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BUDDHISM: The Ultimate Little Book on Buddhism and Enlightenment (Mindfulness, Buddha, Inner Peace, Zen Meditation, Buddhist, Buddhism for Beginners)

by Jason Neel

Buy The Ultimate Little Book on Buddhism and Enlightenment to gain deeper understanding of Buddhism.

In this book you will learn the shortest path to Buddhism, inner peace, self-discovery, and fulfillment.

The book is concise yet comprehensive and will welcome you into a whole new world of beliefs that can inspire anyone to see the world from a different perspective.

Use this short guide to Buddhism and enlightenment to learn about the story and traditions of Buddhism like no one has ever told them. You will learn:

– The life and teachings of Buddha

– The truth about enlightenment and mindfulness

– The truth about enlightenment and mindfulness

– Details about a popular Buddhism practice – meditation

– Learn about love, well-being, and compassion to be a better human

And much, much more!!

So are you ready to download this amazing ultimate guide on Buddhism for just $0.99.

Imagining Creates Reality

‘Imagining Creates Reality’ is a short handbook showing you how to imagine your dreams into reality. It is divided into three parts: the theory, the practice and experiences. All the essential information is given within a clear structure showing how to use the power of the imagination to manifest in your world. This can be referred to easily, making practice more manageable to integrate into everyday life.

All the ideas are taken from the works of Neville Goddard, a great writer and teacher of the symbolic meaning of the Bible.

‘Imagining creates Reality,’ is the heart essence of my forth-coming book entitled, ‘Live your Dream,’ which contains a fuller explanation and practice of Neville Goddard’s teachings on faith allowing us all to live our dreams. Why the strange cover? You’ll have to read it to find out.. At 99p, it’s a bargain and you really can’t lose. I wish you all the best and hope this book brings you success!


by Riley Moreno


When Aaron Tanner’s car bursts through the Miller’s fence one night, Miriam is woken from her sleep to discover that the man she had met five years before had returned to her life, jolting her to a reality she was unwilling to face. Being born into the Amish way of life was one thing, but when Aaron wanted to be absorbed into the village only to marry her, Miriam could see nothing ahead but a story without a happy ending. As her world is torn apart, love springs through yet again, reminding us that true feelings can breach even the widest divide.

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Mail Order Bride: Seeking the Lord’s Grace: (Clean Christian Inspirational Historical Western Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Nathan Adams

When Krista’s parents are tragically killed in a house fire, she losses everything. She finds herself with an old Christian couple who has kindly taken her in during this horrible time in her life. She knows that they are a poor family and does not want to burden them so she decides to become a mail order bride.

Bill is a rancher in Colorado and in need of a wife to help him run it. He has taken out a classified ad to find the right woman to travel west and become his wife. Handsome, damaged, and holding painful secrets, he did not want to risk getting his heart broken again so he is treating it like a business transaction. Yet, when he meets Krista, he knows that losing his heart might be something he has no control over.


Leaving home is always scary, but when you have nothing left, what other choice to you have?

The preacher and his wife have been so kind to me since my family died but I can’t continue to be a burden on them. Now, my prayers have finally been answered. I’m going to go out west to be a bride for a troubled rancher.


I never expected her to be so perfect. I didn’t want someone perfect. I didn’t want to fall in love.

Rose’s death is still fresh in my mind and I don’t think I can take another heartbreak, but think that this might be God’s will…maybe love is what I need.

Dive into this heart-warming Christian romance TODAY

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Triumphing Over Shame: Healing from abuse

by J Marilyn Adams

Abuse comes in myriad ways. Sins done against you can cause shame. It is false shame because you were powerless. It was not your fault. This book will help you to be free to embrace who the Lord designed you to be.

Mail Order Bride Romance: Montana Bride: (A Clean Inspirational Historical Western Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Nathan Adams

Rachel is young, beautiful and living an active and coveted social life. She has grown up in comfort, nestled in the bosom of a well off family and surrounded by the crème da la crème of society. Perfect as Rachel’s life appears from the outside, she cannot find meaning or happiness in it. Bored of the parties, frustrated with a fickle society and seeking out adventure in place of monotony, Rachel makes a life changing decision, one that takes her far from her stately manor home, to an almost unrecognizable place, almost half a world away.

The innocent bride is soon confronted with the harsh reality of life in Montana. Not only must she fit in with a way of life as a mother to a nine year old girl, but she must also prove herself to the handsome yet reclusive widowed rancher and widower.

Faced with unexpected relationships and trials that she never dreamed of, Rachel must rise to the challenge or face the consequences of her youthful decision.

Can she make it out in the harsh wilderness of a wild and foreign world or will her pampered upbringing be her undoing? Can she find some common ground with her brooding fiance or will their differences threaten to destroy their marriage before it has even begun?

Dive into this heart-warming Christian romance TODAY and find out!

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Adult Short Stories: XL Love Story Collection of Romance, Billionaire Romance, Mail Order Bride, Viking, Highlander & Western Romantic, Virgin Romance, Adult Graphic Romance Novels XXX Anthology

by Lady Aingealicia

‘He grabbed her wrist and turned her around, forcing her dress up around her hips. Unzipping his pants, he was already hard and ready to take her as he forced her shoulders forward and spread her legs with his foot. He ripped off her panties and they fell to the floor as he entered her hard and fast. She gasped and felt his hand on her back pushing her body forward. Her hands flew out to grab the covers she felt him go in deeper and deeper with ever thrust..’

This is an adult, graphic romance short story collection containing explicit content only suitable for adults.

Tags: Love Stories, New Adult, Billionaire Romance, Billionaire, Romance, Humor, Short Stories

Mail Order Bride Romance: Bronson’s Bride: (A Clean Mail Order Bride Cowboy Historical Western Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Nathan Adams

When wealthy socialite Ruby Kelsey gets tired of her usual social soirées, she decides that there is only one way she can escape the rut she has fallen into. How? Well, simple — become a mail order bride of course! Easy as pie…or at least that’s how she thought things would come to be.

In reality, Bronson Vaughn turns out to be more than she can handle. And now that these two lost souls, as different as night and day have joined in holy matrimony they will have to do learn, listen, and maybe even love each other!

Grab this new heart warming Western Mail Order Bride love story today!

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One Heart, Many Gods: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Devotional Polytheism

by Lucy Valunos

One Heart, Many Gods is a quick, down-and-dirty guide to building a daily devotional practice, written with the absolute beginner to Polytheism in mind.

This booklet is for you if you are a Polytheist and:

  • You want to honor your Gods outside of high tides and Sabbats, but you don’t know where to start.
  • You aren’t sure what a daily devotional practice actually looks like, or how to incorporate one into your lifestyle.
  • You need help forming reasonable goals in this area.
  • You have a good idea of what you’d like to accomplish in your devotional life, but you could use some solid suggestions of how to get there.
  • You’ve tried to build a daily devotional practice before, but you burned out, gave up, or became overwhelmed.
  • You’re a veteran to devotional Polytheism, but darned if you’ve ever figured out what to do with those prayer beads sitting on your shrine!

You should skip this one if:

  • You’re looking for The One Right Way of Doing Devotion. This ain’t it, and the author is allergic to that approach.
  • You believe ideas from other spiritual paths are useless in your own. This booklet draws on ideas from multiple traditions.
  • You’re looking for a comprehensive, in-depth guide to Polytheism. This is a brief introduction for beginners with a very specific focus.

ROMANCE: Western Historical Romance ***ONLY LOVE SURVIVES*** Christian Inspirational Mail Order Bride Second Chance Romance (Short Stories Women’s Fiction Contemporary Cowboy Romance)

by Angel Atkins

Huge Value ***Limited Time Only*** Special Bonus Books Inside

>>>READ FOR FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED<<< Dirk, a handsome cowboy, had everything going for him when tragedy strikes and renders him a broken man

After years of despair Dirk prays for an answer only to be guided to do something out of character, and place an advert for a Mail Order Bride.

Honor, a devout Christian, had everything to live for until her parents die in a tragic carriage accident, leaving her on her own to care for her younger brother and the family ranch.

A woman of great faith, Honor prays for an answer to the grief of her loss and decides to take a risk on a MOB advert.

Honor’s family friend and local sheriff has plans of his own; to make Honor his, and intercepts Honor’s letters in what becomes a deceitful love triangle.

This is a love story based on faith, courage, and most importantly following one’s inner guidance and God’s will; that sees all, knows all, and always permits truth to prevail in HIS higher plan.



Tags: Western Historical Romance Christian Inspirational Mail Order Bride Second Chance Romance

Short Stories Historical Cowboy Contemporary Romance

Romance Mail Order Bride: The Cowboy’s Heart: (A Clean Cowboy Historical Western Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Samuel Grace

Asha is blessed with the willpower of her Cherokee ancestors, which serves her well when she risks her life to go out West. When responding to an ad from a male widower seeking a wife she dreams of a warm and loving home. Michael cannot come to terms with her past and she finds herself desperate for a miracle.


I set my travels out into the wild West in the cold winter. I’ve paid my dues in life and this mail order bride ad was my ticket to a new lifeâ?¦.or so I thoughtâ?¦

Certainly I didn’t expect applause and flowers at the door step of a widower but I never imagined such a harsh embrace! Have I made the biggest mistake of my life?


I cant’ remember the last time I laid my head down to pray…the terrible death of my precious jewel changed my inner being….I gave up on my faith and love only to find my heart filled with hatred and remorse for those men who took my wife away.

My daughter wished for a mother so I sent for a mail order bride in hopes she could at least help fill a void in my daughter’s life.

Every time I looked at her tan skin and those long dark strands, I was reminded of the fact that she came from the same tribe of those ruthless men who murdered my wife! She should never have come.

Please Note: This download includes Short Stories.

Mail Order Bride: The Heartbroken Bride and the Stolen Twin Baby (A Clean Western Historical Romance) (Mail Order Bride Short Stories Romance)

by Mary Miller

A Mail Order Bride goes West with the hope her new husband will help her find her stolen twin baby.

Mary Ann’s life has been filled with pain and anger. Even as a child, she suffered at the hands of unhappy parents. Marrying Andrew didn’t change her situation. A desperately unhappy man, Andrew does the unthinkable.

He tears one of Mary Ann’s twin newborns from her arms, runs off with the child, only to be killed before even returning home that day.

Mary Ann is left alone with only one of her twins. She’s destitute because of her husband’s bad business dealings – all the while mourning the loss of the twin.

With nowhere left to turn, she goes to the West to become a bride to a man in need. Matthew doesn’t realize the extent of what’s happened to her but when he does, will he be supportive? Will Mary Ann ever find her missing child? Or will she be forced to live with only a short and sweet memory?

This is a short-story romance with NO cliffhanger and includes various bonus stories at the end. Enjoy!

Tags: Mail Order Bride, Clean Romance, Western Romance, Historical Western Romance, Christian Romance

Romance Mail Order Bride:Josephine: (Clean Inspirational Historical Western Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Samuel Grace

There is no better time for a heart warming clean love story than Valentine’s Day. It is 1890, and a brave woman heads West to save her world from tumbling into despair.

Samuel Grace Walker cherishes everything about her Virginian life; her dearest brother, her home, her farm, and her land. But when all she loves is threatened to be taken from her, Josephine agrees to give into marrying a ruthless coal miner. But at the last second, she frees herself from his grasp. Seeking refuge and security, Josephine puts out an ad to become a mail-order bride.

Warren Cooper is a preacher turned Texas cattle rancher. Feeling the need to build his family, Warren responds to an ad from Josephine, when she is at her lowest point. But how will he react when he has to fight for Josephine’s hand? When Josephine’s past meets her present, battles of honesty and trust and doing the right thing become something both husband and wife must face together.

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Mindfulness: Learn How To Meditate To Achieve Happiness And Be Worry Free (Find Peace, Remove Negativity, Awakening, Happy Life, Achieve Happiness)

by Justin Mars

Use these powerful Mindfulness secrets to Immediately achieve Happiness & be worry free FOREVER.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to practice mindfulness meditation to achieve happiness.

In today’s world, everybody is very busy doing various things whether studying, doing house chores or working and most of the times every minute or hour is planned for. Hence, it is very easy to be so consumed with thoughts of what you need to do or what you have done to pay any attention to many things happening within or around you. For instance, today morning I asked my husband to close his eyes and tell me what I was wearing. You will not believe that he had no clue what I had on even after spending the whole morning together. What does this mean? We are too busy living in the past or the future to even notice the present that is right in front of our eyes. Lisa Unger rightfully put it, “The past is history. The future is a mystery. The present is a gift.” There is not much you can do about the past because what is done is done and not much about the future because you have no control over it; however, you can do something about the present.

This book will teach you more about mindfulness, what it is, how to practice mindfulness meditation and how practicing mindfulness meditation can help you live a happy and fulfilled life.

Here is A Preview Of What you’ll Learn…

  • Why Embracing Mindfulness Is Important
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Mindfulness Exercises
  • And Much , Much More!

Take action now and get this Kindle book for only $2.99!

Romance: MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Love Awakens (Western Frontier Clean Romance Collection) (Historical Inspirational Western Romance)

by Northstar Books

Get 32,000+ words of clean Mail Order Bride short story adventures in this exciting new collection

In this collection you will find:

Opal’s Last Chance

Amber’s Way Out

Devoted to Emerald

Download this collection now!

Virgin Love Stories – Dirty Romance Collection of Virgin Romance, College Romance, New Adult Romance, Loosing Virginity, Virgin Romantic Shorts, Coming of Age, Mail Order Bride, Jewish Romance Shorts

by Lady Aingealicia

‘She gasped as she saw a corset fall out with a pair of thigh highs. He looked at it and shook his head. Taking another sip of wine, he felt the thigh highs. They were silk. Misty just stared and went for the drink he poured her. She knew this might lead to trouble, yet she did not care..’

This is a romantic short story collection

Tags: Group, collection, inspirational, romance, short story, short stories

Romance: MAIL ORDER BRIDE ROMANCE: Wild Hearts (Western Frontier Clean Romance Collection) (Historical Inspirational Frontier Romance)

by Northstar Books

Get 35,000+ words of Clean Mail Order Bride Western romance adventures in this exciting new collection

In this collection you will find:

Capturing Ruby’s Heart

Devoted to Emerald

Pearl’s New Beginning

Alannah’s Fate

Escape to Happiness

A Place to Call Home

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Emotionally Free: processing the present with the Holy Spirit of God

by J Marilyn Adams

Have you ever been emotionally jammed? We too often process our present difficulty from our past experiences. The Holy Spirit of God has the wisdom we need for the moment.

The circumstances of our life can change in a moment. When we look to Him for guidance, He will give us the specific insight we need to navigate through.

Jesus told His disciples that He was going away, but that He would send a Helper. That is exactly what the Holy Spirit does. He helps us by coming alongside to

encourage and direct. He is the Spirit of truth Who dwells within us. He will show us God’s higher way for each situation.

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