Free travel Kindle books for 15 Aug 16

Puppy Training: The Useful Guide To Housebreak your Puppy in only 7 days (puppy house breaking, puppy housetraining, positive reinforcement, obedience training)

by Brian Seth

If you see yourself in the questions below, then this book is for you

How can I quickly Housebreak my puppy? What is the best method? Can it be fast?

He is so cute but he poops in the houseâ?¦.how can I change that?

Housebreaking your puppy seems to be very long and very hard, although with the right techniques, consistency and step-by-step instructions, your puppy can be clean and properly trained within ONLY 7 DAYS.

Getting a puppy is a fantastic thing, but it comes with great responsibility and new owners often feel overwhelmed by the juvenile behaviour of the puppy. Like a normal child, your puppy will have to learn and be educated the proper way. In this guide you will learn why Positive Reinforcement is the right method to use to build a strong & healthy bond with your puppy and how to teach him the basics such as:

Housebreaking, Crate Training, Poop Patrol, The First Obedience Training, Home Alone Anxiety, And much more â?¦

This guide is your Starter Kit to housebreak your puppy and prepare him to be the best and well educated dog in the future.

It’s not a pricy investment, don’t wait any longer and give it a try. The only risk is to have a well behaved puppy in the end.

DUBAI: FREE THINGS TO DO.: The freebies and discounts travel guide to Dubai.

by Sarah Retter

The final guide for free and discounted food, accommodations, museums, sightseeing, outdoor activities, attractions, events, music, theater and rides.

This is the best Kindle guide for freebies and discounts available in one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world: Dubai

And probably the most expensive.

So, if you need to stretch your budget and get the most of this wonderful city, this book is for you.

You´ll find exciting things to do in Hong Kong:

-Cathedrals, Churches & Cemeteries
-Park, Gardens & Neighborhoods
-Show & Rides
-Food and Drinks

-Food and Drinks
-Cruises and Tours

Plan your visit in advance and save a lot of money while getting the most of your traveling!

Download you copy today and start saving now!

You Will Never Be The Same: Organizing a Group Trip to Israel or Enhancing Your Own Trip

by Tom Law

Taking a trip can be memorable. Taking a trip to Israel can be life changing. Taking a group on a trip to Israel can be transformative.

The purpose of this book is to facilitate those wishing to take a group to Israel. It can be a scary venture putting together a tour group and the desire of this book is to take some of the fear out of this process.

The secondary purpose of this book is to make the trip memorable and pleasurable for all those who go. Often the leader is so engulfed in details that all the joy is sucked right out of the trip. It need not be so and the book will help make that a reality.

Finally, the book is about making good decisions along the way. If you know what to expect you can keep from making the same mistakes others have made. After all learning from each other is what it’s all about. We don’t all have to make all of the mistakes, we can learn from those who have gone before. Learn from mine and then share what you have learned so that in future editions others can also learn from yours.

A Complete Guide to Busan

by Lian Slayford

A Complete Guide to Busan gives you all the information you need to know about planning your trip to the ancient Korean city. Taking the reader on a fascinating journey through several thousand years of history, readers will become enraptured with historical sites such as the Beomeosa Temple, Gamcheon Culture Village and 40 Step Culture and Tourism Street and learn about lesser known attractions, including Bosudong Book Street, Samgwangsa Temple, Busan Tower and Cheokpanam Hermitage and many more, making A Complete Guide to Busan the only guide you will ever need.

UKIYO: A glimpse into the floating world of Japanese life

by Tadayoshi Kajino

Art works of Tadayoshi Kajino 2016.

Unique drawings of Japanese scenes from his point of view.

Italy Travel Guide: 21 Brilliant Ways to See The Very Best Of Italy on a Low Budget (italy travel guide, travel guides italy, venice italy travel guide)

by Julian Dresden

The “Italy Travel Guide: 21 Brilliant Ways to See The Very Best Of Italy on a Low Budget” is designed for you as a travel guide. This book will help you to get the advantage of your limited resources. You can see the best places of Italy even with a tight budget. After reading this book, you will come to know different ways to explore stunning beauty, lakes, vineyards, mountains and sea. The high-end fashion world will be quite interesting to explore. It can be overwhelming to plan a trip to Italy within your budget. You can learn the ways to visit interesting places, eat food and even shopping. There is no need to worry about money because Rome, Venice, and Florence offer attractive deals to explore charming places.

You can learn the ways to find a budgeted accommodation and this will be the best trip of your life. Explore lakes. Rivers, hill towns and numerous other destinations. You can’t miss the delicious food of Italy because of a number of food stalls. You should try this traditional Venetian dish prepared from the thin slices of onions and livers. This book will help you to explore the major attractions of Italy and plan your trip within your tight budget. It will be an amazing experience to get more out of your limited resources. This book offers 21 ways to see the best of Italy on a tight budget. Download this book and get the advantage of this travel guide designed for you.

Africa Tourism

by Isaac Bello

Tourism is one of Africa’s greatest assets. Rich culture is displayed in heavenly sun and lush surroundings.

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