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Firing of the Crucible: Heros are not born. They are made. Phoenix Empire: Book 1

by Michael Shaffer

The Empire has thrived for millions of years with very little war marring the peace. It spans a large portion of the galaxy. Less than a hundred years ago the Empire found a young race, the Easlank. They were a race apparently recent to space travel but who consider all other life to be either slaves or food. The Empire decided to correct this view and help them integrate into the Empire. Your ship was the only one to survive The Last Battle. The High Court is in exile. All other planets and races of your fallen Empire lie at the mercy of ravenous hoards. Your last hope is a planet that was sealed away from the rest of the universe and used to try and breed the ultimate warrior. A project started over two hundred thousand years ago. Only a few minor problems lie in your way. You must get there without the enemy following you. A process made difficult in the extreme as they can apparently track Emergence some how. Going there without direct permission from the Emperor means your mind will will wiped. Or you will be executed. Or both. Getting his permission at this point is not an option. There is also the slight problem that the project was terminated because the resultant race was too violent, too uncontrollable, with too much of a chance of killing their handlers instead of their targets. Best case scenario is finding a few survivors who might be able to slow the advance of the Easlank while your Empire recovers. The planet’s name in the records means “terrifying experiment”. The natives just call it Earth. May Goddess have mercy on your soul.

Linear Shift, Part 4

by Paul B Kohler

Making the quarter-mile hike through the sleepy French town was the easy part. The hard part was yet to come.

In a world so foreign, and a time so distant, Peter and Julie travel abroad to complete a life altering mission.

They quickly realize that anything relating to time travel is less than predictable, as they are met with tragedy and chaos at every turn.

Through their journey, Peter finds himself. He finds love lost and love found, all while being tempted to remain in 1942 – forever. Will he stay in the past to create a new life for himself, or will he return to the future, and his loving family? Don’t miss this action packed conclusion all the answers.

What Readers Are Saying:

…I hope you are prepared for an adventure. Just know that once you start it is hard to put down. The story kept me guessing and wondering where it was going… -Preston

…The author crafted a compelling story, with just enough twists to keep the reader engaged while not going off on too many tangents. The characters were likeable, a quality that is very important to me… -Parry

… I can certainly see where Paul Kohler could continue with at least another book. He certainly left that opening and as for me, I want to see another one. Great job… -Shirley

A word about this book:

Linear Shift is a serialized novel, with four total parts. This is the final part.

Infinite Hero – The Awakening: What happens when the Hero is also the Monster?

by Andy Bex

Major Lance is at the twilight of his career. He questions if it was worth it. All the killing, all the pain, all the sacrifice – for what? Then he is given one final secret mission; to save the world. It’s 1937 and, on board the ill-fated airship â??The Hindenburg’, a pair of Anglo-American spies play the “Great Game” attempting to prevent the plans of a group of Nazi occultists. These leather-clad fanatics from Hitler’s inner circle are scheming to use Dark Magic, a real and devastating weapon, to wage their unholy war.

Suddenly, The Hindenburg swings North. Somewhere near the North Pole, a rhythmic radio signal is being broadcast, at 100 times more power than any transmitter on earth.

Can Major Lance save the world and what does happen when the Hero is also the Monster?

The Children of New Earth

by Talha Ehtasham

Telepaths. Psychokinetics. Shapeshifters. Immortals. What do they all have in common? They’re teenagers – members of a supernatural generation born into the post-apocalyptic, monster-infested New Earth. Strangers to their own bodies, these Neogens must forge for themselves a new path of self-discovery amidst the carnage. One in particular, honing the power to manipulate time, chronicles a journey through the unforgiving planet. Making powerful allies along the way, the young Neogen sets out on a search for the reason behind the war and their powers. But even with one anomalous happening and crazy theory after another, the true reality is stranger still.

Well Enough Alone

by Pamela Mackiewicz

When lackadaisical Matt moves back to his home town in rural Arkansas after his divorce and stumbles across the police report of his childhood friend, chilling memories are evoked about a mysterious event that unfolded twenty-nine years earlier. With hopes of laying the past to rest, he enlists the help of a man named Russ Haltman. While Russ may be a strange character, Matt finds him to be a breath of fresh air in his seemingly boring life and what they unearth together not only answers questions from the past, but unveils a shocking present day truth, with inclinations far beyond their wildest nightmare.

La Moderna Galatea (Spanish Edition)

by Jaime Eduardo Meléndez

El líder del proyecto europeo de inteligencia artificial, Charles Bower, provoca un extraño accidente y se inicia una investigación en su contra, descubriéndose que el científico alucinaba personas y que uno de estos seres le dictaba qué hacer a lo largo del proyecto. La investigación revela que Bower buscaba traer a este ser de su imaginación a la realidad. El caso es llevado a la corte y una evaluación psiquiátrica determina su internamiento en un asilo mental. Todos consideran al científico como un demente, pero su destino cambia al conocer a otros dos internos. Aidan Riley, considerado por la opinión pública mundial al mismo tiempo como un héroe de masas y un terrorista. Y una mujer cuyo pasado romperá la frontera entre la imaginación y la realidad.

¿Qué separa a un genio de un demente? ¿Cuál es el límite entre la locura y la cordura? Si Charles Bower hiciera real a este ser: ¿estaría demente?

La moderna Galatea (LMG) es una novela con ilustraciones que mezcla los géneros de ciencia ficción, el thriller y la ficción distópica incorporando elementos del romanticismo y la literatura gótica. LMG fue financiada gracias al sistema crowdfunding y a las 53 personas que creyeron en este sueño, a quienes está dedicada esta obra. Agradecemos también a la página por su inestimable ayuda como el medio que hizo posible estar aquí.

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Jaime Eduardo Meléndez


The Shores of the Dead Book 1: The Rising

by Josh Hilden

The world ended in less than a day.

An ancient evil relegated to the most ancient of myths and legends has returned. The dead rise to consume the flesh of the living and only the lucky and the strong are able to survive the initial onslaught.

In the chaos and horror three groups of survivors must come together and unite against an army of the dead.

An army lead by a dark priest and his human followers who are looking to find the key to opening the barriers between worlds and turn the Earth into a true realm of the dead.

Ping – From the Apocalypse

by Susan Lowry

The plague should have killed Kate â?? it appears to have annihilated everyone else on its path. But with no electricity, no-one answering her phone calls, and the roads impassable until spring, the full extent of the disaster is unknown to her. Forced to wait, she contemplates existing as the last person on earth.

The awful effects of her illness linger and she wonders if she is losing her mind. There is a persistent voice in her head, that of a child begging to be rescued â?? a voice more real than the horror she finds everywhere in her search for survivors.

Eventually, her traumatic journey leads her to Jack â?? a brooding, secretive, and seductive man who insists that the messages Kate thinks she is receiving from a desperate child is just the result of her stressed imagination. His plans for the two of them are enticing and her attraction to him so persuasive, she’s ready to abandon the unlikely idea she could be telepathic.

The game changes jarringly when a most unexpected person arrives, someone who’s presence spurs Jack to confess a crime too horrible for Kate to imagine. But it’s too late now. Her frenzied escape and the distance between them will not stop the torment he has saddled upon her.

Please note that all reviews before October 2013 refer to the original debut novel, Ping, and not this new, completely revised edition, enhanced with additional chapters, richer characterization, and a more developed storyline. Feedback has been invaluable and reviews of the second edition are welcomed!

The Ping series tells of relationships within a group of people discovering extraordinary abilities when all seems to have been lost. It is about family, love, hope, and hidden potential. The post-apocalyptic setting is bleak and eerie at first but if you are looking for gory battles scenes around every corner, this book is not it. Ping – From the Apocalypse is PA fiction with a human touch.


by Marc Rokoff

Phillip has dedicated his life to achieving cross-time communication through the NOLTEX assembler, an invention he’s kept secret to avoid being ridiculed by the physics community. He only breaks away from his work once daily to visit his comatose boyfriend, Justin, in the local hospital.

When a technological breakthrough allows Phillip to talk with himself three months in the future, there’s plenty of reason to celebrate the success. He has single-handedly invented one of humanity’s greatest scientific achievements. But joy leads to confusion when Phillip begins receiving strange messages from himself in the future. Adding to the intrigue is a curiously timed spatial anomaly that appears to be approaching Earth from a distant point in deep space. Are the two first-of-their-kind scientific phenomena coincidentally happening at the same time? Or is there some kind of connection between Phillip’s communications with the future and the approaching anomaly? When a shocking global event upends Phillip’s attempts to investigate, he suddenly finds himself alone to resolve the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced.

Bonus Synopsis Information:

Phillip is a gay man who leads an outsider existence, marginalized not so much because of his sexual orientation, but on account of his status as an obsessive rogue scientist. Throughout all of his struggles though, the one question Phillip most wants answered is universal: has the love of his life been lost forever? While not quite a romance, Concurrence does offer reflections on love – in this case through an LGBT relationship – that will appeal to a general audience.

An exciting piece of science fiction literature, Concurrence is an engaging, quick read that’s fun yet thought-provoking. This mind-bending science fiction book offers up a satisfying last man on Earth time travel adventure for genre fiction fans and newbies alike.

The Time Machine

by W.L. Foster


When no one else would take the job, Doctor Simon Smith, a Black historian agrees to take part in an unusual experiment: to go back into the year 1865 to prevent the assassination of president Abraham Lincoln!

The O.D.

by Chris James

A virgin landmass is â??extruded’ into the Bay of Biscay by a solar-tidal magmatic pulse. Waiting to claim the emerging island are 80 people in a flotilla of trussed up barges with supplies to last a year.
Who are these accidental tourists?
How did they know the island would be surfacing?
And what do they plan to do with it if their claim to sovereignty is accepted by the world community?
Racy and thought-provoking, The O.D. paints a picture of how humanity’s rush to self-destruction could be halted, given the global will to take a colossal leapâ?¦ backwards.

The Lynchman’s Owl (The Lynchman’s Owl Collections Book 1)

by B.Y. Yan

A Steampunk Noir Novel

20 years ago the Lynchman’s Owl disappeared. Hero, villain, monster, fiendâ??it is undeniable the lingering effects the mysterious creature has left on the beleaguered nation, long since at odds with its own downtrodden, oppressed people.

20 years later, with ironclad airships taking to the skies and the world beneath charged for war, someone has come looking, and his identity will be at last revealedâ?¦

(Includes excerpts from B.Y. Yan’s Adult Fantasy Novel: Eye of the North Wind)

Imperium: Betrayal: Book One in the Imperium Trilogy

by Paul M Calvert

The Empire has brought peace and prosperity to human space that has endured for thousands of years. When a mission to receive a new planet into the Empire ends in bloodshed, Emperor Alexander must fight to preserve the peace and protect his family from threats from within.

On Earth, Karen McLeod marks the end of a relationship with a holiday to the Isle of Skye, little knowing that a chance meeting is about to change her life forever.

Two different civilisations are about to meet in an epic tale of war, duty and love across the millennia in Imperium Betrayal, the first part of the Imperium trilogy.

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