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Pokemon Go: The Full Guide

by Andy Emerson

If you are looking to get in on the addictive fun that is Pokémon GO, if you are looking to understand what the game is and how to play it, or are just looking for Pokémon secrets, tips, tricks, hints, cheats, game walkthroughs, and how to stay safe as you play the game, you are in for a treat.

In this guide, you will learn things such as:

  • How to install the game when you are outside its available territories and countries
  • Why Pokémon GO has become so popular
  • How to play the game
  • How to hunt for rare Pokémon
  • Everything you need to know about Poke trainers
  • And so, so much more!

I invite you to grab a copy and have an interesting read!

Uncomfortable: A Love Story

by Jason Ripper

After twelve years of marriage, ironically we decided to make life more uncomfortable. Once a month for a year, we took on fairly minor challenges — like stand-up comedy, panhandling, and being handcuffed to each other for a day — to have something new in common, but we didn’t have much of an idea what we’d discover about ourselves or our marriage.

This book tells the stories of the challenges (Jason having to hang out with hippies, Diane having to shoot guns), explores a weird way of getting into middle age, and hopefully has something to say about how all of us, single or joined-at-the-hip, end up dealing with who we’ve become, for better and worse…or half-naked shopping for tequila and toilet paper at Trader Joe’s. (Read the book and you’ll get the last line.)

Goodnight Trump

by Antonio Carter

In this lavish bedroom
There was a table
And a ratty toupee
And a painting of…

Donald in tight gold lame’

And a clueless young wife
And a small painted elf
A really dumb actress
And Trumpkin himself

And a silly old fool
And a ditsy buffoon.
And a washed up child star who was not gone too soon.

And a broom and the help and a book for a diet.
And a clever old lady who’s saying be quiet.

Say goodnight and good riddance to Donald Trump with Goodnight Trump! Inspired by the politically charged climate of this election season, the author of the Dr. Seuss parody Oh, The Sh!t You Don’t Know! has released a new book about the candidate that has everyone talking: Donald Trump. As every liberal-minded (and the occasional conservative) American knows, it is well past time to say goodnight to this brash, unqualified, and utterly un-presidential presidential candidate and all of his celebrity supporters. Antonio Carter does exactly this in his parody of Margaret Wise Brown’s beloved picture book, Goodnight Moon.

Public Figures parodied in this book:
Donald Trump
Melania Trump
Tila Tequila
Sarah Palin
Ben Carson
Candy Carson
Aaron Carter
Stacey Dash
Mike Tyson
Jon Voight
Scott Baio
Dennis Rodman

***This book is a parody for adults and intended for entertainment purposes only.***

Welcome Aboard The Settee

by Tayler Boisen

Dr. Nalia Stedson is a brilliant mind, a theoretical physicist for the Galactic Alliance, and a potential household name alongside the likes of humanity’s Isaac Newton. But Dr. Stedson has a problem, her research is a joke.

After witnessing her husband’s mental break during a stressful move on their home satellite Ganymede, orbiting the gas planet Jupiter in the Sol system, she devotes her life as a physicist to understanding the events that led to Kristof’s psychosis. Nalia begins her research on the theory she dubs, The Furniture Constant, after the couple find it impossible to move their couch into their new home. A couch that by all dimensional purposes, should have fit.

Why did the couch not fit? Why had no one else noticed the countless recorded instances of The Furniture Constant throughout all Allied systems? Nalia plans to find out, but first she has to convince her peers that she deserves the Alliance’s annual research grant; no easy feat.

Armed with her wit, passion, and research that cannot be ignored, Dr. Stedson steps before the Grant Acquisition Conference to do battle with the skepticism of the crowd.

Welcome Aboard The Settee combines the science fiction spirit of exploration with a humorous scrutiny expected of satire. Introducing a cast of alien characters and their own experiences, both funny and tragic, with Dr. Stedson’s ‘crackpot’ theory. Welcome Aboard The Settee crafts a universe waiting to be explored and Dr. Stedson plans to go further than anyone before her. Will she find the origin of The Furniture Constant? Find out in the follow up novel, The Furniture Constant, coming soon.

Customers from Hell: A Collection of Short and True Customer Service Stories

by James McDonald

From receiving a used tampon, to accidently “almost killing” somebody, I’ve seen a lot of stuff. This book is a collection of short stories from my experience of working customer service jobs. From fast food to retail, I have a lot of funny things that has happened to me. All these stories are 100% true, and you need to read to believe them. Anybody working or have worked in the industry will instantly relate.

Kindle Owners Lending Library: Discover How to Use your Kindle and Prime Membership to Get Free Books, TV Shows, and Movies

by Logan Styles

Get the Most out of your Kindle Owners’ Lending Library with this Comprehensive Guide!

You already know that the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is pretty awesome. It offers you, an exclusive member, the chance to borrow from over a million book titles, and view countless TV shows and movies. You can borrow a book a month and keep it for as long as you want.

The problem? Well, they make it pretty confusing to use the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

That’s why I wrote this informative guide: to help you squeeze out all the benefits of the Kindle Owners’ Lending Libraryâ??and to show you how to operate it with ease and simplicity.

Plus, I’ll reveal certain “hidden” benefits of the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library that aren’t explicitly advertised.

When you download this guide you’ll discover:

  • The possibilities and limitations of the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library
  • How to use your Kindle Owners’ Lending Library to get same-day delivery in certain zip codesâ?¦at no extra charge!
  • That you can get complimentary scheduled delivery or a speedy two-hour delivery on more than 10,000 physical products, ranging from electronic gadgets to groceries to grooming products and more!
  • That you can get your local stores to deliver
  • That you can enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted streaming of popular TV show episodes and movies
  • Where to get a 30-minute early admission to Amazon’s Lightning Deals and latest happenings
  • How to get 20% off brand new physical electronic games
  • How to find Prime eligible titles for download How to borrow books from the Lending Libraryâ??and how to return them
  • And much, much moreâ?¦

Download you copy today!

The sweet deals, awesome perks, and free goodies that are available to you will be discovered in this guide.

Download your copy today to learn all that awaits you in your Kindle Owners’ Lending Library!

U82MUCH and that is why you are fat

by Johann Wentzel

Please no!
Not another book on “how to lose weight”!

Come to think of it.
What do men know about losing weight so isn’t it about time to turn the tables on him?
(Men don’t diet. They sit in front of the TV and drink beer and would still have been living in caves if not for women.)

One easy read in less than 2700 words that may just turn out to be the best thing you have ever done.
It was written by a man that knows nothing about weight or diet or slimming or Watchers except those that come knocking on your door and it is better to not let them in.

Ongoing Reminder cum Reference:
Don’t skip a meal! Also no â??sins’ or rewards.
(The gift of life is reward enough.)
Take care of those closest to you.
No artificial sweet stuff including sugar.
Stay away from fizzy drinks.
Weigh yourself often.
Don’t neglect the carrots.
Love yourself!

And eat boiled eggs and beans to get your own back at him, but did you know that people of Africa use Rooibos tea to wean babies? It is naturally caffeine free, as hydrating as water and can be enjoyed with or without milk. Plus, it stills hunger pangs!

The golden rule: Anything in moderation as long as you stay away from the sweetened stuff but go on and buy the book.
It can even be used as a gift or card for that special person!
“Here be Dragons” out there!

Conor McGregor: The Notorious Conor McGregor and UFC Memes and Funny Pictures! Connor McGregor, Nate Diaz, Ronda Rousey, Anderson Silva, GSP, and more!

by Memes And More

Enjoy the Most Hilarious Conor McGregor and UFC Memes of the Internet


Be sure to download for FREE using Kindle Unlimited

THE BEST Conor McGregor and UFC Memes On The Internet!

This book contains over 2,000 pages of memes! I’ve gathered here the best memes of the internet for you to easily browse in one place, from cat memes to the classics.

Due to the extremely large file size the minimum price amazon allows me to charge is quite high, but this book is meant to be downloaded FREE via kindle Unlimited, so ignore the price and make sure you download it free.

Again, this book is meant to be downloaded via Kindle Unlimited if you can for FREE, otherwise if you bought it you can always refund the book.

This book is probably inappropriate for children so be warned!

I hope you enjoy!

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The Unspoken Disparity

by Tez

This is a short book that recalls on many first hand experiences to help answer why men who live in the UK are short changed with women compared to pretty much every other developed nation. I have had to remain anonymous due to the nature of this book, but all my experiences are true and help construct my argument.

But really, why are Spanish, Italian, American and Australian women so much better looking?

Why are foreign women so much more approachable?

It’s a pretty contentious issue but one that certainly needs to be read.

LAUGH IT OFF: The Ultimate Entertainment book

This book point out the entertaining power of Animals, How they can make you laugh and forget stress and boredomeness

In the Black: 1967

by M.T. Bass

The Sixties — The decade you love to hate or hate to love. Hippies & War; Sex, Drugs, & Rock ‘n Roll; Yada-yada-yada. But during those years of free love and psychedelic trips, American ingenuity and industry not only fought a war, but also put a man on the moon. In the Black follows the odyssey of a father and son as they each pursue happiness on opposite sides of the Generation Gap.

In 1967 (Episode 4), the avalanche of history bears down as war rages in Vietnam, protests rock the home front, and personal agendas, inside of government and out, threaten the lives of Y.T., Jr., his friends, his lovers and his family.

In the great tradition of Dickens, James, Melville, Wolfe & episodic TV, In the Black is being serialized and released in six installments during 2013 beginning in January, with follow up parts to be published in March, May, July, September and November. Tune in, Turn on and drop by . . .

The stupidest book in the world.

by Nik Gou

Warn. Grammar is zero. So conceived by the author.

The book is about how we live. And about whether or not we, to change something in our lives. Or leave everything as is.

The Cash 3 Lotto System

by Hans A. Adhemar

The Cash 3 Lotto System will give you box and straight hits, in the pick 3 lotto. A genius math formula to win the pick 3 lottery game.

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