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BREATHING LIFE: La campaña de Nat (Spanish Edition)

by Ana Escalona Amaré

BREATHING LIFE: La campaña de Nat es una inspiradora novela basada en la historia real de la campaña que una joven mexicana y su familia lanzaron en el 2014 para recaudar un millón de dólares para el trasplante doble de pulmón que ella necesitaba. Mas allá del impresionante resultado monetario de la campaña, la autora pone el foco en lo más valioso: el saldo de unión, solidaridad y amor generado por una sola persona.

El libro describe los acontecimientos y explora a cómo los protagonistas se transformaron en una empresa-familia capaz de llevar a cabo una exitosa estrategia que movió a miles de personas hacia su causa. La autora logra, con gran sensibilidad, que el lector sienta la intensidad de la montaña rusa emocional que ellos vivieron, desde el momento que se enteraron de que Nat necesitaba un trasplante, hasta los momentos de tensión durante la campaña y después, cuando las cosas no salieron cómo ellos esperaban.

BREATHING LIFE: La campaña de Nat es una historia sobre el poder de la familia y la grandeza del espíritu humano. El lector se atreverá a creer en el aprendizaje que la campaña dejó a Nat y a su familia: que nada es imposible y que en el mundo hay mucho más gente buena de lo que uno piensa.

Six Years With the Texas Rangers: 1875-1881

by James B. Gillett

First published in 1921, Gillett’s now classic account of his six years of service depicts with freshness and authenticity how the Rangers maintained law and order on the frontierâ??and occasionally dispensed summary justice. From the Mason County War to the Horrell-Higgins feud, the capture of Sam Bass, and the pursuit of Victorio’s rebellious Apaches, Gillett saw the kind of action that established the Rangers’ enduring reputation for effectiveness.

HOLLYWOOD SCANDALS: Dirt, Gossip, Romance, Heartbreak, Biographies and True Stories. The Top Celebrity News Of 2014

by Gina Ford

Get The Book That Gives A Summary Of The Top Hollywood Stories and Celebrity News From 2014

Many of us know that we like to read about Hollywood Gossip, Scandals, Celebrity Books, etc. However, when that celebrity gossip gets verified… confirmed… proven to be true… and it makes the leap to The Evening News, CNN, The Today Show, Good Morning America, etc. It then becomes a very big Celebrity Story. It becomes a Hollywood Scandal.

This kindle book is a collection of Celebrity Scandals, Hollywood Stories, Hollywood Romances, Hollywood Heartbreak, etc. These were the most talked about Celebrity News Stories of 2014.

We also know there has always been a fascination with Hollywood and celebrities. Which is why I have also included their photo along with the Celebrity Biography.

Celebrity Hook Ups, Break Ups, Caught On Tape, Arrested, Even Celebrities Charged With Murder, This Book Includes Celebrity Stories with:

* Justin Bieber

* George Clooney

* Jennifer Lawrence

* Jay Z

* Kim Kardashian

* Shia LeBeouf

* Angelina Joli

* Bill Cosby

* Orlando Bloom

* Tracy Morgan

* Ray Rice

* Gwyneth Paltrow

* And Much More

There is not another Celebrity Book exactly like this in the entire Kindle store. It is not intended to be a Pulitzer Prize Novel. It was create strictly as an Entertainment Read.

It is your trip down memory lane. Your personal Hollywood Reporter. Some stories you will undoubtedly remember. Some you may have forgotten about. It includes the Celebrity Bio. Plus, when available, I also include links to videos.

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Joseph Stalin: A Man of Steel

by Hudson Kisia

The drums of Cold War, their effects and fears persist to date. The resurgent Russia and the tirelessly expansionist NATO have revived the Cold War sensations. To have a better understanding of the genesis of the Cold War, it is imperative to go to its historical depths.

Stalin was one of the great antagonistic forces that brought forth the Cold War pitting the Western Europe and United States on side and the Soviet Union on the other. The ink that paints the history of the Soviet Empire cannot be complete without an indelible mark of this indomitable character that did violently thrust the Soviet’s statecraft onto the turbulent international arena of the first half of the 20th Century.

The Cold War ensued immediately after the end of the Second World War. It was a consequence of the great ideological difference between the democratic West and the Communist Soviet Union on how to establish a new world order after the perils of the Second World War.

The Second World War was epitomized by merciless confrontation between two cunningly ruthless dictators with unbridled ego and whetting territorial ambitions – Stalin and Hitler. Analytical assessment of the seemingly striking similarities between these two antagonistic foes has never received much attention in most history books. This book seeks to draw similarities and parallels between these two dictators that largely ushered in and shaped the Second World War battles.

While the heavy cost of Stalin’s brutal ruthlessness has been emphasized in most history books, a lot of it has been glossed over with a lot of finer details blurred out. Worse still, many of these books have failed to illuminate on the counterbalancing side – the benefits. It is during Stalin’s reign that the Soviet Empire rapidly expanded grabbing a whooping 100 million plus new citizens and gaining huge tracts of landmass in Eastern Europe right to the doors of Berlin. Rapid industrialization of a backward economy, scientific forages into nuclear, military and space technology flourished during Stalin’s reign.

This book presents a balanced view of Stalin’s legacy, its costs and benefits and how this has continued to shape Russia to date.

Enjoy reading.

Maniac Killers: Ukraine’s Deadly Teens

by August Crumb

In 2007, two 19-year-old boys in Ukraine went on a mission to film 40 murders, called “snuff videos”, for which they were reportedly offered a large sum of money by an overseas individual. Within just 15 days they brutally murdered 21 innocent people. Some were killed with a swift hit on the temple with a hammer concealed in a bag. Others were tortured in horrific ways.

Their victims were people who were sleeping or walking along minding their own business. They killed children, women, and men for their own entertainment.

Although they were age 19 when they murdered, they hadn’t yet escaped their childhood. The murders were the pinnacle of what they had been building up to since age 14 when they became friends in school. They had the same fears (heights, bullies, blood, and killing) and decided to face those fears together. The path they walked down was dark, bloody, and terrifying for the citizens of Ukraine.

Alcatraz: A Definitive History of the Penitentiary Years

by Michael Esslinger

This Kindle eBook edition has been completely revised, reedited and updated with new inmate / officer interviews and historical accounts! NOTE: This book contains graphic depictions of crime and prison violence.

ALCATRAZ – the name alone said it allâ?¦ It was meant to send a shudder down the spines of the nation’s most incorrigible criminals. It stripped Al Capone of his power. It tamed “Machine Gun” Kelly into a model of decorum. It took the birds away from the Birdman of Alcatraz.

When prisoners boarded the boat for Alcatraz, they knew that they had reached the end of the line. Not only was this the toughest of all Federal penitentiaries, but it was also said to be virtually escape-proof. The island was a natural fortress, separated from the mainland by a narrow strait of freezing water and deadly currents. This prison was the U.S. government’s drastic answer to the lawlessness unleashed under Prohibition, which continued throughout the “Roaring Twenties” and into the teeth of the Great Depression. Alcatraz, with its damp cold and austere isolation, its rigid discipline and strict rule of silence, was as tough as the criminals that were sent there, and by the time the prison closed down in 1963, “the Rock” had indisputably done its job.

Alcatraz – A Definitive History of the Penitentiary Years has sustained as a staple reference for staff members and tour guides at Alcatraz, and remains one of the most comprehensive references chronicling the history of the island. This mammoth reference navigates the Island’s history through rarely seen documents, interviews and hundreds of pages of historic photographs. Author interviews range from men such as legendary FBI fugitive James “Whitey’ Bulger; Dale Stamphill, a principle in the 1938 escape with Doc Barker and Henry Young; to Atom Spy Morton Sobell, the codefendant of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

Historian Michael Esslinger thoroughly details the prominent events, inmates, and life inside the most infamous prison in American History. His research included hundreds of hours examining actual Alcatraz inmate files (including rare original documents from Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly, and over a hundred others) exploring the prison grounds from the rooftop to the waterfront to help retrace events, escape routes, in addition to conducting various interviews with former inmates & guards. Esslinger interviewed a variety of principle figures, comprised of both inmates and officers who were either involved, on-duty or on Alcatraz during nearly escape attempt. Interviews included inmates and officers that covered each era of operations at Alcatraz from the early military period in the 1920’s, through the federal years: 1934 to 1963.

His study has resulted in detailed accounts of both the 1946 & 1962 Escape attempts. A detailed account of the 1962 escape of Frank Morris and the Anglin Brothers provides rare insight extracted through photos, and over 1,700 pages of FBI and Bureau of Prisons investigative notes.

Detailed narratives of Alcatraz’s most notable inmates who include Robert Stroud (Birdman of Alcatraz), Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly, Frank Morris, the Anglin Brothers, Doc Barker, Joe Cretzer, Bernard Coy, Miran Thompson, Sam Shockley, and many-many others. Alcatraz Federal Prison – A Definitive History of the Penitentiary Years, is a comprehensive reference on the history of Alcatraz and contains one of the most comprehensive archives of inmate and prison life photographs (nearly 1,000) from 1934-1963.

What Happened to My Mother: A true story of family, war and reconciliation

by Pamela Moriarty

At age six, I was living with my mother just outside Birmingham, England. The world was at war. I was surrounded by men and women in uniform, anti-aircraft guns poking up through trees, air raid sirens going off day and night, skies filled with planes hurtling bombs at us, and never enough to eat. My father wasn’t there to protect my mother and me. He was in France with the rest of the British Army trying to repel the German advance. The one thing that made living in the midst of all the chaos and destruction bearable was the watchful, loving presence of my mother. So long as she was there, I knew I would be all right. Yet, a year later, to my shock and bewilderment, she took me over to Ireland where my grandparents lived and left me, without explanation, not with them but at a boarding school filled with strangers. I never saw her again. When I asked my family why she didn’t come for me, all they would say was that she was dead and I was to stop asking about her. I’d attended no funeral, seen no grave, so I didn’t believe them. No one in the family would speak about her. I was left to flounder alone with my unresolved rage and grief over my beloved mother’s seeming abandonment of me until a personal crisis compelled me to confront my family’s silence about her and force them to tell me what happened to my mother.


Part psychological thriller, part wartime flashback, “What Happened to My Mother” maneuvers its way with panache through the aftermath of the tragic death of a mother in England in WWII. With every turn in this spellbinding memoir, Pamela Moriarty’s deft storytelling induces suspense, anger, hope, and finally, deep satisfaction. Employing a wry and quiet aplomb, the author narrates how, as a young girl, she overcame neglect and worse by her caretakers in the wake of her mother’s death. Moriarty manages to carefully and skillfully probe the denial that lasted long into adulthood and to chronicle her final coming to terms with the shocking reality of how her mother died.

Tom Daley, author of “House You Cannot Reach: Poems in the Voice of My Mother and Other Poems”

This powerfully evocative memoir traces the story of a child’s experience of the ravages of World War II. It is a story of abandonment and ‘hot scalding grief’ but also of the resilience and hope that make acceptance and conciliation possible. Told vividly and with profound empathy and wisdom, its masterful narration reaches for forgiveness and redemptive love.

Linda Dittmar, Professor Emerita, taught literature and film studies at the University of Massachusetts for forty years. Author of two books and many articles, she is currently completing a memoir about Israel’s war of 1948.

This beautifully crafted memoir explores the parameters of love and despair. Its affecting story of a young girl’s inexplicable loss of her mother in war-torn Britain and her decades-later discovery of her mother’s fate as well as the years between will linger in your memory long after you have closed the book.

Marion Kilson’s most recent book is “Kings, Priests, and Kinsmen” (Accra: Sub-Saharan Publishers, 2016). She is also the author of “Dancing With the Gods: Essays in Ga Ritual” (University Press of America, 2013)

Letters from Alcatraz

by Michael Esslinger

REVISED, EXPANDED AND UPDATED (Fourth Edition). Letters from Alcatraz now includes a new chapter of author interviews with James “Whitey” Bulger, discussing his years on the Rock. Alcatraz Island was home to some of the nation’s most notorious criminals including James “Whitey” Bulger, Al Capone, Mickey Cohen, George “Machine Gun” Kelly, Robert Stroud- the Birdman of Alcatraz, Alvin Karpis, Henry Young, Frank Morris, John & Clarence Anglin, and Roy Gardner. In Michael Esslinger’s latest book, Letters from Alcatraz, the prisoners’ stories come to life in their own words. With over twenty years of research, Esslinger, author of Alcatraz: Definitive History of the Penitentiary Years, has salvaged and compiled an extraordinary collection of inmates’ letters, many never before published. Letters from Alcatraz features an impressive collection of original correspondence from inmates both on-and-off the Rock. Their letters capture the true essence of life in prison, with fresh and historical insights to their sufferings and occasional triumphs. It is a finer example of history from one of America’s most historical treasures. This rare collection features many never before published personal letters and author interview material from James “Whitey” Bulger, Al Capone, George “Machine Gun” Kelly, Robert “Birdman of Alcatraz” Stroud, Alvin Karpis, Henri Young, John & Clarence Anglin, Roy Gardner and numerous others. Also included are narratives on the Battle of Alcatraz and other harrowing escape attempts. The letters are all presented in their original form… revealing in their authenticity, representing their lives suspended in slow motion while serving time on the Rock and other prisons. They are confessionals of earnestness and probe their introspective thoughts. Sometimes deep, and sometimes they are almost too overwhelmingly honest in their descriptive accounts. Many represent their torn and textured histories in crime and the intricately layered stories of life at Alcatraz. Letters from Alcatraz is an epic exploration of a secret cloak and dagger culture once hidden behind a mythical curtain. This book is much more than a mere exercise in myth busting. Paired with its contextual and intrinsic complexities, Letters from Alcatraz grants readers privileged access to the formidable confinement conditions endured by these inmates along with their compelling portraits, and a thorough overview of the rich history of Alcatraz Island. The depth of feeling in its story, its setting, its cast; these are their lives in prose and the stories of the forgotten…

nature and it beauty

by collins smith

This book is about nature

Beautiful Flowers

by Collins Smith

This is an interesting picture book that you would love to take a look contains different types of flowers that you buy for your love ones

I have found my Tickey

by Johann Wentzel

I have found my Tickey.

Rejoice with me,
I have found my tickey.
two brothers and a sister
a son and two daughters
more than one wife…

Actually, my tickey has always been there:
together on the long road,
with the inquisitive discovery of all ten secret
the ‘naked hikers’,
with the birth of my children,
the death of my parents, my brother, my son
my own journey back, always backâ?¦
I am a child of Namibia.

Lariza van Niekerk:
What a pleasure it is to go on a reminiscence journey with Johann Wentzel in “I have found my Tickey”! This journey stretches from his barefoot childhood days in South-West Africa and South Africa to Northern Ireland, from curry-tripe In Okahandja to curry-chips in Letterkenny. With the author, we have the honour of a near royal reception at a wedding in Taung, to be intrigued by the medicine man’s fresh goat-skin apron and eventually to find true happiness in Waringstown. The narratives are presented in a casual style and that captivates the reader and lets the reader join the visit.

Siamo Dio: Secrets of a Weary Spin Doctor

by Leonard McDonnell

After working for almost four decades as a news journalist, spin doctor and speech writer, Leonard McDonnell set out on a journey to discover what the hell is really going on! Siamo Dio is a report on that journey. Along the way McDonnell explores the complexities of language and communications, the intricacies of PR spin, and the essence of identity in today’s world.

wild creature and pet

by collins smith

This book is about animals both domestic and wild

Three Men and a Quote

by Ken McEwan

Reading the local paper is second nature to many people. Somehow it just turns up every week. But who are the people who provide our fix of local news and scandal? What tales could they tell of what really goes on behind the headlines? Here, three journalists with nearly 150 years’ collective experience tell their linked stories. Ken McEwan, John Dowling and Philip Elms began their careers in the same small office on the south coast of England in the 1960s. They went on to follow different strands of journalism. Eventually, they left the industry together as the recession of 2009 ravaged the newspaper business. Their stories are often revealing, sometimes funny, occasionally sad, but never dull. Who better to put a human face on life at the local paper?

From first victim to last: Serial Murderers (Ready Research Book 3)

by Mindy M. Shelton

***PLEASE NOTE – This is a textbook and will not download to all devices. Under this description area is a drop down menu for ‘available on these devices’. Please make sure your device is listed before purchasing. Thank you *** Whether you are a true crime reader, or a criminal justice student, this Research is Ready for you. In Serial Murderers, you’ll read about ten serial killers. From the more notorious murderers like John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy, to the less well-known, but equally disturbing, Robert Hansen and Dean Corll.

These serial killers have admitted guilt, confessed to even more than they were charged with, and sentenced. Some have already been executed. Not included was anyone who was acquitted of committing a crime, nor anyone whose killing spree began prior to 1969. The span of murders in this volume is 40 years, from 1969 – 2009.

After the last chapter, you’ll see the data sorted in ways that will assist anyone conducting research. The same ten people that are in this volume are re-sorted into new lists. The first is by the murderer’s date of birth; the next is the number of victims, confirmed and suspected, by murderer; then the range of dates by murderer; and then by geographical location where the crime(s) occurred.

Books in the Ready Research Series:

Volume I: Mommies who Murder

Volume II: Children who Murder

Volume III: Serial Murderers

Volume IV: Siblings who Murder

Volume V: Spouses who Murder

Legacy of Dragons

by Michael Kendall

Sea adventure, family secrets and a dangerous legacy from a previous generation provide the background to this powerful espionage thriller. Set in the post 9/11 world where nuclear materials are sought for a dirty bomb.

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