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Girl Under Pressure

by Michele E Corriveau

Maggie Baxter has been keeping secrets for more than twenty years. They’ve taken a serious toll on her health and her marriage. Now the pressure of all those secrets is beginning to chip away at her sanity.
Maggie loves her husband, Alex, but she’s terrified that she will lose him and their children. When her past just included anorexia, stealing, and a mental institution, she had a chance to make Alex understand. But how can she explain rape, murder, and a pedophile? Every day she lives within a carefully constructed web of lies waiting for the perfect moment to tell Alex the truth. But perfect moments only happen in fairy tales and Maggie’s life is no fairy tale. The pressure is now so bad she’s beginning to hear voices.
When a tragic incident thrusts her family into the national spotlight, Maggie is forced to make a decision. If she tells the police everything she knows, all her secrets will become public knowledge. If she doesn’t, she will add another unbearable secret to all the rest. Maggie knows this could cause her to lose her last tenuous grip on sanity. Either way she knows she is going to end up in a very bad place.

Cutting Up The Competition (Horror High Series Book 2)

by Carissa Ann Lynch

Day one of sophomore year, and Horror High is already living up to its nameâ?¦

Amanda Loxx isn’t your stereotypical cheerleader. Her life has never been perfect. Her father is dead, and her mother is a drug addict. Now she is forced to live with her kooky grandma Mimi, who happens to be a former Las Vegas showgirl. Sophomore year is supposed to bring normal back to her life.

We’ve got murder, yes we do! We’ve got murder, how about you?

A string of pranks including a haunting chant sets everyone on alert. The girl who taunted the cheerleaders last year is locked away in juvenile hall. Amanda and her friends think it’s just a prankâ?¦a copycat looking for attention or a freshman hoping to scare off the competition.

When a cheerleader is found dead and another one attacked, everyone is certain history is set to repeat itselfâ?¦

If Amanda and her friends hope to survive another year at the infamous Horror High, they’ve got to figure out who is behind these new attacks. Is it the freakishly talented new freshman hoping to carve her way to a varsity spot, or the person sending Amanda threatening letters? Whoever it is, she’sâ?¦

Cutting Up the Competition

Toward Night’s End

by M.H. Sargent

This WWII novel of Japanese-American honor and patriotism begins on March 30, 1942 when more than 250 Japanese-Americans living on Bainbridge Island, in Puget Sound, Washington, are being evacuated. The process goes quite smoothly until the Army discovers that a 21-year old Japanese-American fisherman, Matthew Kobata, is missing. During their search for Matthew, two Caucasian men are found murdered on the island.

Seattle detective Elroy Johnstone has come to the island to investigate the murders, and evidence is leading him to suspect Matthew may be involved. But he is one step behind as Matthew escapes on his fishing boat. With Matthew now emerging as the prime suspect in the murders, the detective’s investigation then takes him to Seattle where another murder has occurred. This time a Japanese-American.

Complicating matters, the coroner finds that both the Japanese-American and one of the Caucasian men have identical tattoos, both on the left ankle. But what do these tattoos mean? And who has killed these three men? Matthew? And if so, why? And most important, where is Matthew?

Johnstone’s investigation will take him from Seattle’s Naval Air Station to the Manzanar Relocation Center in Owens Valley, California, and back to Bainbridge Island. And, although he doesn’t know it, the clock is ticking and a countdown is in place for an event that could result in the unthinkable taking place Toward Night’s End.

M.H. Sargent is also the author of the CIA thriller MP-5 series Seven Days From Sunday, The Shot To Die For, Operation Spider Web, The Yemen Connection and Alliance of Evil.

The Conqueror Inn: A Bobby Owen Mystery

by E.R. Punshon

“I wouldn’t come any nearer if I were you. It’s not a thing to see unless you have to.”

The remote Conqueror Inn, possibly the oldest licensed house in England, has an unexpectedly key role to play in World War Two. Lorry drivers, army camps, black marketeers and even the IRA become entangled in the sinister web which draws this novel’s plot together. Bobby Owen, after finding a case of banknotes, has to identify a corpse mutilated in its grave, ignore the red herrings thrown in his way â?¦ and identify a ruthless killer who uses the confusion of war to conceal his tracks.

The Conqueror Inn was first published in 1943, the eighteenth of the Bobby Owen mysteries, a series eventually including thirty-five novels. This new edition features an introduction by crime fiction historian Curtis Evans.

“What is distinction? â?¦ in the works of Mr. E.R. Punshon we salute it every time.” Dorothy L. Sayers

“[An] extremely intricate crime puzzle with an equally intricate solution” New York Times Book Review

“[An] impressive baffler by one of the better English practitioners.” New York Herald Tribune Book Review

“Solid construction â?¦ distinguished characterization” San Francisco Chronicle

“One of the foremost British thriller-writers here gives us a first-class mystery, replete with creeps, thrills and tingles of foreboding as one grim scene builds into another and suspicion is expertly thrown in turn against each actor in this sinister drama of greed and hate couched in wartime datelines. â?¦ A better tale of dark deeds would be hard to come by.” Hoofs and Horns

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