Free fiction Kindle books for 19 Aug 16

The Wrong Side of the Sun: The Dáuþeins

by Gabrielle Nykol

It’s not easy to be pushing a century and still have the face of a twenty year old, especially when your survival mandates that you live in the dark and feed on human blood. Victoria hasn’t had a friend in years. Her fierce martial art skills, mixed with her aloof demeanor has a tendency to make people run the other way. On most days that’s exactly how she prefers it. Then she meets Rick, a classmate with the undeterred friendliness of a golden retriever, who is bound and determined to crack her icy shell and takes on the challenge of finding friends for the most antisocial person he knows.

Despite her protests, Victoria is introduced to Skye, a beautiful and talented artist whose encounter with a stranger in a darkened alley brings her to Victoria’s self-defense class. Quickly, Victoria finds that Skye’s rebellious attitude outcompetes her own, and her entire world is turned upside-down as she becomes closer to Skye than she ever intended. One day, Victoria knows her dangerous past will catch up with her, but she can’t help imagining a future with Skye, even though she’s risking herself and the friend she holds so dear. But as Victoria struggles to keep her deadly secret from her new friend, she never imagines Skye has a secret of her ownâ?¦.

The Darkest Blue, Shades of Blue, Book 3

by Hildie McQueen

In spite of rumors of dark secrets in Ashley Cole’s life, and being suspected of a horrible crime, the silent man intrigues Grace Dawson, the sheriff’s daughter. With so many obstacles against them, will they overcome and find true love?

When the cause of his nightmares appears in Alder Gulch, Montana, it’s time for Ashley to finally face his past, especially when the man targets Grace for courtship.

Darkness can come to light when love shines upon it in this 1860s western historical romance.

Desired Affliction 2 (Cherry Blossom Series)

by C.A. Harms

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual content.

Lexi and Kole’s story continues…

After a traumatic experience caused Lexi’s life to spiral out of control, she becomes someone she never thought she would be.

But when she decides it’s time for a fresh start, she realizes saying that is a lot easier than actually following through with it.

Once again, Kole appears in her life. But this time he’s refusing to walk awayâ?¦

They struggle and fall.

They love and they hate.

The roller coaster continues as they must face past demons and long lost loves.

Will Kole be here to stay? Or will Lexi find a way to push him out of her life forever?

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