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Be Strong and Brave: How a child’s faith saved his life

by Nicole Pierson

“He was right in front of me, and I was trying to give Him a hug” Gavin explained. “He brought his light down.”

Gavin Pierson was a healthy, energetic child until sudden changes led to the discovery of a mass in his brain. In the hospital, his parents Steve and Nicole felt helpless and fearful of the unknown journey ahead. Time stood still as Gavin’s arm slowly stretched out, reaching for something. His account of what happened would be the driving force needed to save his life.

“God told me – Gavin, please be strong and brave.”

When standard treatment failed, Gavin courageously began brain surgeries to control the relentless tumor growing in his brain. After five craniotomies, it was apparent there was no cure for his disease. He was dying. Despite a dismal prognosis, Gavin’s faith persisted as he told his parents “I’m going to make it, you just have to believe.” Gavin’s resilience and strength pushed his medical team to find a cure.

This inspiring memoir is a symbol of hope in the midst of fear.

Happy Accident-Fate Not Fatal

by Kevin Robert Whitehead

As a motorbike mechanic I wanted more of life, I chose another country a new life.
I certainly got a new life, a life that I never imagined.

This is not just a happy story, this is my own story and all the emotions caused by suffering a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury.

There was a future for me one that is more beautiful than words can tell, our story has caught the interest of many but Cosmopolitan Magazine presented us with Ultimate Love Story 2010 a true Honour.

This is my account of everything that created the True story

Please review after reading, It’s lovely to hear people’s opinions.


Muhammad Ali: The Greatest Journey, From Zero to Hero (Unabridged) (Muhammad Ali, The People’s Champion, The Louisville Lip)

by Phillip G. Harris

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“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” This is one of the best-known quotes of all time, not to mention within sports. You’ve probably heard of “the Greatest” – that would be the boxer Muhammad Ali referring to himself. If you haven’t, then perhaps you’ve heard of “The Rumble in the Jungle” or the even more well-known (and catchier in my opinion) “Thrilla in Manila.”


Why do these quotes sound so familiar, even to people who are not interested in the world of boxing? This short book will introduce you to the figure that stands out so much in boxing and indeed in athletic history: the Greatest Muhammed Ali.


From his early successes to his choice of religion, his political stance to his outspoken “trash talk” about opponents, let’s explore the man that inspired so many of his generation, his race and simply Americans to be more than they are. First, we will start with his early life and career, moving through major fights chronologically, then I will give you a little background on his political and religious stance (and he was, as always, controversial).


Read untold story about The Greatest now. Download and let me know what you think?

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25 Years to Life: A true story of abuse and murder

by Shelly B

This book is based on a true story of Domestic Violence, which led to the murder of my mother. I talk about my own personal experiences and memories as well as information gathered from other family and friends, and witness’ statements from the trial of the man convicted of this horrible crime. I talk about the struggles I’ve had, as an adult, living with these memories and my choice to let this experience help me to become a stronger person. Also included at the end of the book are some resources that may be helpful for anyone who may be living in an abusive relationship.

Portrait of an Infidel: The Acerbic Account of How a Passionate Christian Became an Ardent Atheist

by Michael Vito Tosto

“Portrait of an Infidel” is a brutally candid memoir documenting my life as a Christian, my investigation into my beliefs, my subsequent rejection of faith, and my embrace of atheism. When I say “brutally candid,” I mean that my personal, harrowing experiences with religion (and life in general) have been bled onto the page. The reader will come away with no doubt as to my passion and conviction for the subject, even if he or she disagrees with my suppositions. My intention was to demonstrate the harm that Christianity inflicted upon me, both practically and psychologically, as well as to show how my embrace of atheism helped to reverse that harm. To achieve this, I rendered myself as vulnerable and as forthcoming as I could possibly be, pouring my truest self into each word.

“Portrait of an Infidel” was written in a conversational, almost lyrical style that, while inviting the reader into an experience of “literary intimacy,” also conveys academic and intellectual complexities in a clear and graspable manner. The language is therefore relaxed yet erudite in places. This is a reflection of my own approach to life.

The subtitle of the book is “The Acerbic Account of How a Passionate Christian Became an Ardent Atheist.” This is because acerbity and indignation permeate the text. This was done on purpose, not as a concerted effort to offend as much as a means of establishing my own disdain for what I perceive as the evils of religion in general and Christianity in particular. I believe this disdain will further enable my readers to understand my motives, my passion, and to some extent, my lingering pain.

“Portrait of an Infidel” is a work that makes use of wit and humor, includes shades of philosophy and existentialism, brushes against the backdrop of science and cosmology, and is infused with the beauties and horrors of the human condition. As such, I believe this book to be a weighty tour de force, an achievement of brazen humanity, a hauntingly poignant story of awakening and deliverance, and a damn fine read that will encompass the reader in a chrysalis of intellectual introspection and personal reflection.

To read this book is to be changed, even if you still disagree when it’s overâ?¦

Sins of the Mother – Death & Healing (Book 3): The Wages of Suffering

by M. Carling

Amanda suffered greatly. It was now her task to process her suffering in the light of those experiences, but with the perspective of an adult. Hers was the task of filtering the good and extracting from the bad and bitter and painful a truth, her own truth, the kernel of knowledge that would serve her in the healing process.

Into the Phoenix (Equilibrium Saga Book 2)

by Lori Woodward

Serenity: Acceptance of the things we cannot change. When you walk away from something, it can burn. Every time you cause another pain, is it really worth it? To fall in love with somebody should be the most beautiful thing in the world. What if that person used you as the target for their pain?

Falling in love with somebody isn’t wrong. Staying where you end up getting destroyed is.

Turn that pain into gain â?¦

We need to hope. We all need friends to pull us through. Divorce is traumatic, losing those we thought could trust – maybe there was a cloud in that silver lining. There will be hope, and dawn arises.

This is the story of one of my most painful experiences. I am healing, and letting go of my fear. Trust is already a given with my new found friends and you walk away from pain, and never look back.

This is the story of two broken autistics, the love that was once shared, and now faded into the shadows of a bright and beautiful new future. This is the beginning of the realization of a dream of rising to start a new life. Remember that courage is not the absence of fear, but pressing on in the face of it.

It is the story of the birth of Almond Digital Technologies.

David the King

by Day Williams

“David the King” goes hand in hand with Day Williams’s New Testament in Blank Verse, where he worked in blank verse, which was Shakespeare’s preferred verse form, and with triplets like Dante’s terza rima. The story of David is full of action and adventure. He was a poet, song-writer, warrior, leader, and king, a king who reigned from 1010â??970 B.C. He made severe mistakes, but when he did, he turned to God. And when he was doing well, he also turned to God. Turning to God was the secret of his success.

The chapters include the following: Samuel Anoints David, David and Goliath, Saul’s Jealousy of David, Saul Tries to Kill David, David and Jonathan, David at Nob, David at Adullam and Mizpah, David Saves Keilah, David Spares Saul’s Life, David, Nabal and Abigail; David Again Spares Saul’s Life, Saul and the Witch of Endor, Achish Sends David Back to Ziklag, David Destroys the Amalekites, Saul Takes His Life, Song of the Bow, David Anointed King Over Judah, War Between the Houses of Saul and David, Ish-Bosheth Murdered, David Becomes King over Israel, The Ark Brought to Jerusalem, Gd’s Promise to David, David and Mephibosheth, David Defeats the Ammonites, David and Bathsheba, Nathan Rebukes David; Psalm 32 and Psalm 51; Amnon and Tamar, Absalom Returns to Jerusalem, Absalom’s Conspiracy, David and Ziba, Ahithophel and Absalom; Absalom’s Death, Sheba Rebels against David, The Gibeonites Avenged, David’s Psalm of Praise, The Last Words of David, David Counts the Fighting Men, Adonijah Sets Himself Up as King, and David’s Charge to Solomon.

The Careless Whisper: Ex-intelligence officer Tom and close friend Faith go all out to avoid strife and killings. This short ebook commends their professional and unorthodox efforts ..

by Eliza Earsman

Ex-intelligence officer Tom Shanks’s international travels and varied skills are to his credit.
He can be one determined little acorn when he wants, but alcoholâ??initially his friendâ??is now his prop and his curse. Experiences in his work and personal life when he realises workâ??and the worldâ??is not enough, sometimes, get to this normally able character. When things get bad he hasn’t passed off the thought of taking a gun to his headâ?¦

Mrs. Dodge and the House Painter: A True Story of Death in New England (Read All About It! Book 2)

by George Garrigues

in September 1911 a handsome, middle-aged widow in a small New England town is quietly doing her chores on a Saturday morning â?? she has the ironing board out, and maybe she has already sprinkled the curtains she is about to press, and she is chatting with the guy she’s hired to paint a bedroom. The next thing you know, all hell has broken loose: There is blood, and chaos, and neighbors tromping in and out, littering the floor with golden leaves from hemlocks and maples, and there are police, doctors, the local Congregational minister and his wife, and an open bottle of brandy. Nothing is ever the same for the widow from that day forward. The painter is dead, shot through the heart.

In 1911, there are newspapers everywhere in New England; every county has to have its official publication. Often they trade news back and forth when not much has happened locally. Some are connected to the outside world through news agencies like Associated Press, and so you could read the same articles in newspapers all over the nation. Our story makes extensive use of these newspaper articles, and I have edited them severely for the modern reader, always with an eye to comprehensibility but with the knowledge that I must not play false with you. All of them are from Vermont, unless I tell you otherwise. They are all dated, so you can look up the originals if you want.

The Hilarious Book Of Barack Obama Memes And Jokes

by Henty McGinty

Love him or hate him, Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States is rightly a figure of fun. And while you may not agree with all of the memes and jokes contained within this book, you’ll be sure to find them funny as hell.

So sit back, relax and enjoy The Hilarious Book Of Barack Obama Memes And Jokes.

Rocky Mountains 2016: Fotos meiner Ausflüge nach Lake Louise, Lake Moraine und Banff! (German Edition)

by Dorothea Chan

Diesen Sommer machte ich drei Ausflüge in Kanada: Zuerst nach Lake Louise, an meinem Geburtstag nach Lake Louise und Lake Moraine und am Happy Day (gemäss Sai Baba) am fünften August nach Banff! Ich lade sie ein mit mir diese Landschaften, Blumen, Tiere (ein paar) zu genie�en und vielleicht zieht es sie auch einmal in dieses Land! Auf der gegenüberliegenden Seite des Bow Flusses sah ich einen Elch! An meinem Geburtstag verwöhnte ich mich selbst mit gutem Essen im Post Hotel und erhielt mein Dessert im Lake Louise Hotel geschenkt!

PS Nein, ich werde für die Werbung nicht bezahlt!

Im Sog der Fremde: Nach einer wahren Geschichte (German Edition)

by Daniel Müller

Aufgewacht in einer Nacht im September ändert sich das Leben von Daniel Müller plötzlich um 180 Grad. Gliederschmerzen suchen ihn heim und sein Augenlicht beginnt sich zu verändern. Nebel schleicht sich vor seine Augen, er sieht nicht mehr klar. Gleichzeitig entfremdet er sich von sich selbst und von seiner Umwelt.
All das, was ihm zuvor vertraut war, kommt ihm auf einmal fremd vor. Bekannte Personen und Orte wirken so, als ob er sie noch nie gesehen hätte. Daniel verliert sein Vorstellungsvermögen und kann sich im Spiegel nicht mehr erkennen. Seinen Körper nimmt er nicht mehr wahr.
Nachdem alle Ã?rzte ratlos sind, erscheint der Besuch der psychosomatischen Klinik â??Alpenglück” der rettende Ausweg.
Daniel legt all seine Hoffnungen in diesen Klinikaufenthalt und erhofft sich eine schnelle Genesung. Ebenso seine Frau Sabine, die von Daniels Symptomen völlig überfordert ist und sich immer mehr von ihm distanziert.
Doch ist die Klinik wirklich die Rettung oder der Weg in die falsche Richtung?
Daniel lernt mit voller Wucht die Schattenseiten des Lebens kennen und gerät an den Rand der psychischen Belastbarkeit. Er findet sich in der Klinik nicht zurecht und fühlt sich von seiner Therapeutin nicht verstanden. Sie ist der Meinung, Daniel kümmere sich zu sehr um seine Symptome und wäre nicht bereit, sich zu ändern. Es wird ihm ein Grübelsyndrom attestiert.
Doch Daniel fällt es schwer, seine seltsamen Wahrnehmungen auszuhalten und unter diesen Umständen die Ursache für sein Problem heraus zu finden. Da kein anderer Patient annähernd etwas �hnliches hat wie er, empfindet er sich vielmehr als einen Sonderling mit einer abartigen Krankheit.
Mangels Alternativen willigt Daniel ein, sich in der Klinik medikamentös behandeln zu lassen. Doch ab diesem Zeitpunkt verschlechtert sich sein Befinden rapide und Schlaflosigkeit sucht ihn heim.
Daniel beginnt sich zu verlieren und fühlt sich dem Leben nicht mehr gewachsen. Er möchte lieber tot sein als seinen Zustand zu ertragen.
Trotz geistiger Umnachtung lernt er die hübsche Mitpatientin Soraja kennen, die ihn versteht und Hoffnung gibt. Sie ist genau das Gegenteil von Sabine, die Daniel nur noch als eine Last sieht. Daniel fühlt sich zu Soraja hingezogen und bekommt Gewissensbisse. Er spürt die Versuchung, was ihm neue Probleme bereitet. Als schlie�lich Sabine ihn besucht, gerät die Situation au�er Kontrolle.
Im Laufe des Klinikaufenthaltes gerät Daniel in einen unaufhaltsamen Strudel in die Tiefe. Er verfällt in eine Traumwelt und zweifelt an seiner eigenen Existenz.
Er kommt an einen Punkt, an dem er Realität und Fiktion nicht mehr auseinanderhalten kann.
Spätestens da ist ihm klar: Er ist im â??Sog der Fremde” und muss sich zwischen Tod und Leben sowie Psychiatrie und Rückkehr nach Hause entscheiden.

World War 2: Heroes: WWII United Kingdom’s SAS Hero Robert Blair Paddy Mayne (World War 2, World War II, WW2, WWII, Paddy Mayne, SAS, Blair Mayne Legend, … Biography, UK military, World War 2 Book 1)

by Ryan Jenkins

Read All About One of World War II’s Finest Warriors

World War II was full of heroes and powerful figures that are often discussed: Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, General George Patton, and so on. However, there are some mighty men that seem to be overlooked most of the time. Such is the case with Paddy Mayne. In this book, you will learn about Mayne’s heroic actions and strong leadership that garnered the respect and admiration of his peers. Pick up your copy today.

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn

* Paddy Mayne’s beginnings
* His missions in Lebanon
* The formation of the SAS
* The growth and development of the SAS
* SAS missions in Italy, France, and Germany


Comments From Other Readers

“I will admit, I had never heard of Paddy Mayne prior to reading this book. I’m glad I took the chance and read it! What a fascinating life! I guess there are some heroes who will always be â??unsung,’ but I’m glad the author has put out a book that gives Mayne some more well-deserved recognition.” – Bill P. (Wirtz, USA)

“I had heard Paddy Mayne’s name in passing in school years ago, but never heard anything else about him. I was glad to come across this book and get a glimpse into the life of this extremely brave leader. Perhaps awareness of his accomplishments will grow as this book continues to spread.” – Alice W. (Bradford, UK)

“Great look at a great man. I’m glad that this particular World War II figure is getting some modern recognition, as he was a crucial part of the war effort. I’ll never understand why he has been so overlooked, but this book is a step in the right direction.” – Charles N. (Roanoke, USA)

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Ð?оя жизнÑ? (Russian Edition)

by Ð?ев НиколаевиÑ? ТолсÑ?ой

АвÑ?обиогÑ?аÑ?ия Ð?Ñ?ва НиколаевиÑ?а ТолсÑ?ого (1828â??1910), впеÑ?вÑ?е опÑ?бликованная в 1878 годÑ?.

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