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Fire, Aim…Ready: Management: The Start at the End Approach to Crushing Competition, Crafting Culture, and Cementing Relationships

by Eliot Wagonheim

Over the course of my legal career, I have started companies, served as COO for a hugely successful software company, and started, managed, and run law firms. For 27 years, I have guided companies of every size and description — from Mom ‘n Pops to some of the most successful and recognized brands in the world. I have negotiated billions of dollars’ worth of contracts and I have helped clients buy and sell huge companies, as well as small, family-run concerns. I have negotiated countless employment agreements, strategic alliances, partnerships, and buy-outs.

In all of that time, and in all of those transactions, I have never found a better secret to success in business than the approach I have developed and taught as “Fire, Aim…Ready” or FAR. That’s the secret I share with you here.

Fire, Aim…Ready: Management shows you how to employ this strategy throughout every facet of your organization, from recruiting and onboarding to outstanding business development, marketing, and sales.

A FAR-sighted organization excels where its peers simply imitate each other. Using the Fire, Aim…Ready approach, management teams and owners can work more efficiently, more collaboratively, and more profitably. Written by an entrepreneurial lawyer in plain English, the lessons can be understood in the space of an evening, but will resonate for a lifetime.

Blockchain: The Comprehensive Guide to Mastering the Hidden Economy: (Blockchain Technology, Fintech, Financial Technology, Smart Contracts, Internet Technology)

by Timothy Short

Discover everything you need to know about Blockchain. Get ahead of the curve and benefit from this technology!

If you are like many people and are a little confused about just what a blockchain is exactly and how you would go about using one then you can certainly be forgiven as despite the fact that the technology has been around for less than 10 years, it has already managed to pick up multiple meanings depending on the context that it is used in.

Regardless of what you know about them, however, movers and shakers in both the technology and financial sectors are already calling them the most important technology advancement since the creation of the internet itself. A blockchain revolution is on the horizon and if you don’t want to be left behind then, Blockchain: The Comprehensive Guide to Mastering the Hidden Economy is the book you have been waiting for.

Inside you will find everything you need to know about blockchain technology including how it was created and where it is likely to be headed in the near future. You will also learn how to tell if a blockchain distributed database can replace your current database as well as how to create one and common mistakes to avoid while doing so. So, what are you waiting for? If you don’t want to be left in the technological dust, but this book today!

Inside you will find

– Arguments against blockchain and how and why they are misguided

– The best ways to put blockchain to use for you

– The many impressive uses for smart contracts and even how to make your own

– And much moreâ?¦

Take action now and download this book to understand Blockchain and how you can benefit from this amazing technology!

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Tags: Blockchain, Blockchain Technology, Blockchain Programming, Blockchain Development, Fintech, Financial Technology, Smart Contracts

Leadership: Management Skills, Social Skills, Communication Skills – All The Skills You’ll Need (Conversation Skills,Effective Communication,Emotional … Skills,Charisma Book 1)

by George Baisley

â?? â?? â?? This Book is FREE – for Kindle Unlimited Users â?? â?? â??

How To Fall In Love With Yourself

How To Be A Leader, Not A Boss

Leadership is a term that people perceive very differently. Most think of CEOs, managers and coaches and while that is of course true, it is much more than that. A leader is a person who goes in front of new projects, ideas or trends, and who can direct others towards a common goal. It doesn’t even have to be on a big scale. Remember that teacher who sparked your interest in mathematics or literature? Or your father who motivated you to do your homework when it was difficult? Leaders can be found everywhere in society, and you don’t need a big title to become one. Sometimes you will even have to be a leader without being told to be one. Many employees today are assigned more and more tasks and responsibilities at their workplace without that big promotion to go with it. With more responsibility, they will suddenly have to act as leaders for their other team members, even though no one told them to.

Here’s what you’ll find in the book:

� What is Leadership?

� Why you should step up to the leadership challenge

� How to approach your new leadership role

� Improve your leadership skills at work

� Leadership Styles

â? much, much more…

When you download Leadership: Management Skills, Social Skills, Communication Skills – All The Skills You’ll Need you will be on your way to a more successful business life. Buy this book today!

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La Mente Triunfadora: El secreto para conseguir el éxito y vivir una vida más feliz (Spanish Edition)

¿Por qué hay personas que consiguen el éxito y otras no? â??Mente Triunfadora’ revela cómo piensan, se relacionan y actúan las personas que alcanzan el éxito, viven una vida prospera y feliz. Aprende las efectivas y sencillas claves para alcanzar el éxito, diseñar la vida que deseas tener y generar un cambio positivo permanente.

â??Mente Triunfadora’ narra la historia de dos amigos, Marín y Fermín, que se encuentran tras una década de finalizar sus estudios. Dos maneras de pensar y ver la vida, distintas. Dos actitudes totalmente opuestas. La desesperación de Fermín de no vivir una vida feliz.

¿Por qué personas como Marín consiguen el éxito? ¿Son felices a pesar de las adversidades? ¿Tienen una actitud llena de energía, mientras que otras como Fermín viven infelices toda su vida?

Si quieres ser más feliz, mejorar la calidad de tu vida, conseguir el éxito personal, profesional o social, esta obra es para ti. ¡Descubre el secreto no revelado hasta ahora!

Day Trading: 3 Manuscripts Penny Stock Strategies, Options Trading Strategies, Forex Strategies (Day trading,Trading,Stocks,Options Trading)

by Jordon Sykes

Penny Stocks Strategies

In this book, we will cover: 

  • The Smart Ways to Invest: Getting into this field can feel like a huge gamble if you’re unaware of what to do. In this book you will learn about the basics of starting out in penny stock investments. 
  • Tips for how to Handle the Market: Although there are no set of tips that apply, across the board, to each and every person out there, there are some general guidelines that will do nothing but help you if you follow them closely. These are especially useful if used in combination with each other. 
  • How to Avoid Common Penny Stock Mistakes: It’s no secret that there are countless mistakes to make when getting involved with investing, so how do you find out what those are and avoid them? In this book, we will go over the basic mistakes made by newbies and what to do to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. 
  • Short Term Investing Basics and Long Term Investing Basics: Which are you more interested in? In this guide, you will receive more information about both that will help you make an informed decision. Should you be a short term investor, long term investor, or something in between?

Options Trading 

So, you’ve made the decision that you want to get started with trading options, but are wondering where to start. This book is a great introduction to the tools you need to build a quality strategy that will work perfectly for you. In this guide, you will learn:

-How to Invest: This will give you information on the best attitude to approach the subject of options trading with, along with what to look out for when you’re starting out, and what to aim for. At the end of this guide, you will feel ready to get your feet wet with options trading and to eventually become a pro.
-Tips for Success: It takes a while to learn the best tips for trading, and it takes some people years or even decades to perfect the pieces of wisdom that bring them to success. In this guide, you will be given useful tips from people who have been doing this for a long time, so you don’t have to learn the hard way.
-Common Mistakes: Every newbie makes mistakes when they first begin in a subject. If you have a clear idea of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them, you will be much better prepared to master the world of options trading. Other people learned from these mistakes, so you don’t have to, but you must know what they are to avoid them effectively.
-The Rules of Options Trading: There are a few golden rules that you absolutely need to know if you are going to succeed at trading options. In this book, we will cover a few of the most important tips to keep in mind at all times.

Forex Strategies

In this book you will learn:

-How to research information and accrue data and to use it to your advantage to make a profit
-How to look at global time zones for markets and volatility
-How to assess global economic situations and Central Reserve Bank information to gather data and speculation
-How to interpret charts, lines, and trends
-How to implement pending orders to buy and sell
-How to put stops to protect your trades and profits
-How to use automated trading systems
-An introduction to advanced techniques for further study
-Advice and tips for successful trades

Stock Market Investing: 8 Habits of Highly Successful Investors (Stock Market Investing Series Book 3)

by G. Smith

8 Habits of Highly Successful Investors

When was the last time you looked at your financial portfolio? Are you proud of the investments that you made? Did they show the returns you wanted and are they helping you achieve your financial goals?

For millions of Americans the answers to these questions is “no”. In Stock Market Investing: 8 Habits of Successful Investors, I will teach you about the eight habits that successful investors share.

Successful investors are not smarter than you, but they are working with a knowledge base that allows them to get consistently positive results. They know what they are looking for out of their investment portfolios and they fine-tune their investments to reflect their wants and dreams. You too can become a successful investor with the guidance of this book. You will learn about reading market conditions, how to invest in any type of market, and investment opportunities for whatever your financial goals.

It doesn’t matter if you are saving for a house, your child’s education, or simply trying to expand your vacation fund, every type of financial goal has a corresponding strategy that you should be using.

You do not need to stress about your financial future anymore – start reading and learn the knowledge and gain the confidence to build a strong portfolio that will lead to financial freedom for you and your family!

In this book you will find:

  • Proven strategies to improve your investment portfolio
  • Tips and help for investors that are aware of some of their options, but are unaware of other great opportunities
  • Strategies to earn a profit in any type of market
  • Ways to read market trends and stay ahead of the curve
  • The advice and knowledge that only comes with years of investing

So what are you waiting for?

Take action, not now, but right now, and grab your copy, today!

Instafame Exposed: An Expose and a How-to

by Jay Titan

Instafamous author Jay Titan turns an entertaining eye using his wit, knowledge and self-awareness on how he went from nobody to gaining online fame using social media Instagram. Titan studied the inner workings of Instagram for two years while building his fame organically. He discovered how to earn 6 figures using one single Instagram account. His book reveals his success, the fakes, the culture, the data, the dirt, the facts, and a way to build your business on Instagram, while connecting to other social media networks. He debunks all the myths and leaves his readers with the methods that he discovered. When you finish his book you’ll not only be able to easily spot the frauds that are buying tons of fakes, you’ll learn how to avoid interacting with them, how to maximize growth, monetize your following, and how to gain REAL Fame and Real Revenue.

Make Money Teaching Online: How to Find a Niche & Create Your First Information Product Ever… Even If You Are Not an Expert in Your Chosen Topic

by Gary Harrisson

If You Ever Dream of Working from Home & Selling Information Products Online – Even If You’re Not an Expert… Then this Book is for You!

Learn how to find the best niches, how to choose a topic and the best ways to easily create a product.

The best news is, you don’t even have to be an expert for that topic!

Inside this book you’ll discover:

– The biggest lies gurus tell their students just to make money off of them

– The “online” disease that will kill your dreams of making money online… heck, you might have it right now!

– The ONLY solution for this “internet disease”

– The major mistakes most newbies make when they start their own business

– How to find a niche that is guaranteed to be profitable

– The list of the top 21 biggest niches to target

– How to narrow down your niche so you only sell to the people that has money

– How to create your own customer list

– The survey method that will guarantee that you don’t waste any time creating your product

– 4 easy ways to create your first product

Information Product isn’t EASY as most gurus told you in the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money off of this business model

This is a billion dollar industry and everybody can now compete and make a full-time income teaching online.

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UDEMY COURSE CREATION (Newbie Training for 2016): A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Udemy Courses That Sells

by Andy Black

Here’s a step by step method of creating a course that sells!

Inside you’ll learn:

Inside you’ll learn:

– Niche Research – Why Clickbank should be your first choice for topic research

– Amazon – How to use Amazon Bestseller to research profitable topics

– Library – A simple step by step method to find golden nuggets of profitable topics via the “Library Method”

– Course Topic Research – How to find profitable topics inside UDEMY

– Keyword Research – How to do keyword research like a pro

– Sign Up As Instructor – How to sign up for your Udemy account

– Creating Our Course – Part 1 – The technical details of creating a course

– Creating Our Course – Part 2 – How to create the content of your course

– Uploading – How to upload your course for maximum sales

– 3 Basic ways to marketing your new course – How to market your course with these 3 free methods

Download this today and start your own teaching career!

6 Figure Online Marketer: Create a Six Figure Business from Scratch (4 in 1 bundle)

by Carl Santorini

Choose the Best Business Model That Fits Your Skills & Lifestyle Goals!

Inside this massive business bundle you’ll learn 4 ways to start an online business.

What you’ll discover:

Fulfillment by Amazon

– How to advertise on Facebook for as cheap as possible

– How to find the best products to private label

– How the whole Amazon FBA process works

– How to set up your account

– How to find and evaluate products

– How to find and evaluate suppliers

– How to negotiate lowers prices for products from China

– How to create a product listing from scratch

– How to rank your Amazon url on Google

Thrift Store for Newbies

– How to implement the basics so you can make more money in this business

– How to go from zero to whatever your income goals is as fast as possible

– How to set your goals… do this before starting your own business and you’ll have a better chance of succeeding

– How to get started with reselling on Thrift stores even for a $100

– How to find thrift stores that gives discounts

– How to sell on Ebay & Amazon

– How to write product listings that converts viewers into buyers

– How to turn products into cash…via the power of Search Engine Optimization and Facebook

Social Media Consulting

– How to sell social media services without having the expertise requirement

– How to outsource the service to my secret website

– How to properly set up your sales funnel

– How to find clients… fast!

– How to get long term clients via LinkedIn Marketing

– The best way to contact your potential customers

– How to upsell customers to more high end services without being salesy

– What are some other services to sell to your current customers

Garage Sale Entrepreneur

– The exact step by step process on making a killing online via selling unused items

– What exact products are selling like crazy right now… 2016

– Where to sell your product for maximum profits

– How to find the best products online if you have no items to sell from your garage!

– How to create a product listing that sells your product for you

– The step by step method of selling your products via Amazon

– How to increase traffic via SEO

– How to apply some SEO strategies for as low as $5

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ONLINE AFFILIATE MARKETING (bundle): Youtube Affiliate Marketing & Launch Jacking Product Launch Method

by Andre Bennet

Start your own affiliate part-time hustle business

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-A simple system that allows you to cash in $1,000-$3,000 affiliate commissions for every website that you’ll create
-How to structure your content for maximum conversions
-How to use product bonuses to double your profits
-How to create a website from start to finish… this is super simple and easy
-How to drive traffic from 4 different sources… and it’s all FREE!
– How to maximize video seo power to get more views

– How to properly set up your Youtube profile
– How to use 3 simple formulas to make amazing youtube content.. that people love to share
– How to optimize your video for the uploading process
– The exact tools that you need to use for your video marketing efforts
– The types of videos to create and how to choose one
BOOK 2 (for those who doesn’t have their own business yet)
– How to use computer games to make money
– The exact step by step process to make money on this simple little niche
– What are the parts to record and to share

Download your copy today!

Buying and Selling Homes: 25 Questions Home Buyers Should Ask Their Agent

by Aylen Montenegro

Ever wonder what real estate agents are not telling you? In this book, you will learn how the home selling process really works, as well as the right questions to ask real estate agents to get the conversation started. 

Written by Real Estate Consultant, Investor and Founder of, Aylen Montenegro, this book contains in-depth knowledge and strategies that give home buyers that extra advantage.

With every question explored you’ll learn about real estate, financing, commissions, fees, and much, more more!

If you’ve ever thought of buying a property, this book will get you started on the right path.

Pick up your copy today!

Infect the Internet!: How to go viral on the Internet!

by julia halden

Ever wondered why are the kardashian’s so famous even though they essentially don’t possess any special talent, what’s the success behind the ice bucket challenge? The success kids success drake’s hotline bling why did the world went nuts over “deez nuts” ?

We live in an attention economy where time is the currency so i’ve tried to cram the topic as vast as this in shortest possible format.

This book extracts all the important traits of the things that went viral in the past giving you a set of essential tools so that you can chisel your content accordingly to make it go viral!

If you become the next internet sensation do not forget to give this book some credits!

Food Truck Business: An Essential Guide to Starting a Food Truck Business – Amazing Tips and Tricks to Run a Successful Food Truck Business! (Food Truck, Passive Income, Truck Startup)

by Edward Huff

Food Truck Business (FREE BONUS INCLUDED)

An Essential Guide to Starting a Food Truck Business – Amazing Tips and Tricks to Run a Successful Food Truck Business!

Starting your own food truck is a labor of love. Although it’s simpler and less expensive than starting a brick-and-mortar restaurant, a food truck is still a business that needs a lot of time, planning and hard work in order to succeed.

Like most prospective food truck owners, you probably already know a lot about food, but you’ll have to learn a lot of new skills if your business is going to thrive.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Planning an effective menu
  • Finding information about local licenses and permits
  • Choosing the right vehicle
  • Making a solid business plan
  • Creating a memorable brand
  • Promoting your business online
  • And much more!

Download your copy of “Food Truck Business” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

ONLINE BUSINESS FOR BEGINNERS 2016: Two Online Marketing Business Model Any Newbie Can Implement… Online Garage Sales & Youtube Product Selling (bundle)

by Kevin Haswell

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Create a New Income Source Outside Your Day Job!

What you’ll discover inside this bundle:


* The entire process of selling garage items online

* How to choose the products to sell

* A list of the guaranteed hot items to sell

* How to find items outside your own garage so you can expand once you found a best seller

* Top Tips for a Successful Online Garage Sale Business

* The 2 best platforms to sell your product in and how to set up your account

* How to create your product listing an a step by step manner

* Examples of listing to copy

* How to get more customers via search engine optimization


* The best niches or market to target

* How to find the best products to promote

* How to create a video review from start to finish

* The types of videos to create and when to use them for maximum profits

* The tools you need for creating awesome video reviews

* How to properly upload your video, so you’ll get more views fast!

* How to rank your video on Youtube’s page 1!



Download your copy and start creating your extra income source today!

Easy Business Ideas to Start: 3 Online Marketing Business Ideas That Anyone Can Implement… Amazon Associate Blueprint, Clickbank Youtube & Fiverr Services (3 book bundle)

by Ryan Turner


Work from Home or Anywhere You Desire!

Waht you’ll discover:

Amazon Associate Blueprint

– The exact process of how affiliate marketing works

– How to find the best products to promote

– How to choose the best product to promote

– How to create your own wordpress website in 60 minutes or less

– How to write a product review that converts website visitors into customers

– How to rank your website on Google

– How to apply some ninja on-page seo tactics on your website

– How to use youtube to get more traffic

– Examples of profitable affiliate marketing websites

Clickbank Youtube Takeover

A 5 Step Process on How to Make Money Even Without Any Special Skills Online!

You’ll learn:

Step 1 – How to Find a Good Product

Step 2 – How to Create a Good Product Review

Step 3 – How to Upload Your Video (with SEO in mind)

Step 4 – How to Rank Your Video on Google and Youtube

Step 5 – How to Use Twitter and Pinterest to Get More Traffic Online

Fiverr Blueprint

– How to properly set up your profile

– How to create a product listing for your services

– The exact services to sell for maximum profits

– How to turn a $5 customer into a $50- $500 customer…. this is super simple!

– How to outsource the work to other people so you can relax and focus on finding more customers

– How to approach current customers and convince him to give you more clients or referrals

Get your copy and start your new part-time business today!

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