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Prepper’s Survival Guide: Essentials & Hacks for the Prepper Who Wants to Survive

by Gary Venegas

Prepper’s Guide Into Long-Term Survival

Preppers refer to people who are constantly preparing for any kinds of emergencies – small or large scale. They prepare for different kinds of scenarios from natural disasters to social and political unrest. Preppers are the most proactive people in the world as they do whatever it takes to survive longer during any types of emergency situations.

The preppers movement has attracted the attention of many people from all over the world and even if there are many controversies that surround this movement and most people views them negatively because of their excessive preparation for something that is unlikely to happen. Although this may be the case, being a prepper has many advantages. If you are one of the many people who want to adopt this lifestyle, then this book is for you.

With this book, you will be able to learn the following:

  • Understand what the preppers movement is all about. Chapter 1 discusses about the characteristics and the different types of scenarios that preppers prepare for each day. Moreover, this chapter also discusses the basic terminologies that you need to know about the preppers movement.
  • Learn about how to start becoming a good prepper. Chapter 2 discusses about the things that you need to do to become an efficient prepper.
  • Learn about the tips, tricks and hacks on how you can survive in the wild. Chapter 3 discusses about the things that preppers need to prepare for in case of emergencies. The tips are also categorized which makes it easier for people to learn the many tips and tricks on how to become a good prepper.

Embracing this lifestyle of the preppers movement does not only help you prepare for impending doom. In fact, it will also help you develop many qualities such as vigilance, self-reliance and unity.

So if you are ready to adopt this lifestyle, then read on.

Body Language: How to Develop Effective Nonverbal Communication Skills to Empower your Personal and Professional Life

by Steve Chambers

DISCOVER:: How to develop nonverbal communication skills to communicate better and make a positive impact in your personal and professional life!

When it comes to being successful at life, no matter what the task, those who typically come out on top aren’t always the most charismatic, the wealthiest, the strongest or even the smartest. What they always are, is able to understand the body language and nonverbal cues that those around them are giving off at all times as well as how to use that knowledge to their advantage.

If this sounds like something you would like to be able to do, then Body Language: How to Develop Effective Nonverbal Communication Skills to Empower your Personal and Professional Life is the book you have been waiting for.

Inside you will find all you need to get started when it comes to noticing the subtle, sometimes subconscious, cues that everyone is giving off at all times as well as ensuring that the signals that you are putting out into the world are the ones you want other people to see. Making the most of these signals is the key to everything from romantic success to financial security; so, what are you waiting for? Buy this book today.

Inside you will find:

  • The most effective positive nonverbal cues to get anyone to agree with you
  • The worst nonverbal cues to use if you hope to ever be taken seriously
  • One easy trick to determine how comfortable anyone is in any given interaction
  • How to become a human lie detector
  • And more…

Would You Like To Know More?

Download and start learning these effective techniques to achieve your goals.

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Trump The Only One That Can Adopt This Best Healthcare Plan

by Tarek Farag

This book proposes a complete healthcare plan to provide healthcare services to the citizens at the highest possible level. It puts the citizens first, protects the performance and the interests of the healthcare providers, promotes the research and developments, eliminates all the waste, and avoids the political corruption.

The book is a trial to start an open public discussion that includes all the citizens and the honest politicians, to perfect this proposed healthcare plan and to minimize the games and delays by the corrupt politicians.

Trump Destroys The Republican Party

by D T Pollard

Against all odds, Donald Trump defeated sixteen rivals and became the Republican nominee for President of the United States. Trump was not the candidate the Republicans wanted, but there was nothing they could do about it because Trump won the nomination by earning enough delegates during the Republican primary process. After Trump secured the nomination for President he took the captive Republican Party on a wild ride on the Trump Train and it remains to be seen it they will jump off or ride it out until the end. Would Trump’s temperament, conflicts with his own party and the possible veiled threats on the campaign trail cause him to lose to Hillary Clinton and destroy the Republican Party in the process?

Survival BUNDLE: All Tips and Tricks You Need to Know How To Survive Any Crises (Survival Guide, Build a Survival Safe Home, Preserving Food)

by Max Kessler

This 9 â??books bundle contains 9 â??of our bâ??est selling Survival books.

Why choose just one when you can have 9 in 1? Sit back and enjoy â??your free time with â??this â??sampler of the best books about Survival:

Preppers Blueprint by Max Kessler

Woman’s Survival Guide by Jerry Cline

Ebola by Jerry Cline

Ebola Survival Guide by James Clark

Preserving Food by Melvin Garcia

Home in Disaster by Jerry Cline

Off Grid Living by James Clark

Bug Out Bag by Samuel Allen

Build a Survival Safe Home by Kimberly Lee

Get Your 9 Survival Books NOW

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Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Public Policy Essays by Robert Fenton Gary that Appeared in the Herald Mail from May 16, 2006 till October 11, 2008

by Robert Gary

The 2nd Edition, which is on sale now, has no formatting problems. It is easy to read, and well formatted. The bad review by Stuart H. is no longer relevant and I have asked Amazon Kindle to remove it.

These Fifty-Six Essays cover a wide range of topics that were of interest to me and my readers from 2006 till 2008, the last three years of the G.W. Bush Administration. Some to the essays are not on public policy, for example one on the art of conversation, one on the North Pole, and one on the SETI project.

These ideas were fresh when they were first published, and they have not been implemented since that time, which is why I call them “impossible things”. It is my hope that someday they become possible, and are implemented, before breakfast or after breakfast, either way.

4. Sex, Bad Sex (When the Jonquils Bloom Again, 3rd Edition)

by J G Knox

(Chapters 9 & 10 of the book, When The Jonquils Bloom Again, 3rd Edition, available on Kindle & in Print)
Five, Sharon learns about sex. She learns showing Timmy hers, and he showing her, his. Resulting in a warm, red feeling on their buttocks when his Momma sees what they are doing, she’s learned enough. This segment, sequential in Sharon’s life, this is her point of view as a five year old. If you ever got caught playing show and tell with the boy next door before first grade with your undies down, it’s about sex—the kind of sex that gets you spanked.
If you’re seeking a book on bad sex, the XXX rated type, you haven’t found it. This forth segment starts with the chapter Daddy, continues with Sex, Bad Sex, and ends with the first part of Momma’s Court. It’s about the conflicting views of adults and little kids about sex and life. It’s about eating Brussels’ sprouts when you hate Brussels’ sprouts. It’s about Three Bears, world class story telling at bedtime by a loving father, and sharing him with seven siblings. It’s about your teenage sister and her boyfriend getting all the limelight at Sunday dinner when you’re trying to get Daddy to explain why the man at the gas station called you the N word, and not understanding till you’re a teenager. It’s about real love—nothing X rated.

Self-Discipline Workbook: Develop Discipline And Achieve Your Life Goals (Self Confidence, Self Control, Willpower, Spartan, Unlock Motivation)


Self-Discipline Workbook

Develop Discipline And Achieve Your Life Goals

At the end of the eBook you can download your PDF copy.


If you are ready to reinvent yourself, get unstuck and create the life you want this is the perfect tool to help you transform and discover a new life of increased happiness.

Self-Discipline is a muscle that can be trained by anyone, anytime, anywhere.
The more you use it the stronger it grows.

The strategies from this workbook will boost your willpower to keep you headed in the right direction for achieving your goals.

Learn step-by-step techniques to help you:

  • Figure out what you love to do.
  • Set up and achieve goals that will enrich your life.
  • Overcome negativity, worry and mental toughness.
  • Take back control of your life
  • Foster compassion for yourself and others.
  • Develop willpower and self-discipline through daily exercise and practice .

Self Discipline and Willpower are the most important predictors of success in life.

The choice is yours and only yours, what will it be?

Download your copy of “Self-Discipline Workbook:Develop Discipline And Achieve Your Life Goals” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Tags: daily life planner, time management and goal setting, willpower books, self-confidence, motivation, daily discipline, self-control

Master of the Game: A Modern Male’s Guide to Sexual Conquest (Sexual Attraction, Body Language, Alpha Male, Attract Women)

by C.K. Murray

Master The Game

Weak men are everywhere. They move about with their heads down and their shoulders slumped, scared of women, scared of risk, scared of facing the world at large. Their thoughts are dim, their chances dimmer. No matter what they think or what they do, success continues to elude.

Are you one of them?

If you struggle with women, you are not alone. Most men fail to understand what really matters. They have no grasp of psychology, no understanding of the incredible power of body language. As much as they want to attract women, seduce women, or simply talk to women, most of them remain clueless.

The good news is: we can all have confidence with women. We all have the power to become an alpha male. And it all starts with learning the Game. Gentlemen, the time is now…

Master of the Game: A Modern Male’s Guide to Sexual Conquest (A Preview)

Unlock Your Alpha

Know the Game

Rule 1

Rule 2

Rule 3

The Confident Conqueror

Tags: psychology, attract women, seduce women, talk to women, confidence with women, body language, alpha male

Culture or Crime? Female Genital Mutilation in Europe and the United States

by Aida van Peij

To date, more than 125 million girls and women have undergone some form of Female Genital Mutilation or Cutting (FGM/C) in twenty-nine countries across Africa and the Middle East. Another 30 million girls are at risk of undergoing this procedure in the next decade.

Thousands of young girls today from the United States, France, the UK, and other Western countries, are forced to succumb to this procedure though there are laws in place in these countries that have declared the practice illegal. These young girls, some as young as five-years of age are sent abroad to various places where the procedures can be performed, then they are brought back to their home countries.

FGM is violence against women as women, and as individual human beings. Because there is a stigma and shame surrounding FGM, we need to get people talking.

Ongoing education to eliminate FGM at local, national, and international levels is needed to change attitudes about FGM; both individually and within the larger social community. An increase in the engagement of boys and men in helping to put an end to the practice of FGM is also crucial.

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