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Yumi – Sexy and Fun Pink Maids Outfit: Sexy Asian

by Kumar Jackson

Like real sexy Asian, this college girl loves to model in her sheer and skimpy outfits, watch and enjoy as she slowly teases us all with her smoking hot Asian body. Full Page Pics… Super Clear HD Images.

House of 1000 Corpses Screenplay

by Lucas Le

The official screenplay of the movie House of 1000 Corpses

The Godfather Screenplay

by Jaylan Cole

Don Vito Corleone: I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse..

Read the entire screenplay of one of the best movies of all time The Godfather.

Must See Places Of The World

by Speedy Publishing

A book about the wonders of the world will spark a child’s imagination about history and traveling. They will be able to see how different cultures compare around the globe thanks to a detailed book full of colorful pictures. If one wants to make a difference in a child’s life, the show them how people from different backgrounds live and show them them the importance of travel and exploration. This is a true gift that nobody can ever take away from them.

Winter Designs: 33 Gorgeous Winter Patterns for Relaxation, Happiness and Stress Relief (Relaxation, Stress Free, Art Therapy, Drawing for Beginners)

by Jess Olson

Winter Designs

33 Gorgeous Winter Patterns for Relaxation, Happiness and Stress Relief (Relaxation, Stress Free, Art Therapy, Drawing for Beginners)

KINDLE USERS – We Are Thinking Of You. Since you can’t download this book from your Kindle device – We put a link of a printable PDF version at the end of the book.

Print the PDF on large 8.5×11 high quality paper and let your creativity to do the rest.

Are you ready to relieve stress and get creative? Our Winter Designs: 33 Gorgeous Winter Patterns for Relaxation, Happiness and Stress Relief (Relaxation, Stress Free, Art Therapy, Drawing for Beginners) is exactly what you need. You’ll benefit by reducing your stress and anxiety after a long, hard day. Coloring has also been shown to increase your creativity.

How does coloring help stress for adults?

It’s been scientifically proven to help you take your attention away from your problems. This is the first step to stress relief. Because coloring regulates your amygdala, you get therapeutic relief from stress. You get a small dose of dopamine when you color which helps reduce anxiety and fear. Neuroscience has proven that when we stimulate this area of our brain to produce positive feelings, it can literally rewire our brains.

Coloring can now be thought of as a very inexpensive and creative therapy session. Since it requires focus, even if you only color for a short period of time, it can improve symptoms associated with ADD.

Why choose this coloring book? This book provides 33 patterns to provide you with the ultimate coloring experience. You get to be creative and be transported back in time to your carefree childhood days.

It’s time to unwind with one of the most popular relaxation methods available: adult coloring. Find out for yourself just why adult coloring has become amazingly popular. Choose the best picture that suits your day and start coloring. Our digital version means that you can print out high quality digital images and color until your heart’s content!

Beautiful girl photo book Premium Volume fourteen 綺éº?な子ã??ã?©ã??ã??ã??ã?¯ã?»ã??ã?¬ã??ã?¢ã?  (Japanese Edition)

by PremiumPublishing




Girls photograph collection
which only the really beautiful collected!!

â??Please be assured that wearing clothes!â??

â?»200 or more photograph
â?»We review the content in order to be registered in the normal category.

ã?»Cast is more than 18 years of age
ã?»Naked women has not been published in this photo collection.

How to Mime and Praise Dance for Maximum Results: A Step by Step Guide to Pleasing God through Dance

by Justin Titus

Want to achieve tremendous outcomes throughout your entire performance? How to Mime and Praise Dance for Maximum Results is an easy to follow guide to helping you take your mime and/or praise dance ministry to the next level. This book is not only applicable for liturgical dancers but for all genres of performing artists and even athletes alike. This how-to guide is written by Justin Titus, who has over 15 years of experience in mime and praise dance ministry. Justin started his career as a praise dancer and transitioned into mime. Mime is a unique art form that is a combination of dramatic dance, improvisation, acting and various athletic movements in order to interpret your most beloved Gospel, and inspirational songs. While In college, Justin, along with a group of his friends founded and led the Prairie View A&M University Mime Ministry in Prairie View, TX (also known as the P.V. Mimes). Today the P.V. Mime Ministry continues to inspire students on the campus and has celebrated over 12 years of excellence. Justin lives in Chicago, Illinois and is using his gift by mentoring mime teams at two major churches on the south side of Chicago. How to Mime and Praise Dance for Maximum Results is a unique combination of experiences, story telling, mixed with a little bit of humor all wrapped up in an easy to read guide that will enhance your approach to mime, praise dancing, and life. This book will immediately equip you and your team with the tools and skills you need to achieve the greatest results possible which will help you better inspire, and uplift the communities that you serve.

In our Dreams

by Laura B

A world where your dreams are a gateway to the memories of your soulmate…

Hyori doesn’t dream, instead she sees the memories of her soulmate as she sleeps. After her mother dies and her alcoholic father runs his business to the ground, he packs them up and takes them back to Korea where Hyori finally gets the chance to meet her soulmate.

Getting to Know Your Digital Camera (Beginning Shots Book 1)

by Victoria Dye

Learn the basics of your digital camera in a fun, easy to read manual with plenty of practice exercises so you can get shooting! Cameras help us capture the moments of our lives; so don’t miss out on learning how to make the most of your camera. We’ll start at the beginning with a digital primer. In it we’ll demystify megapixels, file size, file formats, and types of cameras. Then we’ll address basic navigation of the camera and learn some terminology. Once we have the basics set up we’ll learn a little about how the camera works. Understanding a few key features will make photographing so much more enjoyable and then you can move onto the fun stuff – making beautiful memorable pictures.

A solid foundation in photography comes from understanding the basics of how the camera works and sees the world around us. So you’ll get a primer on exposure, light, shutter speeds, and aperture. Then I’ll teach you how to choose the proper shooting mode for the situation, get sharp images by paying attention to how much light you have, avoid unwanted colorcasts, control how bright or dark the image is, know when to use the flash and when to avoid it, and so much more. Don’t worry; I will not force you to learn full manual control of the camera, yet. If you have a desire to move on, I’ll have a book for that in my Intermediate Shots series.

This book is also great for those of you unsure what type of camera to buy and for those of you looking to upgrade. Get an overview on camera types and the variety of shooting modes and what they can do in various shooting situations.

This guide, the first in a series, will give you a solid foundation in photography. These books are drawn on 12 years of teaching photography to people like you and me. Continue on to learn about composing the image and seeing great light in my next Beginning Shots e-book, Create Beautiful Images. Want more? I plan to take you to the Intermediate and Advanced levels as well. Stay tuned!

Some testimonials from former students:

“In reflecting on earlier workshops and private lessons I took with you I realize how much you provided me with inspiration and instruction for photograph. Please continue your classes and workshops to positively influence others. As you know good teachers are rare and you are one.” Morris L.

“Fantastic and fun learning experience – as I’ve come to expect from Victoria! Love the humor!” Dana T.

“I enjoyed the class and was a true novice with my camera and I’m not so afraid of it now. ” Connie H.

For more testimonials visit

Open Your Hymnal, Again: More Christian Hymns and Spiritual Devotions That Harmonize Scripture With Song

by Denise K. Loock

Do you ever catch yourself singing a song in church without paying attention to the words? Open Your Hymnal, Again is another collection of hymnal devotions that transport the wisdom of classic hymns and gospel songs into the twenty-first century.

Giving God glory, honor, and thanks nourishes our souls and invigorates our faith. For centuries hymn writers have exalted God’s sovereignty and splendor in their lyrics. With biblical insights and practical applications, the 31 devotions in Open Your Hymnal Again use the worship models of hymns and gospel songs to awaken a fresh wonder for God in your heart. Open Your Hymnal Again and worship with me.

Introduce yourself to the rich spiritual heritage that hymnals contain or gain a new perspective on songs you’ve sung since childhood. Whether you sing in the choir loft, the worship team, or the pew, the refreshing biblical insights in this book will enhance your appreciation of the words you sing every time you open a hymnal.



This illustrates the sheer size of many things in the world

Sculpture Photos

by Isaac Bello

A nice collection of sculptures.

Understanding Contemporary Art

by Stefan Haus

Croatian art writer Stefan Haus tells it like it is in this dynamic collection of short essays: You haven’t understood anything until you’ve understood contemporary art.


Excerpt (from page 82):


Recently, Bravo TV (American cable channel) started airing â??Gallery Girls”, a reality show starring young girls wanting to â??make it” in an art-world (as gallerists, art advisers etc). Mostly all the reviews I’ve read were trashing the show. And with good reason it seems, because there’s no art there, only high heels, â??bitch talk” and other nonsense. Also recently, Mitt Romney (American’s Republican Party presidential nominee) announced that if he were elected, the first programs he would eliminate to cap government spending are among others the subsidies for the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Less money for the arts (and humanities). Both â??shows” have one thing in common. They want a dumb nation.

Let’s see what kind of nation that is. We’ll throw you few quotes from Karl Marx’ â??Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844″, because, it’s all written so nicely there. Why bother making up â??your own words”? â??The lowest and the only necessary wage rate is that providing for the subsistence of the worker for the duration of his work and as much more as is necessary for him to support a family and for the race of laborers not to die out. The ordinary wage, according to Smith, is the lowest compatible with common humanity, that is, with cattle-like existence.” Cattle-like existence! Remember that!

Flowery Flowers

by Isaac Bello

Flowers are beautiful to behold. They make girls fall in love and radiate sweet-smelling fragrances all around.

Photography Box Set: Ultimate Beginners Guide To Photography That Will Learn You How To Capture Exquisite Photographs Like a Pro Plus 22 Amazing Tips How … for Beginners, GoPro Camera books)

by Eddie Morgan

BOOK #1: GoPro Camera: Begginer’s Steps on How to Use GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 3+ Cameras

For a person that is all about taking things to the extreme, the GoPro series of cameras are an essential part of the overall experience. Get this book and earn about:

  • Setting up your new camera
  • Installing the memory card
  • Installing the battery
  • Hooking up your camera to a computer or television
  • Installing the camera casing
  • Using your camera while in action
  • Uploading your video

BOOK #2: GoPro Camera: Gain Advanced Knowledge for Fantastic Footage with GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 3+ Cameras

You’ve maxed out the out of the box abilities of your new GoPro Hero3 action camera, and you’re ready to take your shooting to the next level. Before your next skydiving, mountain biking, skateboarding, or skiing trip, pick up a copy of this useful book filled with awesome hints, tips, tricks, and instructions that will take your GoPro skills to the next level!

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • The adjustments you can make to shoot better “everyday” video
  • How to rev up the audio quality of your GoPro for just $5
  • Custom-build your own mounts to get the most creative shots

BOOK #3: The Magic of the Light: An Introduction Guide to Better Photography Lighting

The Magic of the Light, An Introductory Guide to Better Photography Lighting will show you how you can use light to your advantage. Taking you through a number of different scenarios.

This book also goes on to explain:

  • How to look for the right lighting kit
  • How to synchronize your lights
  • How to make use of the sun while it’s bright and fading
  • And how practicing can get you a little closer to taking a photograph you can be proud of

BOOK #4: Capturing the Light: Simple tips on How to Better Use the Light in Photography

Ah amazingly! This book is a true guide for beginners and an ultimate guide for the photography professionals, covering the most significant factor of photography i.e. capturing light.

The major notions that have been covered in this logistic book embraces:

  • Importance of capturing the light in photography
  • Capturing the light: Simple tips on how to better use the low light in photography t

BOOK #5: GoPro Camera: 22 Amazing Tips How to Use GoPro Hero 4 Camera

Now that you own a GoPro Hero4 you should want to learn how to properly. This book features several tips that allow you to do just that. But before you think this is just another GoPro user guide you should know that beyond just a few useful tips this book will give you exact methods on how to properly distribute your content online once you’ve recorded it.

Buy this book if you want to:

  • Learn new things about your device
  • In-depth step by step tutorials
  • DIY instructions for mounts
  • To be a GoPro expert

BOOK #6: The Beginners Guide To Photography: Simple Tips & Tricks to Capture Exquisite Photographs Like a Pro

Nowadays, it is so very easy to freeze time, capture a moment and have it lasting forever.

In this book, you will be introduced to:

  • All you will need to know to get you on the path of photographic excellence
  • All the steps and tricks that will take you from being a mere beginner to being an expert in the field of photography

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

Download your copy of “Photography Box Set” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

The Heart wants what it Want: A Love Novel

by Victor Johnson

When two young folk fall in love together after meeting themselves at a party, and were determined to marry themselves. They were set for their marriage, but there was a problem that couldn’t be left unattended to.

Mágica poesía – español: Poemas de amor (Spanish Edition)

by Jose Blazewicz

Cabe resaltar este libro agradezco al ser más maravilloso del mundo y el universo incomparable inremplazable para el hombre la mujer.

A la mujer hay que cuidarla, proteger y amarla.

Mágicas poesías que le llegaran al corazon y al alma.

Estas son mis ultimas poesías, aunque la estoy escribiendo el proximo libro.

Espero que disfruten este libro Mágica Poesía – español.

4 pièces comiques courtes (French Edition)

by Christine Merchant

Quatre pièces comiques courtes :

HOBBY ! : sur les résidents d’un immeuble obnubilés par leurs hobbies.

AVIS DE FÃ?TE : sur un retraité qui se trouve, deux jours avant Noël, face à un couple d’humeur peu festive.

JOUR DE STRESS : l’histoire d’un journaliste qui enquiquine sa voisine avec une idée d’article.

BÃ?GUIN : sur une fille déterminée à avouer un béguin à quelqu’un.

Chaque pièce dure environ 20 minutes.

Jewish Song Holidays – Piano Sheet Music (Traditional Jewish Music Collection Book 8)

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Jewish Song Holidays – Piano Sheet Music from the Series: «Shalom Aleichem» – Jewish Songs and Dances Arranged for Piano – Part 3!

Full Piano Sheet Music Collection of Part 3 you can find by following this link:

â?? â?? â?? Scroll up to the top of the page & get Jewish Song Holidays – composition from the Series: «Shalom Aleichem» – Jewish Songs and Dances Arranged for Piano – Part 3! Don’t wait another minute! Learn and play great Jewish Klezmer music on piano or keyboard!

Impact Acting: Get into Character in 60 Seconds

by James Foley

You are either being real or you are acting. Real acting is non-acting, and there is only a minuscule difference between the two, yet to be genuine all the time is so elusive. Impact Acting reveals a simple mental maneuver that spontaneously converts dialogue into visual and emotional impulses. The result is BELIEVABILITY. ALWAYS! Designed for beginners, as well as advanced actors, Impact Acting teaches techniques from a new vantage. Natural and easy to learn, this useful book is “almost scary when you use it and see everyone in the room being moved”â?¦”This is about getting the part with your own secret weapon.” Cold readings become your best friendâ??the more complicated the part, the better. A tangible method is offered to achieve the intangible with mathematical precision.

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