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Songs of the Caged Phoenix: (Volume I)

by Jade Phoenix

To me, life has always been a journey in which we experience obstacles, encounter other travelers, sometimes lose sight of the path but must continue walking anyway, and make decisions about what we consume, explore or decide to leave behind; often, the journey begins within a small space, an area of confinement, like an eggshell holding all the elements of life to be, but first we must learn to break free. Growth is the goal. This creates a story that goes untold except by sharing our experiences with others, which provides an essence of freedom for both the traveler and the witness. I’ve been journeying to make sense of my life through my own poetry since I was young, and I now see the value in sharing that story.

Spiritual Journeys

by Joseph Rogers

This short Kindle single features some stories in verse (story-poems):

The Golden Key

The Prodigal and the Paraclete

Essential Things

A Stranger in the Night

The Mysterious Gift

Redemption at Sea


Excerpt from “Essential Things”:

I considered my car to be the best one around,

The best high-tech model in town.

However, on that day, something went wrong.

Something snapped and banged as loud as a gong.

The thing-a-ma-jigs had gone all askew,

And I did not know what to do.

The car slowed down to a crawl,

Then stopped when the engine stalled.

I opened the hood to find out what was wrong,

But the list of problems was incredibly long.

The things that made my car go so fast

Seemed to have imploded in a blast.

The thing-a-ma-jig and the thing-a-ma-bob had both broken loose,

And the what-cha-ma-call-it was wobbling like the head of a goose.

A digital doodad had exploded,

Scattering all the iCircuits

With which it was loaded.

I tried to fix the thing-a-ma-jig and the thing-a-ma-bob,

But, for me, it was too much of a job.

The situation was really quite vexing.

Seldom had I had a day more distressing.

It was a complete mess.

Finally, I sat down for a rest.

I looked up and down the road

And found that I was all alone

And very, very far from home.

I realized that I needed a break.

It was almost more than I could take.

I took a deep breath and sought peace within.

It seemed a good place to begin.

Love and Loneliness: A Collection of Poems by Shirley Fine Lee

by Shirley Fine Lee

Sixty-five poems mostly about love with several on loneliness interspersed into the collection. Collection includes wedding poems “I Do Forever” and “Wedding Vows,” as well as “At the Beach,” “Wallflower” and “Battlefield of Love.”

For the Broken Hearted

by Paul Dulski

This book was made with all the writings that I had for the past 13 year, technically should be 14 but didn’t write in 2009. All these poems and lyrics were written from the heart to help defeat my demons, and this book is for those in need of wanting to get strength to overcome their battles as well.

Is the Ecstasy Worth the Fallout?

by Thomas Wilson

A collection of poems that examine the pitfalls and challenges of modern life. Each chapter has a theme, set by the first poem in the chapter.

Introspective Poetry: The Final Curve

by Marvin W. Joseph

Collection set of 23 poems expressing razor-sharp social commentary from the author’s perspective. Contains traditional poetry forms (Free Verse, Rhymed Verse, Riddle, Acrostic, Tyburn & Haiku) covering universal every day topics such as motivation, love, family, leadership, historical racism, overcoming obstacles and methods to become a vigorous winner in life. Introspective Poetry: The Final Curve nourishes readers with vivid words, old school wisdom and doses of cold reality.

Loved Beyond My Issues: Lyrically Free To Be Me

by Simply Stacy

Every person has an appetite for love; the love one receives should not be predicated on their perfection. Loved Beyond My Issues is written from that very place, needing, desiring, and receiving love despite imperfections. A poetically personal journey sharing spiritual and emotional love experiences with the hopes of encouraging and inspiring every reader. You are LOVED BEYOND YOUR ISSUES….

The Willow Tree Legacy: A Collection Of Cultural Stories and Poetic Essays (The White Wolf Chronicles Book 1)

by Katherine Symthe

Katherine Svoi Symthe started her writing career, in 2012, with her international best selling Kindle book, Fireseeds(Black Panther Rising). In 2012, Symthe released her original poetry book as Tabula Rasa Mee Nah: Extraordinary Measures. In 2014, Symthe released her newest best selling memoir, Unbreakable: The Unrelenting Spirit of Katherine Svoi Symthe, that detailed her 17 years of abuse, and torture at the hands of human traffickers. Her memoir created a firestorm and caused a city to take a stand to stop human trafficking in San Antonio, Texas. Her memoir, Unbreakable: The Unrelenting Spirit of Katherine Svoi Symthe became the foundation of her new company, Healing Survivors, Creating Thrivers. Symthe is the leading advocate and spokesperson to provide awareness, education and prevention to human trafficking in San Antonio, Texas. Symthe also owns House of SVOI, Inc, a digital media company.

Symthe vowed to never return to poetry and cultural stories due to an event described in the memoir. In August 2014, something amazing happened to Symthe that would forever impact her cultural stories and poetry that would give rise to The Willow Tree Legacy. A dear and close friend, (G.C) inspired Symthe in her heart, soul and spirit reawakening the artist within her self. (G.C’s) influence with her own music, friendship and stance on life led Symthe to a path of listening to the her own beats of her life song and return to poetry and cultural stories after a two year hiatus. When word got out on a new book by Katherine Svoi Symthe, and it was her cultural stories and poetic essays, the demand became off the chart. Today, The Willow Tree Legacy is the answer to that calling in all artists to never forget your passion no matter how long you have slept.

Flickers Of Hope

by Zeno de la Mare Stachowicz

The poetry book “Flickers of Hope” is characterized by inspiring words and optimistic visions of life’s
purposes, moving the reader to experience various deep-seated emotions. It take the reader on a
journey, to recognize inwardly oneself, as the inner being temporarily living on this earth in this world.

The life is teaching all of us, if we are willing to learn more about it. Our destinies are such as we created them in the past, for today, and what we do in the present surely will be reflected in our future. Notable in this poetry book is my sentiment, delicate feeling and meditative depth.

This is collection consisting mostly of various uplifting poems. In my creative works I would rather venture into the human hearts, hoping, that you will like my poems filled with love to humanity. My faith
is in the things unseen, in the irresistible truth, that God kingdom is within ourselves, if we will be worthy
enough, to reach in us, to that higher and purer plane of inner light.

These are poems to be savored and cherished, they are simple but meaningful.
Enter the “Flickers of Hope ” whenever you want to get some spiritual inspiration, my poetry
can help you to stay in peace and clearly think about life, and who you truly are within yourself.

A is for Poetry: You know you want to 🙂

by R.Martin

A small collection of 11 poems for your consideration

The Long Black Skirt & Other Poems, Part One

by C.L. Schaffer

A compilation of twenty poems about love, life, death, being true to who you are, seeing the world, and more. The poems were written from November 2013 to August 2014.

Steampunk Elements and Other Poems

by E. E. COLI

Unhinged poetry from a creator whose hopeful daydreams might just have been George Orwell’s night terrors, STEAMPUNK ELEMENTS AND OTHER POEMS aims to please fools of various stripes. Drawing inspiration from the modern world (and things more primordial), these poems were written in the low-light of a dirty room, under threat of bodily harm, while loud, young pop artists sang “Na na naaaah’s” over the sound system.

So what type of poetry is produced by enhanced interrogation techniques? Stanza after stanza laced with video game references, love letters to historic barbarism, and a dysphoric fear of human sexual dimorphism. Cheers!

Shubey’s Words

by Shukran Jacobs

“Shubey’s Words” is a chapbook collection of poetry by Shukran Jacobs. The collection was originally released in paperback format in June of 2014. Jacobs highlights the motions of growing up and struggle through many of the poems. Poetry lovers will be satisfied with the poet’s in depth creativity through his originally structured stanzas.

Soul Searching Poetry: Poems that touch the heart

by Shirley Long

These poems are written from the heart and soul of the author. They are the kind that will make you smile, laugh and even bring a tear to your eye. They are portraying some of the situations couples face in everyday life when dealing with relationships like dating, marriage, or different type of relationships. There is a poem for everyone to read and enjoy who is involved with someone else.

My Beautiful World & Other Poems For Children

by Randeep Wadehra

“My Beautiful World” is a collection of nine beautifully illustrated poems for children. This book aims at igniting wonder and imagination among them. The poems deal with a wide range of topics that will make children aware of nature’s beauty as well as value of trees, among other things. Some of the poems attempt to make children more sensitive to human related issues, even as most of them are fun poems. Children will certainly love to read these while evolve as good, sensitive human beings.

The Sea of my Stormy Dreams

by Jessica Fuqua

The Sea of my Stormy Dreams is Jessica Fuqua’s third poetry collection which features old titles written about nature between 2003-2010.

Poetica Visuale

by Alexander De Lar

Experimental poetry/fantasy book. The eyes are not bound to words. Poetica Visuale explores a different angle in eBooks and presents abstract visual and conceptual challenges. The first part consist of raw digital poetry, the second part reveals never before seen micro epic fantasy. In 41 tiny episodes awaits great tale of kingdoms, magic and death.

strong storm that was: phoenix desert poems

by charles ernest watson

All love matters.

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