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Cure Flu Fast: Three Day Regime to Get Back On Your Feet and Out the Door

by Lori V. Woodward

Got flu symptoms? Want to beat them fast? Download this book now in order to get yourself back on your feet. Targeted at getting you back into optimum wellness in the shortest possible time.
– manage your symptoms
– shopping list
– prevention strategies
– wellness recipes
– three day regime to wellness
– focus on nutrition

La Pola: Un viaje a su primer beso (Spanish Edition)

by Alejandra Aguilar Gorodecki

Una tierna historia de una adolescente que comienza a despertar y tiene una viaje interior lleno de anécdotas, tristezas y alegrías, cuyo motivo es conquistar y dar su primer beso. Se desarrolla en un ambiente familiar con los conflictos propios de la edad.

Computer Practices using C++: Easy way to learn C++

by Ramkrishna Ghosh

This book covers the contents of Computer practices using C++ course for B.Tech Computer Science and Information technology courses of the Maulana Abul Kalam University of Technology. Most of the other technology universities around the country have a similar courses as well. Basic computer skills, particularly programming skills are essential for students of technology. All engineering students have a growing need for grooming in programming concepts as computers become an essential tool for study, research and other professional activities. They will need this skill not only for rest of their B Tech programs but also for higher studies, and during their working life. This book includes solved questions to illustrate the concepts, wherever necessary. Clear understanding of the concepts illustrated here, will be useful not only for doing well in examinations but also in technical interviews with recruiters.The study material in this book is divided into 17 chapters covering the prescribed syllabus. Students of other technology universities with a similar courses can also benefit from this book.

Key features:

1. lucid and clear explanations

2. Easy language and up to date information

3. Uniform style of presentation

4. Detailed coverage of syllabus

5. Excellent examination guide

6. Interview questions and answers

7. Point wise summary at the end of each chapter

8. Detailed Coverage of syllabus


by Jowayne Strachn

Prelude to the first Issue. Malik tries to evade the cops while searching for answers, regarding the death of his friend to an unknown drug called Exitium.

The Ones Who were Chosen (The Guardian Series Book 1)

In a world where magic is a well kept secret, two brothers, two guardians able to wield magic, stumble across a creature more powerful than anything in the three known worlds. A girl, a philosophers stone. Frightened and lonely, they care for her, bringing her into their home, in so doing become tangled in a chain of events that spiral out of control as they try to protect her from the two groups that seek her. One who claims to want to protect her, the other that wishes to harm her and take her powers for their own. But she is not the only one being hunted. There is another powerful like her, another philosophers stone, one older, stronger and wiser.

The fight to save them both drags in more than the two brothers, but their friends also; changing lives forever as they discover the doorway to another world, a world where magic thrives, the world where magic was born.

A light hearted fantasy set in the modern world. Follow the two brothers in the story where it all began, back when their lives were simpler, before the brothers entered the other worlds, before they turned on each other, and fought for the power they once tried to protect.

The story continues in Angel of Stone (still a working progress)


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Also by Lady Lilium –

The WeatherMaker: Heart’s Desire – currently FREE to download (for 5 days only – only available on download – From August 17 2016 To August 21 2016)

And coming soon –

The WeatherMaker: Prince of Light – Part One (of currently two)

Available towards the end of this year/start of next year

And also coming soon, a new story (available in a few months time)

The Black and White Angel

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Diary Of Max The Pokemon Go Trainer : Book 1 (An Unofficial Pokemon Go Story For Children 6+) (Diary Of a Pokemon Go Trainer)

by Block Boy

In the first book of this awesome Pokemon Go series, we get to read the diary of a 12 year old boy named Max who wants to be the greatest Pokemon Go player ever!

Join Max and his friends as he deals with being in the 7th grade, homework, parents, teachers, an annoying big sister and a bully as big as a Snorlax. All this while trying to win the heart of his girl crush (who is as cute as a Jigglypuff) and of course become the first to catch every Pokemon and master the game.

Diary of a Pokemon Go Trainer is a must read for any kid (or adult) that loves Pokemon Go. Kids ages 6 and up can’t wait to jump into these Pokemon Go adventure stories

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Children’s Book: Eat Your Veggies – NO! [Bedtime and Monster Stories for Kids]

by V Moua

Children’s Book: Eat Your Veggies – NO!

Bedtime Stories and Bird Books for Kids

In this book our little bird friend is extremely hungry but he refuses to eat his vegetables. He thinks veggies are gross and disgusting. Instead, he asks for a hot dog, fries and a cookie. Is there a way to convince the bird to eat his vegetables after all? Read along as you and your child will once again enjoy the silly antics of this quirky bird!

This is a read aloud kids book and is easy to read. The target age range is for preschool and young children.

Eat Your Veggies is a book that any child will love, especially at bedtime.

Read this children’s book FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle Unlimited membership

Mis Cuentos para Padres: Prevencion contra el Abuso Sexual Infantil Prologo Ismael Cala (Spanish Edition)

Tres (3) cuentos cortos que son hitos para los padres como prevención del abuso sexual infantil, libro que ha sido escrito con calor humano en nuestro afán de anticiparnos al delito del abusador. Cada uno de los cuentos corresponde a la información educativa que debería recibir cada niño o niña de acuerdo a su edad cronológica, facilitando la enseñanza por parte de los padres, representantes o cuidadores. El infante debe aprender también a cuidarse solo y protegerse, no siempre estará vigilado por su representante, se hace necesario su cooperación.

Libro único en su naturaleza de educar a niños y niñas, cuyo objetivo principal es ayudar y apoyar en la prevención del delito de abuso sexual infantil, las estadísticas son alarmante a niveles nacionales e internacionales, UNO de cada CINCO infantes es abusado sexualmente, por lo general es un adulto conocido. Arruinando la vida de nuestros infantes para siempre, este vil delito debería erradicarse de la humanidad, no existe ninguna razón contundente y humana para no accionar en su contra.

Hagamos prevención y salvemos a mas niños y niñas del abuso sexual infantil.

Sirva este previo como la guía orientadora para el mejor uso y beneficio del presente libro.

También para darles una breve descripción del diseño instruccional que logramos plasmar en él para el anclaje de los objetivos de enseñanza-aprendizaje de prevención sobre el abuso sexual infantil, en la misión de alertar aún más a los padres, representantes, cuidadores y maestros, como también a que a su vez enseñen a los infantes, quienes deben instruirse para lograr protegerse por sí solos y buscar la mejor opción de ayuda en caso de abuso.

Nosotras, las autoras, nos basamos en la práctica de crear experiencias interactivas de instrucción que hacen la adquisición de conocimientos y habilidades más eficiente, eficaz y atractiva para las partes que se involucran en el proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje en general.

TODO PADRE DEBERIA LEER y aprender con este libro a enseñar a sus hijos a protegerse de los posibles abusadores. es una manera fácil para un tema tan difícil de manejar a tempranas edades. La comunicación efectiva es clave y el compromiso de confianza entre las partes.

What Time Is it? QR Task Cards & Response Sheets – Random Analog Clocks – Set 1

by Cyndi Kinney

This is a set of 24 QR Task Cards with Response Sheets and Answer Keys. Each Task Card includes a random time on an analog clock. Some times are on the quarter or half, while most are on one of the 5 minute intervals. Each Task Card also includes a QR Code for the student to use for self-checking.

Print, cut out, and laminate the task cards and 2 Response Sheets, or use from the Kindle with no printing. Your students will look at the clock and record the time on the appropriate Response Sheet. Then the student will scan the QR Code to check his answer. If his answer is correct, then he will put a check mark in the box provided on the Response Sheet. If his answer is incorrect, then he will record an X in that box. QR Codes open up a whole new, exciting way for students to learn!

These codes are scannable with any mobile or tablet device with a QR Code reading app. There are many completely free QR apps that will work on your device. This is a downloadable ebook that you may print as many times as needed for your household or classroom, or you may scan the QR codes directly from the Kindle with no printing necessary.

Dark Harbour: The Tale of the Soul Searcher

by Joseph Kiel

Danny is new to the town. Together with his fellow college mates they’re beginning to discover the lurid secrets of their new home: a sinister vigilante organisation, the twisted owner of the seaside amusements, and the mysterious Stella, the most beautiful girl in the whole town.

Their discoveries entice them down roads that, at first, threaten their friendships… then threaten their own lives…

A jealous boyfriend warning Danny to stay away from Stella… the vigilante organisation caught up in an old race to find a powerful treasure, one that people would kill to get hold of…

Ultimately it seems that a lot of people have some serious soul searching to do…

Dark Harbour: The Tale of the Soul Searcher is a story of profound lost love, of an anger impatiently waiting to be unleashed, of monsters and karmic angels, and of the search for our own soul.

First Day of School (The Lego Adventures of Jack Series Book 3)

by Kyle K

Jack is looking forward to the first day of school. School brings many exciting opportunities, such as the playground,, art class, story time, and most importantly new friends. Jack likes school and looks forward to being with his friends and the various activities that make the day go by quickly.

This book was written with the intention of showing your child how school is fun and enjoyable. Many children and parents have anxiety and fear about the big first day…this book will help you and your child feel better about this important milepost of life.

All the illustrations are done in Lego. The book’s purpose is to make children feel good about starting school or daycare as well as encouraging good behavior.

Enjoy C++ and Crack IT Interview: Interview questions and answers

by Ramkrishna Ghosh

This book covers the interview Questions and answers from C ++ Programming which is essential for all Engineering Streams not only for IT and CSE. This book is written with the ins and outs of solved questions those are necessary for placement in different companies.

Tinsy Moo

by Liz Carbine

Tinsy Moo may be small but she has spirit! Her charming, cute face wins the hearts of all while living on a farm that is too preoccupied with raising only the biggest livestock and produce. Soon everyone realizes size doesn’t determine heart.

Inspired by all those who need a chance to prove their true worth.

Please Come Repeat With Me: Apraxia

by Sue Thompson

ā-Ë?prak-sÄ?-É? -difficulty forming sounds into words. This IS NOT a medical reference. It is a book for fun. This is a fun book you and your child will want to read over and over.

Libros para niños:Los Juegos Olímpicos de la Granja del Mapache Wally – Olimpiadas de Invierno (spanish books kids Libro en Español para niños Libro de … para niños de nº 4) (Spanish Edition)

by Leela Hope

Los Juegos Olímpicos de la Granja del Mapache Wally – Olimpiadas de Invierno

¿Tus hijos disfrutan del invierno?

¿Les gusta participar en Deportes de Invierno?

Al Mapache Wally le encantan los Deportes de Invierno, especialmente los de los Juegos Olímpicos de la Granja. Sigue a Wally y sus aventuras en el cuarto y último día de los Juegos Olímpicos de la Granja. Aunque Wally ha demostrado lo bueno que es, todavía tiene problemas para que otros animales le permitan participar en las Olimpiadas de Invierno. Pero un amigo le ayudará a encontrar un deporte en el que puede participar y, una vez más, ¡se destaca!

Pensado especialmente para niños y niñas de entre 0 a 6 años, Los Juegos Olímpicos de la Granja del Mapache Wally – Olimpiadas de Invierno, es una historia ideal para todos ellos, que además está acompañada de coloridas ilustraciones. La serie de Los Juegos Olímpicos de la Granja del Mapache Wally es ideal para contar antes de ir a dormir, para preescolares y para niños que están aprendiendo a leer.

My Snow Friend

by Stephanie Adams

There is nothing more magical than winter’s first snow. Let your
imagination take you there in this enchanting story written by
Stephanie Adams and illustrated by Liz Carbine.

Stephanie Adams is passionate about art. She loves picture
books and considers them a joyful pairing of words and fine art.

Liz Carbine finds her inspiration through nature and her loved
ones.Her creative illustrations bring joy and laughter to all ages.

Sisters, Stephanie and Liz are grateful for the opportunity they
had to work together on this book.

~I Heart My Sis Collection~

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