Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 20 Aug 16

A to Z with the One True King

by Suzanne Stamboulieh

A to Z with the one true KING is an alphabet book that ties each letter of the alphabet to a Bible verse. This is a fantastic way to teach your child the alphabet with a focus on God’s word.

COOL CATS COLLECTION (3 Books in 1): 15 Short Stories, Funny Cat Jokes, Games, Puzzles, and More! (Fun Time Readers)

by Uncle Amon

Short Stories, Funny Cat Jokes, Games, Puzzles, and More! (3 Books in 1)

Are you looking for a children’s book that is highly entertaining, great for early readers, and is jam-packed with bedtime stories, jokes, and more?

You and your child will love this Fun Time Reader bundle that includes 3 best-selling books, jokes, games, and more!

  • 3 books in 1
  • 15 cute short stories
  • Funny jokes for kids
  • Mazes, puzzles, and games
  • “Just for Fun Activities” that kids will love
  • An entire bundle of reading fun

Each story is fun for kids and includes morals and values. There are also jokes, games, puzzles, and mazes included!

BOOK 1: Cool Cats volume 1
BOOK 2: Cool Cats volume 2
BOOK 3: Cool Cats volume 3

This book is especially great for bedtime stories, traveling, waiting rooms, and reading aloud with friends and family!

Best-Selling Children’s Book Author, Uncle Amon

Uncle Amon has created over 100 children’s books and counting! He has had several #1 best-sellers and finds most of his inspiration from his readers. Uncle Amon began his career with a vision. It was to influence and create positive change in the world through children’s books. Whether it be an important lesson or just creating laughs, Uncle Amon provides insightful stories that are sure to bring a smile to your face! His unique style and creativity stand out from other children’s book authors, because often times he uses his life experiences to tell a tale of imagination and adventure.

“I always shoot for the moon. And if i miss? I’ll land in the stars.” -Uncle Amon

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Our Planet: Science reader 1 (Rainbows And Buttons Homeschool Science)

by Sophie Kilby

This is the first book in the rainbows and buttons homeschool science series. Designed for children to be able to read at first with help and then alone it covers the very basics of our planet and solar system.

The Computer Code Mystery (Celia Science & Anna Art Book 1)

by Justin Taylor

Celia (11) and Anna (7) are inquisitive sisters who solve problems – usually with a new invention. When a mid-winter blizzard forces their school to shut down, they figure out how to amp up the family computer. Their favorite game becomes a supercharged adventure unleashing a chain of events involving the FBI, hidden computer code, a vile villain in a clifftop hideout, and three captive dolphins with a score to settle. Can the sisters crack the code in time to prevent the cyber-crime of the decade?

Bradykin Visits Martha’s Vineyard

by Susan Downing

Description from Amazon

~Martha’s Vineyard is where memories last a lifetime.

Bradykin originally filmed on Animal Planets “Too Cute” episode from birth to 8 weeks.

Bradykin is a Coton de Tulear dog who visits Martha’s Vineyard. A very sweet rhyming story about Bradykin and his family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. When you embark on this journey, Bradykin will share all his favorite places on this very special island. You and your child will create your own special vacation memories.

With this rhyming tale, Susan Downing and Megan Downing, co-authors of Bradykin Visits Martha’s Vineyard show readers how everyone can create a vacation journal while building strong family memories.

To our amazing readers,

Martha’s Vineyard has always held a special place in our hearts. We love exploring this magnificent island. We love the natural beauty of stone walls, beautiful beaches, biking and boating. We love the quiet summer days and cool nights.

We hope you will enjoy Bradykin Visits Martha’s Vineyard! Be sure to share your wonderful summer vacation memories with your friends and family.

Your friends,

Susan and Megan Downing

~Sharing the happiest children stories with readers everywhere!


“The rhyming text is fun for new readers.”

“A must read for every family.”

“A very cute family tradition.”

“The illustrations are amazing. They are so colorful. They pop off the pages.”

About the Authors

Susan Downing is a wonderful author of numerous children’s books including Bradykin is celebrating a Birthday Tradition with You, Happiness Year-Round with Bradykin, Meet Bradykin’s Family, and Bradykin Visits Martha’s Vineyard. Susan lives in Massachusetts with her husband Denis and children Matthew and Megan.

Megan Downing co-authored Bradykin Visits Martha’s Vineyard book with her Mom. Megan is a 15 year old and in high school. She is Bradykin’s dynamic creative specialist. When she received her real-life puppy, Bradykin, it meant the world to her. Bradykin was the best birthday present she had ever received. In her free time, Megan loves playing sports and volunteering at Cradles to Crayons.

Chris Young is the illustrator. Born in the Hudson Valley of New York, he has been drawing and creating art since he was a child some thirty years ago. He doodled his way through grade school and then studied fine art at Alfred University and the University of Connecticut. After moving to Vermont, he spent three years as the Head Illustrator and Senior Art Director for a local production company before venturing into the freelance world. He has illustrated for local and national businesses, art journals, textbooks, charity events, a national Senate campaign, as well as private collections. He specialize in hand drawn illustrations.

My Inspiration: A Family Tradition

~Bringing happiness to billions of children around the world.


Susan Downing is the author of Meet Bradykin’s Family, Bradykin Is Celebrating a Birthday Tradition with You, Happiness Year-Round with Bradykin, and Bradykin Visits Martha’s Vineyard. She resides in Hanover, Massachusetts with her husband, Denis; her children, Matthew and Megan; and their magical Coton de Tulears, Bradykin and Baileykin.

Susan received her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Fitchburg State University. She has more than twenty years of mortgage-lending experience. She has a reputation for strong professional ethics, integrity, and exemplary customer service. Her sales and management skills and overall experience have been great assets in the development and marketing of Bradykin.

Strong family traditions have always been a distinct part of her life. Susan feels fortunate to have the opportunity and creative ability to enhance the celebration of a child, which creates lasting family memories.

The Demonic Sty

by N. Victoria Kennedy

A sarcastic teenage boy wakes up one morning with a sty on his eyelid, however, this sty isn’t any ordinary eye infection. The boy begins to have strange experiences… and somehow, ends up in Hell.

Top Secret Hawaii: Your insider guide to ten of the most top secret places to visit in the beautiful Islands of Hawaii

by Samuel Coyote

Top Secret Hawaii is the perfect book for those who like to go off the beaten path. This book will show you how to find the most stunning places in Hawaii that most tourists overlook. Complete with Directions and beautiful photographs, Top Secret Hawaii in an invaluable guide to the best places to visit in Hawaii.

Jake and the man-eating picnic basket.

by Peter Preston

Jake Crabtree is an unwilling volunteer for his granddad’s inventions. They’re supposed to cure the twelve-year-old of his stammer, but more often than not he’s lucky to escape with all of his limbs intact.

He has an accident at a local science fair when his secret formula spills onto his neighbour’s harmless picnic basket.

This creates a creature that starts to abduct the villages of Little Codswallop, replacing them with not so perfect copies.

Jake and his family desperately try to come up a plan to stop the man-eating picnic basket from taking over the planet. And trying to avoid Granddad’s crazy inventions.

Mystery: Grave Danger – The Arrival: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Crime Thriller) (ADDITIONAL BOOK INCLUDED ) (Suspense Thriller Mystery, Collection & fiction)

by Tracy Grace




The arrival

Ric Corbit is struggling to find out about his Uncle’s sudden death. He just inherited his Uncle’s estate but he found his Uncle was murdered. Ric decided tomanage one of his inherited properties which is the played-out silver mine, but along the process, he will also realize that his and his girlfriend’s lives are now in danger.

Ric wanted to solve the mystery, as he shows grief in his Uncle’s loos. Soon, a police detective and a doctor will help them find the answers. They will all have to be precarious, but still be very careful about their actions. They expected horrible events to be tamed, but would it all be enough?

He was scared, but he knows he can hold everything in its place. A lot of things are bound to happen, he knows, but he remains hopeful.

In a world where lies, betrayals, and loss are always seemed to be inevitable, will they ever find eternal peace and serenity?

God’s Good Rules

by Hannah Clark

God made the world and everything in it. He made the people, and He wants us to have peace and happiness. He has made good rules for us to follow. He gave us ten good rules, just like our ten fingers. Can your fingers help you remember God’s good rules? Would you like to learn God’s good rules?

Elliza & Melkio: The Lambs, the Sword and the Last Dragon

by Mark Jannetta

Princess Elliza and Prince Melkio grow up in rival kingdoms, where they are haunted by insecurity and struggle to repair crippled family relationships. Through an interplay of trials and adventures their paths cross and their futures become entwined. Both are destined to be great leaders, but each of them has choices to make. Can Elliza overcome her physical and emotional scars that bind her to a broken past? Will Melkio follow in the footsteps of his father or will he allow resentment to steer him down the wrong road? When all hope appears to have faded, how will they continue to press forward?

This is a story of adventure and discovery, a fantasy tale depicting the classic conflict all young people must face as they engage in forging the person they will one day be. Which will triumph? Fear or Love? At its core is revealed the war that rages in all our heartsâ??that between good and evil.

SGT Mark Jannetta completed the first draft of this book while on deployment to Afghanistan in 2013. It was inspired by his daughters and has been a work of passion in progress ever since.

Skylar the Soaring Skyscraper

by J.B. Danny

A new addition to the city is being built and her name is Skylar. Some of the other buildings in the city are a bit apprehensive about having a new building around, particularly one this tall. Skylar maintains friendliness throughout her journey to become friends with the other buildings. Along the way, we meet many fun characters like Robin the Robin and Henry the Helicopter. Let’s meet Skylar and her new friends in this exciting and vibrant eBook, currently exclusive to Kindle.

|The Final Chapter: When Heaven Meets Earth

by Tom Stolz

The return of Jesus to earth is a great and terrible story. Understanding the role of the Church in this hour is essential to see the world in the right perspective. God is orchestrating the events in the earth to produce a longing for His return and hearts of repentance to come under the leadership of Jesus before Jesus returns to be the sole leader of the earth forever.

The Angel Gabriel told Jesus’ mother, Mary, exactly how Jesus would rule the earth:

Luke 1:30-32 Then the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bring forth a Son, and shall call His name JESUS. He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Highest; and the Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David.

|THE FINAL CHAPTER is a study of what it really means to partner with Jesus in preparing the earth for His eternal reign by building a throne for God on earth, just as David did thousands of years ago!

Acts 15:15-16 And with this the words of the prophets agree, just as it is written: ‘AFTER THIS I WILL RETURN AND WILL REBUILD THE TABERNACLE OF DAVID, WHICH HAS FALLEN DOWN; I WILL REBUILD ITS RUINS, AND I WILL SET IT UP;

The Mirror Children

by Jason Garner

Isolated and bullied at school, thirteen-year-old Elliot Stokes is a fantasist. Harmless daydreams about being able to control other people are one thing. Discovering that he can actually step into a mirror and enter another dimension is quite another. What would you do if you had instant access to a place that was the identical snapshot of the real world at the moment you entered, but unspoilt by the presence of other people? And when Elliot discovers that, while in that other place, time stands still in the real world, he decides to use the mirrors in school to get his own back on the world.

Sitnalta: Sitnalta Series Book 1

by Alisse Lee Goldenberg

Everyone in the land loves Princess Sitnalta of Colonodona. Everyone except her father, the monstrous King Supmylo, whose thirst for revenge and hideous cravings, have nearly destroyed the once peaceful kingdom. He cares only for powerâ??the more the betterâ??and he despises Sitnalta because she wasn’t born a boy. He wanted an heir, a prince, to grow his kingdom and fulfill his own father’s legacy. But now, his only choice is to join with a neighboring kingdom, and at the tender age of 15, Sitnalta is to be married to another king who is at least as old as her own father.

But Sitnalta has other ideas. Before her father can come for her, she sneaks out of her bedroom window, scales the castle walls, and enters the magical forest that surrounds her kingdom. There she meets Najort, a kind-hearted troll, who was tasked by a wizard decades earlier to protect a valuable secretâ??with his life, if necessary.

But King Supmylo has vowed that nothing will stop him from returning his daughter to Colonodona, and forcing her to go through with the royal wedding. With the help of friends from both kingdoms, Sitnalta and Najort flee ahead of the rabid king. For if they are captured, Supmylo will become so invincible, no one could stand against him.

“Sitnalta” is the first book in the Sitnalta Series. Now also available is “The Kingdom Thief,” book 2 in the Sitnalta Series and is available on Amazon in eBook and paperback versions. Book 3, The City of Arches will be available in 2016.

The Bird Who Sang

by Falon Wilder

In a journey back to classic children’s storytelling, meet Lilly, a bird who faces struggles and fights for what she loves — music and a baby girl.

15 Trees for Kids

by Rod Richards

15 Trees for Kids is an early reader picture book that introduces toddlers to 15 types of trees found all over the world!

Once Bad Intentions: An Urban Love Story of Triumph and Redemption

by Monique Dixon

The compelling journey of Stephanie Johnson who opens her narration as a rogue teenager struggling to beat her troubled past.

Once Bad Intentions is an inspirational story of a young girl’s journey to define her own destiny starting with the people around her. Tyrone enters the narrative as Stephanie’s secondary-school sweet-heart. Will love save her from her once bad intentions?

A gritty, realistic, and poetic portrayal of a life captured by nineties music, fashion and urban culture. Stephanie Johnson takes readers on an emotional journey from days fuelled by bad intentions to the mercy of forgiveness at the footsteps of redemption.

Visit for a multimedia extension into protagonist Stephanie Johnson’s world.

I hope, through the at times disturbing and heartfelt depictions of a journey familiar by many, you see the subtle humour. Feel the raging love. Unearth the daily learnings. And, above all, find enjoyment and inspiration in this read.

Monique Dixon


The Books of Ethereal: Volume I: The Mage and the Exile

by Daniel Mansfield

Charlie Edwards is fed up.

His life is hopelessly dull, his school teachers are out to get him, and it feels like everything that can go wrong, most certainly does go wrong.

But, one fateful night, a chance discovery in the woods turns Charlie’s world on its head.

Together with his best friend, Stanley Baldridge, and his sister Evie, Charlie is plunged into Ethereal – a parallel world filled with the kind of myth and magic he had only every dreamed about.

But all is not well in this new world.

An evil tyrant, Morbus Thrax, is bent on total domination and needs only the four Books of Ethereal to make it happen, threatening both this new world, and Charlie’s own.

And, when Evie is kidnapped by the agents of Thrax, Charlie is forced into action to get her back.

Aided by Stan, and a band of fierce allies he meets along the way, Charlie must overcome a world fraught with danger, and filled with creatures determined to see him fall.

With only his gut instinct and a few good friends to guide him, Charlie must find his sister, defeat Morbus Thrax and restore order to Ethereal. Both worlds are depending on him.

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