A History of Charlemagne

by J.I. Mombert

THE three grandest names of Carlovingian lineage are so closely connected, and so nearly contemporary, that the history of one of their number necessarily involves that of the others. For this reason a sketch of the memorable career of the first Charles, surnamed “the Hammer,” may not be an inappropriate introduction to the life of his grandson, and namesake, called “the Great.”
Pepin of Heristal, the father of Charles Martel, and conqueror of Testry, presided, for a period of twenty-seven years, with singular ability and energy over the affairs of the Frankish dominions in the capacities of duke of Austrasia, and mayor of the palace of Neustria. By his authority not less than four puppet-kings maintained a phantom royalty in Neustria and Burgundy. So abject was their estate that the annals of the period record events in such significant phrase as: “In such a year of the sovereignty of Pepin over Theoderic,” and designate his reign as that of “Pepin with the kings subject to his rule.”
His was unquestionably the master intellect of his age, which held in check the fierce nations encroaching upon Frankish territory in the East and the South, devised and enforced necessary and wholesome legislation, and befriended in powerful protection and liberal donations the Christian missionaries from England, Ireland, and Rome.
Unfortunately he was not free from the polygamy of the Frankish sovereigns and their license of repudiation. He had two wives, Plectrud and Alpais, but, his sons by the former being dead, committed the grand mistake of designating, at the instance of their imperious mother, his grandson Theodoald, only six years of age, his successor in the throne, to the exclusion of Charles and Hildebrand, his sons by Alpais.
At his death Plectrud assumed the government, and imprisoned Charles at Cologne…

Freedom (Jerusalem Book 1)

by Colin Falconer

“Two women, two men. Two countries.
But only one future.”

It is 1933 and two young women from very different worlds face an uncertain future. Both are in love, but both are faced with an impossible choice.

Marie Helder is a butcher’s daughter in a little town in Bavaria, as Germany begins its love affair with Hitler and National Socialism. She has a schoolgirl crush on a boy in her class. His family is rich, well respected – and Jewish.

Far away in Palestine, the centuries-old rhythms of sleepy Rab’allah have been disturbed by the building of a Jewish kibbutz on the swamp in the valley below. The Jews are the future, the twentieth century. The Jews are the enemy.

Sarah Landauer does not think of herself as anyone’s enemy – and neither does the young man she loves, Rishou Hass’an.

But his father is muktar of the Arab village, and he can see the future sweeping towards them, and it fills him with dread.

From the snow-hushed winter streets of Nazi Bavaria, to the burned hills of Palestine, from the Alte Post to the Al-Aqsa, four very different families prepare for the deadly conflicts to come.

Should Marie Helder and Sarah Landauer turn on those they love?

From the holocaust to the bloody creation of the state of Israel in 1948, romance and terror collide in a novel of ancient hatreds and forbidden loves.

A History of England

by Charles Oman

In the dim dawn of history our island was a land of wood and marsh, broken here and there by patches of open ground, and pierced by occasional track-ways, which threaded the forest and circled round the edges of the impassable fen. The inhabited districts of the country were not the fertile river-bottoms where population grew thick in after-days; these were in primitive times nothing but sedgy water-meadows or matted thickets. Men dwelt rather on the thinly wooded upland, where, if the soil was poor, it was at any rate free from the tangled undergrowth that covered the valleys. It was on the chalk ridges of Kent or Wilts, or the moorland hills of Yorkshire or Cornwall, rather than on the brink of the Thames or Severn, that the British tribes clustered thick. Down by the rivers there were but small settlements of hunters and fishers perched on some knoll that rose above the brake and the rushes.
The earliest explorers from the south, who described the inhabitants of Britain, seem to have noticed little difference between one wild tribe and another. But as a matter of fact the islanders were divided into two or perhaps three distinct races, who had passed westward into our island at very different dates. First had come a short dark people, who knew not the use of metals, and wielded weapons of flint and bone. They were in the lowest grade of savagery, had not even learnt to till the soil, and lived by fishing and hunting. They dwelt in rude huts, or even in the caves from which they had driven out the bear and the wolf.
Long after these primitive settlers, the first wave of the Celts, seven or eight centuries before Christ, came flooding all over Western Europe, and drove the earlier races into nooks and corners of the earth. They crossed over into Britain after overrunning the lands on the other side of the Channel, and gradually conquered the whole island, as well as its neighbour, Erin. The Celts came in two waves; the first, composed of the people who were called Gael, seem to have appeared many generations before the second, who bore the name of Britons…

The French and Indian War – A Short History (30 Minute Book Series 15)

by Doug West

Beginning with a skirmish involving inexperienced British officer George Washington, the Iroquois chief, and the ill-fated French emissary in the backwoods of Pennsylvania, a chain of events culminated in what would effectively become the First World War. The French and Indian War, as it is known in North America, was part of a larger conflict called the “Seven Years’ War,” which involved nations on three continents.

The French and Indian War was fought in the forests, plains, and forts of the North American frontier. Initially, the French army, supported by North American Indian tribes, was more successful than the British Army, who lacked experience in guerilla fighting tactics. Massive British spending bolstered their forces in North America and ultimately won them a victory over the French. The conflict that occurred between 1755 and 1763, and that led to the downfall of the French Empire in North America, ultimately overturned the balance of power on two continents, eroded Indian nations’ ability to gain independence from European rule, and lit the fuse of the American Revolution.

ISLAMIST TERRORISM: The Beslan Children In Torment

by Hakimi Abdul Jabar

One hundred and eighty-six (186) CHILDREN paid the ultimate price…with THEIR LIVES!

When faced with the cold terror Eyes of ISLAMIST TERRORISM!

The desperate actions of the Riyadus Salihiin Reconnaissance and Sabotage Battalion of Chechen Martyrs (later also known as Islamic Brigade of Shaheeds), in short, the Riyadus Salihiin International Islamist Terrorists, lucidly show the extent in which terrorists in any name will perpetrate, in order to achieve their objectives without the slightest thought of the repercussions their actions will have on the innocent victims and families. Islamist terrorism refer to terrorist acts committed by groups or individuals who profess Islamist motivations or goals. They and their kind such as ISIS etc. and their supporters are always desperate.

RCCG 64th Annual Convention: People, Pictures & Events (Amen Book 1)

by Kehinde Okoya

The Book is a compilation of people, pictures and events of the 64th Annual Convention (Amen) of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

Hordes of Models and Buckets of Dice – Revolution and Webleys (Wargames Rules): Revolution and Webley’s

by Nigel Emsen

The design philosophy of the rule set provides a simple approach that can be used to play games irrespective of the figure scale (6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm and even 1/32 scale). This is so that you can use your current collection of figures without any changes. The rules focus on command and control as opposed to a traditional approach of distinct and detailed weapon factors. By taking a light, very broad-brush approach, large games can be played in a few hours. Also the rules allow for both skirmish and unit based games.
The rules allow games from the Mahdist Wars in the Sudan until just before the start of World War 2.
This period also includes the Boxer Revolution, Japans expansion into China, The Irish, Russian and Spanish Civil War’s.
Additionally the rules allow games for gangland and the revolutionary inter war years.
The rules introduce chemical weapons, armoured trains and ground attack aircraft rules.

Free and Almost-Free Books on the History of the American States: Over 200 Free and Almost-Free Downloadable Books for You to Enjoy


Welcome to a treasure chest of FREE and ALMOST-FREE books on the history of the American states. In this book you will have free access to well over 200 works relating to the history of almost every American state. Each title is linked with the Amazon page where the book is offered. Simply click on the title that interests you and then download it on your Kindle or your computer.

I hope my efforts will greatly benefit you in your quest to grow in knowledge and understanding of American History.

Mike Caputo (Editor)

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Better Days To Come

by Jenny Telfer Chaplin

Glasgow, 1820.

With her mother dead and her father a hopeless drunk, Etta Gorton slaves away every day in a factory to feed her younger siblings.

Forced to stand on her own two feet she has grown up fiercely independent.

So she finds it hard to fit in with a Scotland that sees women as subservient to men.

In a moment of anger she declares she will belong to â??no man’. And this angry outburst leads to her being stalked and assaulted by one of the men she challenged.

Disgusted with her body and left with the growing shame of an unwanted pregnancy she is tempted to end it all by jumping into the River Clyde.

But as she gazes into the water she catches a glimpse of Better Days to Comeâ?¦

Can Etta push past the limitations of her sex to create a new life for herself?

Or is she too far ahead of her time?

‘A moving story of hard and tough times.’ – Robert Foster, best-selling author of ‘The Lunar Code’.

Jenny Chaplin is a well known writer to loyal readers worldwide for her books on Scottish social history and for her articles in the Scots Magazine and the Scottish Banner. Her novels include ‘Fortunes of the Heart’, ‘In Loving Memory’ and ‘Hopes and Sorrow’.

Endeavour Press is the UK’s leading independent publisher of digital books.

Let’s Talk About The Future (Le Grand Journal des Pensées t.25)

by F.B. Jefferson

Haven’t we all once dreamt that our thoughts and soul would become eternal?

A dream that would create a sense of purpose in life… If that dream came true, it would perhaps help us lead better lives and therefore accept death.

Over the past few years, the digital era has provided us with quasi- unlimited storage space. Wouldn’t new technology be a great tool to allow anonymous people to exist for eternity?

Maurice Dubosson and Louisette Dupuis-Chen invite you to write the greatest book ever made on Earth: “Le Grand Journal des Pensées” (The Great Journal of Thoughts).

Louisette has started to write “VOLUME 1” and each of you can tag along and add an extra volume.

Whether you’re atheist, agnostic or a believer, whether you’re poor, rich, junior or senior, wouldn’t it be extraordinary to unveil what you have deep inside you and leave a trace of your existence for future generations to discover?

The aim isn’t to write about juicy details of your personal story but to reveal in a few pages your opinion on key social, political and religious issues or your present and future concerns you feel strongly about, leaving readers pondering over your thoughts.

So, now’s the time to grab your pen, paper and your chance to no longer remain anonymous!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see all the citizens of the world express themselves freely and peacefully in a Great Journal Common to Mankind?

This unique experience is totally free of charge for each participant.

This is F.B. Jefferson’s take on reality. He has met with death once and through the beauty of medicine and science he is back. Looking around, he is almost blinded by the world falling apart. Curiosity is key in this world and he would like you to ask yourself some questions. Nowâ?¦


Nikita Khrushchev: A Cartoonist Depiction

by Jordan Danks

Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev led the Soviet Union during part of the Cold War as Premier from 1958 till 1964. Khrushchev was responsible for the partial de-Stalinization of the Soviet Union, for backing the progress of the early Soviet space program, and for several relatively liberal reforms in areas of domestic policy. Despite many successes Khrushchev was unceremoniously removed from power. This book discusses Vaughn Shoemaker’s, Pulitzer prize winning cartoonist, cartoon depictions of Khrushchev and the view the American people had of this ruler of the Soviet Union.

A Study in Anime: An intermediate guide to making Anime Art

by Andrea Allen

A Study in Anime

An intermediate guide to making Anime Art

You want to learn to draw Anime and shade it in with color.

Finding the right guide to help you take your art to a different level can be daunting, but this book will walk you through it and make it easy.

This book will:

– Delve deeper into color theory and show you tricks on how to blend colors for a more dramatic effect.

– Compare different mediums to help you choose how you want to bring your character to life.

– Show you the concept of perspective and how to apply it to your art.

– Show you how to make your character express emotion from head-to-toe.

– How to add accents to make them look injured and discuss how to give them other accents as well.

– Walk you through some lessons to help you get the hang of it.

We’ve seen them happy, sad, excited, tired, and even battle worn, but to do that without over-exaggerating can be tough. Let this book help you.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • An intermediate guide to making Anime Art
  • Color your world
  • The Color Wheel
  • It’s all a matter of perspective
  • Types of perspective
  • Foreshortening
  • Expression

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