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Thriller: Horror: Serial Killer (Mystery Suspense Thrillers) (Haunted Paranormal Short Story)

by Stephen Kingston

George was angry. Retired, disabled from his job as a traffic warden, he had nothing but contempt for the world at large and the evil people that existed in it.

Apart from his solitary trip once a week to an American diner, his only love was to watch the news on TV, and scowl at it. But his new TV had more to offer than simply the news.

â?¨Legion offers him a chance to put right the many wrongs in his neighborhood. To remove some of the trash that tarnishes his beautiful city. To regain some of the pride he lost after being beaten just for doing his job.

Legion will guide him to the people that need to be removed and give him all the information he needs to do the job. All George has to do is follow instructions.â?¨A variety of undesirables have been selected for the justice that is George.â?¨George has a hammer and a long overcoat. He will become a serial killer.

2x BONUS books included in this copy!

A Private Murder (Storage Ghost Murder Book 7)

by Gillian Larkin

Grace Abrahams can see ghosts. She helps the ghosts of murdered people find justice.

In this story, Grace meets the ghost of Brendan O’Leary, a private detective. Brendan was working on a case before he was brutally murdered. Grace investigates and soon discovers that Brendan’s business partner is a suspect.

But someone is watching Grace as she gets deeper into the investigation. Who is this person? And why are they so interested in Brendan O’Leary?

Eight Unreal Stories

by John Carter

This collection from the renowned author John Carter features 8 mind boggling stories that will make you forget your worries and will take you to the edge of your seat! It’s a collection of different stories from different genres such as fantasy, adventure and horror, each one of them packing a different twist and turn from one another so that you can change your taste any moment and read the world of another genre.

Thriller: Horror: Conceived (Mystery Suspense Thrillers) (Haunted Paranormal Short Story)

by Stephen Kingston

Horror Short Story

It all began with a young woman desperate to be blessed with a child. But no one could have foretold of the evil that would be unleashed when a desperate woman decided to take a shortcut to happiness.

Kira Reid heard about The Miracle Man from a television commercial. He was said to do the impossible: he healed the sick, he pulled the poor out of the depths of povertyâ??he could give you anything you needed. So when Kira hears on TV that he is coming to her hometown she knows that he is the answer to her prayers.

For years Kira and her husband, Chuck, have been cursed with the inability to have children. The first two pregnancies ended in miscarriage. Kira knows the toll the grief has taken on her marriage. Her husband hardly looks at her anymore. The only thing keeping him from leaving her is his strict religious upbringing.

But she is going to change all that. She knows that The Miracle Man can help her.

She knows that if anyone can answer her prayers, it is him.

But the answers she goes looking for are not without a price and this price is going to be far more than she bargained for. Kira has disturbed the natural order of things and set in motion events that may bring about The Apocalypse.

Can she stop it before it’s too late?

Bonus stories included in this copy!

The Zombie Apocalypse: Book I

by Jason Brandon

Moss was not prepared for The Event. No one really was. When the Zombie Apocalypse came crashing down, there was no time for thinking, only surviving.

A Man of Evil

by James Scholes

Father Edward Kelly is a man with a dark past. Recently released from jail, he is an outcast in his own community. He lives out his days working in the church’s small, second-hand bookshop.

A young girl is dead, a priest is missing and Kelly’s conscience has only just come to terms with his own guilt. But then one day, Journalist Logan Foley walks through that bookshop door, and he just wants to ask a few questions…


by George S. Mahaffey Jr.

The last time Chris Owens was in the small town of Furnace Creek was two decades ago. Back when his mother risked everything to spirit him off to a new life in the big city. In the ensuing 20 years, Chris has traveled the globe as a soldier and established a home with his wife and young daughter. He’s forgotten all about his unsettled childhood until the death of his cousin Jack draws him back to his home town. Returning for the funeral, Chris is forced to confront his past and his troubled cousin, Ed, Jack’s brother, who’s convinced that Jack isn’t actually dead, but has been taken away by things in the nearby hills as part of a terrifying ancient ritual.

Zombie Contagion (Z-Factor Book 3)

by Michael K. Clancy

The Z-Factor virus gains ground while Colonel Jack Crown, M.D. and Dr. Benjamin Lieber work to stabilize the Outbreak Compound. Three hundred miles away, a teen and her father fight for their lives .

A novelette of 12,600 words.

Darkness Bites (vol 2): Cthulhu Doesn’t Dance, and other tales

by Justin MacCormack

From the winner of the Blackfeather Award for Best New Horror 2014!

“A powerful myriad of horror styles… deeply chilling!”

“Terrifying and personal!”

Justin MacCormack’s “Tales of Terror” – Book Two

“You want to hear about the play? ‘The King in Yellow’, it was called. Sure, I knew that it was bad news, I’d heard the rumours that it was cursed.The old man had approached me and offered me more money than I’d ever seen in my life to run the play for him. How could I refuse? I’d directed many plays before this one, so it should have been simple. Straightforward. A piece of cake. That was when the disasters started. That was when the chaos awoke. How was I to know the night would in blood, and fire, and madness, and that damnable yellow sign which haunts me to this day?”

In his breakthrough short story “Return to ‘Return to Oz'”, Justin MacCormack created a shocking and disturbing tale of raw psychological horror, which has been hailed as ‘shocking and personal’!

This, the second anthology of his short stories, collects further tales of Genre-Bending Dark Fantasy and Horror, including the popular “Cthulhu Doesn’t Dance” and many more!

Included here is the shocking paranormal crime thriller “Where the Dead Lay” – Detective Mendez, struggling with the ghost of her own fight with cancer, is determined to track down a brutal serial killer of children before he can butcher another innocent kid. But when she finds her steps are being followed from beyond the grave, only the darkness of her own inner terror awaits…

Also included is the disturbing nightmare tale “The Road to Kyoto” which was too terrifying for conventional magazine publication – a young monk in feudal era Japan undertakes a pilgrimage, but his aunt always warned him of monsters along the trail. When he stops for the night at an inn, he encounters a surreal descent into love, paranoia, and gut-wrenching fear that will leave him wishing that he had listened to his aunt’s words of warning…

And more tales of dark fantasy and horror!

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Six Days

by Theresa Kay

This short story was originally published in The Z Chronicles anthology

The longest anyone has survived a zombie bite before succumbing to the madness is six days. That means, if she’s lucky, Sarah has four more days before she goes full-on flesh eater and she needs every single one of them. The life of her infant son depends on her finding an uninfected person willing to take him before she loses her mind. Her husband is dead, her son is depending on her, and the countdown is on.

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