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EROTICA: 10 GROUP MMF FIRST TIME TABOO BRAT SEX STORIES (MEGA COLLECTION BUNDLE: Man of the House, MFF, MMF, Alpha Men Gang, Menage Romance – BONUS FREE BOOK: Stepbrother Forbidden Romance)

by Sophia Taboo

10 dirty, dripping taboo tales! Plus free bonus! Get it while it lasts!

This EXCLUSIVE box set with 11 OVERSTUFFED stories will fulfill your darkest fantasies, guaranteed to get you dripping wet and leave you MASSIVELY satisfied! Watch these girls get filled up by multiple men (strangers AND steps!) at once!

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His DIRTY, FERTILE Girl ULTIMATE SUPER MEGA BUNDLE #1 (MASSIVE Collection of **20** HOT Steamy Taboo Stories)

by Sarah Sethline

==> Over 1,000 pages of SCORCHING HOT SMUT! <==

This naughty ***20*** BOOK bundle is all about dirty, fertile girls and the forbidden men who NEED to FUCK and FILL them! Good girls on the outside, TIGHT AND WET on the insideâ?¦

The best dirty girls are the ones who start off innocent, but as soon as they get into bed with someone they shouldn’t, turn into full-blown sluts! And if they happen to get pregnant from their taboo encounter, wellâ?¦ it’ll have been TOTALLY WORTH IT since they simply can’t resist being filled with forbidden seed!

HARD. ROUGH. RAW. and ’til her pussy is gushing wet!

MEGA BUNDLE includes:

#1 – DIRTY, DEVIOUS DEEDS… in Public!

#2 – Slamming His Sexy Send-Off

#3 – Submissive Brats, Hot Holes

#4 – Checking Her Cherry

#5 – Keeping His Bed Warm

#6 – *FILLING* the Brat’s *THROAT*

#7 – Checking Her Cherry, Too

#8 – Lindsay’s Lessons

#9 – CAUGHT in a Forbidden Bed

#10 – His Naughty Little Plaything

#11 – TRIPLE Checking Her Cherry

#12 – Accidental Forbidden Pregnancy

#13 – Spying on the Brat

#14 – Checking Her “Other” Cherry

#15 – Forbidden Fertile Fixation

#16 – Cramming HIS Comfort

#17 – Dirty Girl’s TWO Dirty Men

#18 – Busting the Brat to the BRIM

#19 – Speed Hump Baby Bump

#20 – Baby Bumping the Brat

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Get ready to change your sheetsâ?¦

Firefighter Dragon: BBW Dragon Shifter Paranormal Romance (Fire & Rescue Shifters Book 1)

by Zoe Chant

A curvy archaeologist with the find of a lifetime + a firefighter dragon shifter battling his instincts + a priceless artifact coveted by a ruthless rival = one blazing hot adventure!

When curvy American archaeologist Virginia Jones finds the lost burial mound of an ancient Anglo-Saxon king near the English city of Brighton, she uncovers much more than she expected. Unearthing a priceless artifact summons an evil dragon who’ll stop at nothing to claim the treasure for his own hoard. Trapped in a burning building by a beast that ought to be imaginary, Virginia’s only hope is to call for emergencyâ?¦

Dai Drake has an unusual occupation for a dragon shifter â?? he’s a firefighter, part of an elite all-shifter crew. When he rescues Virginia from the blaze, he instantly recognizes her as his one true mate. But how can he tell her what she is, when the first dragon she ever met was a greedy, bloodthirsty monster?

As Virginia and Dai work together to save the artifact from falling into the wrong claws, the spark between them quickly grows to an inferno. But will his secret make their relationship go up in smoke?

This is a sizzling hot, standalone BBW dragon shifter romance. No cliffhangers!

Main Chick vs. Side Bitch 1: Urban Fiction Romance (Main Chick vs Side Bitch)

by Solae Dehvine

“Side B*tches are getting bold these days”

*****THIS IS PART 1 of a 3 PART SERIES****

*****PART 2 is AVAILABLE NOW ****

The finer the man, the more everyone is going to want him and DeWayne Coleman is no exception to the rule. With his main girl Kiara Lawrence by his side, DeWayne rules the town. DeWayne and Kiara had their share of ups and downs from women to extra kids but they always stayed together until Ariane came along.

Kiara is a lawyer with money and brains but Ariane has a body with hustle and street smarts and with DeWayne mixed in, disaster isn’t far behind.

There is no way to stop the madness and with DeWayne caught in love triangle, the women have no choice but to fight for the love of their life, but at what cost?

Find out in Main Chick vs. Side Bitch

*****THIS IS PART 1 of a 3 PART SERIES****



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