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Sonnet Vale (Paranormal Hunter Book 1)

by Gena D. Lutz

Paranormal hunter, Sonnet Vale, has the unique ability to hunt and kill vampires. But a chance encounter with a handsome stranger is about to change everything, teaching Sonnet what it’s like to be hunted and possessed.

Lady and the Wolf: (Red Riding Hood) (Tangled Tales Series Book 1)

by Elizabeth Rose

Book 1
Tangled Tales Series
(A twisted, tangled, romantic retelling of the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood.)

Lord Hugh de Bar, known as Wolf, has been cursed and shapeshifts into a wolf at night. He vows to kill the man responsible for his torture, Earl Roland Chaserton of Tavistock, but the man has avoided this confrontation by staying locked away in his castle in hiding. But when the man’s granddaughter appears in the woods alone at night, Wolf realizes he can take her captive to lure the earl out of hiding so he can kill him. However, he needs to proceed with caution since the girl is armed with a crossbow and skilled at killing wolves – and also very alluring.

Lady Winifred (Red) Chaserton has defied her grandfather’s orders and sneaked out of the castle to investigate a mysterious hidden door in a knoll that she’s seen on one of the hunting trips with her grandfather’s knights. Alone in the dark and without an escort, she has only her crossbow to protect her. But when she feels she’s being followed by a wolf, the handsome lord of Babeny appears to protect her instead. She is intrigued by the presence of Lord Hugh de Bar, and lets down her guard. However, things aren’t always as they seem, and when she’s taken captive by him she realizes there is more to this dark lord than meets the surface. He says he despises her for killing wolves and being the granddaughter of his archenemy, yet his eyes tell her a different story. His gaze devours her – and she feels like he wants to eat her.

Will magical forces come between a lady and a wolf, or bring them together instead? And will the de Bar family finally find redemption from the dark magic that has been bestowed upon each of the siblings and brought turmoil into their lives?

Death’s Game

by Brian Caulfield

It’s what happens when two souls die at the same time. Death doesn’t need to take them both. And he would prefer not too. That’s why he fashioned his game. It began a long time ago, when Death had time for such leisure. Now it’s rare that he gets to play. But, now and then, he makes time.

When Cole finds himself face to face with Death, he is offered a chance to extend his life by participating in Death’s game. But in order to do so, another soul must take Cole’s place in the afterlife.

Though he is reluctant, Cole agrees to play Death’s game. Immediately he is thrust into a contest against an unknown competitor, both of them vying for a chance to return to life. The game consists of three challenges, each designed by Death himself, tailored to the individual it is meant to test. Whichever soul wins the most challenges, wins Death’s game.

Cole will be pushed to his limits in Death’s game, though what might be his breaking point is when he discerns who exactly he is fighting against.

Blood Gifts (A Final Formula Novella)

by Becca Andre

Seventeen-year-old Ian is used to pressure. Born into a necromancer family, he and his twin brother Lex exhibited uncommon magical potential at an early age that led their father to expect great thingsâ??from them both. That is until Lex’s blood gift fails to manifest.

Or so everyone believes.

For the past five years, Ian has been keeping a secret. A secret thatâ??if it got outâ??would see his brother shunned, or worse. Lex does have a blood gift, but not every gift is a blessing, and not every recipient can manage the talent in his blood.

As Lex’s sanity begins to slip, Ian knows the responsibility to raise his family’s fortunes is on his shoulders, and his alone. When he is offered an apprenticeship with one of the most influential men in the necromancer community, Lex convinces Ian that the connection would offer their family even more if Ian were to marry his elderly mentor’s “spinster” niece.

Ian’s plan takes an unexpected turn when he discovers that Isabelle is not a spinster. She’s a young, beautiful, intelligent woman who, unfortunately, wants nothing to do with him. Now Ian must find a way to win her over before Lex attempts to elevate their family, his way.

BONUS – Included in this ebook is the short story, Lords of the Dead

(Total word count for both the novella and the short story is over 52,000 words.)

The Nysian Prophecy (The Nysian Prophecy Trilogy Book 1)

by M.K. Dawn

At the age of eleven, Alaina was found wandering in the woods wearing nothing but a torn, bloodied dress and a pink oval stoned necklace. With no memory and no one stepping up to claim her, she became a ward of the state, moving from foster home to foster home, until finding a home at the all-girls’ boarding high school, New Ridge, at the age of fourteen.

A week before her nineteenth birthday, Alaina is ready to put the past behind her, and start living in the present. But her past is not done with her yet.

When the mysterious and oh-so-sexy Brady shows up looking for her, claiming she is the long-lost princess from the realm Nysa, the princess prophesied to save their kingdom from the evil tyrant Lord Wright, she is thrown into a world she could never have imagined to exist.

On the verge of being crowned queen, Alaina must decide whom and what to believe. Everyone around her assures her that she is, in fact, the heir to the throne and the one whom the prophecy is named after, even when everything inside of her screams that something is not right. But without her childhood memories, there is no way to be certain.

Not only is Alaina struggling with the truth about her past, she is being hunted by Lord Wright’s most ruthless solider, Kakos, who will do anything to stop the prophecy from being fulfilled. With her life in danger and the fate of Nysa hanging in the balance, can Alaina come to terms with her past? And if so, will she survive long enough to see what the Gods have in store for her future?

Dominus Silentia: Part 1 Awakening

by E M Wooden

Constantine meets Underworld in this dark urban fantasy–William Drake was your average soldier who returned home from the war. It wasn’t his choice to be medically discharged, but he was handling it the best way that he could. Bored with the day to day dealings of going to college, he often fantasized about returning to a more exciting life, He got what he asked for, and then some.

William discovered a secret world that had remained hidden for thousands of years, all within his own city. A world populated by beings only known from fictional tales. A world from which some of his closest friends were a part of. And now William was going to play a major role in a world he knew nothing about.

A River of Secrets, Summer of the Rose (River of Love’s Rose Time Travel Trilogy Book 1)

by Flossie Stewart

A Southern Historical Romantic Time Travel Fantasy
Somewhere in the forest lies a secret…

You’ve somehow traveled back in time, to the summer of 1877, to Anna’s little dirt road town “somewhere in the South”. Somewhere deep in the forest, where not many have ventured to go, lies a secret. Pull up a chair and sit for a while with Anna, Sam “Tater” Jenson, Mattie Turner, and the others, along with “Flapjack”, the town hound dog. Go back to a time when you saw the world through the eyes of a child and dared to imagine the impossible. Anna will tell you a story you just might not believeâ?¦


Anna Brownfield is 12 the summer of 1877, when she and her twin brothers, Jed and Josiah, 15, set out to find the secret place in the river, hidden in the forest near their little dirt road southern town, where folks say that if you touch the water there, you will look around and realize you have traveled forward or even backward in time. Little do they know what the “Enchanted Lady” winding her way through the forest, which Anna refers to as “Lady River”, has in store for them. Anna is now 87 years old, and she has some stories to tell, but none quite like the “Summer of the Rose”.


Did she find her true love because of a secret place in the river, like others claim they did? There are others who have stories to tell, and Anna knows who they are. Then too, old “Flapjack” knows a few secrets of his ownâ?¦


Fairytales from the Forest: The Flower Woman & The Dark Tower

by by Tony Walker

Two fairytales from the Forest of Brocéliande. Fairytales for adults

The Flower Woman: 18 year old Rebekkah runs off against her parent’s wishes to live in the wild wood with a woodsman. People say he is not a good man, but she is in love and puts her trust in the gods of the water and the woods. When she begins to suspect his secret, she is a long way from all that love her.

The Dark Tower: The troubador, Drostan mab Ler, wanders the Forest of Brocéliande, seducing wives and daughters with his silver tongue. When he hears of the wicked lady of the Dark Tower, he vows in his arrogance, that even she shall fall for his charms. But she is far wickeder than he could imagine, and soon he wishes he could escape from her Tower. But perhaps the vampire lady of the Dark Tower has something to teach him about what it is to truly love.

The Wolf You Feed (The Vargr Clan Trilogy Book 1)

by Angela Stevens

Tore Vargr finds his world turned upside down when he is forced to choose between the love of his life and the life he loves. He chooses Annike, disrespects his brother, Erik, and sets off a chain of events that shape his life in a way he could never have imagined.

Outlawed from his clan, Tore embraces his new responsibilities of father and protector as he carves out a new life in a human world. But a jealous brother has a long memory and Erik is nothing if not patient when it comes to exacting revenge. When Tore’s past catches up with his present, he has to learn to pull from an inner strength.

There is a battle of two wolves inside us all.
One is evil: it is anger, envy, greed, arrogance, jealousy, resentment, lies.
The other is good: it is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, truth.
The wolf that wins?
The one you feed.

Cherokee proverb

Spanning two generations The Wolf You Feed is the first book in a heartbreaking trilogy set in the shape shifting worlds of werewolves and Skin Walkers.
The story continues in
Hold On, book 2

An Unbreakable Will, Book 3

Angela Stevens is also the author of the popular Adult Contemporary Romance book Lemon Drops And Love.

Mystery: Forbidden Zone – The New Land: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Sci-fi Thriller) (ADDITIONAL BOOK INCLUDED ) (Suspense Thriller Mystery London USA Collection)

by Terry Space



This is a suspense story of survival that describes how an astronomer called Mr Stamper, a chaperone and his prisoner, a marine official, and other passengers boarded a flight from New York to Los Angeles piloted by Mr Pedro and co-piloted by Ms Angela.

It describes the suspense that arose when landing the plane took rather too long after a white beam of light shines on the plane. After a while of reaching out to air officials and getting no response, they landed on a strange land. The sun, the stars and the sky looked so different. After panic amongst the passengers was calmed down, the astronomer indicated they were in another planet due to these signs.

They were approached by the people of this strange land whom had a strange language and gradually they learnt how to understand each other. They came across one of their kinds on the craddleland called Dean who claims to know the way out and eventually helped them get back to Los Angeles after series of adventure and seeking for a way out.

Tags: Romance Short Taboo BDSM Pleasure Forbidden Stories Adult Discipline Submission Menage Sport Valentine Dating Druid Stepbrother LGBT BBW Billionaire Romance, billionaire obsession bachelors baby unmasked brothers, Alpha male romance erotic billionaire omega lgbt, Adult sex books romance with sex adultery new age druid Celtic, Forbidden series fruit love romance pleasures billionaire, New Adult romance contemporary college paranormal with sex fantasy fiction, Short Stories Sport reads romance divorce gay military inspirational clean ghost vampire werewolf cowboy doctor highlander pirate politician viking beach gambling baby pregnancy second chance vacation wedding divorce office workplace amnesia new year christmas angel devil demon fbi police dark fun theft murder noir dog cat food craft hitman conspiracy financial london ireland scottish druid wales sweden denmark angels demons dragons elf shapeshifter aliens clones corporations pirates robots horror mystery thriller coming of age superhero sword magic invasion cyberpunk contact empire genes fleet troop exploration bisexual transgender gay lesbian time travel action adventure spy historical fantasy wizard warlock zombies spanish life application inspire papal christian historical jesus self help self-help catholic hebrew woman women haunted house metaphysical guru conduct of life death family man men mystic healing transformation ancient medieval renaissance aging childhood youth death depression alcohol abuse, drug abuse family life friendship immigration, immigrant politics, politician love marriage religion, religious, spiritual travel, voyage military & war career, workplace, working, office parenting, parent and children dating, relationships singlehood, single women sister wedding short story highland Menage Threesome humor comedy

Maelstrom’s Resurrection (The UnForgotten Ones Book 1)

by Derrick McGatha

In the near future, Jeremy and Kati have just finished school and are looking forward to their last free summer together, when a wandering mystic entwines them into a scandal so outrageously encompassing that the core of their sanity is at stake. If they can survive long enough to remember who they are, then they’ll become a threat to occult powers beyond their abilities, who will do anything to stop themâ?¦even to the extent of releasing a terror reborn from an earlier earth.
Also come face-to-face with the roots of this modern evil by immersing yourself into this pre-flood world resurrected from the ancient texts and legends: Jubilees, The Book of Enoch, The Book of Jasher, the Indian epic Mahabharata, the Mayan Popol Vuh, and multiple esoteric traditions. Tubal-Kayne and Neri find themselves in a world gone increasingly mad as the Watchers of the Great Elohim undermine the unity of the Satans to instigate the Great War and the reforming of the world.
The new age of Dark Religious Fantasy has arrived.

Destiny of the Witch (Mountains of the Immortals Book 1)

by Raven Moon

Rainelle Sterling heard the rumors about the Smokey Mountains, but she never believed them.
She made plans for a weekend getaway, full of fun for her brother and friends.
When they came face to face with supernatural creatures, she suffers a devastating loss.
Faced with telling her parents, she learns things about herself, and her family she never knew.
Broken trust and deceit from the ones that she’s loved and trusted just may break her.
But for now, she must remain strong, not for herself, but for her family.
If only she knew then, what she knows now, maybe, just maybe, things would be different.
Now, she is on a mission of revenge.

La Biblia de los Caídos (Spanish Edition)

by Fernando Trujillo Sanz

El mundo cuenta con un lado oculto, una cara sobrenatural que nos susurra, que se intuye, pero que muy pocos perciben. La inmensa mayoría de las personas no es consciente de ese lado paranormal… ni de sus riesgos.

A veces la gente se topa con esos peligros y desespera, se atemoriza, y no sabe qué hacer ni a quién recurrir. Pero no todo está perdido…

Dicen que en Madrid reposa una iglesia muy antigua, cuyo origen es desconocido. Allí, en su interior, frente a una cruz de piedra esculpida en uno de sus muros, se puede alzar una plegaria. También dicen que aquel que no tiene alma la escuchará, y si la fortuna acompaña, el ruego será atendido.

Pero exigirá un elevado precio por sus servicios, uno que no todo el mundo está dispuesto a pagar. Mejor será asegurarse de que se quiere contar con él antes de recitar la plegaria.

Eso es lo que dicen.


Este es el tomo cero. El inicio de la historia de La Biblia de los Caídos.

Toda la información de la saga está disponible en:!la-biblia/c20l3

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