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Mail Order Bride Romance: The Business Arrangement (A Sweet / Clean Western Historical Romance) (Sweet and Clean Inspirational Christian Romance Short Stories Book 1)

by Angelica Rose


A fresh new start…

Caroline has always been a practical young lady.

So, in post-war Charleston, where Caroline and her sister are on the brink of being married off to one of her uncle’s lecherous friends, she decides to do the practical thing to get out of an unwanted marriageâ??find a marriage match of her own and start a new life out west as a mail order bride.

After exchanging letters with Kyle, a widowed Colorado rancher who needs a new wife to help care for his children, Caroline decides to pack up her things and make a go of it, even though the arrangement doesn’t promise love or romance.

When Caroline arrives in Colorado to take the first steps in her new life, she finds Kyle cold and removed, still cloaked in grief over his previous wife’s death. And although the marriage was to be little more than a business arrangement, Caroline finds herself wishing for something moreâ??but will Kyle be able to see past his pain to a second chance at happiness?

A story of hope, fear, new beginnings and true love.

This is a sweet and clean Western romance and is a stand alone story, but don’t forget to check outThe Long, Slow Thaw, Book 2 in the Colorado Brides series, to find out how Caroline’s sister Mattie’s love story unfolds!

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Astrology: The Ultimate Comprehensive Guide on Reading Horoscope Symbols and Zodiac Signs for Understanding Relationships, Personality, and Wealth (Astrology … Success to Your Life and Become Happier!)

by Isaiah Seber

Unlock Your Inner Self and Achieve Lifelong Success!

Astrology is a wonderfully fascinating and mysterious science that allows us a greater insight into the genuine truths of this world, ourselves and those around us. However, most of us know very little about what Astrology is, where it came from and how it can be used and practiced today.

Are you one of those people? Do you long to know more about what Astrology really means and how it can be used?

This book is here to teach you and show you the way to Astrology. We’ll talk through the very basics, making sure you have the perfectly solid foundation you need in order to really understand Astrology so you can begin practicing it.

You can expect to gain 10 things by downloading and reading this book, and putting into practice what it teaches. The 10 things you’re about to learn are:

  1. What Astrology really means
  2. The etymology of the word â??astrology’
  3. Where Astrology came from
  4. How Astrology was developed
  5. What the difference is between horoscopes and the zodiac
  6. That there are 12 zodiac signs that all mean different things
  7. That we each have different personalities relating to the 12 zodiac signs
  8. How you can understand your relationships with people of the same or other zodiac signs
  9. That the zodiac signs are grouped into four elements that tell us more about our personalities
  10. That understanding Astrology brings a wealth of insight into our lives

Astrology helps us to understand who we are and how we relate to those around us. Modern-day, Western Astrology is largely focused on relationships, so we’re taking you through the 78 relationship options between each of the zodiac signs and talking about how compatible each of those relationships really is.

In this book you will find:

  • a brief history of Astrology
  • some information horoscopes and zodiac signs
  • help in determining your own zodiac sign
  • the 78 relationships possible with all 12 zodiac signs and how compatible they are
  • a deeper understanding of your zodiac sign in relation to the four elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air
  • some information on how Astrology can genuinely enrich your life

We want you to really make the most of this book and get all that you can out of it. There’s no time like the present, so make today the day that you start gaining an understanding of Astrology and all it can offer!

The Haunting of Blackwych Grange

by Amy Cross

For almost a century now, Blackwych Grange has been left locked and abandoned. But when a team of researchers gains permission to enter the house and monitor for ghosts, a dark presence begins to stir.

Paula is thrilled when she’s invited to join the team. Soon, however, she starts to regret her choice.

Something lurks in the dark rooms of Blackwych Grange, something that seeks vengeance. Many years ago, a young woman named Elizabeth Marringham lived in the house with her vicious uncle. Today, more than a century and a half after Elizabeth’s death, does her vengeful spirit still roam the house’s corridors? And if so, what does she want?

Autobiography of My Guardian Angel: Divine Words From Above to be Read by Humankind

by Catherine Marie Bergman

The Autobiography of My Guardian Angel contains divine words from above to be read by humankind. It encapsulates what it means to be a guardian, and why on Earth it is important for you to remain in possession of the earthly desire of love, and to create action through works of meaningful pursuit. The world above is so below. All you see, and do not see, comes from within. My words are of guidance and well-being. I relay what I have come to know and understand. It is up to you to decide what you need for this lifetime. As a guardian, I am able to assist you in this endeavor you call life. My correspondence is such through this book, and is on life’s terms and how to live freely as you are when you are. I am here for you always.

Looking for Justice: Christian Contemporary Romance with Suspense (Dangerous Series Book 4)

by Linda K. Rodante

Alexis Jergenson, a former attorney, flees her painful past and unsettling law career to teach at a small Christian college. But she’s not the only one running. Luke Stephens is fleeing the effects of the Afghanistan War and a failed marriage, and the last thing he wants is another pretty woman in his life. Haunted by their pasts, they’re both seeking new lives. However, when one of their students is assaulted, they find themselves allies in a fight for her life. “Edgy, gutsy, real” says Varina Denman, Author of the Mended Hearts Series “â?¦ a book that will linger in your mind long after you read the last pageâ?¦” Debby Mayne, author of the Belles in the City series

Silver Angel

by Camilla Compton

Hungry to taste desire and fall in love, Julianne Barrett forces herself to focus on work instead. After tragedy strikes in Ohio, she must save the canal boat company she inherited or lose her independence and income that shield her from having to marry for security when her heart cries for love. The coming railroad threatens everything important to her along with future dreams.

Hot flames of passion’s fiery splendor erupt between Julianne and Dr. Derek Fielding. Little does she know this strikingly sexy, dark-haired man that heats her blood is her secret enemyâ??a railroad investor. Determined to brand her as his woman forever, he works as the physician for her boatmen so he can travel with her on the Silver Angel along the moonlit canal and star-studded rivers.

In Pennsylvania’s Amish country hidden dangersâ??and forbidden temptationsâ??flare around them. Dark secrets in New York’s high society rock their world as she must allow the flames of their love to leap higher or to die and become ashes in the wind.

The Wandering Tree (The Strewn Field Tales Book 1)

by Daniel Wimberley

Poverty has a way of stripping childhood of its dignity, a fact of life that Lincoln Chase knows all too well. Wearing thrift store clothes, praying to the gods of adolescence that some loud-mouthed kid doesn’t recognize his old shirt. Building up firewood reserves while other boys are out popping fly balls without a care in the world. It’s a relentless condition without a single redeeming quality.

Of course, being poor is something that Lincoln has had time to accept. That his father is a convicted murderer, on the other hand… well, that’s a fresh wound that’ll take some getting used to. And soon enough it’ll be the least of his problems.

Yet all is not lost. Because in a long neglected hayfield, something extraordinary is happeningâ??something so contrary to human thinking that the rules of possibility begin to unravel. And for a boy like Lincoln, it doesn’t merely change the way he sees the world.

It changes everything.

Mail Order Bride Romance: The Bride’s Surprise (A Sweet / Clean Western Historical Romance) (Sweet and Clean Inspirational Christian Romance Short Stories Book 8)

by Angelica Rose


Sal is well past marrying age, and although she is content to fill in as her brother’s live-in nanny, she longs for a family and true partnership of her own. After exchanging letters with Tom, a man out west who shares her love of books and politics, she decides to take the plunge and accept his proposal of marriage.

Excited to meet a man who actually admires Sal’s bright mind and quick wit, she is thrown for a loop when she finally meets Tom and discovers that he has omitted a major detail about himself: Tom suffers from a debilitating injury, incurred in a horrible railway accident.

Can Sal accept the ramifications of living with Tom as wifeâ??and caretaker? Or will she be forced back to an unfulfilling life with her brother, as a glorified nanny for someone else’s children?

This is a sweet and clean Western romance and is a stand alone story with a HEA

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Romance: WESTERN FRONTIER ROMANCE: Devoted to Emerald (Inspirational Mail Order Bride Clean Romance Novelette) (Jewels of the West Historical Western Romance)

by Grace Fisher

Her whole life crumbling beneath herâ?¦grief, broken promises, unwanted proposalsâ?¦how does she know that leaving all this behind will be any better?

Avery is a man on a mission. He needs a mother for his two daughters and as such applies in the personal section to get the best mail order bride there is. He isn’t looking for love, just someone to call a wife while she makes sure that his two daughters are well taken care of. What he didn’t bargain for was how beautiful she would be and how her emerald eyes could evoke such strong emotions he thought he had given up long agoâ?¦

Emerald is seeking an avenue of escape from a life of hopelessness brought on by unfortunate events. When she answered the ad sent by Avery, it felt like the right thing to do and when she meets him and his two daughters nothing could prepare her for the feelings he evoked in her and as she fights to gain the trust of the oldest daughter she also fights to gain the heart of a man who swore he would never love again. Will he continue to be wholeheartedly devoted to his deceased wife, or will he open his heart to Emeraldâ?¦


MAIL ORDER BRIDE: INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE: The Orphaned Baby (Clean Historical Christian Babies Romance) (Amish Sweet Pregnancy Romance)

by Faith Crawford

A young woman traveling West, a handsome doctor looking for a wife and an orphaned child. Can they overcome the obstacles?

Vanessa Schwartz’s reason for going to Oregon is to ease the suffering of the people there, who are grappling with an outbreak of cholera.

Her Amish upbringing has not prepared her for the suffering she encounters there, but she adapts quickly and becomes a shining beacon to the suffering villagers.

What she hasn’t reckoned on is finding herself a surrogate mother to a sweet, orphaned child, or the closeness that develops between her and Dr. Harris, a handsome doctor who has the same passion for helping as Vanessa does.

Unbeknown to Vanessa, Dr. Harris is expecting a mail order bride and, when she arrives, Vanessa is heartbroken. Unwilling to come between two people with an agreement to marry, she contents herself with raising the child and working in the community.

It’s not that simple for Edward Harris. He cannot get Vanessa out of his mind.

Will the two find a way to be together without causing heartbreak to the mail order bride, who has traveled all the way from the east to marry Dr. Harris?

NOTE: This book includes bonus stories!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 15,000-word stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.

Romance: Amish Romance: Mary’s Journey (Inspirational Clean Singer Celebrity Romance) (Women’s Fiction Religious Christian)

by Katie Miller

Mary Smith love her family and love God.

She is eighteen and about to embark on her Rumspringa. Her older sister, Emma, came back from her Rumspringa and was tight-lipped about it. Her parents never mentioned their Rumspringa. It made Mary wonder what was it that they have seen, that was so scary. She couldn’t help but to be curious.

An encounter with Declan, the lead singer of a band, threw her off-course.

Join Mary on her Rumspringa’s adventures as she seeks to find herself and God’s place for her in this world.

Can two people that are so different have enough in common to give love a chance?

How much is too much when you’re trying to figure yourself out?

Mary’s Journey is an 8000 + words inspirational Amish romance short story. This book come with bonus sweet and wholesome romance stories to thank you for buying my book! Please leave me a review if you like my book.

August 2016 Book Fun Magazine

by Book Fun Magazine

August 2016 Book Fun Magazine

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More Souls Won In Prison Than Church? By Michael Thompson

Got Miracles? By Jordyn Redwood

The Real Beautyâ?¦ And a Beast By Kingdom Conversations

Jesus, the Refugee By Elizabeth Musser

Katie’s Journey By (Cover) Robert Whitlow

The Road Goes Further By Gregory Hines

Taking the Good with the Bad By (AWSA) Deb DeArmond

Interview with Robert Whitlow By Nora St. Laurent

Dream Big. Because No Dream is Too Big for God. By Heather Blanton

Hunting for Treasure By Sylvia Bambola

I Demand You Refund Our Money! By Kathy Collard Miller

Glory B! Is This It? By Lilly Maytree

Forge Your New Identity in Christ Through Suffering By Frank Barbehenn

The Game Changer By Lara Reyes

The Simple Things By Carol Ford

What I Learned During My Baltic Cruise By Anne Greene

The Horse By (Tyndale) Chris Fabry

Conny’s Cubbies By connywithay

Familyâ??Lifelong Connections By (Tyndale) DiAnn Mills

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My Needed Guilt By Cecil Murphey

Car Thief By Hallee Bridgeman

Gaining the Goal Without Losing Your Soul By Dr. Linda Seger

Lessons From God By Cheri Swalwell

Living in Historical Hampton Roads, Virginia By Carrie Fancett Pagels, Ph.D.

Word Play By Darlene Franklin

Car Horns and Icy Glares By Kathy Howard

Growing Seasons By Kelly Klepfer

Beauty is in the Eye of the Creator By (Destiny Image) Amber Picota

Interview with Mike Dellosso By Nora St. Laurent

Who’s Binding Up the Brokenhearted? By Rita Schulte

Mail Order Bride Romance: A True and Decent Man (A Sweet / Clean Western Historical Romance) (Sweet and Clean Inspirational Christian Romance Short Stories Book 7)

by Angelica Rose


The hope of a new beginning…

Emma is a poor orphan who lives a decent yet empty life of labor as a cleaning girl at the local hotel. While her days are spent on her hands and knees scrubbing the hotel floor, her evenings are spent alone, longing for someone to love, and in return, love her back.

After it dawns on Emma that she’s allowed to make a try for her own happiness, she answers an ad in the paper to become a mail order bride, believing that her life might finally be looking up.

But despite the promise of a bright new future she is devastated when her new husband turns out to be an insufferable cad, immature and given to drink.

Will her only friend in this wild new townâ??local Tavern owner and man of honor Jesse Helmsâ??be willing and able to help Emma out of this terrible mess? And will Emma finally find true love in the process?

This is a sweet and clean Western romance and is a stand alone story with a HEA

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Mail Order Bride Romance: Mail Order Sisters: Colorado Brides Books 1 & 2 (A Sweet / Clean Western Historical Romance) (Sweet and Clean Inspirational Christian Romance Short Stories Book 3)

by Angelica Rose


Follow the heartwarming tales of two Virginia sisters who make their way out west in search of new beginnings and a chance at true love.

The Business Arrangement

In post-war Charleston, Caroline and her sister are on the brink of being married off to one of her uncle’s lecherous friends. In order to get out of an unwanted marriage Caroline decides to do the practical thingâ??find a marriage match of her own and start a new life out west as a mail order bride.

After exchanging letters with Kyle, a widowed Colorado rancher who needs a new wife to help care for his children, Caroline packs up her things to make a go of it, even though the arrangement doesn’t promise love or romance.

When Caroline arrives in Colorado to take the first steps in her new life, she finds Kyle cold and removed, still cloaked in grief over his previous wife’s death. And although the marriage was to be little more than a business arrangement, Caroline finds herself wishing for something moreâ??but will Kyle be able to see past his pain to a second chance at happiness?

The Long, Slow Thaw

Mattie has always been a romantic at heart, but tragedy has left her fragile and wondering if happy endings only happen in fairy tales.

After a long year of upheaval and grief, Mattie musters her resolve and decides to follow in her sister’s footsteps and become a mail order bride out west. Agreeing to marry single rancher Jonas is an improvement over marrying one of her uncle’s friends, but Mattie isn’t over the pain of losing her former fiancé in the cruelest of ways.

Happy-go-lucky Jonas lives solo on a lonely stretch of plain outside Colorado Springs. When he meets Mattie, he thinks she’s perfect, but after hearing her tragic story he wonders how he can prove himself trustworthy.

During the worst storm Colorado has seen in a decade, Mattie must confront her pain and allow her heart to trust again. And the sweet man she’s trapped in the town hotel with is probably the best place to start.

A story of hope, fear, new beginnings and true love.

This is a sweet and clean Western romance and contains two stand alone stories that are part of a series, plus a bonus story.

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Mail Order Bride Romance: Two Suitors For Alice (A Sweet / Clean Western Historical Romance) (Sweet and Clean Inspirational Christian Romance Short Stories Book 6)

by Angelica Rose


Alice lives a small and contented farm life in the valley in Virginia. Betrothed to her childhood sweetheart and ready to begin her new life, her fiancé, Edward, throws her over in favor of an exciting life in big-city Boston.

Alice, fearing that she is unable to be the exciting wife that Edward apparently desired, starts corresponding with a man in the unsettled Utah territory, a lonely railroad foreman in need of some sunny companionship. Surely, this proves the sense of adventure that Edward overlooked in her?

Jack’s days run together with loneliness and monotony. Even with a well-paying job in beautiful canyon country, he knows there is something missing. When Alice arranges to meet him for a few days in Colorado to see if they’re well suited, sparks fly and the couple is on their way to wedded happinessâ?¦ until Edward shows up to claim his bride.

Alice is certain that Edward ended their engagement, but he insists it was a misunderstanding. Who is she to marry? Which man is the right one for Alice?

This is a sweet and clean Western romance and is a stand alone story with a HEA

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Amish Protector (Amish Romance) (Amish Broken Hearts Series Book 3)

by Esther Weaver

Emma Coblentz works in an Amish restaurant at the outskirts of her community. One snowy evening, with only one drunken patron in the restaurant, Emma is taken away by the memory of an Englischer man, Tommy. They had so many fond memories together, but he ended up leaving her behind in the Amish world.

As it grows darker outside, the drunken Englisch customer becomes more and more dangerous. Just when Emma wishes Tommy to be there to protect her, a man steps inâ?¦

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE: My Sister’s Baby (Clean Christian Historical Babies Romance) (Amish Sweet Pregnancy Romance)

by Faith Crawford

An Amish girl, a baby who lost his mother and a billionaire in the West. Will they be a family?

Elisabeth Schwartz is a devoted daughter and sister to her Amish family. She is a strong girl with a deep sense of responsibility. So when her only sister, Deborah, is banned from the community for becoming involved with and marrying a man from town, she is torn between her duty to her family and her faith and her love for her sister.

She cannot keep herself from visiting her sister whenever she goes into town, not letting her family know that she is seeing Deborah. On one visit, Deborah announces she is pregnant. Now Elisabeth feels a stronger sense of duty to help her sister, whose husband, Stephen, is a traveling salesman and frequently leaves town.

Stephen is out of town on business when Deborah goes into labor. Elisabeth is there for her sister but Deborah has complications and makes the ultimate sacrifice for her child, leaving Elisabeth to decide what to do next.

In a split second decision, Elisabeth travels to the West to find Stephen and finds herself entrenched in a new adventure, as a mail-order-bride for a wealthy, charming ex-gold miner.

Will she ever find Stephen? And if she does, will she want to give baby Andrew to him after bonding with the child and falling in love with her future husband? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain for Elisabeth. It’s all about Andrew.

NOTE: This book includes bonus stories!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 16,000-word stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.

Romance: PIONEER FRONTIER ROMANCE: Prairie Brides (Western Christian Romance Collection) (Historical Inspirational Pioneer Romance)

by Northstar Books

Get 32,000+ words of clean Pioneer Frontier Western romance adventures in this exciting new collection

In this collection you will find:

Love’s Amazing Journey

A Place to Call Home

Capturing Ruby’s Heart


Download this collection now!

A Trail Guide to Successfully Following Jesus: Mapping out tough questions of faith for new followers of Christ

by Kent Wagner

“Need to jump start or revive your relationship with Jesus? This trail guide is written in a refreshing way to help anyone, from the novice to the advanced Christ follower, fall more deeply in love with Jesus and join Him in the mission of helping people find their way back home to God!”

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE: A Baby in Montana (Clean Historical Wounded Heroine Billionaire 20th Century Romance) (Christian Western Babies Romance)

by Faith Crawford

A young but dejected doctor, a wealthy businessman and a mail order bride ad. Will it work out?

Hunter Coldridge, a wealthy businessman and railway engineer from Helena, is forced to settle down at the Rolling Hills estate after the death of his uncle Roy.

Hunt is furious that his dying uncle had extracted from him a promise to not only look after the Coldridge Ranch but also marry and produce heirs for the family.

Marrying and keeping the family’s bloodline going is way out of his scope…

Brought up by his uncle first and foremost as a Montana rancher, he knows nothing of women. He decides to advertise for a mail order bride.

Living thousands of kilometers away, Elisabeth Campbell, a young nineteen-year-old, has recently lost her father and her aunt, her only living relatives, to an epidemic.

The medical college in Virginia, where Elisabeth is a final year intern, refuses to let her continue her education after the death of her father, a respected surgeon and faculty member.

Dejected, Elisabeth finds Hunter Coldridge’s ad on a piece of newspaper. With no other option left in life, she applies. But upon her arrival, both Hunt and Elisabeth realize that they have both got much more than they had bargained for… Can they make a go at it and overcome their differences?

NOTE: This book includes bonus stories!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is an 11,000-word stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.

A Perfect Love: An Amish Christian Romance Story

by Melanie Schmidt

Ruth Lapp suffers from a congenital hip defect due to her parents being third cousins. Her mother is also guilt-ridden and takes it out on Ruth with unending abuse and vitriolic verbal attacks. In spite of this, Ruth has become an expert quilter, gifted some say, and is coming into her own in the Amish community and beyond. When Mark King, a local Amish farmer, wants to court Ruth, Mary goes to extremes to keep her daughter under her thumb. Others in the community have become aware of Mary’s abuse, and things are coming to a head as Ruth, Mary and Mark’s lives spiral out of control.

Amish Christian Romance Book Categories
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> amish fiction kindle

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Clean Romance: Touch of Beginning (Contemporary New Adult and College Amish Western Culture Romance) (Power of Love Billionaire Western Christian Collection Time Travel Short Stories)

Get TWO clean amish and western culture short stories with a collection of 7 bonus clean romance stories inside!

A Faith Much-Damned -Clean Christian Romance

This story is about a young lady, Kayla, who lives next door to a rambunctious child, Stephen, who is always getting into trouble. He is lovable and sweet, but is always defiant and rebellious. He often disobeys his parents and does activities on his own will. He must be monitored every moment, to prevent major trouble and behavioral disasters.

The parents almost always keep track of him, but failed on one occasion. The 5-year-old snuck outside and was playing soccer in his front yard. He gave the ball a firm boot and it sailed into the street. Despite being warned many times not to chase the ball into the street, that’s exactly what he did.

He tragically ran right in front of a moving Chevy Tahoe, and met the front bumper. A frantic swerve from the driver came too late. Stephen, is now hospitalized and on life support.

The frantic parents, Stephen’s brother (Chuck), and Kayla all rush to the hospital to visit the boy. They share tears, hopes, prayers, and encouragements as they try to deal with this awful reality.

When Stephen is paralyzed and returns home, he needs much assistance and help doing many things. Enter Kayla, the loving Christian neighbor who always steps in to bring loving help to the family. She invests her time, money, and compassionate Christian love to help Stephen have a great life.

After meeting and interacting with Chuck, she slowly grows attracted to him and they start a relationship together. Over time, their attraction grows into full-force love and passion. They eventually marry and begin a life together. There is one problem though – Chuck later finds out he has terminal brain cancer, and won’t live much longer.

Kayla looks at the paralyzed Stephen, the terminally ill husband, and thinks of her abusive childhood, and begins to question whether she wants to follow God, or even believes in Him. Can her faith and hope survive? Can she overcome these horrible series of events?

Love Has a New Beginning -Amish and Billionaire Romance

Annie King is a young woman of 23 years, living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She is a free spirit who enjoys living life on her own terms and decides to take up the profession of a nun at the church because “God has asked me to do so!”

One night, a bad storm hits the county, and the farm that Annie lives on with her parents suffers widespread destruction. Soon after, as if sent from God, James Bosman, a billionaire businessman from Lancaster, comes across the farm. He decides that he wants to help the family by buying their plot of land. The man puts forward a number of ideas and also appoints Annie as his secretary.

Will this new life allow Annie the freedom to marry, or will she be bound to her commitment to the church? She is faced with a difficult decision: start afresh or give in to being bound and shackled by emotions for the rest of her life.

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MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Western Romance: Westward With Love (Clean Historical Romance Box Set) (Sweet Inspirational Romance Short Stories)

by Ponderosa Publishing

**Get 32000+ Words Of Heart-Melting Clean Christian Western Mail Order Bride Romance With A Free Bonus Included!**

These collection includes:

The Crippled Cowboy

Murder In Montana

The Texas Billionaire’s Bride

Faith In A Cowboy

The Cowgirl’s Child

The Barren Bride

Download these collections now and treat yourself to this inspirational heart-warming collection!

Romance: Mail Order Bride: Love Over the Horizon (Clean Wholesome Historical Western Romance) (20th Century Pioneer Fiction)

by Michel Brown

In the days leading up to the year 1900, Violet Wells has only one thing that means anything to her – her brother, Miles. Her mother is deceased and her father is a brutal narcissist who is determined to sell his daughter off to the highest bidder. But Miles won’t let that happen. When he hears of the plot his father is brewing, he takes immediate action.

In Utah, Dr. Timothy Corbett is ready to make a change. He wants a bride. He makes plans to advertise for one from the East but before he does, Miles contacts him about his young sister and the need to rescue her from a life of misery. Tim is ready to accept her as his wife but his housekeeper and assistant, Shannon, have other plans.

Will this unforeseen love triangle end in disaster? Or will Violet receive the happy, secure life she truly deserves?

As a token of our appreciation, you will be receiving five additional Clean and Wholesome Romance stories.

Meditation: The complete guide to meditation for mental balance, health and vitality

by james lorrel

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The Complete Guide to Meditation for Mental Balance, Health and Vitality

This book contains proven steps and strategies on performing meditative techniques and how to achieve optimal well-being through the art of meditation.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

When talking about meditation, some people automatically think of Hindu puritans residing in the Himalayans or Tibetan monks sitting with eyes closed and legs crossed. In a different time, this would have been considered true. But in recent years, meditation has come a long way and has become a practice that everyone can take part of. In fact, it can be executed by anyone – from working individuals to stay-at-home parents and even children – as long as they know the basics.

  • The History of Meditation
  • : The Art of Meditation
  • Benefits of Meditation
  • 1. Concentrative meditation
  • – Sand mandala meditation
  • – Mantra or affirmation
  • – Centering prayer meditation
  • – Authentic movement and contemplative dance
  • Much, much more!

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MAIL ORDER BRIDE: INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE: The Cowboy and the Secret Baby (Clean Amish Historical Babies Romance) (20th Century Pregnancy Wedding Romance)

by Faith Crawford

An Amish girl left by her lover, an honest and hardworking cowboy and a secret baby.

Thomas Wheeler is smooth and charming. He knows exactly what to tell a naïve girl from the Amish community to get her to run away with him, but he quickly reneges on his promise to marry her and travel the country with her.

It does not take long for Elizabeth to realize that she has made a terrible mistake. Thomas abandons her and she is left alone in an apartment with no money and nowhere to go.

Rescue comes in the form of a mail order advert. Marcus is an honest and hardworking cowboy, intent on fulfilling his ambitions. The only thing he lacks is a wife by his side. Elizabeth Lehman is everything he dreamt, with her cheerful personality and captivating eyes.

Then it all unravels. The love of his life is not who she says she is. All her secrets are forced out of her and, worse, she’s carrying Thomas Wheeler’s child. Marcus is torn between his overwhelming love for Elizabeth and his feelings of betrayal. Is their love strong enough to overcome their problems? And will he accept her baby?

NOTE: This book includes bonus stories!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 15,000-word stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers!

ROMANCE: AMISH: Childhood Promise (Clean and Wholesome Amish Romantic Short Story)

by Amy S Cooper

Amish Romance

All our lives, we’ve been just friends.

Best friends, really.

The Plain life in the Amish community may not have always been easy, but we’ve always had each other. Even as we grew into adults, we had one another’s backs.

I just wish she knew I loved her.

Oh, I’m sure she suspects. When we were kids, I promised her that I would marry her when we were grown up and that I would have a farm for us. I think all of the elders in the community have always assumed it was going to be us in the end.

And now that I’ve just gotten my Uncle’s farm, the very farm I’ve worked on and lived on almost all my life, in my name, all I have to do is convince her that I love her.

I’m going to ask her to the singing tonight, and ask her if she’ll let me court her.

I just hope she sees me as more than a friend, too.

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Light in the Storm: 60 Scriptural Beacons for Difficult Times

by Mark J Musser

Quick hitting hope when you need it most!

I prefer meaty devotionals.

Give me a devotional that requires some time–a long Scripture passage to digest, a series of thought provoking questions, several suggested action steps, and some quality prayer points. Yes, I want to invest deeply in the Word so that it can change me, making me more into the man God created me to be.

Yet, there are times in life when the above won’t do, when I simply need something “now.”

Indeed, there are many such times–stormy times when I am eager for a verse to anchor me as the seas rage. Dark times when my mind scans its memory files for a Scripture that will supply a beacon of light. Stressful and anxious times when my frazzled nerves can handle nothing more than a single, soothing reminder from God’s Word. Hopeless and desperate times when the truth of a simple Bible passage can steady my fall into the arms of the Lord.

If you are in one of these times right now, my prayer is that each page of this book will be a beacon that guides your journey toward the safe harbors of God’s power, love, faithfulness, goodness, and so much more.

I encourage you to cling tightly to the Scriptures you read in the coming pages. May each one lamp your feet and illuminate your path. May each one draw you deeper into the healing, hope, and restoration you need, and may each one move you further from the darkness and closer to God’s marvelous light!

God bless you on your journey!

Christian Romance: From Prison to the Palace (Clean & Wholesome Sweet Second Chance Contemporary Romance) (Inspirational Love Inspired First Love Women’s Fiction Short Stories)

by Johanna Jenkins

Esther White has spent almost ten years in prison for a crime she never committed. Now, at the age of thirty-five she is ready to be released back into a world in which she has only one friend left, a friend who has always believed in her innocence, and who visited her as often as possible in that dreadful place. It is through Ellen Blake’s loyalty, support, encouragement and advice that Esther becomes a Christian during the time she is incarcerated. Thanks to both the prison chaplain, Jane Bennett, and Ellen’s never ending help, Esther finds the strength to survive her terrible ordeal. Her new found faith in God not only sustains her during her most difficult times, but becomes the inspiration for her need to uncover the truth. After meeting wealthy Christian philanthropist, Jesse Johnson, Esther embarks on a spiritual journey that takes her from the prison to the palace.

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Romance: MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Forgotten Memories (Western Frontier Clean Romance Collection) (Historical Inspirational Western Romance)

by Northstar Books

Get 32,000+ words of clean Mail Order Bride Western romance short story adventures in this exciting new collection

In this collection you will find:

Capturing Ruby’s Heart

Claiming the Heart

The Strength of Jade

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Happiness Project: Self-help habits for Happy Life

by Andrii Malin

WARNING! Reading this book may lead you to happiness. Do you really want it?

When psychologists spoke to folks at nursing homes and hospices about the regrets they have had in their lives, almost all of them mentioned something that made them unhappy.

Some people wished they had spent more time with their families. Others wished they’d had better health during their lives. Even more wished that they’d taken that risky job, gone on that fun vacation, or married that unconventional girl.

Very few of the regrets expressed had anything to do with owning a plasma TV, or a bank account.

It turns out that the one thing people regret before they die is the fact that they missed an opportunity to become happier.

By reading this book, you will:

  • create habits to love yourself, live with passion, enjoy your life and be happy
  • reduce your stress and create freedom
  • reduce the barriers to happiness, such as: negative thinking, fear and anxiety, procrastination, unhealthy lifestyle
  • and live a fulfilling life with the people you love

Everything is possible, if only you make some changes now.

Don’t wait to be happy.

Seize happiness like an exuberant adventurer, because it is within your grasp. Seize it because it will make you healthier. Seize it because it will let you love people more.

But, most importantly, seize it today.

So what are you waiting for? Take this book and start creating your Happiness Now!

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