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Full Fathom Five – The Homicide Files (A Lincoln Munroe Novella, #1)

by Harrison Drake

Breaking in a new partner is the least of Detective Lincoln Munroe’s worries – the body of a scuba diver has been found in a century-old shipwreck under a hundred feet of cold, treacherous water. When all signs point to murder, Lincoln is forced to dust off his scuba gear and investigate a crime scene like no other.

‘Full Fathom Five’ is the first installment in a series of novellas featuring Detective Lincoln Munroe that will take place prior to the events of ‘A Dream of Death’.

The Chains That Bind, The Skull That Bleeds (Victim City Stories Book 1)

by Dale Hammond

Dean Mason is the Bleeding Skull, struggling masked protector, fighting for the lost in a city that’s abandoned them. Tracking down a missing college student, he faces down those that would trade in flesh and broken wills and uncovers crimes so depraved it shocks even the jaded denizens of Victim City. Pray for the Bleeding Skull in The Chains that Bind, the Skull that Bleeds.

George Murdam is the Murder Man. Victim City is his hunting ground, killing for cash and feeding a dark hunger for blood and suffering. A man without pity and beyond redemption, he follows the blood stained trail of hired guns that strike from the shadows. Survive the unrelenting assault of the Murder Man in Violation: Red Holes.

Graduating teenagers party at an abandoned lake house. Kegs are drained, hearts are broken, bodies are used, blood is spilt. They didn’t think they would have to live with the shame. They were right. Beer Bong Bloodbath.

48,000 breathtaking words of action and horror.

Deception (A Miranda Murphy Thriller)

by Tim Kizer

When a dead body is found in a multimillionaire’s son’s house, it is up to Detective Miranda Murphy to find the killer and figure out the motive behind this heinous crime. 

Early on in the investigation, it becomes clear that the murder was a contract hit disguised as a robbery gone wrong. As Miranda wades through the web of lies and deceit, she uncovers a plot to steal a four-hundred-million dollar fortune–a plot that has succeeded.

To bring the conspirators to justice, Miranda will have to risk her life and be as crafty as her opponents.

The bad news is, Miranda cannot trust anyone. The good news is, she carries a gun and is not afraid to use it.


Suspense thriller “Hitchhiker” by Tim Kizer.

When a serial killer hitches a ride one sunny day in a beautiful California valley, he does not suspect that he may have met his match, who is dead set to take another life. The battle of wits begins and only the most devious mind will survive.

Suspense novelette “Intoxication” by Tim Kizer.

Are you paranoid if you end up dead?

Leslie has a suspicion: someone at work is trying to poison her. Can she prove it? No, and she doesn’t care that she can’t as she takes the law into her hands.

How about those who dismiss her fears and believe she is paranoid? Well, they certainly deserve to be punished.

What does she do when she starts questioning her own suspicions–and sanity? Hmm. That’s complicated.

In this disturbing tale of derangement, a young psychopathic woman is slipping into madness as she fights an enemy that may exist only in her imagination. She has to resort to desperate measures when she realizes that a gun, security cameras in her apartment, and constant vigilance will not be enough to survive. It is hard to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if the cat is not there, but Leslie, with her resolve fueled by paranoia, is hell-bent on finding and slaughtering it.

Plus a preview of Tim Kizer’s horror novel “Days of Vengeance.”

Cooper Collection 080 (Home, Home Within Range)

by Bill Bernico

Elliott’s surveillance business has taken a giant leap forward with the purchase of even more electronic equipment and he’s hot on another case that will take him all over the Los Angeles area. It will also bring Clay face to face (sort of) with the ghosts of his pleasant past.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

A Raucous Time (Celtic Cousins’ Adventures Book 1)

by Julia Hughes

“Indiana Jones meets the Da Vinci Code” – as one reviewer has commented!
Wren’s discovered an ancient diary; he’s convinced that it’s the key to a legendary treasure trove. All he has to do is persuade cousin Rhyllann that this isn’t a geeky flight of fantasy, escape the protection of DI Crombie of the Metropolitan Police and outwit a sinister cult known as “The Brotherhood”. What can go wrong? â?¦
“But the treasure is guarded. He who wishes to enter the secret chamber must first ensure he knows of the Celtic rites and mysteries. No other hand is permitted to touch Caliburn, sacred sword of the Celtic Nations.” From the diary of Joan, Princess of Wales by marriage; natural daughter of King John of England (year of our lord 1216).
Bonus Free Feature: Short Story “Through the Wrong Door”, a complementary episode to “A Ripple in Time” is included at the end of this ebook.
The Celtic Cousins’ Adventures – time after time after time.

Life of Secrets

by Bowen Greenwood

Do you love thrills and suspense?

Alyssa Chambers is rich and privileged by birth, but a criminal by choice. She steals secrets from the powerful and influential, and sells them to whoever pays – and they pay very well. But when someone assassinates a Presidential candidate in an office Alyssa just robbed, she’s framed for the murder and her whole life goes up in smoke. Now she’s running for her life, hunted and alone. The last man she can trust is the one she can’t stop betraying; a man busy struggling with a religious conversion when she needs him to focus on the here and now. To survive, clear her name, and uncover the assassin, Alyssa will learn about trust and faith, while facing the truth about her past, the truth about her family, and the truth about her Life of Secrets. This political thriller will grip you right to the very end.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Captivity (Backwoods Justice Trilogy Book 1)

by Sharon A. Austin

The gruesome discovery of a woman’s corpse in a small tourist town draws Sheriff Joshua Wolfe into the most perilous case of his career. Hounded by the townsfolk and media, he exhausts every conventional method for solving the crime. The investigation comes to a standstill. Then, four more residents disappear.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

It was her uncanny likeness to Adele, his adoptive sister, that made him stare at her. She sat to one side of a barstool with an arm propped on the padded edge, nice legs crossed beneath a short denim skirt. She sipped a margarita; checked out the Saturday night crowd in the intimate saloon setting. Smiled and waved at anyone she knew. Jim took a seat at the end of the bar. He slid a pack of Morilos out of his shirt pocket. One by one, the single men honed in on her only to get shot down. He lit a cigarette to curb a satisfied smile.

The Cedar Face: DI Jewell book 3 (DI Elizabeth Jewell)

by Carole Pitt

When Keith Wilson, an art teacher at Grasmere Academy is murdered, DI Elizabeth Jewell expects to lead the investigation. Within hours, her new boss DCI Liam Yeats takes over and excludes both her and Sergeant Patterson from the case without giving a valid reason. However, Yeats’s policy is short lived when he realises alienating Jewell and her team is counterproductive.
Jacob Morven, a Canadian citizen from a remote area of North-Western British Columbia is the prime suspect. Although the evidence against him points to his guilt, DI Jewell has doubts. Keith Wilson, the victim, had boasted of a change in his fortune, implying he was about to receive a substantial amount of money. With this in mind, Jewell looks further afield for other suspects. As the mystery deepens, Jewell and Patterson look back almost three hundred years to the origins of a lost artefact.
Amidst escalating dissent at Park Road HQ, Elizabeth tackles yet another problem. Where is her previous boss, DCS Daly and is his unexpected disappearance connected to the current situation?

Freak Show (Episode One: The Nightshade Cases)

by Patti Larsen

*********2015 Shortlisted Kindle Book Awards********** ***********2nd Place 2014 P&E Best Thriller***********
When transsexual starlet Aisling is murdered, Detective Geraldine Meyers is assigned the case. With help from medical examiner Dr. Rachel Hunter, Gerri realizes this is no ordinary killing. While she might not want to call in over-eager anthropologist Dr. Kinsey DanAllart, the detective is forced to trust her friend’s expertise in symbology, even though doing so means admitting “weird” things might be happening in Silver City. As the three friends unravel the mystery of the dancer’s death, one thing is made absolutely apparent–something isn’t right in their new hometown. And someone is doing everything they can to make sure the truth doesn’t come out.

In Silver City, sometimes friendship can be murder.

Welcome to the first Nightshade Case, a series of twenty-one episodes. Please note: this episodic series is based on the television show model, with screenwriting notations and shorter formats. There will be a complete mystery each episode, with cliffhangers only occurring in the full season story line.

Dino’s Papers and Other Stories

by Alan Hardy

A provocative collection of intriguing, sexy, disturbing and original stories, wide-ranging in scope and theme. Cosmic countdown to oblivion. Quirky sexual hang-ups. Disturbed, obsessive characters unable to cope with life, and living in worlds of their own. Romantic, heart-breaking tales. Stories of madness and murder. Introspective, unashamed dissection of the human mind and spirit. More than enough variety to engage you, excite you, scare you, intrigue you, torment youâ?¦

Alex Hollick: Origins (The Alex Hollick FBI Series)

by Andrew Downs

Start An Original Standout Thriller Series That Twists, Turns and Tangles!

The Alex Hollick F.B.I. Series takes readers into an underworld of secretive government agendas and a troubled young agent caught between love, morality and survival. This exciting, gripping and original thriller series combines murder mystery, saga, love story, and conspiracy thriller into one satisfyingly complex and entertainingly atmospheric story.

Alex Hollick: Origins

In 1985, a young field agent enters a dark underworld of the FBI, where he must participate in the cover-up of a fellow agent’s corruption while protecting the woman of his dreams from the consequences.

What readers are saying about The Alex Hollick FBI Series!

“Refreshingly original.”

“A great story, will keep you glued to your kindle for hours.”

“Smooth but gritty, intellectual and sexy…great read.”

“The story was intense and gripping and the character development was amazing.”

“Brings something new and fresh to the table.”

SPECIAL NOTE: “Alex Hollick: Origins” is comprised of the first ten chapters of, “The Bloodbath Ritual” (Part 1 of The Alex Hollick F.B.I. Series). Although a complete story in itself, “Alex Hollick: Origins,” is a special digital only edition, which contains the first half of the full-length novel, “The Bloodbath Ritual.” For all twenty chapters, check out “The Bloodbath Ritual.”

The Complete Series Now Available!


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