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CAREER BOOK 4: 16 Career-readiness Strategies for Parents of College Students with Special Needs

by Jim Hasse

In this 40-minute quick read, Jim Hasse, a Global Career Development Facilitator who has cerebral palsy, summarizes the essential career development strategies to follow for career coaching your college student with special needs. Career Book 4 outlines eight strategies for helping your youngster grow in self-confidence and eight strategies for discovering disability’s competitive edge in today’s job market – all based on the road map recommended by National Career Development Guidelines and on Jim’s 29 years of experience as a mainstream Accredited Business Communicator. (18,000 words)

The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey

by Denise M Brown

The Caregiving Years helps you answer these questions: Why me? Why now? What now?

While other books focus on the family member or friend who needs your help and care, this book focuses just on you and what you need to manage the experience of caregiving.

The handbook helps you feel better about your todays while understanding what you’ll need for your tomorrows. You’ll read what caregiving is really like but you’ll also see that you will make it through and be better for it. The last stage-The Godspeed Caregiver-nudges you to live your dream-a dream newly defined by your caregiving experience.

The Caregiving Years is separated into six stages, beginning when you expect to care for a family member and ending about two years after caregiving ends. Because caregiving can be such a complicated experience, the handbook provides simple coping strategies, wrapped in a keyword and a purpose, to help in each stages. Each stage also includes action plans to guide you.

The handbook tells the story of a family caregiver in five of the stages, as well as tips to help you navigate the bad days, the difficult decisions and the overwhelming emotions. You’ll find articles which offer suggestions to give you courage when you venture out of the house after staying inside for too long, tips to help you manage the holiday season, exercises to help you understand your limits and build your team, and quizzes to make you laugh, reset your perspective and remind you that you have solutions.

The handbook will prompt you to be proactive so you’ll be as ready as you can for what’s next, and will show you how to create memories which will comfort you later.

Reader reviews:

“Absolutely terrific. You really have captured the stages well, very very well… This is a fabulous resource for caregivers.”

“Your book, The Caregiving Years, helped me enormously. It would have saved me substantial stress had I had it at the beginning of these fours years of 24-hours a day caregiving to my husband! THANK YOU! It is a masterpiece and I’ve recommended it for other hard-pressed caregivers and those who are about to become ‘and dread it’. I tell them if they are armed with the knowledge and know-how from this book, they will be enabled to handle it.”

Dog Training: How to train your dog in his or her language (Training your dog,Dog training, dog sense, dog behavior training, dog behavior, dog behavior problems, dog behavior modification Book 1)

by Anna Kelly

Do you communicate with your dog effectively?

Would you like to learn how to understand what you dog is trying to transmit?

Imagine that you were able to understand what your dog is trying to communicate to you – wouldn’t that be something? We know that dog is a man’s best friend, but what we don’t know is what it is saying. What does it feel? What does it want? What does it mean when it barks incessantly? How about the wag of its tail? There are so many canine behaviors that we are unfamiliar with and do not understand completely. That doesn’t make us irresponsible pet owners, but it might make us clueless ones. Wouldn’t you like to be able to decipher your canine friend’s behavior? If the answer is “yes”, then you are in the right place because this book will teach you how to analyze and “translate” your pet’s body language. Improve the relationship you have with your dog by making an effort to understand it. Allow this book to be your guide to canine behavior and learn how they communicate right NOW.

Would you say that your dog is your best friend? How well do you understand what it is trying to communicate to you? Do you think your relationship with your pet can improve, if you learn its language? Humans could definitely stand to make more of an effort to understand their pets, which is why this book is perfect for you and all dog owners who want to gain a better understanding of their canine companions. Dogs express their feelings in more ways than we realize, through a body language that we don’t always understand. But all of that can change with the help of this helpful guide to canine behavior. If your dog really is your best friend, then you should grasp everything it’s trying to transmit to you, right? Learn how your dog acts when it is sad, happy, distressed, scared, hungry, shy, etc. Every emotion is visible and obvious to the trained eye, and you can become an expert in understanding your doggy’s language. Become a better owner and a master in “translating” dog behavior with the help of this handy guide. You no longer have to scratch your head while looking at your pet and wonder what they are trying to tell you. Learn exactly what they want by reading this book TODAY!

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Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn in this bookâ?¦

  • The 5 main emotions a dog displays
  • How to “read” your dog’s three senses and what they are trying to tell you
  • 8 tips for improving dog to human communication
  • And much, much more!

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Erectile Dysfunction Cure: Naturally Cure Erectile Dysfunction in 7 Easy Steps (Erectile Dysfunction, ED, Sexual Dysfunction, Sexual Anxiety, Impotance, Erection, Erectile Strength)

by Jason Halaway

Erectile Dysfunction Cure: Naturally Cure ED in 7 Easy Steps

Don’t let this embarrassing yet common problem rule your life!

Affecting more than half of men between the ages of 40 and 70, Erectile Dysfunction is rarely discussed. Embarrassing, frustrating, creating low self-esteem and, possibly, relationship problems, the condition remains taboo for many men.

This book takes a common sense look at the condition, the causes and the prospects for recovery (which are excellent, in case you were wondering). If you, or somebody close to you, is affected by ED, then this book is almost certainly a must read.

If you are worried or concerned about ED this book will help you to understand what the possible causes are and, importantly, what you can do to recover. Many of the options that this book explores are simple and easy to implement; there are no “miracle” cures included in the book, just plain, hard facts!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The main contributing factors to ED
  • How to self-test to establish the cause of Ed
  • The main lifestyle factors that contribute to ED
  • Steps to recovering from ED
  • Supplements and foods that can contribute to recovery
  • And much, much more!

  • Catching a Liar: The Beginners Guide to Catching a Liar

    by Lee Raymond

    This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to detect lies. Are you tried being cheated, taken advantage of or being lied to. Mislead, betrayed, manipulated or often made to be a fool? You want the skills to tell when someone is lying. Maybe you have doubts about your partner or children, your patient or student, your associate or employee. Your struggle is over because this up-to-date, easy-to-read guide will show you how to apply lie detecting skills to your everyday life.
    This book on lie detecting will show you how you can easily spot a lie and avoid deception. The book discusses facial expressions, body language, and verbal indicators to detect lies and deception. It goes beyond simple lie detecting guide and offers you real-life examples of celebrities, politicians, athletes, and sports persons who lied and tried to deceive the entire world, but detected through the keen oversees who followed the detecting techniques of this book.



    It is a common saying that a man’s success story is a woman and a woman’s comfort is a man. Just like every secret of life, this holds true only for those who know the secret. I have been meaning to share this a long time so the world could have answers to one of the most mind bugging subjects.
    There are three significant phases in human lives which are; birth, marriage and death. All other things are intermediary only if the second stage has not been checked out of your life by personal choice (not everyone can or will marry).
    Marriage is one of the biggest steps in the life of an individual as it will form a determinant of the success or otherwise of an individual. So if you must get it at all, you should get it right. Some people get it right the first time, some others after many trials and others never get it at all even after many trials. You would not want your case to be different from the first category of people I belief and that is why you need to go a mile at getting this book.

    Storytelling: Story Master (Reading and Writing for Kids): Reading for Kids: A Guide To Storytelling For Parents And Educators (Storytelling for Kids, … Children Writing Stories Book 1)

    by Amir Khan

    Storytelling and Language Arts Guide for Parents and Teachers

    Teach children the art of skillful storytelling using fun and interactive techniques

    Reading for kids
    Creative writing for kids

    Story Master is a concise but an incredibly valuable guide for teachers and parents looking at finding creative ways to teach story telling to their children. The book is result of a wonderful language arts course (same name as the title of the book) taught by the author in Dallas. The author strongly believes that teachers should have the ability to match VARK (visual, auditory, reading-writing and kinesthetic) learners with appropriate stimuli.

    Focused towards elementary level students, the book is divided into four segments (or guided play themes as the author describes them). Each segment can be enhanced to meet any class or home schooling needs. The author provides step-by-step directions on how to use described tools including LEGO® Educational Kits in bringing out the creativity of your student. The book also includes valuable tips and suggestions and links to many web-based resources.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Six valuable tools to help you teach children storytelling
    • Unique storytelling methodology
    • Step-by-step instructions to conduct storytelling sessions
    • Suggested tools and curriculum
    • Methods usingLEGO Story Starter kit
    • Activities and games for all learning styles
    • Examples of student writings
    • And much much more
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    The Darkling Secret

    by Eve Cox

    Wounded in the first Gulf War, Tom Lynsey’s army career is over. He faces an uncertain future, but his life is about to change for ever when he discovers he has inherited a large property on Dartmoor, plus a family he knows nothing about. Totally unprepared for an emotional roller coaster ride; Tom starts to unravel some shocking family secrets…
    All will be exposed in The Darkling Secrets – a totally engrossing read set in the West Country

    Make Him Respect You: Why Men Disrespect and Verbally Abuse Women & 10 Ways to Make Your Man Respect And Treasure You Everyday

    by Daniel Okpara

    Finally, you can overcome verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and lack of intimacy in your relationship and take back your respect as a woman.

    This book is a collection of our experiences in counseling and suggestions offered at different times to different women regarding their relationships. We are sharing it with all humility because we understand that no relationship is perfect. Mistakes will continue to crop up.

    But like we’ve always maintained, a great relationship is not the absence of negative behaviors, but the presence of positive ones.

    This book will show you practical ways to:

    handle and overcome verbal abuse in a relationship

    overcome emotional abuse

    handle a cheating partner,

    overcome the challenges from an addicted partner and

    appropriately respond to physically abusive partner

    You will learn:

    1. The 7 Things women take as respect in a relationship – men take note.

    2. The 10 signs of disrespect in a relationship.

    3. The 7 reasons men disrespect women – not what you think and

    4. The 7 ways to restore your respect in a relationship.

    After reading this book and applying the teachings, your partner will be humbled and become sober. You will win him back and have him treat you respectfully onwards.

    This book is also recommended for the men, who complain that they don’t know how to please their women. This book will show you that what a woman wants is not really 6 pack abs. You may have zero pack abs, but if you treat them a certain way, they’ll remain with you for life.

    We believe that God will restore your joy and cause you to smile in your relationship henceforth.



    Boxed Set 2 St Patrick’s Day (Holidays Book 11)

    by Miriam Kinai

    Boxed Set 2 St Patrick’s Day contains the following books:
    * St Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas for Men
    * St Patrick’s Day DIY Gift Baskets
    * St Patrick’s Day Music
    * St Patrick’s Day Home Décor

    Boxed Set 2 May Holidays

    by Miriam Kinai

    Boxed Set 2 May Holidays contains books to help you celebrate holidays in May like Bird day, Beverage day, Be a Millionaire day, Memorial day and World No Tobacco day.


    by Michelle Marcel

    Thanks to all who read my first book! In THE ENDING, I shared a few of my thoughts from my journaling. THE END OF THE ENDING is the follow-up book on my separation. I am married, but we are separated and living apart. These books apply not only to marriage, but any significant relationship. I am writing these books to let you know you are not alone and that many of us are sharing the same thoughts even though our separations vary greatly.

    The lack of direction at times has been difficult. My journaling helps me work through my thoughts and figure out what is best for everyone involved or connected to the relationship. This is not an easy task and is not one I have taken lightly. That is probably why the ending of my relationship has taken a very long time to reach the end. It is the end of really trying to make it work.

    My last book was a short book describing my separation and how I was dealing with it. I was trying to be OK with it. I wanted to share that it is OK to not know where the relationship is going. It is OK until you figure out it isn’t OK.


    by Sophia Lo

    Calvin is a short, sweet story written by child author Sophia Lo (and co-illustrated with her mother Esther Lo. It is a story about sharing, conflict between children, and how to make friends. Sophia hopes you enjoy this little book very much. 🙂

    How To Plan A Family Vacation On A Tight Budget.

    Taking a fun family vacation doesn’t have to break the bank, as proven by veteran travel writer David Jones. Inside, He offers no shortage of creative ways to plan affordable trips! Visit popular sites at off-peak times with your children . . . travel off the beaten path for an eye-opening experience . . . and discover historic sites, scenic areas, and fun-filled attractions right in your own backyard!

    Featuring hundreds of unique, family-friendly trip ideas such as:

    Camping (from the mountains to our national parks)

    Adventure travel

    Water and island vacations

    All-inclusive resorts and cruises

    Educational vacations (eco, historical, cooking, and more)

    European tours–and beyond!

    The “How To Plan A Family Vacation On A Tight Budget.” helps you make the most affordable decisions about lodging, food, and tourist attractions. This easy-to-use guide is an invaluable tool, you won’t want to travel without!

    Anger Management: Learn How to Control Your Anger by Lowering Your Stress, Anxiety and Depression (anger management, anger management for dummies, anger management training)

    by Erik Fishner


    “The greatest remedy for anger is the delay.”

    â?? Thomas Paine

    This book is not written by a self-help guru or a doctor, but rather it is written by an average person who overcame his own anger control problems and reduced the levels of stress and anxiety in his own life.

    Fishner addresses how he dealt with those problems in a practical manner. After working a 15-hour shift as a short-order cook, Erik Fishner came home and assaulted his grandfather.

    Fishner was then sentenced to a year’s probation and anger management classes where he discovered that much of what was being taught was not actually effective in dealing with the deep seeded problems of underlying rage.

    Erik Fishner explains how he came to manage his anger stemming from a childhood tragedy.

    Breaking anger management into a short-term/long-term approach, this book gives techniques to deal with rage and anger beyond “Breathe deep and count to ten.”

    Covering a variety of topics, including the parallels between rage and addiction, how to rewire the anger out of your brain, and how to make the changes stick.

    Additionally, the book contains information about how anger can kill you -and not just by picking a fight with the wrong person, but by the extreme medical side effects of long term unchecked aggression.

    If you are a person who is a slave to your emotions and you are looking to find freedom, this book will be both map and compass to guide you there.

    Grab a copy today and start living a new life!!!!!

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