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Side Effects: A Gripping Medical Conspiracy Thriller (Side Effects Series Book 1)

by Owen Grant

â??Free Bonus Thriller Novellaâ??

What if you had a drug with side effects so powerful that the benefits would outweigh every risk. Would you take it?

Alan loves his new job. It’s in his field, he is paid well, and he works in a gorgeous building with a girl he has had a crush on since high school, Michelle. She works at a pharmaceutical company with headquarters in the same building. Michelle is stunning and fun, but she can be flaky at times. When Alan learns that she is working with a small group to go against the big pharmaceutical company because of a specific drug, Alan is intrigued. For this reason (and a very large paycheck), Alan takes a job offer from Michelle’s boss. Not only does he get paid well, he also gets to work with Michelle and help save the world from a dangerous drug. The more Alan uncovers, though, the more questions he has about what’s going on and how much time he has.

From the brilliant mind of Owen Grant comes his debut novella ‘Side Effects’ which will have you questioning yourself and the characters every step of the way.

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by Michael Salem

It’s 1965 and L.A. screenwriter Bruce Gaumont has writer’s block. Between dealing with his impatient mistress, his nagging agent and his increasingly detached wife, he has his hands full. But when a mysterious young woman named Whitney (seemingly as old as the universe) enters his life, he learns that things can always get much, much worse.

Til Death Do Us Part

by Leonard Petracci

Frederick Galvanni is the thief of the century, but it’s not his first time claiming the title. For Frederick and the inhabitants of his world, reincarnation is real, but people are always reborn in the country in which they died. Now Frederick seeks to pull off his greatest heist yetâ??enter a maximum security prison, where souls are trapped through reincarnation, and assemble the greatest criminal team that has ever lived.

But for Frederick, the heist is just the beginning of a plan centuries in the making: a plan of revenge for unforgivable crimes committed a millennium before. And in this world, even death cannot keep Frederick from success.

Escape to the River Canyon (PURGE Book 1)

by Margaret Copenhaver

A family is cut off from one another in Hawaii, California and Nevada during a terrifying alien invasion. As the aliens purge 99.99% of the human race, the family must try to find one another at a pre-arranged sanctuary in the Sierra Nevada foothills, then fend off the dangers that follow.

Evaluate: A Spo novella (Alien Cadets Book 1)

by Corrie Garrett

Don’t miss the original story from the Spo-verse!

In a galaxy where the sale of culture is big business, sponsoring a new species can mean huge profits and huge risk.

Eto wants to make a case for the humans, but they’re not making it easy. After the cataclysm in Europe and the alien ‘invasion,’ they are entirely too suicidal. And for all their literature on alien encounters, they are remarkably unwilling or unable to meet him halfway.

Los Angeles fireman Aaron Cancik has been doggedly fighting against the chaos threatening to destroy his city as something very like an apocalypse sweeps around the world. When he finally meets an alien, he’s determined to demand answers or die trying.

Eto decides to make one last effort with this man. At the very least, if Eto cannot make a man of strength and practicality understand his position, he can vote humanity to slavery and oblivion with a clear conscience.

Alien Cadets Reading Order

* Evaluate, novella (can be read first or last)
* Manipulate
* Captivate
* Eradicate

Linear Shift, Part 2

by Paul B Kohler

“Oh God, we’re too late!” cried the general.

All hope for the mission was lost. A solemn

silence settled over the room.

Peter’s story continues in Linear Shift, Part 2.

As mission training commences, Peter faces many physical, mental, and moral challenges, demanding that he choose between what is right for himself or what is right for all of humanity. An emotional roller-coaster from the very beginning that doesn’t let up until the very last moment.

What Readers Are Saying:

.The development of story and characters from part 1 to 2 is great! I’m excited for part 3. Really rooting for Peter and can’t wait to read what happens to him and what he does. The attention to detail, including the French dialog was very well done! -Cindy

I am continually surprised at the story’s twists and turns. I am still loving the storyline … -Shirly

I love the way that Paul Kohler has developed this story. It’s not only a really good idea, I found myself getting involved with the characters, sympathising with some and loathing others… -Tony

A word about this book:

Linear Shift is a serialized novel, with four total parts. This is part two.

Random Origins: Four Our Cyber World Stories

by Eduardo Suastegui

Find out how Our Cyber World got its random when you enter a world where secret government projects employ reluctant hackers to secure key national Cyber infrastructure, along the way co-opting drones and microwave ovens to do clever things. In this world you will meet Julian Rogers before he washed out of said projects, and you will come face to face with artificial intelligence technologies whose creators struggle to control.

Together with Feral, my upcoming novel, the stories in Random Origins precede DEAD BEEF (Our Cyber World, book 1) and give insight into what happens in that full length novel. Come in and join a world of hacking while speeding along highways inside a semi trailer, of networked kamikaze drones, and a few other less than perfected tricks our protagonists tinker with.

This collection includes four long short stories: Semi, Cyber Radio, DroNET, and King’s Sacrifice. What are these about?

Semi: Julian Rogers thought he went there for another hack. Sure, his contact told him to meet at a Las Vegas truck stop. But Julian needed the money to keep his Las Vegas gambling spree rolling. Instead, he will find himself barreling down the highway inside a semi-trailer, doing the hack of his life. Julian likes to keep it random and keep it real, but this ride may prove too random, even for him.

Cyber Radio: When Julian shows off how to control a microwave oven without touching it, everyone thinks it’s all in good fun and enjoys the popcorn he cooks. But what if the prank-hack holds the key to breaching air-gapped computer networks? What if that possibility brings out operatives who will do anything to get their hands on this Cyber technology?

DroNET: Julian Rogers had a great idea: network a bunch of drones, and use them to deliver a Cyber payload. But the concept went nowhere for lack of Federal funding. When terrorists unleash coordinated drone attacks on the US Capitol, Julian becomes the lead suspect. Did he, embittered and frustrated, spill his idea to the terrorists? Or maybe that’s all in his head. One way or the other he will show them he is the best man to thwart the rogue Dronet. Either that, or he’ll die trying.

King’s Sacrifice: They created an artificial intelligence with flawless predictive powers. For a year and a half, the Simulation and Emulation System (SES) has quietly predicted every major crisis and it has successfully recommended effective solutions and mitigation strategies. Now they must decide. Will they trust it when it recommends a constitutional crisis as the best course of action?

Read more about Our Cyber World:

The Event

by H.A Boyd

Set on a island off the west coast of Scotland Andrews leads a group of survivors following a cataclyysmic occurence known as ‘The Event’. This chronicles their survival in this post apocalyptic world filled with a series of unforeseen dangers.

Claim to the Birthright (Elite Book 3)

by Joseph C. Anthony

Daniel Hart has spent the last several months making a new life for himself in Central America, far away from the secret society known as the Birthright of Elite. Now he must come out of hiding and fight to stop Gordon Demérsâ??leader of the Birthrightâ??who with the help of his father Doctor Joseph Horchoff has begun creating an army of super soldiers capable of overthrowing the U. S. Government and reclaiming the nation in the name of the divine birthright.

With the fate of a nation resting squarely on his shoulders, Daniel must team up with FBI Resistance Agent Eva Stone and some former agents of the Elite Personal Security Force to stop Demérs and the Birthright by any means necessary.

Short, sweet, and to the point, “Claim to the Birthright” is the third and most exciting chapter in the “Elite” series of novels. This is the part of the story you never saw comingâ??or maybe you didâ??but either it’s pretty freakin’ awesome.


by Mack Reynolds

When a man has a great deal of knowledge, it becomes extremely easy for him to confuse “knowledge” with “wisdom” … and forget that the antonym of “wisdom” is not “ignorance” but “folly.”

Mutation Z: The Ebola Zombies

by Marilyn Peake

First book in a series.

Ebola, one of the most feared of the hemorrhagic diseases, has begun spreading across the borders of West African countries. The CDC and the World Health Organization have admitted they are losing control over the disease. Some hint at a possible worldwide pandemic. At exactly this point in time, Emma Johnson graduates from nursing school. She takes a job in an Ebola treatment camp inside Liberia, West Africa. The camp is state-of-the-art. It’s run by the CDC and the World Health Organization, and protected by the U.S. military. Emma uncovers a secret about this facility: medical experimentation is being conducted along with treatment. Whether or not Emma can ever escape the camp, she’s determined to get the story out. She has intimate knowledge of a biological horror being secretly unleashed upon the world. NOVELETTE. GENRES: Apocalyptic Science Fiction, Zombie Fiction, Conspiracy Fiction, Horror.

MUTATION Z: THE EBOLA ZOMBIES is the first book in a series. In the next book, the zombie virus will cross geographical boundaries and go increasingly out of control.


From Rebecca Engelmann, Sister Sinister Speaks Blog: “It looked like exactly the kind of book that I’m interested in and I was right! I read it in a single sitting, as I couldn’t possibly put it down, and it was the realism that hooked me from the start…I am VERY excited to hear that this novelette will be growing into a series! Especially because of the ending that leaves you with buggy eyes and an impressive jaw gape.”

From Shandy Jo at Mama Knows Books:
“The scariest part of the book, is it could happen. Emma goes to Africa to volunteer her services as a nurse at the Ebola camps. The thing is, the camps aren’t quite what they seem. With the recent Ebola outbreak, this book really kind of hits home.

“The plot sucked me in, as it was well done and believable. This take on the pandemic angle was well done, and an interesting to see a zombie outbreak from start. I have to say this kept me on the edge of my seat, and made me want to wash my hands repeatedly. I felt the book played on our fears of sickness and how scientist play God. My only real complaint with the book was that the ending felt sudden. I enjoyed the book and I’m curious as to how the second one continues.”

From Rachel Dove, Kindle Book Reviewer:
“Marilyn Peake is well known for pushing the envelope of sci-fi writing, and this offering is no different. Starkly relevant, this zombie short reads like a case file, a diary of a witness to this apocalypse, plausibly believable as far as zombie fiction goes, and as it is one of my favourite genres, I have read a lot!”

From Kristin at Blood, Sweat and Books:
“Mutation Z was a Novella I jumped wholeheartedly into. Ebola is one of the scariest, yet most fascinating diseases on the planet for me so combining that with a Zombie outbreak is downright terrifyingly awesome.

“One of the best parts about Mutation Z was the virus itself. Not only is it scary because it deals with Ebola but also because it only works during the full moon. Any other time of day and those injected with the serum would seem just as normal as you or me making them perfect carriers or weapons to spread the virus far and wide.”


Joe in Tokyo: Journey to the City of the Gods (The Quest of the Last Star Jumper Book 2)

by G.W. Miller II

Come along with Joseph a driven hyper-focused scientist, as he explores the limits of teleportation technology. Joe is a singular genius in military dominated society terrified by technology. This pre-apocolyptic society has recently picked itself up from near extinction. Joseph is the oldest son of Julie, and soon begins inheriting his moms special traits. Not even that is going to slow Joe down in his quest to teleport to the stars. Even if he has to hide in Tokyo to do it.


by Ayn Rand

Anthem has long been hailed as one of Ayn Randâ??s classic novels, and a clear predecessor to her later masterpieces, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. In Anthem, Rand examines a frightening future in which individuals have no name, no independence, and no values. Equality 7-2521 lives in the dark ages of the future where all decisions are made by committee, all people live in collectives, and all traces of individualism have been wiped out. Despite such a restrictive environment, the spark of individual thought and freedom still burns in himâ??a passion which he has been taught to call sinful. In a purely egalitarian world, Equality 7-2521 dares to stand apart from the herdâ??to think and choose for himself, to discover electricity, and to love the woman of his choice. Now he has been marked for death for committing the ultimate sin. In a world where the great “we” reign supreme, he has rediscovered the lost and holy wordâ??”I.”

The Wrong Side of Revolution (Elite Book 2)

by Joseph C. Anthony

Daniel Hart is no longer the same person he was seven months ago. After joining up with an ex-CIA agent and his band of extraordinary protectors, Daniel finds himself stronger, faster, and more physically capable than any other human being on the planet. He thought that defeating the Titan and becoming the top agent at Elite Personal Security Force was the completion of his transformation, but he will soon find out that he was meant for so much more.

The sequel to “Elite” and the second installment in the Elite series of novels, “The Wrong Side of Revolution” takes the world we thought we knew and turns it on its head. Daniel finds himself in over his head, caught in the middle of a 250 year war that has been waged in secret between those who would tear down modern society and rebuild it in their image, and the American patriots who oppose them. Daniel’s superhuman abilities could be the key to changing the tide of the war for either side.

With more secrets, twists, and action than the first, “The Wrong Side of Revolution” is the turning point in Daniel Hart’s journey to greatnessâ??a journey which will decide the fate of a man and a nation forever.

Alarm Clock

by Everett Cole

Most useful high explosives, like ammonium nitrate, are enormously violent … once they’re triggered. But they will remain seemingly inert when beaten, burned, variously punishedâ??until the particular shock required comes along….

Awakening: A Near Future Sci-Fi Thriller

by Randal Sloan

A young woman awakens from a coma and finds she has special abilities and with that special challenges!

In this near future SciFi Thriller novel, a young woman has been awakened from a coma after nearly two years. Miranda Summerlin finds that she has been given nanites that give her enhanced mental abilities and extraordinary hand-to-eye coordination. She attends the nearby Space Academy where she uses her mental genius to work on cutting edge astrophysics and she joins the school shooting competition team after discovering she can hit wherever she aims at on a target. Intending to keep her skills low key, Miranda must step up to prevent a terrorist attack against the school that only she has the skills to do so.

Miranda has also drawn the attention of a girl on the soccer team who becomes her nemesis at the school. While playing pool at a school party, Miranda lets her irritation with her nemesis cause her to let some of her skills slip thru to others. But Miranda will soon be faced with the need to use many of her skills and in so doing, Miranda will come to the attention of her true nemesis, a rogue Organization that wants her nanites. She will need help to escape from their agent. In the process, she will discover her true identity. But what is the cost for her rescue? How will she deal with the Organization?

>>>The first in the Near Future series, Awakening is a near future sci-fi thriller in a world that combines science that just might be possible soon with psychic visions and an evil Organization that is backed by an unknown power.

Coming soon, books 2 and 3 in the series and a novella too!

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Kaiju Seduction Lust War Collection: Kaiju Seduction Series Book 1 through 4

by Eden Redd

Warning: The tales you are about to read are stories of sexual creatures, human or otherwise. These tales are for adults 18 and up.

Kaiju Seduction Lust War Collection contains parts 1 through 4 of the Kaiju Seduction series.

The world as we know it has changed. Kaiju began appearing, leading a march of death and destruction across the globe. Conventional weapons had little or no effect on these strange monsters. New ways had to be designed to fight the growing kaiju threat.

Ro Talon is a Kaiju pilot. Along with her 250 foot tall kaiju, Zulla, they must work together to bring down rogue kaiju. Their abilities go beyond normal combat for they are trained to fight with a different set of weapons. They fight with the skills of seduction for no kaiju can resist their temptation.

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