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Off Grid Living Box Set: Protect Your Loved Ones With 25 Lessons on the Advantages of Living Off the Grid and Dangerous Places You Should Avoid When An … Living Off Grid Box Set, Off The Grid)

by Tammy Weber

BOOK #1: Off The Grid 101: Outstanding Lessons for Living Off the Grid and Protecting Your Loved Ones

Off the Grid 101: Outstanding Lessons for Living Off the Grid and Protecting your Loved Ones gives practical advice for identifying how our information is accessed and used both online and offline and how we can take steps to be less visible to scammers, fraudsters and marketers.

This eBook covers reducing visibility and protecting yourself in the following areas:

  • Offline
  • Your Computer
  • Browsing
  • Your Online Presence
  • Spam
  • Phones

Read on for key advice on how to free yourself from many of the pressures and concerns of the digital world. A must-have guide for anyone who has had enough of being on the grid.

BOOK #2: EMP Survival: 10 Dangerous Places You Should Avoid When An EMP Starts

This guidebook is going to present you with the top 10 places you should not be when an EMP attack occurs. Since the country will be off the grid, it is basically not safe to be anywhere that would rely on electricity or has a circuit because they are not going to be working any more. Take for example the first place on our list; being in an airplane. When this attack occurs, you will be stuck in a falling plane with no way to get out; if you are lucky, the pilot might be able to successfully make an emergency landing, but you probably will not be that lucky.

BOOK #3: Off Grid Living: 15 Amazing Lessons on the Advantages That Living Off the Grid in a Community Brings

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back to a simple way of living where you live off the land? Our ancestors all did it, so why shouldn’t we? One way of accomplishing this is by living off the grid, but many people don’t understand what that actually means, or how to go about it.

Being able to supply your own source of electricity and water supply is one of the biggest steps, and removes those nasty little utility bill surprises each month. Imagine never having to pay one of those again! The financial freedom is tremendous!

No more utility bills, no more relying on the national power grid, no more paying high prices for vegetables in the stores. These are just a few of the many benefits that can be gained by going off the grid. But where do you start? The answer to this question and many more can be found within this book.

Included topics in this book are:

  • Types of energy sources
  • Growing your own food
  • Relieving stress
  • Health benefits
  • How to find and utilize water
  • Family time
  • Enhanced creativity

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