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Beginner’s Guide To Practice Reflexology: How To Reduce Pain, Relieve Stress & Anxiety, Lose Weight, Detoxify & Improve Your Sex Life

by Olivia Green

Beginner’s Guide To Practice Reflexology


This book is dedicated to everyone, who wants to restore a natural energy flow, eliminate toxins, improve blood circulation, relieve sleep disorders and reduce pain, but most importantly, enhance the feeling of overall relaxation and well-being.

In other words, this book is designed for everyone, who wants to master the secrets of living the life without stress, anxiety, severe pain and negativity.

BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO PRACTICE REFLEXOLOGY will take you through the basics and the history of reflexology therapy while helping you to identify the reflex zones on our hands and feet. It will also take you through different techniques, methods, steps and tools, that are used in reflexology therapy to relieve stress, lose weight, reduce pain and detoxify your body.

Moreover, detailed instructions and schematic illustrations will take you through every single exercise and technique, so you can easily master all the natural secrets of this natural healing method.


  • What are the real benefits of Reflexology therapy?;
  • How do Reflexology works?;
  • Important tips and different techniques for any beginner;
  • What time is the best to perform Reflexology?
  • The evidence of Reflexology in modern research;
  • Ancient traditions and difference with other pressure point therapies;
  • The relation between Reflexology & Aromatherapy;
  • How to relieve stress and anxiety through Reflexology?;
  • How to reduce pain and return your body to the natural state of balance?;
  • How to detoxify your body and maintain natural weight balance?
  • How to boost your libido and improve your sexuality?

I am sure, that any aspiring mind, who will read Beginner’s Guide To Practice Reflexology with proper determination, curiosity, and mindset, will immediately experience the endless benefits of it.


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Ham Radio: How to Get Your HAM Radio License: (Survival, Communication, Self Reliance)

by John Jenkins

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Ham Radio (FREE Bonus Included)

How to Get Your Ham Radio License

If you are interested in running a Ham Radio, you must first obtain a Ham radio license and it is your first step towards becoming a Ham radio owner. With a Ham radio license, you get a specific band range within which you can broadcast. There are several categories of Ham radio license, but as a beginner, you will be awarded or issued a beginner tech license. Having a Ham radio license guarantees your expertise and capability to establish, run, maintain and troubleshoot common Ham radio issues. Having a Ham Radio license means you are capable of handling all components of a Ham radio with little or no supervision.

This book has been carefully written with detailed information, to help you get your license approved in no time. Some of the vital information you will get here include;

  • How to study in order to obtain your first amateur radio license
  • How to schedule a technician class exam schedule
  • Types of Ham Radio licenses you can obtain
  • The procedures to follow in order to obtain a Ham radio license
  • How to upgrade from one Ham radio license to the other
  • How to optimize the benefits of using a Ham Radio license

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Help Yourself Natural Remedies 3 Book Bible: Pro Immunity Anti Inflammatory – Sleep Better Without Meds – Change Your Posture Naturally (Transform Your Life Naturally)

by Merche Del Rey

Good health and vibrant wellbeing are two of the most important aspects of a happy life. The fact is that most of us only appreciate the true value of our health when something goes wrong but there are many things we can do to improve the quality of our lives and this is extraordinary collection of life-changing and health-boosting methods have been collated specifically to make a positive contribution to your total wellbeing.

The author has focused on some of the most natural ways to enhance your health and make well-being a perfectly normal aspect of every single day of your life. Nutrition will always play a major role in delivering the best health results to each and every one of us but Merche del Rey has drawn on her extensive experience as a professional nutritionist and wellbeing specialist to bring you a fabulous range of natural remedies that can change your life and improve your wellbeing at every level of your experience.

The modern lifestyle does not always lend itself to the healthiest outcomes and most of us suffer from the effects of too much environmental pollution, too much highly-processed food, too much sugar and probably too many grains in our diet. So Merche has decided to share her practical knowledge of how to overcome the dozens of conditions that spring from an over-active immune system and clean out the toxins with a powerful array of natural, anti-inflammatory techniques that can restore balance and wellbeing throughout the body. But there’s more.

Merche has been teaching the connections between posture and good physical, emotional and mental health for decades. She’s successfully counselled thousands of individuals on the best way to ensure a deeply restful and refreshing night’s sleep. Now you can benefit from all these fabulous techniques too. They’re simple. They’re easy. And they can be dramatically effective.

Amongst a wealth of incredibly useful information, tips, advice and practical techniques, you can learn how to:

– Cleanse and heal your body with natural plants and herbs

– Boost your immune system and stay healthier for longer

– Reduce the symptoms of inflammatory conditions

– Introduce the best habits to ensure a refreshing night’s rest every night

– Identify and eliminate the foods that have been causing you health problems

– Turn on your body’s natural, fat-burning capacity and say goodbye to those excess pounds forever

– Heal those inflamed joints and tissues and get relief from pain

– Correct your posture and eliminate the painful hot spots in your neck, back and shoulders

– Breathe more deeply, more powerfully and more naturally.

– Let go of the old habits of stress and tension that rob you of your vitality

– Turn back the clock and look and feel years younger

– Discover the secrets of becoming calmer, more focused and much more resistant to stress as you learn to enjoy a better night’s sleep

Once in a while, something quite amazing shows up on the Internet that can create meaningful change in your life. This excellent book bundle carries the knowledge and traditions of some of the greatest health and wellbeing techniques that can be found. Now you can enjoy the benefits of this extraordinary and vitally important knowledge to enhance the quality of your life and make wellbeing a permanent part of your life. Download today and discover the rich potential of your own wellbeing because these techniques and methods will last you an entire lifetime.

Exact Values in Trigonometry: Five New Techniques

by Bhava Nath Dahal

Since last 2500 years, respectful mathematicians worked for trigonometric values differently. Now, 6-major trigonometric ratios are in use. Less-common but there are further 10 trigonometric ratios.

Many modern mathematicians worked for exact values too. They developed much, still left room for many angles.

In this book, there are five methods for determination of trigonometric ratios. One, named as Vatsa-method is ratio-based. It discovered new sum of natural number theory of ‘vatsa’.

Four methods are based on chord (a) and supplementary chords (b) or their product (ab).

We can find exact radicals for numerous angles; for the remaining concept of ‘appropriate accuracy’ adopted herewith.

For example, square root of 3 is irrational. Therefore, so-called exact value of Sine based on square root 3 is not exact, rather with ‘appropriate accuracy’ for the user. Same concept has used for ‘appropriate accuracy’.

In this book, trigonometric ratios are determined under:

1. Arc-Line method (1/2 to 1 hour to study or teaching)

2. Series method (1 hour to study or teaching)

3. Angle-Rewritten method (1 hour to study or teaching)

4. Precise-Rewritten method (1/2 to 1 hour to study or teaching)

5. Vatsa method (1 hour to study or teaching)

In fact, the maximum study or teaching time for five method is one working day for the person having general trigonometric knowledge.

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by Yoni Binstock

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Diabetes N Hacks To Health

by Tristen Robbins

Diabetes N Hacks To Health was writen by Tristen Robbins/Invalidi33 and he knows how to beat this curse that invades so many people and affects their lives daily. Diabetes N Hacks To Health will cover how to rid you of this curse and to be a happy person doing it. This is a book for anyone looking to beat the disease or trying to prevent it.

-Things This Book Covers-

-Healthy eating habits.

-Best way to get active.

-How to set and ahcive goals.

-Life lessons.

-How to really beat / prevent diabetes.

Interstellar Space Journey: Space Book for Kids

by Speedy Publishing

The latest movie about traveling between galaxies has sparked many people’s interest in its potential. Unfortunately, the film is not really designed for a child’s mind. Thus, a book about interstellar space exploration can help them see how wondrous the idea is for mankind. It may help push them in a direction of work or passion that they never considered before. Young minds need inspiration, and a story about the stars may push them that way faster than ever before.

DIABETES Killer Formula: The Miraculous Guide Will Fully Reverse Your Diabetes and In A Natural Way. (Diabetes Diet, Diabetes Recipes, Diabetes Cure, Reversing Diabetes, Lower Blood Sugar)

by Thomas Myers

DIABETES Killer Formula: The miraculous guide will fully reverse your diabetes and in a natural way.

“What will you find in The Diabetes Killer Formula?”

I will try my best to give you a bird’s eye view of the book. The diabetes killer formula is a book composed of 4 modules and as a whole 7 chapters. It starts with the primer exploring the origin and structural hierarchy of the disorder. Further, it goes on explaining the likely types of diabetes their symptom identification. The possible medication and treatments. Initially, the book contains an introduction to the metabolic disorder and the percentage population suffering from it.

Module No. 1: Preface of Diabetes Destroyer Programs

The first chapter introduces you to the actual causes and symptoms of the disorder. It includes a detailed explanation of how this disease originally became a part of mankind. I describe the consequences of carelessness, like heart failures, cancer, stroke and etc. Scientific facts and reasons behind the disorder have also been mentioned. You will get to know the difference between eating right and eating necessarily. Introduction to good and bad carbohydrates have been given to help you distinguish between good and bad diet.

Module No. 2: How To Identify Diabetes

This chapter explores the types of diabetes and prepares you to fight for it. It also mentions the signs that appear during the metabolic syndrome. The chapter includes 6 steps that lead to the development of diabetes Type-II. It also describes the biological facts behind the metabolic disorder.

It also showcases the causes of diabetes development along with ways to identify the type of diabetes that one has.

Module No. 3: Clean your body with super drinks cleanse.

“Before destroying the excessive glucose that has built up in the body, you first need to clean the body from toxins, wastes and etc. So in order to make your body toxin free, the very first thing you have to use is drinks!” is the basic agenda of this chapter.

The step1 for diabetes elimination the super drinks cleanse. It is a combination of metabolism boosting drinks. The likely outcomes of these drinks are balanced and healthy diet, weight reversal and exercise capability.

Module No. 4: The best practice is to have what you are having in daily routine.

How is the diabetes super cleanse drinks different from the everyday drinks that we consume? Well, there is a big difference. Our drinks comprise of Phase 2 antioxidants along with anti-inflammatory agents.

Module No. 5: The 8 week eating program

The Diabetes Destroyer 8 Week Plan works its magic by combining the following elements: Diabetes Destroyer Super Drinks (Still Will Be Enjoying 2 per Day).

Powerful Phase 2 Antioxidants

The Most Powerful Diabetic Superfoods on the Planet

Satiating High Fiber and Nutrient Dense Carbohydrates (Diabetic Super Carbs)

Diabetic Super Protein

Diabetic Super Fats

Powerful Metabolism boosting and Insulin Desensitizing Drinks

Module No.6: The 7 Diabetes Destroyer Rules to Live By & Health Foods in Disguise

Rules in this chapter will assist in achieving the accurate and fast outcomes. The positive impact of you following all 7 of these rules each and every week on the program will produce absurd outcomes and Type 2 diabetes will be a thing of the past.

Module No. 7: What to look out for on a Nutrition Label

As a type 2 diabetic, it is critical that you get indulged in the habit of reading each nutrition label on every food. You want to ensure sure that there is not only a lot of added preservative, processed carbohydrates, and lack of fiber in anything you are having.

Much, much more ….

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