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The Revolver

by Alexander Ermak

Two neighbours discuss recent murders in their town. One of them has a revolver in his hand…

Fastlines Jazz Guitar Method Intermediate: jazz guitar lines – solo – instruction – projects – backing tracks – downloadable audio of all lines and backing … included (Fastlines Guitar Tutors Book 2)

by Ged Brockie

For guitarist looking to learn jazz guitar, the Fastlines Jazz Guitar Method Intermediate edition gives you further musical ideas to create improvisations that sound authentic within the idiom of jazz. Learn the Fastlines, understand how they are created and use over the five audio backing tracks. Full guitar solo and projects for further development are included. Audio available from a QR code inserted into the book.

The history of Chizhe and Pyzhe: Two Chort

by Gelorce Edgardo

Chort (Russian: ЧÑ?Ñ?Ñ?, Belarusian and Ukrainian: ЧоÑ?Ñ?, Polish: Czort and Czart, Czech and Slovak: Ä?ert) is considered to be a demon of total evil, with horns, hoofs, skinny tail, and a pig-face in Slavic mythology (demonology). He is the son of the Slavic god Chernobog and the goddess Mara. In Ukraine, he is also known as haspyda, didko, irod, and kutsyi. In folk Christianity, he is considered a minion, or a synonym, of Satan.

Rainy Evening

by Osborn Kurski

Unesseny sin into the world, they think of the old days and they poterelya that night that their soidinila revenge as a whole and not a dividend. The drama that takes place at the general public display.


by Osborn Koks

This novel offers to plunge into the atmosphere of the unknown and of something quite strange. The main character was in a difficult cover and adventure and puzzle it provided.

The color that’s crazy

by Osborn Koks

The story tells of huduzhnike who is looking for inspiration and meaning of life

but it is not so easy when it left the Muse. What he finds in the end of his journey?

Who can tell him to tell the truth and the answers that he had not soschel crazy with all of this.

The Beginners Guide To Photography: Simple Tips & Tricks to Capture Exquisite Photographs Like a Pro (Photography for Beginners, Photography, Digital Photography)

by Martin Lewis

Nowadays, it is so very easy to freeze time, capture a moment and have it lasting forever. You see everyone on the streets and in their homes with their cameras, shooting away and saving their photographs and sharing them with the world.

Yet very few among them have the knowledge and skill to use the mystical tool called the camera to create exquisite photographs that not only freeze time but also tell a story. If making exquisite photographs like a pro is your desire, then you should look no more because this book has all you need to know if you want to be a cut above the rest.

Grab your copy now and start on your journey of excellence.

In this book, you will be introduced to:

  • All you will need to know to get you on the path of photographic excellence
  • All the steps and tricks that will take you from being a mere beginner to being an expert in the field of photography
  • Making exquisite photographs like a pro

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Lion Kings: A Lion Book for Kids

by Speedy Publishing

Lions in the wild will give a unique spark to the imagination of a child because of all the different lions in the wild. The imagination of children will also be sparked when they find out how these lions get their food on a daily basis. Children will get to see the different colors of lions and how they got their color. Learning how a lion sleeps, how a lion protects children, and more will keep children interested for hours.

Inspired Individuality (Patterns of Consciousness Book 1)

by Alan Garfoot

The Patterns of Consciousness collection is a series of abstract psychedelic artwork drawn between 2010 and 2012, although they are the only pieces that remain from that period as many were simply given away or lost they are as unique as you can get.

Music Theory: From Beginner to Expert – The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Understanding and Learning Music Theory Effortlessly

by Nicolas Carter

Discover The Beauty of Music Theory and Become a Better Musician Through The Power of Understanding!

Have you ever wanted:

  • To unlock the mysteries of notes, intervals, music scales, modes, keys, circle of fifths, chords and chord progressions and other important concepts in music?
  • To understand where do chords and scales come from, what are all the different types that exist and how they’re built?
  • To master your rhythm and time skills and understand how to practice and play easily in any time signature?
  • Wanted to know what’s behind all the beautiful music and learn how you can (re)create it?


  • Have you ever been put off by music theory or thought that is too hard to learn?

If you find yourself in any of this, then this book is what you need. It covers everything that anyone who plays (or wants to play) music, and wishes to become better as a musician, should know. This is the most comprehensive book on music theory that you’ll be able to find.

Not only that, but this book is written in a way that is really easy to follow, understand and internalize all the concepts explained. You don’t have to be a college degree music student in order to understand and use any of this – anyone can do it!

It also doesn’t matter what instrument you play (because music theory is universal) and it also doesn’t matter what is your level of knowledge or playing ability!

This book will give you all the information necessary to become a true expert in music theory without frustration and feeling overwhelmed, and this in-turn will have innumerable benefits to your playing!

Don’t believe me? Just use the look inside feature to get a sneak peak of what you’ll learn inside…

Get this book now, solve all your problems with music theory, and become a music theory expert!

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People Watching – Comic Con Phoenix 2012 – Volume 1

by Paul Moore

Approximately 75 pages in length with more than 70 color images and is almost all photography.

There is nothing quite as fun as people watching that is not either fattening ,illegal, or immoral. The following volume is the result of a rather fun, and quite entertaining day spent at the Phoenix Arizona 2012 Comicon convention. The event attracted more than 30,000 visitors of which a great number attended in full regalia. This is the first of three volumes simply because the total, as a single volume, would be enormous.

The author began photography and photo-journalism in early 1963 when he accepted an offer from his local newspaper to write about and photograph sports events at the Arizona high school where he was a junior.

After a stint in the service, he had an opportunity to study photography and printing techniques with Bernard Hoffman, a true gentleman and scholar, and one of the earliest staff photographers for Life Magazine.

Since that time he has had thousands of photographs and hundreds of articles published by more than 60 national and international periodicals. He was also a contributing editor for one of them for more than ten years. Topics ran the gamut from professional sports, medicine, archeology, and photography to science.

After twenty years away from Arizona he returned in 1985 and it has been the base from which all his photographic excursions are launched. Along with many others he has embraced digital photography but can still be seen, from time to time, peering through the ground glass of a large format camera, hoisting a large medium format 6×7, or indeed still using a 35mm film camera.

The photographer currently has fine art photography on exhibit at The Center for Fine Arts in Globe, Arizona.

Crazy Bikini

by Kumar Jackson

Kayden is an all natural model, who loves to have fun and model. You can watch as model learn how to pose which is great learning experience for anyone interested in photography. FREE to kindle unlimited. WARNING contains ARTIST nudity. SUPER HD IMAGES. No web pics. No bad images. All professional pics.

Fashion Blogging: How To Make Money Doing What You Love (Fashion Blogging, Fashion Business, Fashion Marketing)

by Melissa Hillis

Fashion Blogging: How To Make Money Doing What You Love

Get started blogging today and earn money with your passion!
Are you a fashion blogger and want to learn how to make your blog profitable?
Or are you just getting started with your blog and need advice?

This books provides you with proven ideas and advice on making your fashion blog rock. No matter what other people tell you, you can be successful with your own fashion blog.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn in this book:

  • Why Fashion Blogging Is Getting More and More Important
  • The Top 4 Reasons Why YOU Should Become a Fashion Blogger
  • Why Fashion Blogging is A Great Way to Make Money
  • 7 Steps Towards A Fashion Blog People Will Love
  • How To Let Your Fashion Blog Earn Money For You
  • The More People You Inspire, The More You Earn
  • A Summary and Last Steps to Success
  • Take action right away and get this book for $2.99!

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