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Amazon Prime: The Complete Beginners Guide To Amazon Prime Membership – Learn How To Get The Most Out Of Instant Video, Music And The Kindle Lending Library! … Amazon Prime Membership, Prime Music)

by Dominick Newman


The Complete Beginners Guide To Amazon Prime Membership – Learn How To Get The Most Out Of Instant Video, Music And The Kindle Lending Library!

Amazon has a wide range of products and services that they have personally designed and maintain for the sure personal satisfaction of its users. For years Amazon has grown its business off of the realization that the customer is always right and we need to do everything that we can to make the customer happy.

In this pursuit Amazon has created a program known as Amazon prime. In this program you pay a small yearly fee and in return Amazon gives you everything that it possibly can to make your life as easy and stress free as possible.

In this book we are going to explore the Amazon Prime program. We will talk about what it is, how to get started and how to get the most benefits out if the program as possible. At the end of this book you will be able to signup for your free 30 day trial and start enjoying the benefits that we discuss in this book.

Now the Prime membership may not be for everyone but after going through this book you will know one way or the other. So download today and let’s explore the Amazon Prime program together.

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Ten Experiments in Electronics for Students

by Seggy Segaran

These are real experiments aimed at showing students of electronics how various devices behave. Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Diodes, Zeners, Transistors and Relays are covered. If you want flashing lights and sound effects then this book is not for you. If you want to start on a path of learning about electronic devices then this book is a very good place to start.


Experiment 1:Circuit with LED
Experiment 2:Using resistors to control LED brightness
Experiment 3:How a capacitor stores energy
Experiment 4:Working with a transistor
Experiment 5:Working with inductors
Experiment 6:How to use zeners
Experiment 7:Using a relay in a circuit
Experiment 8:Using a bi-colour LED
Experiment 9: A touch sensitive switch
Experiment 10: Working with a PNP transistor

Elvis Presley (PSYCH 101)

by Chris Young

A modern-day rap-music artist, who is popularly known by the stage surname of Eminem, once mentioned Elvis Presley in an autobiographical reference to himself through staking the claim that he was the first person since Elvis Presley’s musical debut to perform music which was notoriously performed by African Americans and gain wealth from capitalizing on his musical talent. This is living proof of how today’s society has revolutionized and engraved the life of such a talented musician and singer into the society and culture of today’s world and it will most likely continue as such for years to come.

The Cut-Off List

by Shashi Prakash

A simple story from India that somehow will behold you. I bet that somewhere and somehow you will find yourself in this story. Read more about Pranshu Ojha and his journey to one of the most prestigious engineering institute of the country.

Discover yourself because it’s never too late.

“64. The gas leaked from a storage tank of the Union Carbide Plant in Bhopal gas tragedy was:

(1). Ammonia

(2). Phosgene

(3). Methylisocyanate

(4). Methylamine”

It reminded me of an uncle who had his posting in Bhopal. I bet he would also had skipped this question but I had already skipped a lot and now every skip meant thousand rank farther in the rank list.

I couldn’t believe that I had got stuck in this question. I had watched an hour long episode on National Geographic Channel related to this disaster. I was capable of speaking 30 minutes over this issue but I didn’t know one simple fact. It was really heart breaking. I tried to go with the most complicated name in the name of most complicated god. I had remembered god for the most time and I thought most of the students would be doing the same. I moved on.

Order of stability, ionization potential, acidity, stability, paramagnetism. The whole section seemed to be set according to my preparation for the subject. And now I had bled enough on the battle ground. I was sure that in the middle of the next 90 minutes I was going to die. My wits, intelligence and erudition were my bows and arrows. And I was stripped of my armor that were going to make me through this slaughter house. My mind took a reboot. All those classes that I had bunked. All those nights in which instead of reading I had spent my time watching those pirated latest releases. All those moments began to take me back and whole flash back was in front of my eyes. I began to hate my friends. I was bleeding faster and I was looking someone to blame upon for the wound. My father was outside the gate and I knew that he would be still waiting there for me.

“60 minutes left”

I decided to move to the middle section and that was mathematics. Mathematics was one of the subjects that I didn’t like to study in my spare times and the inevitable reason for the same was that I hated it. I didn’t expect much from this section.

I skipped the 31st question. It was related to distinct real roots. It gave mine timidity a tad bit boost to overcome my confidence. I began to think of my friend Rajnish who had made a proposition to me, about a month back about staying together in Kota. I began to laugh on myself about how I had silently mocked Rajnish in my heart.”

The GOOD Therapist: Principles For Sound Counseling Session: Counseling, Therapy, Counseling Psychology, Therapist, MFT

by Chris F. Quiery MS LMFT

What does it mean to be a good therapist? As a practicing marriage and family therapist, supervisor of several therapeutic teams, author and lifelong student of psychology, I have always been intrigued by the many psychology professionals I encounter. I have had the pleasure of learning from, working with and supervising an array of clinicians who all bring unique backgrounds, education and experience to the table. The purpose of this book is to try and formulate the ingredients of a good therapist.

Being a mental health therapist requires certain principal skills in order to offer the efficiency and competency required to be respectable at the job. Several of these skills are learned during one’s graduate level education and traineeship to become a therapist; others are learned from different life experiences while being informed by personal characteristics, and others are acquired in the trenches while practicing the art of psychotherapy. The good therapist is able to combine their education, traineeship, life experiences and personal characteristics in order to provide competent, sound therapy.

There is vast material available discussing the merits of different psychological/therapeutic modalities and philosophies. Having an understanding of therapeutic modality and practice is important. I have often compared psychology/therapy theory to a roadmap or road trip; the roadmaps offer the clinician a guide to treatment. This book wants to look more at the therapist themselves, the vessel more so than the cargo. The cargo (theory, modality/forms of evidence-based practice) is important, but the first encounter a client will have is with the vessel. Even when armed with the finest psychology background, the process of therapy will not be successful if the therapist themselves are not sound on critical points.

And we are not looking to simply be sound. We want to be the good therapist, the therapist who creates the safe environment for clients to feel safe exploring themselves and their situations in. When you talk to a client and ask them what the main reasoning for continuing in session or discontinuing session was, they do not often say “I disliked the psychodynamic approach” or “cognitive-behavioral therapy just isn’t for me.” They typically talk about whether the time with the clinician, the human being, felt like it was worth it. Was the clinician “good enough” to connect and help?

Talk therapy is important and effective in supporting people with mental health concerns and various life struggles, much more so than many may realize. We live in a world where people look for the quick fix, the “magic pill”, the short-term solution to any internal strife. A good therapist can serve as the medium to teaching clients how beneficial therapy can be. Recently, the American Psychological Association (APA) performed a detailed analysis of peer-reviewed studies informing the psychology community of its findings, which included some interesting findings worthy of note. The article from the APA confirmed that therapy is considered highly effective and beneficial in treating variety of mental health related conditions for many different type of clients (e.g., age, race). Another major benefit of talk therapy as deemed by the APA was that it was found to have longer influence as compared to psychopharmaceutic drugs/medication alone. In cases where psychopharmaceutic drug intervention is required as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for clients, it was found that a combination of talk therapy with a clinician and psychopharmaceutic support was more effective than psychopharmaceutic approach alone. (“Recognition of Psychotherapy Effectiveness” 2012).

The point?

Never underestimate the value of good therapy coming from good therapists!

Therapy is a beneficial tool to many and this book aims to be a benefit to those who offer therapeutic counseling session to clients. “The Good Therapist” book is designed to quickly offer ther

The Art of Not Kicking Your Participant Down The Abseil Rope: Leading An Impactful Descent

by Ahmad Bahktiar Othman

This book is a personal account as an abseiling instructor. You will be following my journey as I conduct an abseiling activity: the preparation, briefing, demonstration, despatching and debriefing.

Since January 2016, I have had the rather fortunate opportunity to conduct abseiling often. Correction, it was very often that you could consider it as a weekly affair. (I do conduct other outdoor activities too just in case people think I am missing out on life.)

In almost every session, I get to meet both the usual and unique characters up on the rooftop. There are participants who volunteered eagerly to attempt first but suddenly froze up there. There are those who would thought that could turn transparent and that I would miss out on them. There are those who admitted being scared but continuously stared at the face of â??Death’ down the wall. And of course many more!

I will be sharing some workable strategies that appear to work for my participants. I will also be relating them back to the different outdoor leadership and programming principles.

62 synonyms with the letter U: bitesize learning (literacy series Book 1)


Learn the synonyms and increase your knowledge which will increase your vocabulary. So you can use it in your reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The dispute between mankind (children of Adam alai hi wa sallam) and islam is nothing new. (words:6233)

by Mohammed Raj Abdullah

The dispute between mankind (children of Adam alai hi wa sallam) and islam is nothing new. (words:6233)

Become an Expatriate-Retire to Sonora, Mexico (Retire to: San Carlos, Puerto Penasco, Rocky Point, Kino Bay, Alamos): Become a Sonora Explorer

by George Puckett

This is the new expanded version of this book. The size has almost doubled with the addition of a special “Expatriate Essential Knowledge Base.” This should be especially helpful to new retirees or to those considering retiring to Sonora or any location in Mexico.

We are exploring different places to retire in Mexico. In this volume we visit the State of Sonora in the Northwestern part of the country. Sonora is the second largest state in Mexico.

There are four major retirement areas in Sonora. They are, Kino Bay, San Carlos, Alamos and Puerto Penasco or Rocky Point. Each community has its own appeal. Fishing is a major attraction in all four areas with Alamos the only community on the Sea of Cortez. However, they do have fresh water fishing in a nearby river and it’s only 34 miles to the coast at Navojoa.

These are all great retirement areas and they are all close to the US border. There are also large airports in or near all the communities.

Retire! We would advise everyone to be a tourist first and maybe visit some of the communities. If you decide to move to an area, consider renting first.

First be a Sonora Explorer and then become a Sonora resident



Através das simbologias presentes nos contos infantis as crianças podem encontrar alívio e satisfação, pois ao adentrarem nesse mundo de fantasias, que mistura o real com o simbólico, elas alcançam respostas, de forma oculta, para suas inquietações psíquicas e adquirem conhecimentos de modo gradativo, de acordo com seu nível de maturação, que lhes permitem uma analise e diferenciação, mesmo que subconsciente, de atitudes presentes no seu meio, auxiliando, de modo contundente, na sua formação ética e moral.

Tempo: Discursos Populares (Portuguese Edition)

by S. Alves

O nosso tempo na vida é bem curto. Temos muitas coisas para fazer, coisas que podemos fazer, e coisas que queremos alcançar. Temos que aprender a ter prioridades e a paciência. Neste discurso, Alves explica como precisamos aproveitar de nosso tempo, e como podemos fazer isto.

Pega e leia hoje, e utiliza todo o seu tempo!

Easy English Grammar: The Idiot’s Guide

by David J Cooper

An easy to use Grammar Guide for all students studying English.

English Grammar Practice and Vocabulary Trainer: Recommended for beginners

by Stephen Turner

Want to improve your English grammar skills?

Want to expand your English vocabulary?

Then this is the perfect book for you. Hundreds of pages of vocabulary training and exercises in many of the most useful day to day themes including:

  • Sports
  • Shopping
  • School activities
  • Shapes
  • Tools
  • Money
  • Vegetables
  • Household appliances
  • Telling the time
  • Furniture
  • School subjects
  • Fruit
  • Garden tools
  • Parts of the body
  • Transport
  • Kitchen utensils

What can you achieve with this book?

The grammar and vocabulary used in this book have been carefully selected to be applicable for A1/A2 – B1 level beginners (and intermediate) students, to help give an early command of English vocabulary, word usage and basic sentence construction.

The book is designed around common day to day themes using words that are in common daily use, it therefore helps you to slowly expand your vocabulary and consequently your ability to talk about these topics.

All words and sentences have been accurately translated by a native German to help you, as a beginner, understand clearly the meaning of individual words and also to demonstrate clearly the construction of basic English sentences.

The book demonstrates 100’s of new words and phrases which are presented clearly and simply to show how they are used in day to day English.

How the book can help you

After teaching English for many years, I know how important it is, when you are starting to learn a new language, to see the words, phrases and sentences in your native language first, rather than simply just trying to translate without always fully understanding their meaning.

The book is therefore designed bilingually, to help and support early learners whenever needed, not only to get a feeling for what you are saying, but also to help you understand individual vocabulary as well as how basic English sentences are formed.

Learn faster, understand more thoroughly

I have seen time and time again, what a difference bilingual teaching makes for early learners, not only to the speed that a student advances, but also to the the quality of understanding that the student gains.

The book layout

The book is divided into two main sections.

The first section is designed to improve your all round English understanding and includes such pictorial and written exercises as:

  • Identify and talk about the action
  • Choose the correct preposition
  • True or false sentences
  • Fill in the missing words
  • Choose the correct option sentences
  • Rearrange the words to make sentences

The second section is specifically designed to improve and widen your vocabulary and includes 100’s of multiple choice questions referring to pictures and also extra multiple choice questions for each picture.

As the exercises progress, all the new vocabulary words are listed page by page. This method is commonly used by trainers like myself and it is proven to be much more effective than trying simply to learn pages of words with no pictures.

Practice your way to better English!

Why You’re Not Getting Hired In The Petroleum Industry (And How To)

by Petroleum Engineering

A 50 page road-map for students who seek an internship, graduate program or vacation student employment within the petroleum industry.

The author has been through numerous assessment centers and internship interviews, and has worked as a petroleum engineer for companies from Norway, to The United States, The United Kingdom and Australia. In this eBook he shares all his learnings throughout the application and recruitment process, detailing the steps you need to take today to put yourself ahead of your competition tomorrow.

BONUS: 30 Behavioral interview questions you will most likely be asked in an interview.

Nerd against the Machine (German Edition)

by Tobias Schindegger

Herzlich Willkommen zur neuen Ausgabe des Magazins “Nerd against the Machine“.

Folgende Themen werden in der Ausgabe 1/16 behandelt:

  • Tutorial: Let’s Play Videos aufnehmen
  • Self Publishing – Umwandeln einer Word-Datei in ein eBook für Amazons Kindle
  • QR Codes erstellen
  • Video-Tutorial: Hörproben ins Internet stellen

Séries Iniciais: Projetos (Livros Pedagógicos Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition)

by Shana Conzatti

Mais de 50 páginas com atividades prontas para Imprimir destinada os anos iniciais do Ensino Fundamental, baseadas na experiência pedagógica da autora. São também apresentadas outras opção de atividades e reflexões de como realizar mais.
Neste volume é apresentado dois projetos: “Alimentos Saudáveis” e “Eu e os outros”. No entanto as atividades apesar de temáticas podem servir de ideias para outros temas. Sendo atividades de matemática, alfabetização, reflexão e conscientização.

Trading: Erfolgreiches Traden für Anfänger: Werden Sie in 7 einfachen Schritten zum Profi-Trader – Seriös online Geld verdienen an der Börse (Traden, Trading, … Trading Strategien) (German Edition)

by Ulrich Trader

Erfahren Sie, wie Sie mit simplen Methoden Ihren Einstieg ins Tradingbusiness zum Erfolg machen können

Kaufen Sie das Buch jetzt und lesen Sie es in wenigen Sekunden auf Ihrem PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet oder Kindle E-Reader.

Sind Sie auf der Suche nach einer selbstständigen und freien Beschäftigung?

Fühlen Sie sich gelangweilt oder unterfordert?

Träumen Sie schon lange von einer Karriere an der Börse?

Wollen Sie endlich Ihr ganzes Potenzial ausschöpfen?

Sind Sie es leid, sich von Vorgesetzten degradieren zu lassen?

Verabschieden Sie sich von Abhängigkeit und Frustration

Die Nachfrage nach beruflicher Selbstverwirklichung wird in der heutigen Gesellschaft immer grö�er und der Wunsch, seinen Traum zu leben hat, im Vergleich zu früheren Zeiten, erheblich an Relevanz gewonnen. So ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass die Möglichkeiten dafür auch stetig steigen. Spätestens seit dem Internet ist dieser Trend auch nicht mehr aufzuhalten. Die Vorstellung, wann immer und wo immer arbeiten zu können und dabei noch genau das zu tun, was einem liegt und was man sich immer erträumt hat, ist in diesem Sinne einfach unwiderstehlich. Eine dieser Methoden ist das Trading, oder Handeln, an der Börse. Dessen Attraktivität liegt in der Systematik, scheinbar aus purem Glück seine Investitionen bemerkenswert vermehren zu können. Natürlich stimmt die Idee des reinen Glücks nicht ganz, da eine Menge psychischer, zeitlicher Faktoren miteinbezogen werden müssen, und die eigene Verantwortung nach Einsatz, Bildung und Information nicht unterschätzt werden darf.

Werden auch Sie endlich erfolgreich und glücklich

In den Medien oder im Freundeskreis taucht mal wieder eine Erfolgsgeschichte eines Börsenspekulanten auf, der in nur kurzer Zeit ein Vermögen machen konnte. Mit Geschick und Risikobereitschaft hat es dieser jemand geschafft, von 0 auf 100 zu steigen. Während alle voller Bewunderung, Ehrfurcht und vielleicht auch etwas Neid reagieren, wünschen Sie sich, es wäre Ihre eigene Erfolgsgeschichte und Sie wären diese Schritte gegangen. Sie träumen schon lange von einer Tradingkarriere und es schmerzt Sie in diesen Situationen noch mehr, dass Sie es aus falschen �ngsten oder Zurückhaltung noch nicht gewagt haben? Integrieren Sie die Methoden und Tipps, die ich Ihnen in diesem Buch geben werde in Ihren Alltag und leben Sie endlich das Leben, das Sie schon immer wollten. Sie allein haben dies in der Hand, also verhalten Sie sich auch so.

Hier ist eine Vorschau von dem, was Sie in “Erfolgreiches Traden Für Anfänger” lernen werden…

  • Wie Sie Ihre eigenen Traderfähigkeiten und Tendenzen analysieren
  • Wie Sie die richtigen Tradinginstrumente für sich auswählen
  • Wie Sie die für Sie am besten geeignete Investitionsmöglichkeiten erkennen
  • Wie Sie seriöse Broker und Berater erkennen und mit ihnen arbeiten
  • Wie Sie politisches und finanzielles Wissen zur Strategie machen können
  • Wie Sie Ihren Geist und Psyche stärken und mit stoischer Sicherheit handeln
  • Wie Sie Unzufriedenheit und Frustration im Berufsleben verabschieden
  • Wie Sie Ihr Leben endlich zu dem machen, wovon Sie schon immer geträumt haben und finanziell dauerhaft erfolgreich werden
  • Und vieles, vieles mehr!

Starten Sie in ein neues Leben

Laden Sie sich das Buch jetzt herunter und lernen auch Sie, wie Sie finanziellen Erfolg durch seriösen und sicheren Börsenhandel garantieren.

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