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The Forever Gate Series: Books 4-5

by Isaac Hooke

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“One of the most exciting and thought-provoking sci-fi sagas I have read in a long time.” [ Rusty Leary – Reviewer]

“More twists than a summer sandstorm!” [ Trailrydr – Reviewer ]

“Hoodwink is the ultimate father.” [ Amazon Reviewer ]

Book Description

The Forever Gate saga is a mind-bending thrill ride that explores what it means to be human. It has been one of the highest-rated sci-fi series on Amazon over the last three years. This bundle contains books 4 and 5 in the series, and will captivate fans of science fiction, fantasy, cyberpunk, and LitRPG.

In this riveting two-volume set, generation-ship passenger Hoodwink Cooper infiltrates a tyrannical alien regime and traverses multiple realities in a daring attempt to bring his daughter back from the dead…

There’s only one problem.

He might destroy the last living remnants of humanity in the process.

The Dog

by Amy Cross

There will be many who witness the end of human civilization.

But few who live beyond the first day.

When Jon takes his dog Harry to a remote cabin for the week, he just wants to get away from the rest of the world. And then one morning, after finding that his phone is dead, Jon looks at the city in the distance and realizes that something seems very wrong.

All the power has gone out. At night, the city is completely dark. There are no planes in the sky, and when Jon drives to the nearest gas station, he finds a desolate and bloody scene. He refuses to believe that something truly awful has happened, however, until he spots a figure stumbling through the forest, heading ever closer.

Soon Jon is facing a desperate fight for survival. While he and his dog have been up at the cabin, the whole world has been struck by a huge, global catastrophe that has left billions dead. Can Jon and his dog survive, or are they doomed to suffer the same fate?

The Dog is a novel about the end of the world, told through the eyes of a dog who finds himself stuck at a remote cabin with only his owner for company.

Regan’s Reach

by Mark G Brewer

Review By Heinz Zwack on June 10, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
With the Renaissance of space opera that indie publishing and e-books brought about this is refreshingly different. It is space fiction with lots of action and lots of exotic technology – but not the usual rehash of space battles and Galactic empires.

In almost 60 years of reading science fiction – probably 2000 or 3000 books and at least as many stories in the Golden age of SF magazines – I haven’t found a character like Ham very often. He certainly beats “Hal” of 2001 hands-down.

Regan’s Reach, the story.

Young Kiwi tech entrepreneur, Regan Stein, has just sold ten percent of her company for a massive price. The buyer, aerospace and defence giant USDynamics wants a share of Arteis, her new cyber defence system. Plus they’ve picked out Regan as a fresh creative genius and want in on whatever she has planned next.

Washed out from negotiations and cash rich Regan decides to take a long planned break and to disappear for six months and freshen up her thinking. Tramping off track, at the top of New Zealand’s South Island, she accepts a Satphone call for help. Doing the right thing finds her the rescuer of a comatose man, human but yet strangely alien. Within hours her life has changed.

While in orbit at the mercy of a quirky artificial intelligence and acting as nursemaid to the injured alien she finds out traitorous moves have been made against her company by foreign business powers. Unable to do anything about it in her present situation she embarks on the journey of a lifetime, assisting the AI to return the man while leaving her trusted team to deal with the attack at home.

The two month interstellar journey sees a developing relationship with the AI and a formidable partnership established. They arrive at their destination in the midst of political unrest.

At home her team find themselves collateral damage in a corporate war full of intrigue, murky politics, and betrayal.

Will she survive the trip across the galaxy? How will her friends deal with the threats? Will her company survive the attack? And who would want to be in Regan Stein’s sights if she returns at all?

This is classic science fiction leading in to a series that includes technology, androids, interstellar travel, action, politics and mystery. The series tracks sixteen years in the life of the remarkable Regan Stein and her friends. It will entertain you, challenge you and provoke your thinking on everything from the nature of the human heart to the nature of evil.

5.0 out of 5 stars: A sorely needed new heroine
Review by M Travison August 19, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I think this was a terrific beginning to a new series but more importantly a new heroine for the scifi genre. It’s also refreshing to read an intelligent scifi novel without galactic space battles or alien earth invasions. Regan is by no means a genius but she’s ambitious, focused, assertive and especially knows how to assemble a good team to make her dreams reality.

The Void Script

by Ben Fernwey

When a diplomatic liaison lands on a remote planet, what he assumed would be a simple summit turns out to be something else entirely. Now, caught in the middle of a centuries-long hunt for a mysterious pod, he must choose a side among the galaxy’s most powerful Orders – all while surviving humanity’s greatest threat, a deadly subspecies who’s evolution began long ago…on Old Earth.

FLY ON THE WALL: The Time Travelling Gameshow

by Laurence Ward

What if you could travel back in time, knowing what you know, and what’s to come?

On a parallel branch in time, an exact copy, of everything, up to the moment you arrive, made just for you, temporary. Your chance to change the future in any way you like.

Would you do it? Would you take the risk and make the change?

FLY ON THE WALL is a game show.

A game show that travels in time.

First, to Ireland in 1169.

Two teams of contestants are transported to twelfth century Ireland to compete in a game show; one that’s played in history.

Two armies compete in the forests for the land, the lives and the future of Ireland.

The invaders, led by a warrior called Strongbow, are Norman knights, armoured cavalry, archers and mercenaries and they battle the Irish, led by High King Rory O’Connor, aligned with the ferocious Vikings and Berserkers from Dublin and the Isles.

While Henry II waits; just across the water.

While some of the รข??Fly on the Wall’ media executives wait; contemplating more than their bonuses.

While the Military, who developed the time-travel technology, fume at its use for civilian entertainment.

And TITAS plots the show’s downfall.

To win, the teams must complete a series of challenges and return from the past.

But they cannot be there and have no impact.

Their presence changes history.


by Joseph C. Anthony

Daniel Hart stood, staring at himself in the mirror. He had experienced a
complete physical transformation in a remarkably short period of time. Just three
weeks ago no one would have looked twice at someone like Daniel, but a
revolutionary procedure had helped to transform him into something spectacular.
He was now beyond human, he was better.

He had once believed that the day Jordan moved to Chicago would be the
greatest of his life, but it had proven otherwise. Daniel could not compete with
Gordon Demers, one of Chicago’s wealthiest and most powerful up-and-comers.
Demers had been the true reason for Jordan’s relocation, and all of his money and
influence brought with it a physical attraction that Jordan could not resist – even if it
meant breaking Daniel’s heart.

Daniel had soon after lost his job, and with it his ability to remain in Chicago.
He knew then that he had no choice but to accept the offer given to him by an
ex-CIA agent and his eccentric partner. The experimental brain surgery he had to
undergo held incredible risk – yes, but it had been his only option.

The operation had been a success. Daniel was now capable of controlling
every single function in his entire body, even those previously out of reach from his
conscious mind. It was time for him to put Jordan aside. He was now working for the
most elite personal security force on the planet, and would soon be hired to protect
high profile individuals from the world’s deadliest assassins.

First he would need to establish himself. He needed to train to become the
top ranked agent at Elite Personal Security Force and prove himself to be the
superior being the revolutionary procedure had turned him into. Anything less would
be considered failure.

The first of a series, this is only the beginning of Daniel’s story…

The Futurist Manifesto # 2: Dulce et Decorum est

by John Paul Catton

Ypres, 1917: the height of the First World War. Captain Martin Blake and his squad are trapped in a nightmarish maze of flooded trenches and barbed wire on the Passchendaele Ridge. Amongst the bombs, bullets and gas, however, an unearthly menace is lurking, threatening reality itself. The Angels of Mons have returned … and they’re not Angels anymore.

This short story is the second episode in the series of “The Futurist Manifesto”.

A Survivor’s Tale, Part Three

by Rebecca Reynolds

Cam, 85, is the oldest survivor of the tragic collapse of society beget in the earliest years of his youth. Recording the years of his life in the decades which followed, he attempts to show society why they need to stick together, stand up for one another, and give selflessly to prevent such occurances from being repeated. We follow as he builds a life for himself, gains loves, and loses them. As he scripts his accounting, we also see where he is in the present day, with his much adored travel companion.

Also look for: A Survivor’s Tale, Part One; and A Survivor’s Tale, Part Two. And now available: A Survivor’s Tale, Part Four! Upcoming, the Finale: A Survivor’s Tale, Part Five.

Vodyanoy – Loosestrife (Future Fiction Book 15)

by Liz Williams

Vodyanoy: What is behind the illness of Roman? Which kind of experiment have been made on the population of a Polish town that no one wants to talk about it, even though everyone seems to know it? And what is the relationship with the creatures of Eastern Europe’s folklore called “Vodyanoy” (Water Spirits)?
In this masterful story, Liz Williams represents the anxiety, experienced by a family, doomed to worsen as the health of poor Roman.

Loosestrife: Aud loves Ellie, her baby girl. But no one knows who the father of Ellie is, not even Aud. Driven by poor economic conditions and the risk of having her baby taken away from her by the Social Service, Aud decides to leave London with her friend Danny, so as not to reveal the secret of her daughter’s birth. A touching, dark story of denied maternity and dangerous choices.

The Author: Liz Williams is a British science fiction writer. Her first novel, The Ghost Sister was published in 2001. Both this novel and her next one, Empire of Bones (2002) were nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award. She is also the author of the Inspector Chen series.

She is the daughter of a stage magician and a Gothic novelist. She holds a PhD in Philosophy of Science from Cambridge. She has had short stories published in Asimov’s, Interzone, The Third Alternative and Visionary Tongue. From the mid-nineties until 2000, she lived and worked in Kazakhstan. Her experiences there are reflected in her 2003 novel Nine Layers of Sky. Her novels have been published in the US and the UK, while her third novel The Poison Master (2003) has been translated into Dutch.

The OAM Virus. REVISED edition: Armageddon.

by JR Agrel Smith

Intro. The Book of Revelation in the Bible is a difficult read at the best of times, and it becomes frightening in the section that deals with the last days, when Satan rules and turns against all Christians, and if understood then demonic powers are used and the return of the fallen, the giants of old, as mentioned in the beginning of the Bible in the book of Genesis.

My challenge was to make this presented in such a way that our younger generation could relate to, and I chose the path of Space Research, alien life forms and a virus, subjects very much in the media today.

My book has been revised from my first attempt, I hope it is acceptable.

(Scripture references taken from The Life Study Bible.)

By John R. A. Smith.

NOTE: A work of fiction based upon the End Times as told in the Bible.)

Transhumanism combined with artificial genetic intelligence, and cyborg technology.

A sci-fi Christion story about Armageddon, and the last days, based upon hybrid trans-human cyborg warriors fighting for the survival of human life, and against the fallen and infected by the OAM virus, (Omega, Aura, Mars, Virus.)

Humans who mutate into animalistic behaviour, and try to destroy all Christian life.

My name is Anna in Russian, or Elisa in your native tongue, and I’m a Christian, Jesus is my Lord and Saviour, and I am told that this all started long before I was born, well technically yes I was born into your world, but not by conventional means, as I am the direct result of modern technology, and a kind of cross genetic hybrid breeding program.

We were created to be the so called saviours of the world, the new life blood of the human race, and which had been accidently devastated by an alien virus brought to earth by the then new space race, and in trying to see who could be the first private business to send a space ship to Mars, and to have it return safely.

Well they reached that goal with great pride and with massive publicity, and Virgin Space Research, was the first to successfully not only send one rocket to Mars, but to repeatedly have five successful return trips, and all reportedly without incident. Although now we know that statement to not be true, as in later years it was discovered upon the forth space flight, that it returned carrying some artefact’s discovered by the brave astronauts who had piloted that mission.

Please if you have the time, then watch this video in the full, and

Transhumanism combined with artificial genetic intelligence, and cyborg technology.

A fantacy sci-fi story about Armageddon and the last days, based upon hybrid trans-human cyborg warriors fighting for the survival of human life, against the fallen and infected OAM virus humans, and who mutate into animalistic behaviour, and try to destroy all life.

The Wounded World (The Sagittan Chronicles Book 1)

by Ariele Sieling

Upon returning to Pomegranate City, Quin discovers that his father has disappeared, taking with him knowledge that is precious to his government and leaving behind a very dangerous new Door. As he sets out on his journey to find his father, Quin hopes that he hasn’t stumbled onto a problem so big he cannot even begin to solve it.

Followed closely by his good friend John, Quin travels from world to world seeking answers… but will he find them in time?

This science fiction tale takes the reader from humor to heartbreak in one simple journey.


by Osborn Koks

Story which tells of that gambit has been played in space of the protagonist trying to prevent the impending catastrophe. Where adventure lead them this time? What they have learned about this Miri this time? What dark corners we’ll see this time?

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