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The Alpha Male: MAN UP and Unlock Your Alpha – An Overnight Guide to Conquering Fear, Women, and Lifelong Success

by C.K. Murray


Let’s cut to the chase: too many men are blowing it.

They’re going through life unsuccessful and unhappy, failing to achieve their dreams and failing to become the men they imagine. Instead of unlocking their powers and supercharging their lives, they settle. Excuse after convenient excuse. They tell themselves they’re not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, talented enough. They allow others to push them around; weak, needy and forever beta. They’re scared of women, scared of success, and painfully scared of Life at large.

Enough is Enough

No real man wants to be beta. In the animal kingdom, if a wolf is weak it’s kicked from the pack. It’s left to fend for its own, unwanted and unappreciated.

Whether nature or society, there is no room for losers.

Which is why the time is NOW. If you’re struggling to be an Alpha Male, it all starts with getting your act together. Change your thinking, your attitudes, your behaviors, your appearance–everything. No more insecurities, no more excuses. Be average or be Alpha.

It’s time to Man Up.

So learn how to do it. Stop slinking through life and become confident like you’re supposed to be. Unleash your charisma, supercharge your body language, and finally gain the confidence with women you’ve always wanted!

By mastering the power of physical anthropology and self esteem, any man can unlock his alpha. Become a winner, become a leader. Become an Alpha Male TODAY.

The Alpha Male: MAN UP and Unlock Your Alpha – An Overnight Guide to Conquering Fear, Women, and Lifelong Success (A Preview):

Ch. 1 – The Alpha is Inside ALL of Us

From Wimp to Winner

Ch. 2 – F*ck Fear. It’s Time to Man Up

Top Mistakes ALL Men Must Avoid

Key Strategies for Transforming Your Self-Confidence

Ch. 3 – SIGNAL Success to ACHIEVE Success – Your Body Language is Your Gateway

Ch. 4 – But What’s Good Body Language Without a Good Body? You Gotta SHAPE UP to MAN UP

Ch. 5 – Women Should Put YOU on a Pedestal

Ch. 6 – Create Your Fortune & Never Look Back!

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La Entrevista A Hilario Ramírez Santiago (Spanish Edition)

by Juan Vicente Álvarez Rosales

Nuestro entrevistado Hilario expone a su manera los males sociales de México, es uno de tantos mexicanos que por su edad no le dan trabajo ni en la industria, ni en el comercio formal e informal y decide ser bolero, y expone como percibe él y sus clientes, los males que aquejan a México y al mundo, como son: la inseguridad, la corrupción, los abusos del poder, cómo ve la gente más desprotegida, menguada su raquítica economía, culpa de políticas económicas erróneas que son factores no solo de la corrupción, sino también, de la inseguridad que prevalece en el mundo, dado a los paupérrimos salarios que imperan en la actualidad, y así mismo lo inútil que son la inmensa mayoría de los políticos, que solo sirven para sangrar a un país y trabajan en pro partidista y no en pro de sus gobernados y como lo exponen muchos ciudadanos, “â?¦.QUE LOS POLÍTICOS SE PAGUEN EL SALARIO MÍNIMO Y VIVAN CON Ã?Lâ?¦.”

Extra 35 aniversario (Spanish Edition)


35 aniversario del nacimiento del El Diario El País

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