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The Voting Booth: A new vision for Christian engagement in a post-Christian culture

by Skye Jethani

How should a Christian relate to the culture? For generations, Christians have been told to either escape the culture to avoid its ungodliness, or to aggressively engage the culture by seeking power and control over it. But are those a Christian’s only options? The Voting Booth presents a third path for a new generation of Christians seeking to love both God and their neighbor.

Written as a fictional dialogue between Christian, a confused voter, and three spirits of cultural engagementâ??Exodus, Exile, and Incarnationâ??The Voting Booth addresses many of the questions being asked by those struggling to follow Christ in our post-Christian age like:
-How do I respond to those who view Christian faith as oppressive?
-Why has Christianity become so political?
-What role does fear have in Christian cultural engagement?
-How should I interact with neighbors of other faiths?
-Have Christians lost the “Culture War”?
-How should I think about voting as a Christian?
-What is the role of the Church in the culture?
With engaging writing and surprising twists, The Voting Booth will challenge your assumptions and leave you with a new way of imagining your place in the culture.

What others are saying about “The Voting Booth”

“As an immigrant-turned-citizen facing only my second chance to vote in a presidential election, I am troubled by the options presented. Opinions from Christians abound, complete with blogs and Bible verses, but no clear path emerges. Skye’s allegory tale succinctlyâ?? if also slightly simplisticallyâ?? represents the two dominant paradigms of Christian response: the call to escape, and the call to engage. He then offers a third perspective rooted in the incarnation. While the tale stops short of instruction, it is abounding in wisdom. This is an accessible read that provides a thoughtful way to name and evaluate the subconscious grids that undergird our approach to political engagement or disengagement. Best of all, it offers us a way to reflect on our perspective, posture, and purpose in a Christ-shaped way.”
-Glenn Packiam, Pastor at New Life Downtown

“Skye Jethani is one of the most clear-headed, sober voices writing on faith and culture today. The Voting Booth raises questions many Christians wrestle with and provides answers that challenge and delight. In a time of political unrest and cultural upheaval, we can’t afford to ignore what this book has to say.”
– Jonathan Merritt, author of Jesus is Better Than You Imagined; contributing writer for The Atlantic

“In a creative and compelling way, Skye Jethani has written yet another book that pushes the American church in the right direction. His uncanny ability to put his finger up to the wind and chart the right direction forward is a huge help to our community as we navigate the increasingly treacherous waters of the secular west.”
– John Mark Comer, pastor for teaching and vision at Bridgetown Church and author of Loveology.

“In The Voting Booth, Skye Jethani beautifully crafts a dialogue between â??Christian’ and three personified postures we can take toward our culture. Eye-opening and thought provoking, Skye clearly illuminates the dominant but destructive attitudes that have dominated the American church for the last 100 years, and then shines a light on a better way. Highly recommended!”
– Phil Vischer, creator of VeggieTales, What’s In The Bible, and The Phil Vischer Podcast.

Hello Nobody: Standing at the Door Alone, What to do When Everything Changes

by Janet Haney

Do you find yourself in a place of unplanned transition, where life is no longer as it was before?

Do you feel this change is too much to handle?

Discover the view up ahead, although different, it can offer a life of purpose and new beginnings. Uncover the faith it takes to face the hardest trials. Sit by someone who has buried a husband and a son, has battled cancer, and now finds herself in an empty nest.

Life has a way of molding us. Hello Nobody, is a powerful journey from a place of standing at the door alone, to the discovery of what to do when everything changes.

Faced with the unfamiliar and unknown there is a pathway to discover new understanding and new beginnings. You will see that change offers new discoveries, new understanding, and ultimately a whole a new you.

I invite you to join me as I tell my story so that you may discover your own.

Learn to Read the Tarot in 3 Weeks: Major Arcana Workbook

by Linda Atherstone-Davies

Have you ever wanted to learn to read the tarot cards? Are you unsure of where to begin or frightened by the detail in more traditional guidebooks? Then this work book is for you.

This colourful and user-friendly workbook will help you understand the images upon each card in the popular Rider Waite deck with ease. Within just three weeks, and having only spent a short time each day completing a range of tasks, you will become proficient in reading the Major Arcana; allowing you to give wide and varied readings for yourself and others.

The author of this book has over thirty years of experience in reading the cards, is a published fiction author and an experienced teacher; the culmination of which is a well written, good quality and knowledgeable product that allows you to quickly develop your skills and independence in this highly skilled art.

The workbook is also suitable for use in workshops in both teaching the reading of cards and also creative writing.

Demonology I – A Brief Manual of Western Demonology

by Eris Omen

This is a manual of demonology. It is written to those who are interested in demonology both as a subject of historical interest as well as those who are curious about the practices of black magic.

Meditation: Step by Step Guide to Incorporate Meditation in Your Life: (Meditation, Mindfulness, Prayer, Healing, Yoga, Guided Meditation)

by James Derici

Meditation: Step by Step Guide to Incorporate Meditation in Your Life

What are you doing right now? “Reading this book!” you might think while you smirk. But that’s not what I mean. I mean, what is your mind up to? You bought this book with certain expectations and as you skim through you are thinking of the next step. You might be mentally making a note of the ‘things you need to complete’. You might be thinking about that presentation that you need to send to your boss. Or maybe you are too stressed to think about anything right now.

Tags: Meditation, Mindfulness, Meditation for beginners, mantra meditation, guided meditation, candle meditation, prayer meditation yoga running


by Robin Merrill

She begged God to rescue her. He said, “Go.” So she headed out into the blizzard. In a car that wasn’t exactly hers, with a dog who wasn’t exactly a rat terrier, she drove. Until she ran out of gas in the small Maine town of Mattawooptock. Mattawoopwhat? What on earth is God thinking? But it is there, in a weird little bathroom in a weird little church in a weird little town that Maggie Hansen finds herself. And as God would have it, she finds a lot more than that.

Inner Peace, Outer Success: The Reintegration System: Spiritual Growth, Healing, Solving Problems and Achieving Goals with Cutting-Edge Mind Techniques

by Nebo D. Lukovich

Dear friends! Here is an exclusive opportunity to get this groundbreaking book while it’s FREE (promotional offer ends August 18th, so hurry)! You won’t regret it.

Are you ready to make some permanent changes within yourself and your external world?

Do you believe it’s possible to free yourself from suffering, or, at a minimum, significantly increase your overall happiness? Are you ready to heal yourself and others? Can you imagine fulfilling your dreams in reality? How about transcending your own reactive mind in order to achieve final liberation?

All of this is possible, but requires your determined effort.

You won’t find empty promises in this book, only practical guidance. You alone are responsible for your life, and you alone must do the personal self-work in order to attain these goals. We will give you the tools… are you ready to take them?

At the beginning of this revolutionary book you will find several quick and easy mind techniques designed to bring immediate results. Good for initial practice, this section is a great starting point for the casual user, warming you up for the deeper work to come.

We then delve into more complex methods, which teach you how to achieve profound and lasting transformation. You will get acquainted with a new approach to meditation and mindfulness, learn safe ways for deep healing of both yourself and others, and explore comprehensive exercises with real-life examples for attaining goals.

Whether you are looking to untie your most rigid problems, are striving for long-term physical and mental peace, or are simply looking to accomplish your biggest aspirations, you may be surprised at the kind of results you’re capable of.

You probably won’t find methods like this anywhere else, as many of them are 100% brand new. However, all of them rely on several well-known spiritual and scientific viewpoints. For example, one of these principles is that our external world is but a mirror of our inner being, which leads us to a very practical attitude: everyone is completely responsible for their own life. Another viewpoint, widely used in contemporary psychological methodologies, is that all apparently negative inner structures have a genuinely positive origin and purpose. Therefore: we must not fight any perceived negativity within us – we should face it, accept it, transform it and re-integrate it. These and other basic postulates are effectively employed in all methods and approaches presented in the book.

Again – you will have to put in some effort. Progress can’t come into your life on its own. You can learn and grow, using these techniques to remove or transform mind content without any risk of forgetting valuable life lessons, or loss of maturity from your past. You will be able to control all your thoughts, emotions, sensations, traumas, goals – sometimes even illnesses – pointing them in the direction of success and personal growth. This robust and multifaceted tool, called the Reintegration System, will give you a straightforward step-by-step opportunity to do so.

The main strength of the system is that it covers almost all areas of personal development: spiritual growth, meditation, problem-solving, healing, interpersonal relations, comprehensive personality integration, goal completion… however you decide to use it. All approaches are mutually complementary, ready to work together to help get you where you want to be.

Join us on this new journey of personal transformation and spiritual development, and start feeling better NOW!

Sweet Romance: Clean Romance Collection Box Set (Inspirational Holiday First Time Love Inspired Romance) (Contemporary Women’s Fiction Regency Victorian Scottish Duke Anthologies)

Collection of 11 Clean, Warm-Hearted Romance Stories.

Enjoy over 200,000 words of 20 clean, sweet romance stories and 20 special bonus stories that will surely warm your heart!

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This collection includes:

– The Magnolia

– The City of Eternal Spring

– Music from Heaven

– The First Impression

– Sins of the Father

– The Greatest of These

– An Unusual Arrangement

– Sorrow’s Song

– The First Day of Summer

– The Long Wait

– Outside the Familiar

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That Night: A Horror Story

by Steele Kells

First dates should be memorable.

Mark believes he has found another easy target. She would end up in his bed after their date.

Well, they kissed.

When he tries to run from some craziness happening to him, he makes a decision that drags him even deeper into what he’s running from. He finds himself among those responsible for the weird things he has seen or heard that night.

Deeper understanding, regrets, survival, Mark’s encounter seems endless as angry souls use their powers on him.

Romance: Marianna’s Second Chance (Dover Ranch Series Book 1): (A Clean Romance Historical Amish Mail Order Bride) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Amelia Andrews

Marianna’s Willington world came crashing to a screeching halt the day she learned her fiancé had been tragically killed. â?¦

Not only had she loved the man dearly, but he had also been the financial rock that had kept her and her sisters from certain destitution. With her family on the brink of ruin, Marianna is forced to sacrifice her happiness in order to ensure her family’s wellbeing. Soon, Marianna is traveling to Texas not just as mail-order- bride, but also a mail-order- mother.

When she arrives, Marianna is almost certain that she will be unhappy in her new situation. That is, until she meets the enigmatic widower Larsen Dover â?? the man she had agreed to marry in exchange for saving her family.

Neither Marianna nor Larsen can deny the instant attraction between them, but both believe that acknowledge their chemistry would mean betraying the memory of their past loves.

When a mysterious individual threatens the Dover Ranch, it forces the young couple to work together to protect themselves â?? and Larsen’s two young sons â?? from harm. But just as quickly as they are brought together, outside forces begin to conspire against them.

Will Marianna and Larsen allow love to conquer their battles, or will it simply tear them?

Dive into this heart-warming Christian romance TODAY and find out!

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Romance: Mary’s Faith: (A Clean Inspirational Historical Western Mail Order Bride Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Morgan McQueens

Mary is a dedicated wife and mother and her faith has served as her strength in the darkest of times. When her husband is drafted to war her conviction is tested but a true trial ascends when awful news reaches home about her husband’s crime. How will Mary deal with the shame and debts from this ordeal?


Just like other women I fell in love with a man. His name was Richard and he was my whole world. We had a beautiful baby together and named him Gabriel. Everything in my world was perfectâ?¦that was until everything came crumbling down..

The war between the states was in full swing and my dear Richard was drafted. Then when I heard of this War crime, I had no other choice but to flee to the West with my son. Now a kind Sheriff has opened his home for my family.

Lord- what am I do to? Is it right for a married woman to enter the home of another man? Dive into this heart-warming Christian romance TODAY and find out what happens!

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Romance: Rebecca’s Hope: (A Clean Inspirational Historical Western Mail Order Bride Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Morgan McQueen

Rebecca isn’t your average girl. She doesn’t want to be married off to a rich man twice her age. She knows that the Lord has bigger and greater things in store for her

In this day and age, she doesn’t have many options as a woman — but going out to the Wild West sure is one of them! Before her dishonorable uncle can marry her off to a family friend she sneaks away and boards a train to Colorado.

She is shocked to find that the man she’s agreed to marry is NOTHING like what she expected!

When the world seems to crumble before her eyes can she find faith in God’s plan? Dive into this heart-warming Christian romance TODAY and find out!

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Romance: Drusilla: (A Clean Inspirational Historical Western Mail Order Bride Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Morgan McQueen

Drusilla (Silla) always dreamed of becoming a doctor like her beloved father. She knows it is her calling to help others like he always did.

Her faith is tested beyond measure when she finds herself in shock after her father’s tragic deathâ?¦

Can she pick herself up and stand up to the creditors who inform her of her father’s enormous debts? What will she do when she is left questioning everything?â?¦

Lance Boardman is a handsome eligible bachelor who is in search for a wife to claim his deed to his grandfather’s ranch.

He is all Silla could ever want in a husband, but there is only one problem– he doesn’t actually want to marry herâ?¦

Together they devise a plan that gives Silla, her family and housekeeper a home and allows Lance the deed to his grandfather’s ranch.

Will this “marriage” get them everything thing they want? Or will they leave wanting more? Dive into this heart-warming Christian romance TODAY and find out what happens!

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Tarot: A Beginner’s Guide To Reading Tarot Cards (Tarot, Tarot card decks, Tarot deck Book 1)

by Efron Hirsch

Learning to read Tarot cards is both, exciting and fun. As a beginner, you might find it a little challenging, but with time and practice, you will certainly start enjoying the reading more and will become better at it as well. This guide will help you gain insight into what tarot is, how it came into being, the uses of tarot cards, reading the Major Arcana cards and interpreting their meaning, and combining different cards. It will teach you the steps you need to take to read Tarot cards.

How To Love The Hell Out Of Your Enemies: 51 Ways To Love People Who Hurt You (Revised Edition)

by Lynn R Davis

I dare you to try loving your enemies. And at first glance it may seem impossible. This short read offers easy to follow list of practical ways to express love and kindness toward people who are kindness-challenged. The list is not only comprised of scriptural principles like forgiveness and compassion, but also practical everyday ideas like buying a cup of coffee and greeting with a smile. (9000 words)

Romance: PIONEER FRONTIER ROMANCE: Changing Love (Western Frontier Romance Novelette) (Inspirational Historical Christian Romance)

by Grace Fisher

From Independence, Missouri, travelers have gathered for the arduous journey along the Oregon Trail. Unknown trials and tribulations are set aside as excitement pushes them onward. If only they could see what lay ahead. Only then would some of the travelers have second thoughtsâ?¦

Laura Jenkins is heading to California. It’s a journey she doesn’t really want to make but her husband feels it’s the best plan for them and their unborn child. He hopes the air will improve his lung condition. Deciding to make the best of it, Laura has no idea of what’s in store for her. A capable woman whose only plan was to teach, will become a rancher’s wife.

Davy Pearson, the wagon-master, knows the trek isn’t going to be easy. They haven’t even set off when one family is complaining about the pregnant woman and her sick husband. But all those that pay will travel Davy declares, although he will come to regret this declaration when a lone rider turns up. Davy has a secret past life which has brought heartbreak and loneliness into his life. All he wants to do is make the world a better place. And for once, his life will change for the better although not without harsh decisions to make.

Laura has no way of knowing of the changes that will come into her life by the time she reaches her final destination. Death, jealousy, murder, betrayal all rear their ugly heads in this story following Laura Jenkins as she finally finds peace and the realization of true and ever-so-changing love.


Dios Contigo: Tu Padre quiere hablarte y tiene un mensaje para ti (Spanish Edition)

by Editorial Imagen

Varios autores se han reunido para darle forma a este libro, cuya intención es acercarte más al corazón de Dios. Diferentes pastores, teólogos y autores escriben para que descubras lo siguiente: Cómo ser amigo de Dios y ganarse Su favor Jesús está en control de tu situación El Evangelio de los Pobres Cómo ser lleno del Espíritu Cómo experimentar la paz de Dios en medio de la tormenta Una experiencia sobrenatural Lo pequeño puede ser grande Una visión gloriosa del trono de Dios La prosperidad bíblica Y muchos otros temas, además de relatos verdaderos de personas que tuvieron encuentros sobrenaturales con ángeles. Permite que Dios te hable y te transforme a Su imagen.

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