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Linux: The Quick Start Beginners Guide: (Linux For Beginners, Linux Command Line, Linux Operating Sytem, Learn Linux) (Linux Beginners Book 1)

by Timothy Short

Breaking down the Linux operating system – making it fun and easy to learn!

Linux is widespread and prevalent in the computing world- there is a good chance if you reach in your pocket you’ll find a Linux machine, as Google’s Android operating system for mobile devices is a Linux-based operating system.

Linux can be found running most of the worlds super computers, and is used by many government agencies.

Does this mean that Linux is only for big-wigs and expensive computers?

Absolutely not!

Linux can easily be used by normal computer users for their home or office to write papers, watch YouTube, check their email, or anything else you can imagine. The kernel is free, so it is a fantastic alternative to the expensive Windows and Apple operating systems. There are many different distributions of Linux, often referred to as “distros” that are specialized to suit anyone’s needs.

This book will go through some history, various distributions, and a few uses of Linux-based operating systems. It is highly recommended that everyone learns at least a little bit about Linux, because it is used in so many places. This book will teach you just how to do that!

What’s included in this book…

  • Linux vs. Windows
  • Background of Linux
  • The Many Distros of Linux
  • How Linux Works
  • How to Install Linux
  • Having Fun with Linux
  • Advanced Concepts in Linux
  • Start reading this book today to get to grips with your understanding of Linux!

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    Fire Stick: All-New Beginners Manual To Start Using Amazon Fire TV Stick Like A Pro! (Streaming Devices, Amazon Fire TV Stick User Guide, How To Use Fire Stick)

    by Cameron Cole


    All-New Beginners Manual To Start Using Amazon Fire TV Stick Like A Pro!

    Welcome to “Fire Stick: All-New Beginners Manual To Start Using Amazon Fire TV Stick Like A Pro!” your first choice Amazon Fire TV Stick user guide that will make you a pro in the shortest time possible. This detailed, step-by-step guide is divided into chapters for easy perusal and understanding.

    It has the following chapters:

    • Chapter 1 – Fire TV Stick Technical Details
    • Chapter 2 – What’s On Fire TV Stick?
    • Chapter 3 – Fire TV Stick Set Up, Basics & Remotes
    • Chapter 4 – Register or Deregister Amazon Fire TV Stick
    • Chapter 5 – Access and Remove Content
    • Chapter 6 – Watch Movies and TV Shows
    • Chapter 7 – Listen to Music
    • Chapter 8 – Manage Subscriptions for Your Amazon TV Stick

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    Pokémon Go: Pokémon Go Guide for Beginners (August 2016 edition with pictures): Tips, Tricks, Tips, Secrets, Android, iOS (Pokemon Go Master, memes, game, book ,marketing))unofficial guide

    by Michael Nesta

    Hot August Release! Get this Pokémon Go book! This book will help you with:

    • Understanding why you should start today with Pokemon Go,
    • Learning how Pokemon Go will benefit your health,
    • Making new contacts and friends,
    • Discovering how Pokemon Go will give you more flexibility,
    • Getting encouraged to change your life in a positive way,
    • Feeling better after reading this book,
    • Discovering the world,
    • Learning what to do to enjoy life thanks to Pokemon Go,
    • Knowing what to eliminate in your life to be happier,
    • Better understanding the world of Pokémon,
    • Having more confidence when you’re done with this book to start with Pokemon Go,
    • Making a switch to convert to a life in a positive direction,
    • Building a social network,
    • Completing a new way of thinking,
    • Motivating yourself to become a better Pokemon Go player,
    • Being motivated to start your quest Pokemon,
    • Becoming a master at catching Pokémon,
    • Discovering the best ways to become a top player,
    • Showing your friends that you are better at Pokemon Go,
    • Learning rare Pokemon Go mastering tactics,
    • Having fun while reading this easy to read Pokemon Go book,
    • Understanding why Pokemon Go can change your life in a healthy way.

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    Pokémon Go: Best Guide to Play Pokémon Go. Learn All Sneaky Tricks and Play Like A Pro. + Ways To Play Pokémon Go On Your PC: (Unofficial Pokemon Go Guide, … Go) (Pokemon Go Secrets, Pokemon Go Tricks)

    by Jason Jay

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

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    Pokémon Go:

    Best Guide to Play Pokémon Go. Learn All Sneaky Tricks and Play Like A Pro. + Ways To Play Pokémon Go On Your PC (FREE Bonus Included)

    Are you interested in learning all sneaky tricks to play Pokémon Go like a pro? This game will be a real guide for you.

    In this book, you will learn essential tips and tricks to manage this game. Understand the connection between Ingress and Pokémon Go and learn the use of bots of Pokémon Go for your PC.

    You can catch your favorite Pokémon without moving around different areas. If you want to play this game on your PC, you can get the advantage of tutorials given in this book.

    This book will help you to move one step ahead and play this game like experts. If you are worried about the safety of your child, you can download this game on your personal computer.

    Your child will play this game in front of you without moving on the populated roads. This book has useful tricks for each player.

    This book offers:

    • Essential Things to Learn for Beginner Players
    • Tips and Tricks to Earn Experience Points
    • Rare Pokémon and Tips to Catch Them
    • Connection Between “Ingress” and Pokémon Go
    • Using Pokémon Go-Bots for PC
    • Map for PC and Android emulator for PC

    Download this book and learn everything to enhance your gaming experience. Install this game on your personal computer and find rare Pokémon without roaming around on the roads and parks.

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    Come Organizzare Concorsi a Premio Online (Italian Edition)

    by Enzo Spedaliere

    I Concorsi a Premio, in Italia, sono regolamentati da norme severe, se non rispettate ci sono multe salate da dover pagare.
    In questo testo troverai la spiegazione su come si organizza un concorso a premio online, perché farlo e quale profitto può portare.
    Inoltre troverai delle indicazioni alle alternative legali (giveaway, contest) per poter risparmiare e ottenere ottimi risultati.
    Non è un testo di sole parole ma troverai anche alcuni esempi pratici di giveaway e contest.

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