Free philosophy Kindle books for 15 Aug 16

The Power over Good People

by Francesco di Rosa

“Almost all interests in which people lose their way is vanity. A great part of zealous jobs to which the masses from different walks of life dedicate a big part of their lives wouldn’t deserve so much effort. So farâ?¦ “

Live Your Life Purpose: Holistic Awareness Practise

by Peter J Karlsson

Live Your Life Purpose
In order to become both achieved and fulfilled we need to learn how to balance different and often competing commitments, and solve paradoxical situations.

A structured and flexible approach to self-actualization will lead to increased and sustainable levels of achievement and fulfillment in our lives. It takes deliberate practice and a holistic approach to reach and maintain high levels of mastery and wisdom. A holistic approach to personal development further leads to a deep insight of the preciousness of all life.

Different teachers, tools and methods are needed to bring about our desired results in different stages of our journey. We continuously need to learn how to move forward together with all around us. To learn new knowledge and skills and expand our ability to adapt and predict is essential. We cannot merely rely on faith, the goodwill of others and our environment to make things happen for us. It is important that we look at the path we have chosen in order to establish what works well and what is not effective.

This is the third book in a trilogy by the author Peter J. Karlsson.

Contemporary Poetry

by Shirley Long

The poets writes each one of these poems from her heart and from some of her own personal experiences that she might have gone through and each one is reflected upon a certain situation, whether it is one of love, joy, pain, hurt, deceit Some of these poems will take readers back down memory lane when you were with that special someone or when you might have been dating someone who you loved or admired very much. There are also poems written by the poet which inspire and uplift those readers who are going through some bad trials and tribulations right now in life.

Taking Rights

by Russell Madden

A 1400 word essay examining that fact that no one can “take away” another person’s fundamental rights. One does not “lose” a right simply because others make it impossible to put that right into practice. We can lose our rights through our own bad choices and actions, but no one can deprive us of what is ours by the simple reality of our humanity.

Why God destroys the world anyway – even though he does not care: The worst sin is not murder or sexual offense but: Realization… Who knows, does not believe…

God is remote, tends not to answer to prayers and his deeds are so confusing that it lead Nietzsche to claim: God is dead.

But God is still alive like he has always been. Hidden by priests under layers of deception for a good reason: If you know the true name of God you know his powers – and his limits.

Some of the miracles he did, others he did not.

Yet God is about to fulfill the last prophecy and that is funny, because he does not care at all…

This book can change your life but beware:

The worst sin is not murder or sexual offense but: Realization

Who knows does not believe…

Feathers: 20 Intricate Fluffy Feathers

by Anna Wilton

This is great for those times when you need to chill.

Everyone will benefit from the stress-relieving effect that

increased focus and creativity can provide.

There are no rules or complicated step-by-step instructions in these pages

and no need for craft supplies and expensive art.

Enjoy and relax coloring in this various designs.

Want to print this book?

You can also get a PDF version of these patterns so you can print them out and get coloring!

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