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To Kill a Mockingbird: Harperperennial Modern Classics by Harper Lee | Recap and Analysis

by Instarecap

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Harper Lee seamlessly weaved a wonderful coming-of-age story of a child and an explicit depiction of society’s social problems. Told through the eyes of the feisty Scout Finch, the story was set in the Southern United States in the 1930’s where racism was as common as a cold. The novel is packed with admirable and memorable characters.

This novel remained the only book Harper Lee published for more than five decades but proved its value to American literature by becoming a favorite classic and making Lee one of America’s beloved authors. This is also one of the top choices of many teachers for studying societal issues. This Pulitzer-winning novel is a must-read.

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Cancel Kindle Unlimited: How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited


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Una entrevista con tapas – An Interview with Tapas: Bilingual short stories in Spanish and English (Parallel Reading Books Book 1)

Hello, my name is Jorge and I am a Spanish guy. I live in Valencia, which is the third biggest city in Spain, though I was born in Barcelona. Thank you so much for picking this eBook!

You see, I am writing a series of bilingual short stories in Spanish and English. My stories will help you get familiar with the Spanish language in a simple and enjoyable way. I cover everyday life situations by using a lot of dialogues.

Now I am going to tell you a secret. I studied Computer Science and after graduating from college, I worked for several years as a software developer. Since then, I began to communicate in English with native speakers.

It was tough in the beginning because I couldn’t express myself fluently. I could spend hours writing a simple email. Can you imagine? It was ridiculous. I felt like a fool.

Yes, I had become over-sensitive about my second language.

I felt disappointed with the education system because I had always passed the subject of English language, both in school and at university. I even got good grades. After finishing my studies I thought I could speak English, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Then I became interested in languages and could find out a suitable learning strategy that works OK for me. I share with you one of my favorite methods: Bilingual parallel reading in Spanish-English.

I use simple Spanish phrases. This is in my humble opinion the best way to learn grammar, isn’t it? So please, stop studying boring grammar rules from tiresome books â?? just look at how every single phrase is written in my eBooks. And start reading in Spanish today!

Don’t waste your time anymore. All paragraphs are translated into English, one by one, so that you don’t have to look up the words you don’t know in the dictionary. You don’t even have to turn to the next page in order to read the English translations.

Besides, my series of short stories is interactive. You are invited to leave your comment on Amazon. Thank you! So, tell me, do you have any questions? What would you like next? I’ll do my best to write a new short story in Spanish considering your remarks.

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Book Description

Sara is a young lawyer who is a fan of the Mediterranean diet. She is not happy with her job. Francisco, her flatmate, has a heart of gold. He will end up becoming Sara’s personal coach, helping her to better know herself. Sara finds out her true passion, comes up with a smart plan and eventually succeeds at changing careers.

In this book, we’ll look at how to ask questions in Spanish and learn grammar without even realizing it. You’ll also find helpful tips for passing a job interview. There are plenty of dialogues.

Finally, if, like Sara, you feel unfulfilled with your job, you may learn something from her coaching sessions with Francisco.

Numerology: Discover Your Destiny With Numerology (Astrology, Clairvoyance, Horoscopes, Zodiac,Tarot)

by Michele Gilbert

Would You Like To Learn How To Master The Secret Meaning Of Numbers?

Do You What To Know What The Master Numbers And Doubled Numbers Mean?

Numerology could be the simplest of all the occult sciences to learn to master.

Have you ever wondered what the divination power of numbers is?

Have you ever looked at math and felt like it’s the most powerful language in the world and that there is undeniable truth there? Is there a way that you could somehow harness that power to find and understand truth that you’re looking for in the universe? Well then, perhaps it’s time for you to take another look into the mysterious and the unique world of Numerology.

Through the understanding of NUMEROLOGY you can gain deep insights into the personality of yourself, your friends your associates and yes even your lovers. With numerology, you can see the dynamics of relationships.

It could help you decide when is the best time to marry or,when you should change jobs, perhaps move to a new city it can help with your investments and where to travel.

Numerology is all about uncovering what our destiny has in store for us by using the analysis of numbers.

To a scientist, numbers are just symbols of comparative quantities, but metaphysically it has a deeper more profound meaning. By understanding the meaning behind the numbers in your life it will help you to see the connection between your number patterns and your level of abundance, health, and general well-being.

Overall, delving into the world of numbers will provide you with a simple and accurate way to decipher your experiences in the same manner that a road map helps you navigate a route that you haven’t previously traveled.

This guidebook will help you to learn how to read and interpret numbers. It is perfect for beginners as well as intermediates who are just getting started with numerology

Steeped in the esoteric traditions that spawn out of the educated and the enlightened places of the world, Numerology has endured the ages with its secret wisdom and its mystical power. Take a deeper look into this strange world and see what truths it holds for you.

A Quick Preview ……

  • The Secret Lives of Numbers
  • Numerology. What is it?
  • The Big Five
  • The Personality Number
  • Life Path Number
  • Heart’s Desire/Soul Urge
  • Expression/Destiny Number
  • Tips of the Trade
  • The Last Number

Would You Like To Know More?

Download “Numerology:Master The Secret Meaning Of Numbers The Beginners Guidebook To Decoding Your Destiny”

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Homeschool Basics: Christian Homeschooling in a Classical Style

by Harvey Bluedorn

This ebook is an excerpt from the book Teaching the Trivium: Christian Homeschooling in a Classical Style by Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn — Chapter Eleven, Ten Things to Do Before Age Ten.

Teaching the Trivium: Christian Homeschooling in a Classical Style is not just about classical education — it gives foundational reasons for why homeschooling should be your first choice.

Some of the distinctives of Teaching the Trivium include:

–an emphasis on reading aloud to your children
–studying logic from ages ten through high school, rather than using it as a one or two year supplement
–ancient literature from a Christian perspective — is it really necessary to read Homer?
–choices in language study, with an emphasis on Biblical Greek
–why INFORMAL math or grammar before age ten may be a better choice
–how to give your children the tools they need to teach themselves
–how to homeschool in a classical style without buckling under the burden
–a workable plan for every subject and for every age which avoids homeschool burnout — there is only so much time in the day
–how to continue using other approaches to homeschooling within the framework of classical education
–homeschooling is not alternative education — homeschooling was here first

Sign up for the Homeschooling with the Trivium newsletter — each newsletter contains freebies, book reviews, Homeschooling Q & A, read-aloud suggestions, tips on teaching Latin, Greek, and logic, and contests with book-giveaways.

Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn started homeschooling their children in 1980 and have given workshops on homeschooling and classical education for support groups and at conventions across the country. Their publishing company Trivium Pursuit produces books and curricula to help parents use classical education in their homeschool. The Bluedorns live in New Boston, Illinois, and can be reached by visiting their web site.

OneNote + Evernote Two in One Bundle!: Book 1: The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Microsoft OneNote for Getting Things Done + Book 2: 12 Important GTD Evernote Lessons On How To Use Evernote For GTD

by Chris Will

Book 1 – OneNote

The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Microsoft OneNote for Getting Things Done

OneNote is your notebook for capturing what is important in life. Is it not better to have an app where you can write and take down notes or even create a to-do list than carry a book with you everywhere you go? OneNote is the best Microsoft program that you can use. If you have ignored digital note taking app because you think it is just more software that will take up your disk space then it is time to reconsider. Microsoft have made it possible for OneNote to be downloaded everywhere Mac, iOS, iPad, Android, chrome, and of course windows. Keep reading to know more about creating a paperless life with OneNote.

In this book, we are going to talk about

– What is Microsoft OneNote all about?

– Making use of OneNote

– Some shortcuts that you can use in OneNote

– Tips using OneNote

OneNote for Windows has six Ribbon tabs

– Home,

– Insert,

– Draw,

– History,

– Review and

– View

Each of this ribbons gives you access to plenty of features. The Home Tab allows you to format text, add tags, mark items as important and more. The Insert tab has tools for inserting objects into your notes, including spreadsheets, date and time, pictures, audio and video you can record, equations and symbols. The Drawing tab has the usual drawing tools, while History offers you the chance to collaborate with others, so that you can find other users recent edits and comments, and so on. Review includes familiar Office features including a spell checker, a thesaurus, word count and a translation tool. And Finally, View has plenty of ways to change the appearance of your notebooks and their pages, such as adding lines, changing their size, changing the colors and so on. And all this makes OneNote unique compare to other apps like Evernote.

There are lots of unique things that you can do with OneNote. Here are a few listed.

– Manage your shopping list

– Managing recipes in OneNote

– Using OneNote as your newsreader

– Use it as a media player

– Recording a demo tape

– Scanning a document, or receipt etc.

Book 2 – Evernote

12 Important GTD Evernote Lessons On How To Use Evernote For Getting Things Done

Evernote has been referred to as an “external brain” by many user because it store anything and everything and it is easy to locate and search for. Anything can be added to Evernote and these things can be added through your devices. Evernote allows your mind to be free of wondering where you kept a particular file, picture, audio or document. In this book, we will talk about:

– What to do when starting Evernote

– Smart Tips on using Evernote

– Things you can do with Evernote you didn’t know before

– Shortcuts used in Evernote.

And much more!

Take a look inside and enjoy the book!

Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow

Mom’s Choice Awards® Recipient.  Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award Winner.  2016 Family’sChoice Awards Winner.

Are you a parent or teacher hoping to encourage children to eat more veggies and fruits? Want to support healthy eating messages in a fun, educational and positive way? Looking for great educational messaging with peer-to-peer messaging? Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow uses charming illustrations by 12-year old Alexander Guylay combined with real-life photography and simple rhymes by award winning nutrition educator Kathryn Kemp Guylay to create an augmented reality that immediately draws kids into the story. Kids are introduced to Blake, the main character, who feels sleepy (low energy) and wonders why he doesn t have the energy to play like other kids. Blake meets a friendly, magical leprechaun who takes Blake on a journey to find the pot of gold (a metaphor for good health and energy). Blake is shrunk down to tiny size and explores the colorful world of fruits and veggies. The colors (and fruits and veggies) lead to the pot of gold, where Blake feels vibrant and full of energy. The book addresses healthy eating, specifically fruits and veggies, in an engaging and positive way. Targeting early childhood and elementary school age groups, this picture book will be simple yet profound in promoting healthy eating habits in children. Each page is created for maximum engagement, using a delightful combination of photography, illustration, color and text. Think The Wizard of Oz meets Honey, I Shrunk the Kids meets nutrition and health literature.

What Every Blind Person Needs YOU To Know: A handbook for families, friends and colleagues of the visually impaired

by Leanne Hunt

Empowering the blind or partially-sighted person in your life would be fabulous, right? Giving her back her independence would significantly enhance her self-esteem, not to mention freeing you up to attend to other things on your plate.

Written by someone who has walked the path of deteriorating eyesight and worked as a qualified crisis counsellor, this handbook contains a wealth of insight into the physical, emotional and psychological challenges facing those with a disability. Its contents include:

�️ Common attitudes towards blindness

�️ Manifestations of difficulty

�️ Reasons for resistance

�️ Some tips on encouraging independence

�️ Signs of progress

�️ The value of community

�️ The temptation to cop out

�️ Successful separation

The process of educating yourself about what your visually-impaired family member, friend or colleague needs you to know can be as empowering for you as it is for her. Say goodbye to guilt and start expanding your interests into new areas. This book will show you how!

Mind Over Fatter: The Psychology Of Weight Loss

by Greg Justice

Do you struggle with managing your weight? Do you wonder why most diets fail?

Mind Over Fatter will give you hope, along with practical advice, about how to lose weight. You will also learn how small behavioral changes can work for you.

Your journey will be unique, and no single approach to changing habits is going to work for everyone. In this book you will find valuable, practical information and strategies to help you lose weight and live your best, healthy lifestyle.

Mind Over Fatter cuts through the clutter of fads, fiction, and fallacies of the diet industry and delivers a recipe of healthy ingredients for long-term successful weight loss.

Best-selling author Greg Justice reveals what 30+ years in the fitness industry and years of psychological research has shown to be the most effective ways to lose weight and keep it off.

You’ll learn more about…

* The Diet Craze and Crazy Dietingâ??Our Preoccupation with Diet and Weight

* Dealing with Body Dissatisfaction

* Physical vs. Emotional Hungerâ??Are You Living to Eat, or Eating to Live?

* Preparing for the Journey

* Goal Setting

* Best Practicesâ??Which Approach is Right for You?

* Strategies for Controlling Your Emotional Triggers and Stress Overeating

* Lifestyle Changes in Food and Nutrition

* Lifestyle Changes: Activities and Exercise

* Keeping It Off and Staying Healthy

– And much more!

If you’ve ever struggled to stay motivated on your journey to permanent weight loss, this book will guide you each step of the way.

How to Become Smarter: Discover How to Increase Intelligence and Boost Brainpower

by Cameron Jessup

If you ready to step up your intelligence game and be regarded by others as “smart,” then this book is for you!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

Just as your muscles can be trained to help you become stronger, the many functions of your brain, which make up your overall intelligence, can also be trained to help you become smarter. “Crystallized intelligence” is life learning, the culmination of everything you’ve experienced and retained as a human. Its corollary, known as “fluid intelligence,” is your ability to manipulate figures and facts in your head, to analyze, and be creative. There are plenty of ways for you to dramatically improve both your crystallized and fluid intelligence, and throughout this book, I’m going to show you a multitude of techniques, exercises, as well as dietary, pharmaceutical, and lifestyle choices that will increase your intelligence and boost your brain power! Let’s get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Intelligent Lifestyle
  • Building an Intelligent Skill Set
  • How to Boost your Brainpower with Super Foods
  • Intelligence Sharpening Games and Drills
  • Natural Supplements to Assist
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Ang Aking Nanay ay Kamangha-mangha My Mom is Awesome (filipino children’s books, bilingual tagalog childrens books, filipino kids books,tagalog baby book) (Tagalog English Bilingual Collection)

by Shelley Admont

Tagalog English Bilingual Book. Perfect for kids studying English or Tagalog as their second language.

Sa nakakaantig na istoryang ito, inilarawan ng isang batang babae kung paano naging kamangha-mangha ang kanyang nanay. Masusubaybayan natin siya sa kanyang buong araw na may pagmamahal at pagmamalaki sa kanyang nanay.

Naiintindihan ng nanay niya ang nararamdaman niya at lagi niya itong tinutulungan sa kahit na anong problema. Kaya ng nanay niya na gawin ang pinakakumplikadong tirintas at kaya niyang ituro sa kanya ang mga praksyon. Kaya din siyang gisingin ng nanay niya at yakapin ng mahigpit kapag nalulungkot siya.

Sa nakakatuwang mga guhit at ang mensaheng makakaugnay ang lahat, isa itong perpektong aklat para sa mga bata at nanay.

In this touching bedtime story, a little girl describes why her Mom is awesome. We see her going through her day, carrying the warmest feeling about her mother. Mom always knows how she feels and can help with any problem. Mom can make the most complicated braid and explain fractions; Mom can help to wake her up in the morning and hug her tightly when she’s sad.

With adorable illustrations and a message to which everyone can relate, this is a perfect book for kids and their moms.

Livro infantil em portugues, Children’s Portuguese Books: As Aventuras de Silky Milky (Livro infantil ilustrado) (Portuguese Edition)

by Miley Smiley

Livro infantil em portugues: As Aventuras de Silky Milky (Livro infantil ilustrado) Children’s Portuguese Books

Dentro da Geladeira da grande Cozinha vive uma família muito respeitada e carinhosa. Lá, pode-se encontrar o velho e sábio Avô Queijo, a Manteiga, o Creme de leite, e o mais novo membro da família, Silky Milky.
O Silky Milky gosta de sair da geladeira para brincar com seus amigos: O Biscoito Rookie e os três cereais, Funch, Hunch e Crunch.
Sempre que o Silky Milky abre a porta da geladeira, a Manteiga reclama.
– Oh! Se a porta ficar aberta mais um pouco, eu posso derreter!!
Ã?s vezes, a Manteiga se preocupa tanto em derreter que ela já considerou se mudar para o congelador…

Portuguese kids book

COUNTING 1 to 10

by Kat McDermott

Picture book to help with counting one to ten.

Kommunikation und Teamwork mit Mit der Kommunikationsbox zusammen erfolgreich sein (German Edition)

by Daniel Kempe

Kommunikation ist einfach mit

Wenn ich an Kommunikation denke, dann ist es wie mit dem Computer. Wir Menschen kommunizieren mit unserer Stimme und der Gestik unseres Körpers. Der Computer kommuniziert mit Bits, benutzt also auch eine einzigartige in der Natur vorkommende Sprache, um Informationen von A nach B zu transportieren. Um als Team erfolgreich zu sein brauchen wir daher wahrheitsgetreue Methoden, die uns ein Verständnis dafür vermitteln sollen, was Kommunikation zwischen Menschen so eigenartig und gleichzeitig so enorm wichtig macht, damit die Informationen auch sinnvoll vermittelt werden können.
Jeder Mensch hat eine bestimmte einzigartige Art und Weise mit einer Situation umzugehen. Dies wird auch in der Kommunikation deutlich. Jeder weiÃ? daher auch wie schwer es sein kann, die richtigen Worte oder Vorgehensweisen zu finden, um auf der Arbeit, bei einer Gruppenaufgabe oder bei einer anderen Art der Verhandlung Verwirklichung zu erlangen bzw. sich dort zu behaupten.

Teamwork ist einfach mit

Erfolg ist in einer Gruppe daher nur mit einem gewissen Verständnis füreinander gegeben d.h. dass ein Team auch Teamwork praktiziert, um erfolgreich zu sein. Mit dieser These ist auch die Kommunikationsbox entstanden, die die Wahrheit über Teamwork herausfinden soll und jedem der Sie benutzt eine Methode sein kann, mit der es gelingen wird in jeder Aufgabe als Team oder für sich Selbst einen Erfolg zu sehen… bringt dich weiter, egal wohin!

Volks- und Betriebswirtschaft: Grundlagen (German Edition)

by Alexander Geller-Sturm

Grundlagen zur Volks- und Betriebswirtschaft. In diesem kostenlosen E-Book gebe ich einen �berblick über die Grundlagen der Volks- und Betriebswirtschaft.

Dieses E-Book könnt Ihr auch als – nicht kostenloses – Hörbuch beziehen. Sendet mir dafür eine E-Mail an [email protected] oder benutzt das Formular auf meiner Webseite

Alexander Geller Sturm

Mein Gehirn und was ich alles damit machen kann (German Edition)

by Daniel Kempe

Mein Gehirn ist Ihr Gehirn oder etwa doch nicht? Ist Ihnen eigentlich klar was das Gehirn so alles leisten muss, damit wir z.B. ein Buch lesen, aus einem Fernsehprogramm Informationen herausfiltern oder mit einem anderen Lebewesen kommunizieren können.
Das Buch dient Ihnen nicht nur in der Hinsicht, mehr über unser Gehirn herauszufinden, sondern erkläre ich Ihnen auch was es wirklich ausmacht wissenschaftlich bzw. methodisch bei der Arbeit vorzugehen und die Leistung des Gehirns dabei einmal so richtig auszukosten.
Mit dem Wissen über die Gehirnfunktionen sollte es möglich sein beruflich, im Sport oder bspw. in einer Partnerschaft enorme Erfolge zu erzielen. Unsere Natur ermöglicht es uns mit der Gehirnleistung selbständig zu Haushalten, sodass das Gehirn in erster Linie den Ausgangspunkt jeglicher menschlicher Bemühungen darstellt. Es ist unser Betriebssystem, welches es zu verstehen gilt, damit wir, ähnlich wie ein Programmierer, selbst unseren Erfolgscode und damit unseren Weg in der Gesellschaft bestimmen können.
Lassen Sie sich überraschen, erleben Sie mit eine völlig neue Welt, wie Sie sie noch nie zuvor gesehen haben und starten Sie mit diesem Gehirnratgeber in eine neue Dimension des Erfolgs� bringt uns weiter, egal wohin!?

Der Erfolgskot: Ein eBook für Motivation und Erfolg (German Edition)

by Daniel Kempe

Erfahren Sie welche Möglichkeiten Ihnen ein methodischer Arbeits- und Lernstil für Ihren persönlichen Erfolg bescheren kann. Vertrauen Sie auf bewährte Methoden und Denkweisen, die aufgrund vielversprechender Forschungsarbeiten bereits ausführlich getestet und erfolgreich angewandt worden sind.

Wenn Sie jetzt an Ihre Erfolgsstrategie denken, dann verhält es sich hierbei wahrscheinlich wie ein Weg oder wie eine Sackgasse. Sollte dieser Weg für Sie nicht in neuer Motivation enden, dann ist es an der Zeit zu lernen, wie Sie hierbei methodisch vorgehen und durch eine gezielte Denkweise gewisse Leistungshemmer langfristig eliminieren können, sodass Sie durch das damit erzielte Ergebnis erneut Motivation empfinden und somit ein positives und erfülltes Leben erreichen. Durch das Lernen können Sie einen solchen Antrieb auf faszinierende Art und Weise selbst kreieren und mit dann in Ihrem Erfolgscode implementieren bzw. so umgestalten wie Sie es möchten.

-Der bewährte Guide Nummer eins

-Expertentipps und -techniken zum Nachmachen und Ausprobieren

-Maximaler Lernerfolg bei minimalen Aufwand

-Mit interaktiven Modellen und Grafiken erstaunliches leisten

-Effektive Methoden und Denkweisen durch Chi

-Ultimative Tipps und Tricks für tolle Leistungen


Ihr Ziel dieses Buch zu lesen ist hierbei insofern entscheidend, da durch diese einzigartige Motivation das Lernen und Arbeiten erst wirkungsvoll erscheint. Denken Sie gerade an Ihre unmittelbare Umwelt? An die Tiere, Pflanzen oder Ihre Mitmenschen? Wenn Sie in Zukunft weiterhin Ihre persönliche Motivation und Ihren Erfolg so gestalten, dass dadurch niemand anderen die Sicht auf seine eigenen Möglichkeiten im Leben versperrt bleibt, dann sind Sie bereits auf einen guten Weg. Es ist daher auch eine Frage der Moralität und Gerechtigkeit, welche Sie dann auch beim Lesen dieses Buches in Ihrer Denkweise erkennen werden. Finden Sie es am besten selbst heraus was so alles mit Ihrem Gehirn anstellen kann�

Lassen Sie sich inspirieren, es ist wie ein tiefer entspannter Atemzug

Mut durch Wandel (German Edition)

by Daniel Kempe

Mut gehört zum Leben dazu. Auf der anderen Seite treiben Angst und Verzweiflung den Menschen aber auch schon einmal an den Rand des Wahnsinns. Das muss aber nicht immer so bleiben. Entwickeln Sie mit den Techniken aus diesem Buch neuen Mut und verwandeln Sie diese graue Welt in eine neue Welt voller Möglichkeiten.

Wandel kann doch jeder, oder etwa nicht? In diesem Buch werden Sie auch feststellen was genau es ausmacht selbst die Regie zu übernehmen und mutig einen Wandel für Ihr Team oder sich selbst zu generieren und das in einem scheinbar immer grö�er werdenden Wettbewerb. Alles in allem haben Sie es doch letztendlich selbst in der Hand!?

Eigentlich alles nicht ganz so normal wie man es auf den ersten Blick erwartet wird Ihnen die Reflexionsmethodik von neue Wege eröffnen und Sie in eine Gedankenwelt entführen, von der aus Sie nahezu alles Erdenkliche erreichen können, sogar einen fundamentalen Wandel…

– Manipulationen durchschauen

– Wandel hervorrufen

– Führungskompetenzen entwickeln

– Wissenschaft verstehen lernen

– Mut erleben

– Uvm. bringt dich weiter, egal wohin?!

Doggy’s Busy Day (Ella the Doggy Book 1)

“Doggy’s Busy Day” is Book One of “Ella the Doggy” book series.” This book series is comprised of short stories for kids about a dog named Ella, a Siberian Husky with a very unique personality. “Doggy’s Busy Day” is one of several nonfiction picture books for preschoolers in this series. The book takes young children through one of Ella’s typical days. Ella’s books are great to read aloud and they can be read online or in paperback. The format of the book allows for a very interactive experience. As children hear about Ella’s busy day, they can compare themselves to Ella, both their similarities with her and the differences between themselves and Ella. Children will be able to place themselves in the story and enjoy Ella’s adventurous day right along with her. Join “Ella the Doggy’s” reading list to receive the FREE audio recording and coloring pages that accompany this book!

Don’t forget to read Ella’s second book, “Doggy Finds Her Bone!”

Meinungsschauspieler: #Digitalleben: Texte zum Barcamp #Digitalleben der SPD (German Edition)

by Sven Buchien

Am 25.04.2015 hat die SPD ein Barcamp zum Thema #DigitalLeben veranstaltet. Es gab eine Menge Sessions, von denen ich mir allerdings nur drei ansehen konnte. Zu diesen drei Sessions habe ich meine Gedanken jeweils in einem Blogartikel zusammengefasst, die auf veröffentlicht wurden.

Bewusstsein: Wir schaffen DAS (German Edition)

by Alexander Weigand-Schoenherr

Dem Menschen muss bewusst sein, mit seinem Verhalten muss mal Schluss sein.

So wie wir uns hier wirklich geben, möchten wir doch gar nicht leben.

Allein die Liebe kann das schaffen und wieder Menschen aus uns machen.


Ensino de ciências e matemática, I: temas sobre a formação de professores (Portuguese Edition)

by Roberto Nardi

Coletânea de textos apresentados no Programa de Pós-Graduação em Educação para a Ciência, sediado na Faculdade de Ciências da UNESP, na área de ensino de Ciências e Matemática. O núcleo de pesquisa do Programa concentra-se em estudos sobre a ciência, a educação científica e nas relações entre o saber científico e seu ensino. Assim, incentiva a reflexão sobre os processos envolvidos na construção dos conhecimentos científicos e tecnológicos, além de contribuir para a produção de um corpo de conhecimentos filosóficos, científicos e pedagógicos destinados à formação de professores e outros profissionais da área.

Forschen: Grundlagen und Tipps für wissenschaftliche Arbeiten (German Edition)

by Martin Gertler

Diese Einführung in die Grundlagen des Forschens, die Prinzipien des wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens und des empirischen Vorgehens liegt inzwischen in der 6. Auflage vor.

Das E-Book unterscheidet sich von anderen Einführungen vor allem dadurch, dass der Verfasser die Notwendigkeit einer zielführend angelegten Forschungsfrage in den Mittelpunkt stellt und darlegt, wie man sie entwickelt. Kein Forschen ohne Forschungsfrage!

Wie es für das Autofahren noch längst nicht hinreichend ist, die Bedienung der Blinker und Schaltung und Lenkung des Fahrzeugs zu kennen, um mit solchem Einzelwissen ein Ziel ansteuern zu können, ist es auch mit dem Forschen: Erst wenn das Ziel klar ist, nämlich mit Hilfe einer wissenschaftlichen Vorgehensweise untersuchend einer Problemlösung näher zu kommen, entsteht das Verständnis für den passenden Weg und die dazu benötigten Instrumente.

Im Unterschied zu anderen Grundlagenbüchern wird hier auch zwischen den Zielsetzungen wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten und den Zielinteressen praktischer Aufgabenstellungen unterschieden. Es wird ein passender Weg skizziert, wie man beiden gerecht werden kann.

Ferner werden Anregungen gegeben, auf welche typischen Anforderungen der Prüfungsordnungen die Studierenden achten müssen, welche Bewertungskriterien angelegt werden und wie mit passenden Lehr- und Lernformen eine forschende Haltung gefördert werden kann.

Ergänzend wird dargelegt, wie die akademischen Grade richtig zu führen sind.

Dieses E-Book erscheint in der Schriftenreihe zur humanistischen Kommunikationsforschung, in der auch Arbeiten von Nachwuchswissenschaftlern – Absolventen und Studierenden – zur Publikation gelangen.

Es bietet Arbeitsfragen für das persönliche Vertiefen an und ist auch als ergänzendes Skript zu Einführungs-, Auffrischungs- und Vertiefungskursen nutzbar.

6., erweiterte Auflage (März 2016)

Zum Autor:

Martin Gertler ist Professor an der RFH Köln und lehrt dort Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaft. Er forscht zu medienethischen Fragestellungen und begleitet Promotionsvorhaben in der Graduate School der UvH in Utrecht. Zudem bietet er einen kostenlosen Online-Kurs “Forschen lernen” unter an.


by Lia Rocha

Este documento foi elaborado para facilitar e estimular a prática de “Workshop” nas escolas a fim de envolver a comunidade e o ambiente escolar.
A proposta foi elaborada em linguagem simples para que os alunos e outros interessados possam se organizar no planejamento, organização e realização do workshop na sua escola.

Revista Observatório Itaú Cultural – N. 11: Direitos Culturais: um Novo Papel (Portuguese Edition)

by Alfons Martinell

Este número é dedicado aos direitos culturais em diversos âmbitos: relata o desenvolvimento do campo, sua relação com os direitos humanos, a questão dos indicadores sociais e culturais e o tratamento jurídico dado ao assunto.

Anatocismo nei mutui: le formule segrete (Conclusioni) (Italian Edition)

by Eng. Das Warhe

“Questo libro Verità” è il primo al mondo a fornire le dimostrazionimatematiche dell’operatività illegale delle Banche nei contratti dimutuo.

Tutti i mutui,i leasing,i finanziamenti e anche le cartelle esattoriali in Italia sono illegali!
Ecco svelate le formule segrete che lo dimostrano matematicamente!
Sono illegali sia i mutui a tasso fisso che quelli a tasso variabile perchèpresentano interessi illegali che violano l’articolo 1283 del codicecivile!
Utilizzando i piani di ammortamento “alla francese” paghiamosempre interessi che vengono capitalizzati, trasformati in capitale eripagati ulteriormente.
Questa opera è indispensabile al consulenteche deve difendere il suo cliente in Tribunale, è fondamentale per chiha stipulato un contratto di mutuo e per colui che vorrebbe stipularlo.

L’opera nasce dalla richiesta di un Consulente Tecnico d’Ufficio, presso un Tribunale Italiano, che necessitava di una dimostrazione matematica, adamantina e palese, non opinabile, sulla presenza dell’anatocismo nei mutui a rata fissa.
Una cliente del CTU si era rivolta a lui perchè non riusciva a pagare le rate del mutuo e perchè le stavano pignorando la casa.
Ecco la risposta! L’anatocismo c’è, è sempre esistito ed ha fatto anche delle vittime! Molti non hanno lavoro, a molti è stata pignorata la casa, molti si sono suicidati; Questo libro è dedicato a loro! Ti diciamo apertamente:
“Smetti di soffrire, Smetti di essere vittima. Diventa l’avversario!
Nota sull’autore:
Das Warhe è ingegnere nato in Svizzera da padre tedesco e madre italiana. Trasferito in Italia con i genitori circa 45 anni fa dalla Svizzera. E’ consulente di banche e assicurazioni nazionali e multinazionali da diversi decenni. Da decenni si occupa di impianti nel campo delle energie rinnovabili. E’ una persona seria, un professionista eclettico che si adopera per raggiungere sempre gli obiettivi prefissi nel migliore dei modi possibili,in maniera efficace ed efficiente.
Note sul presente libro:
Include prefazione, introduzione e conclusioni da 21 pagine A4. L’intera opera è di 233 pagine. Formato è fixed-Layout. Disponibile in versione .mobi, .epub e pdf.
Le 3 parti del libro sono tutte disponibili in versione digitale.
E’ inoltre disponibile la versione cartacea e digitale in A5.

<---Indice del libro--->
Parte 1 : L’INCIPIT,
Capitolo 1: L’incipit,
Capitolo 2: La disciplina dell’anatocismo nei principali paesi europei,
Capitolo 3: Il significato profondo del libro,
Capitolo 4: Le definizioni,
Capitolo 5: Leggi e formule matematiche,
Capitolo 6: PDA a rata fissa e l’inganno dell’anatocismo nascosto,
Capitolo 7: Ammortamento a tasso variabile,
Capitolo 8: Come difendere i propri risparmi,
Capitolo 9: Banca d’Italia,
Capitolo 10: La BCE (Banca Centrale Europea),
Capitolo 11: ABF – Arbitrato Bancario Finanziario,
Capitolo 12: Risposte anticipate alle critiche e conclusioni.

Filastrocche, Rime, Poesie e due Racconti (Italian Edition)

by Isabella Marino

Tante Filastrocche, Rime, Poesie e due Racconti per imparare a leggere, scrivere, sognare.

L’autrice restituisce la sua preziosa opera quotidiana con i propri alunni delle elementari.

Isabella Marino è nata a Sanremo e lavora, nella città natale, come insegnante di Scuola Primaria. Navigando in Internet è possibile visionare alcuni suoi prodotti interattivi realizzati per i bambini con DSA( Disturbi Specifici di Apprendimento) e conoscere ulteriori iniziative che l’hanno vista partecipe.

Nel 1984 consegue il Diploma di Istituto Magistrale. Autrice di opere di vario genere: quadri (partecipando ad esposizioni collettive nell’ambito del Comune di Sanremo), poesie e racconti (ambedue segnalati dalla Giuria del Premio Nazionale “Ossi di Seppia”) e giochi interattivi (scaricabili gratuitamente dalla Rete).

Indice dell’opera

Filastrocche e Rime



















































Racconti –

La giraffa IA ed il cagnolino randagio –

Rosmunda dai piedi lunghi

Una produzione P.E.R.O Progetti Editoriali Realizzazati Onestamente a cura di Giovanni Tommasini

O cachorro bonzinho que brincava com o gato amarelo (Portuguese Edition)

by Sidnei Ismail

Existia um homem muito bonzinho que morava sozinho e não tinha amigos, um dia ele estava muito triste por não ter amigos e adotou preciosa que era uma cachorra muito linda que aprendeu ser muito boazinha com seu dono, ela não mordia ninguém, nem mesmo o gato amarelo e malvado que morava do lado de sua casa e vinha comer todo dia sua ração, preciosa e o homem bonzinho ficaram muito amigos e preciosa foi crescendo e ficando cada vez mais linda, ele ficou muito grande e bonita, mais era tão boazinha que não mordia ninguém, nem mesmo o gatão, que era um gato amarelo e malvado que vinha roubar sua ração. Preciosa cresce e tem um filhote muito lindo e tão bonzinho e parecido com ela, e eles vivem felizes para sempre.

Come realizzare un Piano di Comunicazione – Dalla teoria alla pratica (Italian Edition)

by Salvo Longo

Un ente, un’associazione, un’azienda, hanno bisogno di comunicare.

Nella comunicazione è fondamentale prestare attenzione oltre a quello che si dice a come lo si dice. Per questo è importante, se si vogliono raggiungere determinati obiettivi, comunicare efficacemente.

Il piano di comunicazione diventa quindi lo strumento che viene utilizzato per pianificare le scelte di comunicazione al fine di raggiungere gli obiettivi prefissati dall’ente, associazione o azienda che sia.

Il piano di comunicazione assume quindi una valenza strategica e non deve mai essere sottovalutato. Dalla sua efficacia dipendono i risultati più o meno positivi che si raggiungeranno.

In questo report indichiamo gli elementi chiave che portano alla realizzazione di un progetto serio, guidandoti passo dopo passo, accompagnandoti fase dopo fase, facendoti evitare gli errori che si possono commettere lungo il percorso che porta alla realizzazione di un piano di comunicazione professionale ed efficace.

Revista Observatório Itaú Cultural – N° 10: Cinema e Audiovisual em Perspectiva: Pensando Políticas Públicas e Mercado (Portuguese Edition)

by Alessandra Meleiro

Esta edição trata das políticas para o audiovisual no Brasil e passa por temas como distribuição, mercado, políticas públicas, direitos autorais, gestão cultural, novas tecnologias, além de trazer texto de Silvio Da-Rin, ex-secretário do Audiovisual. Parte dos artigos de ganhadores do Prêmio SAV e do Programa Rumos Itaú Cultural Pesquisa: Gestão Cultural 2007-2008.

Facebook e educação: publicar, curtir, compartilhar (Portuguese Edition)

by Cristiane Porto

A obra apresenta elementos capazes de instigar a reflexão sobre a mídia social Facebook nos mais diversos contextos e situações, envolvendo os usos que as pessoas fazem dessa mídia; os temas que surgem e como esses se configuram enquanto objeto de estudo num ambiente de diálogo; os potenciais sociotécni­cos e educacionais da rede, enquanto espaços de subjetivação, sociabilidade e diferença; bem como os usos do Facebook no ensino superior e na formação continuada de professores.

The Brausewetter Emergent Science Curriculum: How to enhance intuitive science knowledge in infants and toddlers (The Brausewetter Science Curricula Book 1)

by Kerstin Brausewetter

In this book you learn how to create a meaningful emergent science curriculum to enhance intuitive science knowledge in infants and toddlers!
The Brausewetter Emergent Science Curriculum follows two different education starting points:
– The child´s activities during free playtime and
– the adult support.
This book elaborates on the connection between the children´s well-being and the preparation of a safe environment in which they can freely develop their gross and fine motor skills and explore at their very own pace, thus developing their intuitive science knowledge.
Good luck with the development of intuitive science knowledge in your family or institutional setting!

Los primeros 70 años de transformar vidas (Spanish Edition)

by Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

Este eBook se conforma por una serie de historias, narradas por distintas personas que son parte del Tecnológico de Monterrey y cuyas vidas han sido transformadas por esta Institución.Historias alegres, así como algunas tristes, o de personas que vivieron situaciones difíciles, pero siempre, al final, orgullosos y agradecidos con el Tecnológico de Monterrey, quien los impulsó y apoyó en los buenos y malos momentos, para salir adelante con éxito en la vida. En la última sección se muestra un recorrido fotográfico del Campus Fundacional, a lo largo de estos primeros 70 años que el Tecnológico de Monterrey festeja con orgullo y entusiasmo. Se muestran las construcciones iniciales de los edificios y cómo se han modernizado hoy en día. También se muestran actividades estudiantiles, ceremonias de graduación de ayer y hoy y demás fotografías que reflejan el espíritu del Tec.

Diáspora e migração (um relato de pesquisa) (Portuguese Edition)

by Ranyane Melo

Durante muito tempo a etimologia da palavra migração esteve sempre atrelada à migração de algumas espécies de pássaros de lugares frios a lugares mais quentes para permitir a sobrevivência dessas espécies. No entanto, durante as últimas décadas, com o fluxo de ida e vinda de pessoas, povos e culturas que, por diversos motivos, tiveram que deixar os seus locais de origem para irem habitar em outros lugares, a palavra migração passou a receber, então, uma nova carga semântica. Portanto, o principal objetivo desta pesquisa foi investigar como a questão da migração e do exílio encontram-se presentes nas narrativas contemporâneas nas Américas e de como esses conceitos vem influenciando a literatura contemporânea. Para tanto, foi feita uma vasta investigação bibliográfica de autores de diversas nacionalidades e línguas que tratavam sobre a temática do exílio, da diáspora e da migração, entre os quais podemos citar: Hall (2003); Said (2003); Porto e Torres (2005); Dufoix (2008); Woodward (2000); Jeanpierre (2008); Coracini (2007); Rodrigues (2008); Edgar e Peter (2003); Cohen (N/D); Cortázar (2001), Santos (2005). No qual os seus resultados, discussões e conclusões, encontram-se neste relato de pesquisa.

O ensino da filosofia no limiar da contemporaneidade: o que faz o filósofo quando seu ofício é ser professor de filosofia? (Portuguese Edition)

by Rodrigo Pelloso Gelamo

Este livro analisa o tema do ensino da filosofia e discute o problema do ofício do filósofo quando sua tarefa é ensinar a filosofia. A partir de uma revisão bibliográfica sobre o ensino da filosofia no Brasil e da leitura de autores clássicos (Kant e Hegel), o autor encontra certa ressonância do seu problema na literatura sobre o assunto, expressa em três indagações: a importância, o conteúdo e o método para se ensinar a filosofia. Para propor outra maneira de encaminhar o questionamento, ele recorre ainda a Gilles Deleuze, Michel Foucault, Walter Benjamin e Jacques Rancière. Trata-se de um tema de grande atualidade para as ciências humanas.

Revista Observatório Itaú Cultural – N. 12: Os Públicos da Cultura: Desafios Contemporâneos (Portuguese Edition)

by Brigitte Rémer

Esta edição se debruça sobre as discussões da relação entre as práticas, a produção e as políticas culturais. Refletindo sobre o consumo cultural e o público da cultura com base na experiência francesa, a revista põe o leitor em contato com a produção atual de pesquisadores que têm como preocupação central as escolhas, os motivos, os gostos e as recusas dos “públicos da cultura”.

Tibethaus Journal РCh̦kor 54 (German Edition)

by Tibethaus Deutschland

Das Tibethausjournal Chökor, das halbjährlich erscheint, kann auf eine 20-jährige Geschichte zurückblicken. Artikel rund um das Thema Tibet – Buddhismus, Gesellschaft, Kultur, Kunst, Wissenschaft, Heilkunde, Biografien und Reisen – gehören zum Themenspektrum.

Encontro Regional de Futuros Cientistas (Vol. 2) (Portuguese Edition)

by Adilson Jesus Ap. de Oliveira

O segundo volume de Encontro Regional de Futuros Cientistas traz um conjunto de trabalhos produzidos no evento transdisciplinar de mesmo nome, que tem como foco principal agregar valores, disseminar conhecimento e divulgar os trabalhos desenvolvidos nas escolas públicas e privadas credenciadas ao Programa Futuro Cientista® (PFC). A ideia central é despertar o aprendizado pela descoberta por intermédio de projetos científicos e tecnológicos.

Sotterranei Americani – Il sogno americano del Tomato baseball club (Italian Edition)

by Giovanni Tommasini

Il sogno americano del TOMATO BASEBALL CLUB e altri racconti.
La vera storia dei piccoli inconsapevoli eroi del baseball dai sotterranei di un parcheggio al centro della “spettacolare Sanremo” alla nazionale, le olimpiadi, la Major League. .
La formazione impossibile, Mozart e Salieri, Conrad e Whitman. Storie di vita, storie di morte.
E niente sarà più come prima. ….
Giovanni Tommasini

Sprachreisen für Jugendliche: Analyse eines Konzepts (German Edition)

by Kai Wienands

Sprachreisen für junge Menschen sind Märkte. Dort kann gut Geld verdient, aber auch schlecht gearbeitet werden.

Worauf kommt es an, wenn jemand die Gründungsidee zu einem Reiseportal für junge Menschen hat, das spezielle Sprachreisen anbieten soll?

Was kann er tun, um mit wissenschaftlichen Methoden zu ermitteln, welche Erfolgsfaktoren es womöglich bereits gibt und wie er sie am besten berücksichtigen sollte?

Wie geht man vor, um das nun auch noch im Rahmen einer hochschulischen, also wissenschaftlichen Abschlussarbeit an einer Fachhochschule ergebnisoffen zu untersuchen und daraus Nutzen ziehen zu können?

In diesem Buch können Sie nachvollziehen, wie eine Bachelorthesis dies zu erarbeiten und zu leisten vermag.

Geld verdienen mit Studienarbeiten (German Edition)

by Ben Bergen

Jahr für Jahr werden im deutschsprachigen Raum Tausende Haus-, Bachelor-, Master- und sonstige Studienarbeiten verfasst. Dazu kommt eine nicht minder hohe Zahl an Dissertationen. Für die meisten Studenten ist das ungeliebte Thema Studienarbeit mit der Einreichung der Arbeit erledigt.
Doch den Absolventen und Studierenden ist nicht bewusst, dass sie mit ihrer Arbeit nicht nur wertvolle Punkte für ihr Studium sammeln. Vielmehr kann sich das Verfassen doppelt lohnen: Sie können Geld mit Ihrer Arbeit verdienen. Dabei stehen Ihnen verschiedene Wege offen:
-    Sie können Ihre Studienarbeit als Buch oder E-Book publizieren und damit Tantiemen generieren.
-    Sie können sich Renommee und Aufmerksamkeit erarbeiten. Beides hilft, an lukrative Jobs und Aufträge zu gelangen.
-    Sie können öffentliche Fördertöpfe anzapfen und so nicht unerhebliche Einnahmen generieren.
Verschenken auch Sie kein Potenzial mehr! In diesem Leitfaden lernen Sie verschiedene Möglichkeiten kennen, wie Sie Ihre Arbeit in Bares umwandeln.

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