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Missing – Mark Kane Mysteries – Book Five: A Private Investigator Crime Series of Murder, Mystery, Suspense & Thriller Stories…with a dash of Romance. A Murder Mystery & Suspense Thriller

by John Hemmings


Dean Roberts is a sick, elderly man with just one precious thing in his life â?? his teenage daughter, Marisa. When she mysteriously disappears on a road trip across the States the police draw a blank and Kane and Lucy are hired to find her and bring her home. But as they retrace her last known movements they realize she has been kidnapped â?? and that this this is no ordinary abduction, with no apparent motive. Her bank account is untouched, no ransom demand has been made, and a telephone call from the missing girl a few days after her disappearance only adds to the mystery.

But as their search continues they identify a darkly sinister group whose victims are turning up dead â?? real dead â?? and as the body count rises they realize they are in a race against time as they enlist the assistance of local law enforcement officers, forensic experts and friends of the missing girl in a desperate attempt to find her before it’s too late.

HIGHLANDER: Stealing the Princess: A Historical Short Story Romance

by Stephanie Hunt

Warning!: This book contains FREE BONUS BOOKS as a thank you for ordering. It also contains steamy romance scenes sure to entice you!

Stealing the Princess

This exciting tale of a war that is going on between England and Scotland, and a love affair that gets entwined with the struggle, will leave you wanting more.

A young aristocrat named Elizabeth gets sucked into the war and falls in love with a young Scottish non-commissioned officer named Hamish. The two of them work together to overcome the English tyranny and storm the castle of a despot Prince who also plans on becoming Elizabeth’s husband through a system of arranged marriage. The war ensues and a battle erupts where Hamish’s and Elizabeth’s very lives are at stake.

The other battle, one that is domestic, also rages on as Hamish has to win over Elizabeth’s family. Find out if the ending is a happy one by reading this tale of hostile encounters, human growth, and intimate and family relationships.

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand alone romance with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

Making a Name

by Rosanne Dingli

An eccentric musician, a grieving daughter, a homesick wife. What they have in common is strong emotion that makes them story-worthy. What makes them interesting is their similarity to you.

Read these nine moving stories from the pen of Rosanne Dingli, whose award-winning short fiction is perfect for reading in short bursts.

The unifying themes in this collection tackle some difficult emotions: jealousy, loneliness, ageing, helplessness, and dislocation, but they reveal the kinds of determination and strength that can inspire and bring about triumph in the face of adversity.

Something Special (Stories in the Key of C. Minor.)

by Russell Bittner

Imagine that you’re a girl-woman, 18 going on 35, a hayseed blown in from the Midwest to take root as a fashion model in midtown Manhattan. Then imagine that you’re trying to take root, any root (well, most any root) with an agent who thinks he lords over that same midtown Manhattan because he happens to nest in a perch on the 85th floor of the Empire State Building.

(This is how we get started.)

Alternatively, imagine you’re that agent. That you’re a guy, wishing he were still 29 (and consequently pushing back hard on 35), whose job it is to introduce beautiful, young women to the fashion industryâ??an industry always hungry for fresh young faces and bodies.

(We’re still just setting the stage.)

Now imagine that you could eavesdrop on one of this couple’s likely conversations: she, eager to the point of impetuous; he, equally eager, but for a very different prize.

The questions remain: Who’s going to win, and who’s going to lose? And at what price?

Fate has a particularly unattractive way of answering those questionsâ??in, of all unlikely places for an aspiring fashion model and her agent, the savage beauty of Yosemite National Park.

“Something Special” is the only novellaâ??and one of five storiesâ??in Russell Bittner’s collection Stories in the Key of C. Minor., first put out by Faraway Publishing and available here at Amazon in both paperback and digital formats.

(Special thanks to Denise Cassino for formatting the cover.)

Flight of the Goose: a Story of the Far North

by Lesley Thomas

“Flight of the Goose” is award-winning fiction from the Alaskan Arctic.

“One of the best novels of Alaska that I have read…Thomas writes with an unerring knowledge of anthropology and social and environmental issues.”
~ Dorothy Jean Ray, “A Legacy of Arctic Art”

“The story took my breath away. I wept my way through it, identifying profoundly with both protagonists. The author has a fine grasp of the complexity of human relations and culture in such a village. She also writes beautifully. A remarkable book altogether.”

~Jean L. Briggs, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Anthropology,
Memorial University of Newfoundland; author of “Never in Anger”

1971, the Alaskan Arctic. “It was a time when much was hidden, before outsiders came on bended knee to learn from the elders. Outsiders came, but it was not to learn from us; it was to change us. There was a war and a university, an oil company and a small village, all run by men. There was a young man who hunted geese to feed his family and another who studied geese to save them. And there was a young woman who flew into the world of spirits to save herself…”

So relates Kayuqtuq Ugungoraseok, “the red fox”. An orphan traumatized by her past, she seeks respect in her traditional Inupiat village through the outlawed path of shamanism. Her plan leads to tragedy when she interferes with scientist Leif Trygvesen, who has come to research the effects of oil spills on salt marshes – and evade the draft.

Told from both Kayuqtuq’s and Leif’s perspectives, “Flight of the Goose” is a tale of cultural conflict, spiritual awakening, redemption and love in a time when things were – to use the phrase of an old arctic shaman – “no longer familiar”.

Make the Victim Talk

by Franklin Ndubuisi Ahaotu

Radi, a young Nigerian worker tries to survive amidst harsh working environment and marital turmoil. What he didn’t know is that Uge his wife, is emotionally indebted to Rank, her childhood boyfriend. The death of his father-in-law, open up a new angle, especially when he learns that Rank is the biological father of his four year old son.
Rank discovers Uge’s secret, on his return from London and shows her the gate. The hunt for another life partner leads Rank to Chisa, who coincidentally is Radi’s younger sister.
Who will be the next victim?-as Rank prepares for a historic wedding that is shrouded in mystery and anxiety, from his ugly past-an intriguing scene unfolds, but not with Jeff in the picture.

TALES OF RAFA-ELI: Short Stories and Play Shorts

by Patricia J. Woods

Persepolis. The Tower of Babel. Antony and Issalt. The Kingdom of David. The Kingdom of David: The Modern Story. Antony and Issalt: Bedtime Stories.


by Patricia J. Woods

Five related dialogues set for stage. Images of Rafaeli. Romeo, Romeo. Fara and Her Mother. Queen Aphrodite. Rafa and Fara: Tibet.

The Miracle Mile

by Mark Goldstein

Parker is caught in a routine job with devious and scheming bosses, in a tiny and noisy apartment in the gay neighborhood in City Centre where he and his friends live. The decision he faces in moving to the suburbs threatens the long-term relationship with his partner Francis, who wants him to stay put. The inconvenience of commuting to the City for work or socializing is quickly overshadowed by the homophobic next-door neighbor Parker encounters, and the bureaucratic reality of his new life in the suburban Province, with its often daunting municipal and cultural center known as The Miracle Mile.
Set in an unnamed and ostensibly liberal democracy, and narrated with a distinctive if somewhat unconventional writing style, Mr. Goldstein once again draws us into a slightly surreal world, with some quirky but very likable characters. Will Parker ever realize his dream for a peaceful life amid the confusion that seems to constantly surround him?


by Amelia E. S.

A Vision. A simple basic mind book about vision. No, not your eyes, maybe your third one. It’s many things, mostly a poem, but is it? It’s very short. But there’s always more…..

4. you.

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