Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 21 Aug 16

Pokemon GO’s success: The Book That Explains What’s Behind The Game (Chronicle of the Paradox 1)

by Gianluca Barci

In this short report I will try to explain how the mobile game became a social and financial phenomenon within weeks of launching.

Fire Stick: The Comprehensive User Guide To Master Your Amazon Fire TV Stick In 30 Minutes! (Streaming Devices, Amazon Fire TV Stick User Guide, How To Use Fire Stick)

by Jason Dyer


The Comprehensive User Guide To Master Your Amazon Fire TV Stick In 30 Minutes!

Technology is everywhere and the last thing that any of us want to do is learn a new device. When we look around our home we have three remotes for just the television, stereo and God knows what else. The last thing we need to learn is another device.

Well, Amazon does have a new device for us and you will really want to get your hands on one today. It is the Amazon Fire Stick. This is a device that will allow you to stream video to your television directly form the Internet. No longer will you need to have to purchase expensive computers just to watch tv.

The problem with new devices is the learning curve. Many devices come with a small pamphlet of instructions that really don’t tell us anything or give us instructions that just go over our heads laving us wondering why everything is so complicated.

In this book we will take out the mystery of the Amazon Fire Stick. We will go through the entire process form start to finish in simple step by step instructions that even the newbies or technically challenged can understand. When you complete this book you will have the skills need to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the world of streaming video with ease.

Download today.

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Ten Commandments of YouTube

by Matt Gielen

Want to develop a rabid and devoted fan base on YouTube? Want millions of subscribers? After reaching 1 million subscribers in a year on our YouTube channel, Cartoon Hangover, and spending years studying the best of the best including Hannah Hart, Shay Carl, Michelle Phan and more, the #1 programming team in the world at Frederator Networks has compiled tried and true methods into the most comprehensive YouTube how to guide. This book covers everything from program scheduling and branding, to title and thumbnail design. Follow these 10 commandments and you too can succeed on YouTube. Frederator Loves You.

AFFILIATE MARKETING MASTERCLASS: How to Make Money as a New-Age Affiliate Marketer… Sell on Foreign Niches & Use Youtube Marketing to Get More Sales

by Dave Bass

Make Money Today as an Online Marketer

This bundle will teach you:

– The exact step by step system that will help you go from newbie to a profitable online marketer
– How to determine good keyword and know if it’ll be profitable or not
– The “top 10 method” for finding keywords that will help you find “money keywords” fast
– How to create a website from scratch! Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge whatsoever!
– How to write a product review from A to Z
– How to ran your website by applying some simple seo backlinking tactics
– How to structure your backlinks so you’ll rank faster in Google!

– How to find the best products to promote … the easy way
– How to find keywords to use in your video
– The price range of the product to promote for maximum sales conversion
– How to create a product review
– How to confirm the market size and double check if you should really promote your product choice – this is vital to your success!
– How to properly upload your video so it’ll get more views once it is live
– How to apply some seo strategies to get higher rankings on Google and Youtube

Avoid the common mistakes most new affiliate marketers make!

Download your copy and start your new internet marketing business today!

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