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The Ultimate Guide to Saving Your Marriage: How to Save Your Marriage, Spice Up Your Life And Be Happy Forever (Marriage Counseling And Help With Verity)

by Verity Miles

Discover this unmissable relationship advice for Saving Your Marriage

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Does this sound familiar to you?

  • There’s too much sleeping on the couch?
  • Constant battles over little issues?
  • Yelling on an almost daily basis?
  • Desperately wanting to feel needed and loved, but never feeling it?

â?¨You’re not alone. Thousands have been down this path before you, and many have never been able to recover. But plenty have brought their marriage back from the brink of disaster, and have gone of to live wonderful, loving lives.

Verity Miles, a relationship advice expert from Australia, has put together this quick and useful publication to help you get your marriage back on track. She’s cut out the fluff and gets right to the nitty gritty so you can quickly get working on saving your marriage and living a happier life together.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…


  • How money is often the root of marriage breakdown and some key tips to overcome these issues
  • That your in-laws may be ruining your marriage, without them even knowing it
  • Five hints to living in harmony with children and being happy as a complete family
  • A few marriage help ideas to spice things up in the bedroom
  • Five hot tips to help you talk about money without it turning into a screaming match
  • How to be a loving team, and keep the flame alive without the need for marriage counseling
  • And Much, Much More!

Saving your marriage can be a tough process. It requires give and take from both halves, and some hard work for people to be happy together. But it’s absolutely worth the effort! There’s nothing quite like a good long cuddle or a stroll along the beach with the one you love, especially with the satisfaction of knowing you’ve rekindled a flame that had almost burned out.

Verity’s new book “The Ultimate Guide To Saving Your Marriage” is a great, quick start relationship rescue guide full of marriage help advice to get you on the path to a renewed romance!

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Don’t wait until it’s too late to try to save your marriage. If you can see marriage problems now, you need to act before it’s too late. Verity’s advice has already helped many happy couples to rebuild their relationships.

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Letting Go Again: A Birth Mother’s Tale of Adoption, Reunion, Separation and Growth

by Kimberly Smythe

Letting Go Again is one birth mother’s courageous and compassionate account of giving up her baby daughter for adoption, and their troubled relationship once they are reunited almost two decades later.

While many of us have witnessed the emotional “adoption reunions” on daytime TV, we rarely see what happens when the cameras stop rolling.

Kimberly writes with extraordinary vulnerability, sharing the highs and lows of becoming a teen mom and allowing her child to be adopted, as well as the darkest moments of the heartbreaking, rollercoaster relationship that followed when they were reunited.

This is a dramatic and complex story in which mother and daughter are challenged on almost every level by the harrowing choice Kimberly made to give up her child. Intense guilt, self-punishment, and the heavy burden of regret and loss color Kimberly’s actions. She reveals how every cell in her body wants a loving connection with her daughter and the lengths she goes to make that happen. Sadly, blame, the years of separation and lack of shared history, thwart their efforts to heal their relationship.

As they both struggle with their complicated feelings it becomes clear that this is far from the stereotypical tale of redemption and reunion that Hollywood likes to portray. At times uncomfortable, at times poignant, this book is a searing account of one woman’s experience with adoption, reunion, separation and growth, which also raises important questions about motherhood, the effects of adoption, and our definition of family. In so doing it also challenges our perceptions about relationships, acceptance, surrender, and the true nature of love that finds the strength to let goâ?¦ again. All proceeds from this book will go to support The Hanai Foundation.

Smart Parenting – A Modern Guide to the Modern Teen

by C.K. Murray

The Modern Teen Needs a Modern Parent

Today’s world is a world filled with distractions. Thanks in part to million and one technologies, attention spans are shorter, expectations are higher, and no matter what you do or what you say, the modern teen may never completely make sense.

But this isn’t a bad thing. Our crazy, interconnected lives mean that we can now do what was once impossible. Truth be told, information is everywhere. It’s floating at our fingertips, waiting just a click, scroll and toggle away. Which means that any parent, anywhere, can find the parenting tips and parenting strategies they need.

But the modern teen is different. To raise kids and create responsible teenagers, the modern parent must adopt a modern approach. Teen communication is now different, parenting rules have changed, and that’s why it’s critical that parents everywhere have the right tools at their disposal.

So don’t delay! If you’re struggling with adapting to your modern teen, take a modern approach. Learn how to effectively raise, manage, and empower your hormonal youngster the right way. The smart way.

It might just be easier than you think…

‘Smart Parenting’ includes:

  • Why this teenager parenting book is different
  • Who is the modern teen?
  • How different is the modern teen?
  • Communicating with the modern teen
  • Establishing and sustaining trust with your teenager
  • Setting boundaries that you and your teen can respect
  • Managing sexual attitudes and behaviors
  • Discussing serious issues with your teen
  • Promoting teenage self-esteem
  • Preventing teen depression
  • And much, much more…


Hope For Pregnancy: What The Bible Has To Say About Infertility

by Catherine Mayo Copil

Have you ever wondered if there was a spiritual side to infertility? This brief but enlightening study is a look at infertility in the bible from a spiritual perspective. It does not contain medical advice, but serves as a great addition and complement to whatever methods one is already using. Hope For Pregnancy leaves the reader filled with hope, faith, and the promise of good things to come!

Waar is my tiekie (Afrikaans Edition)

by Johann Wentzel

Waar is my tiekie?
Tog snaaks dat ek eers aan die einde van die reis moes kom om die begin te kon sien. ‘n Pad wat nooit eindig nie en waar daar net gestop is as dit reeds te laat was en ek klaar, karsiek, opgegooi het. ‘n Pad gedeel met baie.
Ek moes eers vyftig word voordat ek die pad vorentoe kon lees. Die pad tot op vyftig was interessant. Die pad na vyftig ‘n ondervinding en ervaring. Altwee paaie was en is grondpad; ek is bly. Oud-Suidwester ken van grondpad ry.
Die mense wat tot op vyftig saam met my gery het, kon nie altyd by hou nie. Almal ry nie dieselfde pad nie; daar is afdraaipaadjies en stalletjies.
Vir Damaskus donkies kan mens ook nie altyd stop nie. Dit leer mens egter eers later. Party mense leer dit nooit nie.
Daar is aan die einde van die dag (of is dit nou aan die einde van die pad?), méér as net huise en geld.
Ã?rens langs die pad stop mens vir jouself. Ã?rens langs die pad laai mens jouself op.
Dit maak nie saak hoeveel keer mens stop of hoeveel afdraaipaadjies mens volg nie; al die paadjies kom weer terug op die hoofpad. Al die paadjies bring jou terug na jouself.
Ã?rens langs die pad laai mens jouself opâ?¦

I Am NOT A Baby Mama: I am strong, independent and phenomenal

by Renee Turnage

An inspirational book for young single mothers who have struggled with life, love and relationships. A true story of a woman who was in the same situation like most young single mothers. She had lost her way in life, until a young man came into her life and helped her get back on track. This is a lesson to women on how to be patient, independent and to have faith in God.


by Melony Gallant

Are you Adopting?

Adoption has many benefits for couples and individuals. You will be able to get a child that you love and care for, while the child gets a home that is filled with love and respect. But it can also be a stressful and difficult time for couples or individuals to go through.ADOPTION is a small book that might clear up some of your first initial questions as you embark on this new journey.

Some topics include:

Open adoption

Closed adoption

International adoption

Adoption should be a special time in your life. This small ebook will point you in a starting direction.

Dog Tricks: Step by Step Guide for Smart Training

by Mark Johnson

This book was created for help you to train your lovely dog. ONLY positive training methods!

Potty Training Box Set: The Ultimate Potty Training Guides With Useful Tips to Easily Potty Train Little Boys and Girls in 3 days (Potty Training, Potty Training books, potty training boys)

by Clara Ward

BOOK #1: Potty Training: The Ultimate Potty Training Guide To Decompress Yourself and See Results In 3 Days

If you are ready to potty train, your child or are even just considering it than this book is definitely for you! You may feel like you are overwhelmed or don’t know where to start but in this book I am going to explain everything you need to know about potty training to you.

Not only are you going to learn the steps you need to take to potty train your children in three days (and sometimes even less) by the time you finish this book you are going to know how to do it completely stress free.

This book is going to give you every step you need to take as well as all of the information you need as a parent to ensure that your child is successful at potty training and that you are relaxed during the entire experience.

Make sure you take the time to read through the entire book before you begin potty training your child. Then when you begin, keep the book handy or take notes while you are reading so that you follow each of the steps exactly as I give them to you.

Remember your patience is the key to their success so keep your cool and let’s get started potty training!

In this book, you are going to learn how to:

  • Tell if your child is ready to be potty trained
  • What to do to prepare your child for the big three-day potty training
  • The steps you need to take to potty train your child in just three days
  • Potty training tips for success

BOOK #2: Potty Training: Useful Tips on How to Easily Potty Train Little Boys and Girls in 3 days

If you are one of those parents who believe that potty training requires a lengthy process, This book is written to prove beyond doubt that potty training is not only possible but can be achieved within 3 days. Yes 3 days. Potty training in 3 days or less… How can that be possible? Have you asked yourself this question, maybe several times? You have probably already concluded that it is only achievable in the dream world. To some people, it is like trying to have unnecessary high expectations so they have decided the best thing to do is to allow the little child to take things slowly until he or she is ready to accept the use of potty. Some people have even resigned themselves to the fate of living with a little child who is just not ready to use the potty. In simple words, they have given up. Is potty training as difficult as it looks? I have good news for you. You can potty train your little boy or girl in as little as 3 days.

This book will guide you and help you through each and every step – you will be able to learn:

  • What potty training is all about
  • What is meant to be potty training ready
  • Process of potty training for the various ages of kids
  • Pre and post periods of potty training
  • Rewarding successes and handling failures

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

Download your copy of “The Ultimate Potty Training Guides With Useful Tips to Easily Potty Train Little Boys and Girls in 3 days” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.


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How to Be an Amazing Parent

by Juan Stiff

Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of your life, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. No matter what age your child/children is/are, your work is never done. To be a good parent, you need to know how to make your children feel valued and loved, while teaching them the difference between right and wrong. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to create a nurturing environment where your children feel like they can thrive and develop into confident, independent and caring adults. If you want to know how to be a good and amazing that is what this ebook aims at.

The Truth about Christmas:

Comment arrondir ses fins de mois en se faisant élire maire: (mode d’emploi) (French Edition)

by Dédé la Débrouille

Toujours très imaginatif, Dédé la Débrouille vous présente un nouveau mode d’emploi, pour arrondir vos fins de mois. Il suffit pour cela de vous faire élire maire.

Très décalé et avec une bonne pointe d’humour, Dédé vous emmène dans une petite ville sympa avec un maire qui s’est bien s’y prendre pour combler ses électeurs.
Attachez vos ceintures car ça va sérieusement décoiffer !!!!

Quelques mots sur l’auteur : Dédé la Débrouille, roi du système D (comme dédé) vous propose toute une série de modes d’emploi pour arrondir les fins de mois.

Anabelle Loves Babies

by Valerie Loveless

Anabelle loves baby dolls and can’t wait for her real baby brother to enter her world. But he isn’t anything like she expected.

Valerie Loveless is the mother of three and understands the character and humor children bring into our lives. Valerie is creative and artistic and finds inspiration for her work through everyday life.

Liz Carbine finds inspiration through real people and those precious kids that have touched her own life.

Sisters, Valerie and Liz are grateful for the opportunity they had to work together on this book.

~I Heart My Sis Collection~

Waiting: Ghazals

by Andrea McKenzie Raine

A collection of ghazals

Nacido Perdedor: Una historia real (Spanish Edition)

by Gustavo López Gil

Puede haber alguna razón que justifique, que un padre de muerte a su hijo?
Normalmente uno responde esta pregunta con un no rotundo, pero cuando se termina de leer nacido perdedor; la cantidad de pensamientos que se nos han infiltrado, hacen que la velocidad y convicción de la respuesta no sean las mismas.
Desde la prisión el doctor Vernaza hace su terrible confección, en un relato que no puede interrumpirse una vez que se empieza y que golpea nuestros pechos sin herirnos.

Este relato narra la historia de Ernesto José, un joven que desde su adolescencia, la única manifestación de amor que recibió de sus padres fue el dinero.
Mientras su padre se movía en la lengua melosa de la ostentación y se doblaba según le conviniera; Ernesto José seguía con su vida desordenada, avergonzándolos cada día más; hasta que sus acciones, que ya eran un caos, llevaron a otro hecho que hizo que este relato se narre desde la Prisión�

Child With Autism: Just what Are the Factors that Contribute to Autism

by Drusi Tenny

When you elevate an autistic kid, particularly in the more youthful years, you really worry concerning their safety and security and also their location. The autistic child does not respond to typical stimuli nor do they respond to spoken commands as quickly as a non-autistic youngster.”Autism Child”

Where is my tickey?

by Johann Wentzel

Where is my tickey?

Isn’t it strange that I had to get to the end of the road to be able to see the start? A road that never ends and where a stop is only made when it is too late and I travel sick, have already thrown up. A road shared with many.

I had to turn fifty four before I could read the road ahead. The road up to fifty four was interesting. The road after fifty four an experience. Both roads were and are gravel roads; I am pleased. Ex-South-Westerners are familiar with driving on gravel roads. Not all the people who travelled with me up to fifty four could always keep up. Not everybody travels the same road; there are turn-offs and stalls. Also, one cannot always stop for every donkey, but one realises that only later on. Some people never appreciate that. There is, at the end of the day (or should it be at the end of the road?), more to live than only houses and money. Somewhere along the road, one stops for oneself. Somewhere along the road, one picks up oneself. It does not matter how many times one stops, or how many turn-offs one follows, all the little side roads eventually lead back to the main road. All the little roads bring you back to yourself. Somewhere along the road, one stops for oneselfâ?¦

tantan no kosodate ehon guide e book: 38 hints and 30 recommended books (Japanese Edition)

by tantan

ã??ã?のæ?¬ã¯ã?Webã?µã?¤ã??ã??tantanの子è?²ã¦çµµæ?¬ã?¬ã?¤ã??ï¼?ï¼?ã?ã«ã¦æ?²è¼?ã?てã?ã??å??容ã??å?ç·¨é??ã?»å?æ§?æ?ã?てä½?ã??ã??ã?ã?çµµæ?¬ã?¬ã?¤ã??ã??ã??ã?¯ã®é?»å­æ?¸ç±ç??でã?ã??ã?のã?µã?¤ã??はã?æ§?ã??な形でé?·å¹´çµµæ?¬ã«æºã?ã??ä»?äº?ã??ç¶?ã?ã?ã¾ã?è?ªèº«ã??子è?²ã¦ã??ã?ªã?¢ã?«ã?¿ã?¤ã? ã«è¡?ã?中でã?ã?ã?ã??な人に絵æ?¬ã®èª­ã¿è?ã?ã?の楽ã?ã?ã??çµµæ?¬ãã®ã??ののé­?å??ã??ã??っとã??っとç?¥ã£ã¦ã??ã??ã?ã?çµµæ?¬ã??é??ã?て子è?²ã¦ã??é ?張ってã?くã?とã??å¾®å??なã?ã??ã??å¿?援ã?ã?ã?とæ?ã?ã?ç«?ちä¸?ã?ã?ã??のでã?ã??
ã??ã?µã?¤ã??のå??容ã??æ?¹ã?ã¦æ?´ç?ã?ã?é?»å­æ?¸ç±å??ã?ã??ã?とにã??ってã?ã?¤ã?³ã?¿ã?¼ã?ã??ã??とのæ?¥ç¶?ç?°å¢?ã??æ°?にã?ã?ã?ã?つでã??どã?でã??çµµæ?¬ã«é?¢ã?ã??æ??å ±ã??容æ??にå?ç?§ã§ãã??ã??ã?になã??まã?ã??そのä¸?ã?ç?®æ¬¡ã??ã?ã??ã?ã?ã?っとã?ã?é??に表示ã?ã??ã?とã??可è?½ã??ã?¹ã??ã??でã??ã?¿ã??ã?¬ã??ã??でã??è¦?ã??ã?くã?å?¹ç??ã??くæ??å ±ã??æ??にå?¥ã??ã??ã?とã?できまã?ã??
ã??çµµæ?¬ã§æ?¥ã??子è?²ã¦ã??é ?張ってã?ã??ã?母ã?ã??にã?è?²å?å?å? ã«ç©æ¥µç??なã?ç?¶ã?ã??にã?çµµæ?¬ã®æ´»ç?¨ã?¬ã?¤ã??ã??ã??ã?¯ã¨ã?てã?å?©ç?¨ã?ã?だã?ã??ばå¬?ã?ã?é?ã??でã?ã??

第ï¼?ç« ã??æ´»ç?¨ã®ã??ã?³ã??

第ï¼?ç« ã??ã?ã?ã?ã?çµµæ?¬
ã??ã??ã?ã?´ã? ã¯ どのくã??ã? のびã??ã?ã?ã??ï¼?ã?
ã??ã??ã??ã?¬ã?¼ã??ã?«é¤¨ã ã?ã?きã?ã?ã??ã?·ã?ªã?¼ã?ºã?
ã??ã??ã??ã? ã??ã?ã??ã?ã?
ã??ã??Eddy Bear なã??てã?てきなæ?¥ã?
ã??ï¼?ç?ªå¤?ç·¨ï¼?ã??ほã??とのã?ã?きã?å??ç?©å?? [å?³é??]ã?

第ï¼?ç« ã??ã?まã?

Sprudel und Puste: Die Tote Reihe: Heft 2 (German Edition)

by Jan P. Zille

Jan P. Zille setzt die Tote Reihe mit Heft No.2Sprudel und Puste fort. Wird der Pool im Garten diesen Sommer rot eingefärbt?

Mörder Weiss findet sein zweites Opfer wieder in seiner unmittelbaren Nachbarschaft. Es gibt kein Zurück – Unterwerfung, Verachtung und Rachsucht münden im sonnigen Blutbad.
Kommissar Kryszek gerät nach dem zweiten ungeklärten Mord zunehmend unter Druck.

Wie in Kurzkrimi No.1 werden Szenerie und Hergang aus der Erzählperspektive des Toten aufgerollt: Das Mordopfer lagert in der rechtsmedizinischen Kühlzelle. Seine Totenflecken sprieÃ?en, und die letzten Sinne schwinden. Das Leben nach dem Tod währt auch nicht ewig. Vielleicht war alles auch nur ein böser Traum …

Ermittler und Opfer kennen den Mörder.
Kommt Weiss auch diesmal ungeschoren davon?

Together – We Go To The Carnival

by Syed Atiq

It’s an illustrated story about 4 friends belonging to different cultures and beliefs living in the same neighborhood. It’s about how they respect their elders and how they are respected in the town. Story teaches a lesson of friendship, unity and helping others.

The Girl Who Found Her Voice

by Marcia Ward

Laury, at nearly fifteen, a quiet girl, has been completely comfortable in her life. She is a good student, enjoys sports and being with her friends. She even gets along with her parents!

She is the fourth in a family of five children. Her two older brothers are in college. She and her sister, Sarah two years older, are close and share a bedroom affectionately called “The Pit”. Completing the family is Brother Tag, age six.

Laury’s best friend, Liz, always get things moving, whether it’s tennis, riding, or social activities. Laury is shocked out of her pleasant life when Liz abruptly has to move to her grandparent’s farm in Iowa because her parents are getting divorced.
Initially, Laury has a terrible time adjusting to Liz’s absence. She has some health problems and a lot of social problems.

It was awful to feel invisible. She has a lot of thinking to do, and a lot of hurdles to overcome. With the help of her family, she finds strength she didn’t know she had, a voice she didn’t know she possessed, and a much happier life.

Summer Days

by Jeremy Hall

Extract from Summer Days, “Summer looked over the dead girl’s room, and felt nothing. No envy, no greed. It felt – foreign. It felt wrong. Like she didn’t belong. She had a chance of happiness once, but happiness didn’t belong in her heart. She was the grit in the oyster, but she would never be the pearl. The room was of a different age and try as she might, Summer couldn’t bend the image enough to absorb her soul. She was the Cuckoo in this nest. Why was she here? She was here because it was warm and dry. But why was she here? She was aware the dead woman had touched her heart on some level. But it was as an image in the corner of her eye that escaped direct gaze. Even though she didn’t fit the room, it felt right to be there. Strange.”

John Waters, an American English teacher living in Sussex loses his family in a horiffic accident. He decides that his life is over and starts to plan his suicide. Desperate to ease his suffering, his dead wife’s ghost sends an angel to distract him from his path of destruction. The angel takes the form of Summer Daize, a homeless teenager, abused from an early age and living on the fringe of society. Together these two broken souls form a bond to take them onwards to a better life.

17. The Algebra Note (When the Jonquils Bloom Again, 3rd Edition)

by jerry knox

The seventeenth of 26 segments, a chapter from the 567 page saga When the Jonquils Bloom Again,3rd Edition, full version available in print and kindle these are the stories of Sharon and her family, starting in 1847, ending in the present.

The Algebra note is a story of first love, innocent, naive, two fourteen year olds, a first kiss.

In this book linear dysfunction happens. A teacher, her mother only showing love by punishing her, showing love by giving pain, wrong? Yes. Sad? Yes. Pain of an unloved daughter sharing down the line to innocent students, broken only by love, a student who sees her pain, draws her out to a functional family setting, loves a lonely soul hated and misunderstood by others.

Unlike my other books on this subject, The Paper and Caught and Spanked, a story of correction gone wrong, correction motivated wrongly, the wrong way to do it, an example of what should not be done. A story of power, light and dark; a story of love tender and painful; read it to feel the love of two high school freshmen, the pain of a teacher unloved, and the paddling that brings together young victims and institutionalized pain.

Sharon’s first sighting of the paddle:

Hanging on a hook, hidden midway back beside her chair, an ornate, worn, old paddle: leather, with little holes like a belt, only heavier and wider, an engraved handle; mottled brown and smooth from years of use like my grandpa’s saddle he keeps oiled and polished in his barn; meticulously maintained, it’s oiled and polished; not the tool of an amateur, a professional instrument, something to be feared. I gasp.

Corporal punishment, can be correction, should be correction, but often is just punishment. In other books, I try to show positive uses. In this one I show negatives.

No education is complete without knowing indications. No education is complete without knowing counterindications.

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