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Mystery : Cozy Mystery: Guilty Till Proven Innocent (cozy,mystery,short stories, thriller) (suspense, short reads, detective, murder)

by Dorothy Devine

The chase had finally come to an end. Jacob had run all the way into a cul-de-sac and there was nowhere to run so he stood up and faced agent Mary Kennedy with his hoodie still over his head. Agent Mary Kennedy was still looking at him without saying a word, just pointing at him with her gun and flashlight, trying to catch her break.

There was still some fresh blood all over his sleeve and the knife was still in hand. He was looking confused and was shaking all over the place, looking nothing like the cold blooded murderer that she could have been.

“Drop the knife and put your hands up! It’s over!”

Chasing Symmetry (Riley’s Peak Series Book 1)

by Tempeste Blake

Someone had been trying for the perfect shade of red . . .
When art professor Bianca James tries to save a dying woman, the grudge-holding chief of police is all too quick to catapult her to the top of the suspect list. As if that isn’t enough, her ex-boyfriend’s younger brother, Finn Tierny, is assigned to the case, and she’s faced with a trilogy of dilemmas: go head to head with the chief, stop a cold-blooded killer on her own, or trust another Tierny.
Finn’s return to Riley’s Peak is bittersweet. He’s flooded with memories, both good and bad, as he battles doubts about being a cop, a cantankerous father, a jealous brother, and a drug dealer with a rap-sheet longer than the list of addicts he’s been supplying. 
Threats escalate, the suspect list grows, and it becomes clearâ??the murderer’s resolve to kill Bianca is almost as strong as Finn’s desire to keep her alive.


by Jessica Sorensen

You want to know my secrets? What lies beneath the pretty? The scars I can’t let anyone see? The scars tied to my secrets?
On the outside I appear normal. Some might even say perfect.
They say that I’m a pretty girl. They say I should be happy. They say that I have nothing to be angry about. That I’m popular. A cheerleader. That I’m perfect.
Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.
But all they see is what’s on the outside.
On the inside I’m raw, open, bleeding. Scars that can’t seem to heal the wounds.
Carrying dark secrets about who I really am.
How afraid I am to tell the truth.
And it’s slowly killing me.

Tattoos. Piercing. Scars. The guy who can’t speak.
Gothic freak. Mute. Punk. I’ve heard it all.
They say that I’m probably dangerous. They say people should stay away from me.
They say. They say. They say.
But who are they anyway?
To decide what I am.
They don’t know what’s hidden beneath the scars. Beneath the piercings and tattoos.
The secrets I keep hidden beneath the silence.
Maybe if they knew, they wouldn’t fear me so much.
Then again, maybe they’d fear me more.

Unbeautiful: A Novella Series (Part One)

MYSTERY: COZY MYSTERIES: Colorful Death ((Detective Woman Sleuth Murder Detective Short Story))

by S. Y. Robins

Cozy Murder Mystery

So far, it has pretty much sucked.

And unfortunately, it’s about to get worse. When she catches attractive neighbor Maddox out in a horrible rainstorm, Jade invites him in out of the cold, only to see scratches on his arms. Maddox is pleasant and polite, but even Jade can see that something is wrong. When she learns the next day that an old lady was murdered in her cottage, Jade has a sinking feeling that she knows who’s to blame.

When another body crops up soon after, Jade sets out to find the truth. After all, how much worse could this vacation get? She might as well tramp over the heath and figure out what’s going on.

But all this poking about is going to put her squarely in the killer’s sights. And now that they’ve murdered twice, they’re not going to stop until all of their enemies are dead.

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MYSTERY: Cozy Mysteries: Spicy Murder (Women Sleuth Detective Murder Mysteries Short Stories)

by S. Y. Robins

Cozy Mystery

Sandy Pepper owns “Hot Stuff”, a small town bakery that specializes in unexpected gastric creations. Her shop is known worldwide for daring desserts that pair sweet and spicy ingredients much to the delight of her loyal customers.

Then the host of Culinary Hype shows up and suddenly Sandy’s little shop becomes known for a lot more than cupcakes that set mouths on fire. Hot Stuff becomes synonymous with murder when the hotshot host ends up dead after tasting one of Sandy’s well-known treats.

Determined to prove the stubborn detective assigned to her case wrong, Sandy sets out investigating on her own enlisting the assistance of her young-at-heart grandmother and her perpetually absent father in the process.

Tracking down a killer though soon proves to be too much for Sandy to handle and she finds herself tangled in a web of lies and jealousy as the truth about the dead celebrity host comes to light.

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MYSTERY: COZY MYSTERIES: Dye No More ((Detective Woman Sleuth Murder Detective Short Story))

by S. Y. Robins

Cozy Mystery

Things seem sweet for Carly; she’s head stylist at her own beauty salon, she has great friends, a great career – and a great new hair color.

Only problem is, no one else seems to appreciate her bright purple hair style quite as much as she does. That’s the problem with small towns. Individuals stick out. At least Carly has her shop, Curl Up & Dye, and her best friend, Hans.

Until, that is; disaster strikes. One of Carly’s customers is dead. A carnival is in town, and one of the workers, a girl named Ruby, came into Curl Up & Dye for a new bright pink hair color.

And ended up curled up and dead. Did Carly’s hair dye cause an allergic reaction that killed the girl? Was Hans’ carelessness to blame? Or do the answers lie at the carnival? Carly, determined to clear her and her best friend’s name, sets off to find out.

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MYSTERY: Cozy Mysteries: Killer Tiramisu (Women Sleuth Detective Murder Mysteries Short Stories)

by S. Y. Robins

Cozy Mystery

Hannah is a 22 year old apprentice chef who dreams of greatness; unfortunately, her dreams don’t quite meet up with reality, and she spends just as much time in the kitchen accidentally starting fires, mixing up ingredients and ruining functions as she does cooking.

However, she gets her chance at a big break when the regular dessert chef calls in sick and Hannah is asked to make the dessert for a huge wedding reception that the restaurant is catering. Hannah decides to make her famous Tiramisu recipe – a family recipe that has been passed down for generations, and taught to her by her grandmother. Hannah is sure nothing can go wrong with a recipe she knows so well.

However, disaster strikes when the restaurant manager dies after sampling a trial version of the dessert. Has Hannah’s carelessness struck again? Or, are one of her co-workers out to get her? After Hannah is fired and disgraced she sets out to clear her name – and to restore her Tiramisu’s reputation.

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by Heather West

It isn’t easy going home – not when HE’S there.

How couldn’t I love him? His blond hair, tousled from his football helmet, the muscles rippling along his quarterback shoulders, the way he looks at me when we pass each other half-clothed in the hallway in the middle of the night…

His eyes, exposing me. Baring me. Stripping me down to nothing but skin and desire.

I’ve never wanted anything like I wanted him to cross the distance between us.

I can’t act on this lust, can’t say anything. It would destroy our family.

But I’m only human. And he’s sleeping in the room next door…

I’m happy to see her, of course.

But it’s hard to ignore the feeling she ignites in my chest.

Once upon a time, that used to be enough. But not anymore.

Now, when she looks at me and bites her lower lip, desire flashing through her eyes, I worry that I will lose control. I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop myself from doing what we both want – making her mine.

The problem is, she’s mine already.

And she’s sleeping in the room next door.

THIS BOOK IS A STANDALONE NOVEL, NO CHEATING OR CLIFFHANGERS. Contains a HEA ending, dark, taboo and disturbing themes, and over the top sexiness that may be uncomfortable for some readers

MYSTERY: Cozy Mysteries: Deadly Brewed (Women Sleuth Detective Murder Mysteries Short Stories)

by S. Y. Robins

Murder Mystery

When Hannah opened her cafe on a busy downtown street she had high hopes that she would finally be able to fulfill a dream. That dream however gets squashed when a man is found murdered in the alley behind her cafe. The detective isn’t giving her much information and it is clear from the start he suspects her being involved.

When being a suspect starts hurting business she decides to take matters into her own hands and investigates the murder herself. Will she find who truly did it, or will she get charged with murder before she can find the real culprit?

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by Chris W. Martinez

Tim Grayson, a temperamental, socially awkward young genius, would rather not be famousâ??but it’s too late now. A documentary chronicling his freakish brilliance in math and music has just won an Oscar, and random strangers now recognize him on the streets of Manhattan.

Tim takes refuge from the world by playing intimate duets with his violinist friend, Rachel. But the tranquil bliss of their music is shattered one evening when Tim suddenly sees a dark silhouette of a man standing behind her and panics.

His visions of a man only worsen with time, haunting him everywhere he goes and warning of impending doom. Meanwhile, another shadowy presence stalks himâ??the corrupt CEO of a private security firm has sent a remorseless covert agent to monitor Tim’s activities, searching for a way to exploit his fertile mind. But that mind unravels by the day, with Tim’s visions increasingly blurring the line between horrific madness and an even more unspeakable reality.

This is the second edition of the first book of the Savant series.

MURDER MYSTERIES: Cornered by Cupcakes (Cozy Mysteries Women Sleuth Short Story)

by S. Y. Robins

Cozy Mystery

Hannah seems to have a perfect life. She has a perfect job, perfect boyfriend and perfect university grades. Planning her life away, Hannah is deliriously happy. That is, until two mysterious deaths plague her, throwing her life into chaos and despair and pain. Hannah’s world is turned upside down; everything she thought she knew is a lie.

Jay, her perfect boyfriend is a successful businessman. He treats her wonderfully and makes her happier than she ever dreamed she could be. However, Jay is not as perfect as he seems. Can Hannah uncover his secrets in order to clear his name? Or will Hannah’s own life become endangered, by simply trying to help the man she loves?

Going from cupcake maker and nutritionist, to hard-hitting sleuth, Hannah dives nose first into a world of drugs, money laundering and death threats. All of a sudden, her life changes dramatically for the worse. Can Hannah make it out alive?

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SEVEN DAY HERO: On Her Majesty’s Service – An Alternative Mark Cole Thriller

by J.T. Brannan

Mark Cole is America’s top covert operative – but what if, instead, he was from the United Kingdom? SEVEN DAY HERO is a re-imagining of STOP AT NOTHING (Mark Cole Book 1) with a British hero in the title role – and the result is an entirely new story!

In Sweden, a defensive pact is set to be signed between Russia and the European Union when a brutal attack – thought to be carried out by Chinese forces – almost derails the event. When the treaty is signed anyway, the new Euro Russian Alliance teeters on the brink of nuclear war with China – and it is not long before other nations are drawn into a situation that is spinning frighteningly out of control.

Mark Cole is a deniable operative for the British government, loyal to the last. But when his own organization turns against him, he finds himself in a desperate race against time to not only save his family, but to find out who was really behind the attack in Sweden, and stop the world from descending into nuclear Armageddon.

Please note that SEVEN DAY HERO is an ‘alternate universe’ Mark Cole thriller that shares material with STOP AT NOTHING, and sits outside the normal series.

Deadly Secrets: Second Edition (Kelly McWinter PI Book 1)

by Jude Pittman

Kelly McWinter is a former Fort Worth police officer who suffered a personal tragedy that caused him to quit the force and isolate himself in the community of Indian Creek, Texas.

Kelly is the Clint Eastwood, John Wayne type of man who makes everyone feel safe. The characters at Indian Creek are so unique and eccentric that readers and reviewers alike have fallen in love with the regulars who frequent Cam Belcher’s Hideaway Bar and Barbecue.

Tammy from Fallen Angel reviews describes the Kelly McWinter P.I. mysteries as “A fabulous mixture of Texas humor, heart-pounding action, sexy nuances and mounting suspense. There’s plenty of excitement, plenty of intrigue, a local flavor to tickle the toughest of taste buds and a good serving of hot, steamy romance to titillate the senses.”regulars who frequent Cam Belcher’s Hideaway Bar and Barbecue

MYSTERY: Cozy Mysteries: Bake Off (Women Sleuth Detective Murder Mysteries Short Stories)

by S. Y. Robins

Cozy Mystery

Suzanna has always dreamed of more. For years, she’s wanted to move to the big city and open a tearoom with her family cookie recipes and proper Southern sweet tea.

And finally, it’s all in reachâ??in two weeks, she’ll be heading to Savannah to meet with a potential business partner.

There’s just one small problem: she’s been framed for murder.

No matter how Suzanna pleads her case, the fact is that she and Joel Smith were arch-rivals pretty much from kindergarten onward. Joel pulled her hair, copied her homework, and later, at a school competition, took the cookies she’d baked and passed them off as his own.

Charming and handsome, Joel was everyone’s favorite. And now, he’s missing and an anonymous tip has said that Suzanna was seen pushing him into the river.

If Suzanna can’t prove it wasn’t her, she’ll be locked up and her dreams will be gone forever. But there are no leads other than herâ?¦

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MYSTERY: Cozy Mysteries: Warm Food Cold Body (Women Sleuth Detective Murder Mysteries Short Stories)

by S. Y. Robins

Murder Mystery

After a bad divorce leaves Shannon without a home or friends, she finds herself moving in with her younger sister, Daisyâ??only to find that the upbeat young woman is also struggling with heartbreak, and miserable at work to boot. With nothing to lose, the two women decide to give up cubicles and spreadsheets and strike out on their own.

But weeks of careful planning unravel abruptly when, on their very first day operating a food truck, a body is discovered lying by their propane tanks. Suspicion immediately falls on Daisy, and Shannon is determined not to let her little sister go to jail. Daisy may be reckless, sarcastic, and irreverent, but Shannon is absolutely sure that she is not a killer.

Except, the more Shannon pries, the list of suspects only seems to grow longer and longer. And it turns out that Daisy may have had more motives for the murder than she’s admittingâ?¦


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MURDER MYSTERIES: Drop Dead Hotel (Cozy Mysteries Women Sleuth Short Story)

by S. Y. Robins

When my brother and I agreed to help the police solve a murder in a burned down hotel, the last thing we expected was for it to get complicated. Well, more complicated than usual.

Now, suddenly, we’ve got the victim’s dog snoozing in our office corner while we search for clues, and a potential link to a jewelry heist from a theatre almost thirty years ago. This case was already complicated enough to begin with. Then, the corpse woke up.

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MYSTERY: Cozy Mysteries: Killer Chocolate (Women Sleuth Detective Murder Mysteries Short Stories)

by S. Y. Robins

Cozy Mystery

Hannah has always been accident prone when it comes to the kitchen, but she is still a good chef and after she gets a job as dessert chef on a cruise ship, she feels that it is a perfect opportunity for a career boost.

She has just perfected her chocolate cake, and she is excited to see what everyone thinks. Initially she loves the ship and everything on it, seeing it as a new adventure. She has some minor incidents, but when a guest she had served chocolate cake to the night before dies, police comes onboard to investigate.

Two more deaths later and Hannah is a suspect because the deaths have been linked back to her chocolate cake. Determined to find out what is truly going on, and who is truly responsible, she decides to solve the case herself.

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Mystery : Cozy Mystery: On the Stroke of Midnight (mystery, thriller, cozy, shocking, short stories) (murder, thriller, short stories)

by Dorothy Devine

Agent Martinez waited for a moment and went through the evidence once again. For some strange reason, she just wasn’t satisfied even though they had already busted the real culprits. As far as she was concerned, all that she wanted to be done was to get down to some serious business that will see to it that the right culprit was caught and charged.

And just like that, something ticked. The gold watch that the beggar was wearing looked like the exact semblance of the one that Mr. Howard was wearing and just like that, it seemed as though everything was now starting to make some serious sense. And without wasting any time, she put her coffee mug down and went back to her office. It was about time that they knew whatever the heck was going on.

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