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Hard Rocked (BBW New Adult Rock Star Romance) (Rocked series Book 4)

by Clara Bayard

Getting a job with a famous rock band on their first European tour sounds like a dream come true. And for Becca Hall it is – at first. Using her smarts, organization skills and unflappable nature, the plus-size beauty makes herself indispensable quickly.
It’s everything she wanted. A way to see more of the world, get a foothold back into the business she grew up around, and a chance to get away from things both dreary and painful back at home.

But when a playful flirtation with the band’s bass player, Dex, turns into something more, everything is at risk. Her job, her carefully guarded secret, and her heart.

Note: Hard Rocked is the fourth story in the Rocked series, but it is not necessary to read the other parts first. But you still should. They’re fun.

Length: 18,000 words
Series: Rocked, #4

Violet is Blue: Hothouse Series

by Tawny Stokes

*******THIS IS A NEW ADULT STORY********
recommended age for reading 17+

A novel of secrets, passion, and betrayal….

For the past four years, 18 year old, Violet Taylor has lived her life like her deceased father would’ve wanted. Perfect grades, perfect friends, the perfect boyfriend from the right family. Except now at the end of high school, she realizes that she’s never fully lived, has never taken risks, has always taken the safe and secure road. That all changes when she breaks up with her boyfriend, takes notice of the bad boy who she once shared a kiss with, and starts receiving gifts and phone calls from a mystery guy who makes her quiver with a need she never knew she possessedâ?¦

But what started as innocent turns dark and twisted, and Violet finds herself faced with a horrible secret that could destroy everything she once knew and loved.

Other books in the series:
DAHLIA BY DESIGN – coming soon

Solia’s Moon: OSA, Prequel – A Futuristic Science Fiction Romance (Outer Settlement Agency Book 0)

by Lyn Brittan

2013 Sci-Fi Galaxy Award Winner!

When her terraforming company takes their genetic experiments a step too far, Lunar Physician Solia Calian has to find a way to stop them. She’ll have the help of her ex, Sheriff Giancarlo Sable, but they’d better hurry up. Someone’s on their heels and one false step could ruin them all.

Giancarlo would rather be sent back to Earth than answer a damned summons from the woman who broke his heart. But if Solia’s in trouble, he’s the only man mean enough to get her out of it. As long as he can keep his heart out of the way, they may have a shot of making it out of this.

Drop into the Outer Settlement Agency, a Sci-Fi and Futuristic Romance series. You can start with any book and any couple! OSA hires hunky soldiers and dark pirates, serious doctors and ridiculous CEOs. Hey, the Milky Way is ours. Might as well make it awesome.

Lady Marian of Gisborne (The Gisbornes of Nottingham Book 1)

by Ani Bolton

Lady Marian, called Fair Maid Marian by the folk of Nottinghamshire, always thought she was destined for marriage to Robin of Loxley, now an outlaw called Robin Hood. Instead, Marian is married to Robin’s most implacable enemy, Sir Guy of Gisborne. Marian vows that Sir Guy may have her body, but he will never have her love. That is for always and ever reserved for Robin.

Sir Guy of Gisborne has learned to survive a brutal world by becoming a sword-for-hire to the Sheriff of Nottingham. He is rewarded with marriage to the most eligible woman in the shire. To his surprise, Sir Guy finds himself captivated by his wife’s beauty and spirit, with a passion that matches his own. But Marian makes it clear her heart belongs to another, and that he must never forget.

Soon Marian is forced make a terrible choice: the outlaw who rules her heart, or the husband who rules her desires.

Lady Marian of Gisborne is sexy spin on the legend of Robin Hood. It’s irreverent and intended for adult audiences.

What He Wants – What He Wants 1 – My Alpha Billionaire: A New Adult Romance

by Tawny Taylor

*Price reduced for a limited time!*

Her introduction to the dark shades of pleasure…

Billionaire Shane Trant is used to getting what he wants. What he can’t buy, he takes. When he sees Bristol Deatrich for the first time in over ten years, he knows he wants her. But there’s a problem. Only complete possession of her mind and body will satisfy him. He’s not sure the sweet little Bristol is ready for his brand of extreme carnal play.

But that’s not going to stop him from trying. After all, he learned a long time ago, nobody wins if they don’t take risks. If this risk pays off, they’ll both win.

Beyond the Law (Hell Raisers MC Book 1)

by Ellen Graves

Part 1 of the Hell Raisers MC series

Trying to fight for the only family he knows, Dex will meet his toughest adversary yet – the girl who wants to steal his heart.

Dex Thompson is ready for change. After 14 years working he way up the ranks of Hell Raisers Motorcycle Club, he’s tired of living on the wrong side of the law. As second-in-command, it’s almost his time, and he knows what he wants to do — legitimize the businesses, start fresh, and rebuild the club through honorable means. And nothing is going to stand in his way.

Zoe Carlisle has grown up as the princess of the Hell Raisers and is used to getting the things that she wants. Except when it comes to Dex. Zoe has always had feelings for the dark-eyed rough-rider, but as the step-daughter of Maddox “Mad Dog” Carlisle, all the boys have always known that she was off limits. Until now.

Getting out of a toxic relationship, Zoe decides to quit ignoring her feelings and makes a play for Dex. But Dex has enough going on in his life, and he doesn’t need the daughter of the one man who could disrupt his plans, getting in the way of bringing back honor to the club that Dex has always loved. Even if she does have lips he’s dying to taste and legs he wants wrapped around his waist.

Despite Dex’s intentions, Zoe has plans of her own, and isn’t going to be easily persuaded to give them up. In this battle of wills, will Zoe be able to convince Dex that she’s the woman he needs? Will Dex find a way to bring his dream to life and get the girl? Or will their battle of wills end in a stalemate?

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