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Awkwardly Strong: From Insecure to Inspirational

by Paula Jean Ferri

Hey you! What are you hiding? Why? Is it that embarrassing? How awkward and creepy is it, really? Are you a secret people watcher? Maybe you are graceful enough to fall up stairs and trip on your own feet. Do you scream in the middle of a quiet church service? That’s not awkward, or creepy. At least, it doesn’t have to be. We all have something we are hiding. I mean, everyone else thinks they are normal, right?

You are different. And you were meant to be different. There are over 7 billion people in the world. What makes it beautiful is that there are no two people exactly alike. The things that make each person special and unique are the things that give purpose and drive towards the most fulfilling and satisfying life possible! Self-esteem comes from fully loving one’s self; the things that are considered strengths as well as what are considered flaws.

This book shows you your own secret weapon. It’s that thing you keep hiding from everyone. Paula uses her Tourette Syndrome to illustrate how potentially embarrassing situations have become cherished memories and golden opportunities. The freedom that comes from embracing and using your differences is both liberating and validating. Let the discovery of your true self take you to new places.

Focus: The Power of Focus, Productivity, Learn to Achieve Your Goals with Objectives and Key Results, Focus on What Matter and Stop Procrastination: Focus: … Focus, Achieve Goal, Stop Procrastination)

by Frank Knoll

Learn To Gain A Stronger Awareness For Life And Achieve More On A Daily Process With The Power Of Focus.


How To Beat Procrastination And Achieve More.

We are often pushed like the wind from one task to the next and regularly lose our ways in life. This can be all change with simple adjusts and a change in habits.

Learn to create daily goals

  • How to achieve more.
  • Find an accountability partner and have public accountability.
  • Change your day and become a task master.
  • Protect your time.

How To Create Our Daily Goals

You’re busy. I’m busy. Everyone’s busy. Yet despite this bustle, we regularly don’t feel especially productive from day to day. Entire weeks can flash by in a blur of meaningless emails, conferences, and admin tasks while the “massive stuff” is going untended. As the nineteenth-century philosopher Henry David Thoreau wrote, “It isn’t enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?”

If we want to take back control of our workday schedules and priorities, the simplest way to do it is by way of relentlessly wondering how we’re spending our time. However, what questions ought we to ask? I reached out to a handful of normal 99U individuals and the 99U convention audio system to get their insights on daily energy and assignment control. Here’s what they said:

From Leo Babauta of Zen behavior:

What are you doing in this moment?

The simple act of becoming more aware of what you’re interested in helps you to recognize what you need it to be – growing something extraordinary. Too often, we get distracted or get caught in unimportant tasks – coming back to the moment will often assist.

From Tony Schwartz of the strength project:

Are you scheduling time each day to have awareness without interruption?

Set aside at the least one period throughout the day – no more than 90 minutes at a time (and as close to that as feasible) – to have awareness without interruption. Time, in other words, to do something essential, however, no longer urgent – to put something in writing, replicate, strategize, consider, paint etc., on a long-term project.

The key here is control of attention. We’re so distracted, and we’re feeding that feeling on every occasion we switch between responsibilities. We need to (re)educate our attention. Focused interest can serve obligations – that’s the left hemisphere at work, doing rational, deductive, logical, step-by using-step questioning.

The other sort of attention, which serves creativity, is where the right hemisphere is dominant. That calls for deeply quieting the thoughts. It was Betty Edwards (drawing on the proper aspect of the mind) who located that one powerful manner to prompt a shift from left to the right hemisphere is to copy an upside-down line drawing. Or to genuinely count to a certain number.

But there are lots of approaches to activate the shift: take a walk in nature, go for a run, and concentrate on a classical tuneâ?¦ even take a bath. It’s repetition that causes the shift. The more we teach any muscle – which includes the right hemisphere – the more potent and more lively it becomes.

This all can be achieved here with the change of habit you can very easily tap into your power of great focus.

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How To Get Over A Break-Up: A Book On How To Get Over A Broken Heart

by Debbie Carson

At one point in our lives, we will all have to learn how to get over a broken heart from some sort of break up, whether that break up would be in the form of a romantic relationship to just close friends falling out. Whatever the situation, the break up can lead to you feeling a sense of grief, loss, and longing for your partner. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible; especially if this is because the other person you longing for passed away.

Whilst there are many books out there purportedly teaching you how to get over a broken heart (some even going as far as claiming they can show you how to get over anyone in a few days) most of this break up self-help is complete nonsense. In this book however, we actually go straight to the source, by asking five â??Experts’ people who have actually gone through a break-up and in the process, found a way to overcome their break-up. And in this book, each will tell you precisely what happened to them and how they were able to rise above their broken hearts.

So if you are currently looking for some break up self help, then How To Get Over A Break Up by Debbie Carson is the book for you!

Quality Picture Books for Early Childhood: An Annotated Bibliography of 50 Titles for Parents & Educators

by Mary Ann Biermeier

Despite our obsession with the electronic screen, the printed picture book industry is thriving. In fact, the ability of digital art processes to create three-dimensional masterpieces makes this genre highly sought after by adults and children alike. Many new artists are contributing to a transformation in the way we engage children in storytelling.

This book is designed for early childhood educators and parents, providing a listing of fifty quality titles. As part of this exploration the reader will find a wide variety of styles and content. Some of the authors and illustrators are icons in the industry and others are newcomers. Organized by author, this annotated bibliography serves as a broad profile of the best publications for our youngest readers.

Troublemakers: Problems of the children and the youth

by D.A. Noskoff

Problems of the children and the youth

Tweens and teens problems

Beating children will be a crime

High – tech and children

Internet addiction

A generation gap

The problem of love and friendship. Suicide in the young

Family problems

New anti-drugs campaign for young people

Teenagers kill

Adoption Reunion and Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA): My GSA Experience – Why Me! (The Year Loved my Sister Book 8)

by Katharina Liebhauser

This is my explanation why Genetic Sexual Attraction happens. There are very few books that can tell you why you might want to sleep with a sibling, parent or cousin. This is to help you understand the reasons why you have feelings for someone that are similar to the feelings you have for a lover.
I have compiled my understanding from feelings I had now for my sister and taken from my other books in the series The year I loved my Sister and have produced this short book for people who dont want to read my life story and how I feel into the emotional delema of making a choice to sleep with my sister.

Bride’s Book Illustrated

by Brenda Kay Winters

For your special day, there are many things to consider. Here you will find many ideas and pictures about weddings and brides and many how to tips for your wedding. There are many ways to have a great wedding. my husband worked as a wedding photographer and we have seen many so I wrote this especially for you.

The Monster of New

by David Smith

A book about helping small children overcome their fear of trying new things.

Le Pouvoir de l’Habitude: Changez Vos Mauvaises habitudes, Changez de vie ! Les Mauvaises Manières ça Suffit ! Au Changement ! (French Edition)

by Mohammed Mouhssine

Le Pouvoir de l’Habitude

Changez Vos Mauvaises habitudes, Changez de vie ! Les Mauvaises Manières ça Suffit ! Au Changement !

Découvrez comment vous défaire de vos Mauvaises Habitudes et changer sa vie Pour Toujours !

…et se sentir enfin Libre et Vivant !

Les Secrets d’une Vie Plus Saine et Plus Heureuse

Imaginez seulement ce que sera votre vie, une fois libéré…

Découvrir que vous pouvez choisir vos propres sentiments, vos propres mots et vos actions fera de vous une personne LIBRE et PUISSANTE …

Dans ce programme étape par étape, vous apprendrez :

  • Ã? faire face aux tentations quotidiennes
  • Ã? vous préparer à un changement durable

Que vaut pour vous une vie plus heureuse et plus saine ?

C’est décidé, j’arrête

  • De fumer
  • DeTrop Manger
  • DeTrop dépenser

Découvrez une méthode “étape par étape” pour vous défaire de toutes vos Mauvaises Habitudes, c’est le moment d’entreprendre de grands changements dans votre Vie !

Faites Défiler et Récupérer Votre Copie Aujourd’hui.

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Handcuffs to Handshakes

by Phil Eastwood

Handcuffs to Handshakes is the story of my journey from the violent but fascinating streets of London in the 1980s to present day West Coast Canada.

This book shares a series of timeless lessons of how to get along with other people, and is told in a manner to make you laugh and learn.

Whether in the boardroom or in the living room, humans communicate all of the time, and these stories will remind you of how important it is that we are good at it.

Love Poems For My Valentine

by Camelia Marino

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