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Longbow (The Saga of Roland Inness Book 1)

by Wayne Grant

Roland Inness is a peasant boy with an unusual talentâ??and a secret. He has learned the art of making a longbow and the skill to use it with deadly accuracy. Why must this be kept secret? The Normans rule England with their armored knights and a well-aimed longbow can pierce that armor. Possession of the weapon is a hanging offense and when Roland takes the wrong deer on the wrong Lord’s land he has to flee for his life.

His flight will take him from the high hills of the English midlands to the wild frontier with Wales and on to the court of Richard the Lionheart. Along the way he is hunted by a paid killer, aided by a strange monk named Tuck, and taken in by a gruff Norman knight, who values his skill with the bow. That skill and his courage will be sorely tested as he fights to earn the trust of his new master.

As King Richard celebrates his coronation, Roland faces old enemies he thought he had left behind and must test his skill at a royal archery tournament against the greatest bowmen in England, to include the favorite, Sir Robin of Loxley.

A mix of history, myth and high adventure, LONGBOW follows the journey of Roland Inness as he seeks to find a place for himself in a restive kingdom and become a man in a brutal age.

Jesus His Stories: Revealed By Angelo His Guardian Angel

by Ted Sugges

Jesus His Stories Revealed By Angelo His Guardian Angel is the second of a trilogy of eBooks continuing the story of Jesus’ life from where Jesus The Early Years left off.

Angelo Custos, archangel and decorated veteran of the War for Heaven, doesn’t know what he’s in for when he agrees to be Jesus’ guardian angel.

At first, the assignment is easy. However, as soon as Mary and Joseph take Jesus out of the stable, Angelo realizes the forces of evil are everywhere, and he finds himself, always outnumbered by demons, in one spiritual battle after another.

When he’s not battling demons, Angelo struggles with his instructions. Protect Jesus from evil, but allow Him to experience the pain, fear and anxiety of every other human child.

Angelo tells the story of the Jesus we’ve never met. He goes beyond the usual story to tell us how His family and neighbors knew Jesus as the popular young man who lives next door.

La prisión de las almas (Spanish Edition)

by Sara Rico

Pavlo es un profesor de historia de 26 años que decide entrar como profesor titular en el internado para varones en la pequeña isla de Balam. Motivado por la soledad y sus deseos de desentrañar el misterio de la desaparición de su hermano, y también a raíz de la petición de su padre antes de morir, Pavlo tratará de descubrir lo que sucedió con su hermano Vladimir en el mismo internado dieciséis años atrás. A medida transcurre la acción Pavlo se ve envuelto en una red de apariencias, mentiras y realidades horrorizantes para los estudiantes del internado de Balam. Al descubrir la realidad tras la fachada, Pavlo decide arriesgar su vida para obtener la verdad sobre lo sucedido a su hermano. En el camino al descubrimiento, en retrospección conocemos a Adda, la cual jugará una pieza importante en la decodificación de las pistas que se le irán ofreciendo a Pavlo para conocer la verdad.

The Homecoming

by Dineshwar Dhadwal

This story revolves around a young, successful businessman, SIDDHARTH SHARMA who has recently got the â??Young entrepreneur of the year award’. Instead of being elated at reaching the pinnacle of his career, he finds himself feeling utterly miserable.
He finds himself alone in his moments of glory as his family has deserted him. He is angry, disgusted and confused at the sudden turn of events. He is finding it difficult to come to terms with his wife’s decision to leave him at a time when everything was going according to plan.
Despite his persuasion, his wife refuses to come back. Seeing him in agony, his friends ask him to take a break from work. He reluctantly agrees and lands in the picturesque Hills of Shimla.
He meets a stunning beauty, VAISHALI, at a dinner. She turns out to be an ex-Country Head of a renowned multinational who had left her soaring career in Delhi to settle in a small town in search of self identity and peace of mind.
VAISHALI becomes SIDDHARTH’s mentor and over a period of time, makes him to accept his mistakes and short sightedness. Gradually, SIDDHARTH begins to realize where he went wrong in his mad pursuit of rat race to succeed in life.
VAISHALI encourages him to â??look within’ for the answers to the dilemma faced by him. She extols him to shift the focus of his life from a selfish and materialistic mindset to the higher and altruistic domains of life. VAISHALI helps SIDDHARTH to understand the deeper meanings of life’s purpose and guides him on the path of true happiness.
SIDDHARTH starts to live with â??mindfulness’ looking for lessons to be learnt from his environment. He becomes humble and respectful towards the less privileged.
He returns to Mumbai a changed man determined to start afresh his new innings of life. His friends perceive the dramatic shift in his attitude and his priorities. They help him come close again to his family.
In the end, his wife also accepts him after observing him repenting his past mistakes. The wife and the children are overjoyed at the â??homecoming’ of a loving husband and a caring father.

Maestra del Alma (Spanish Edition)

by Laura Navello

Alina despierta en un mundo diferente al suyo y, mientras intenta determinar si está loca o no, se ve sumida en una guerra ancestral liderada por una enigmática chica llamada Mayra. Recorriendo este extraño mundo al que llaman Babia en busca de aliados junto a nuevos amigos, Alina pondrá a prueba su valentía y descubrirá que es dueña de un codiciado poder considerado extinto en Babia. Un poder que puede ser la clave para ganar la guerra.

Nada es puramente blanco o puramente negro, nada es lo que parece ser.

The Girl In The Vacant House

by K. Anderson Yancy

A man sees a girl living alone in a vacant home, presuming she’s a runaway or abandoned, he attempts an intervention and discovers she’s a ghost, then continues his intervention by solving the puzzle of her.

Becoming Tommy Sullivan

by M Keller

What’s an 11-year-old to do when his life is turned upside down by unseen events? A boy with a curious mind searches for adventure and comes across some hidden truths. Will he accept the death of his mother? Will he stop blaming his dad for her death? Will he stop running from the pain? Will he find the answers he’s looking for? Tommy Sullivan is a lost boy on a mission to find answersâ??and himself.

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