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Moon Fascination

by Hensley Pink

‘Moon Fascination’ is an anthology of poems in which varied sentiments are expressed in acknowledging and appreciating the moon in its splendour. Such sentiments are conveyed through colourful use of language and a range of literary devices. The poems may be appreciated and enjoyed by the average reader.

Poetry Sampler For Pay Day the Author/Julian HIll

by Pay Day the Author/Julian Hill

If you’ve never read Pay Day the Author/Julian Hill’s poetry, now’s your chance to get acquainted. He uses different styles for specific purposes in his collections. Sometimes it’s romantic. On other occasions it is for Big & Beautiful Women and their Admirers; Christian audiences; and personal.

We are working on audio versions of his poetry. You may purchase any piece you like in print for $1 per page and $0.50 for a protector sheet. To buy poems in print, please contact [email protected]

61 Daze: Poetic Vomit

by Connor M. Donovan

Read it or don’t. I regret it.

From where I am: Thoughts to help you stop struggling, and start winning your daily battles. (Part 1 The Story of Me)

by Daniel g walter

Being a veteran of multiple deployments overseas, a father, husband, and Christian. Daniel has pulled on all of this to write about each piece of his life. As well as each time in his life past, present, and he hopes a little bit of the future. Though some scars may affect his writing it does not affect the meaning behind that writing. Thank you for taking a peak into his mind and we hope you enjoy.

Earth – Eternal Love Poems with Pain 1 (Indian Indie Poetry)

by Aakshey Talwar

Pardon me, but these poems are not written by a poet.

These are words filled with love and pain of a 17 year old school student for his first love, his high school love.

Although you won’t mistake these poems to be that of a true poet, nevertheless, every single emotion portrayed in these poems is the thirst of a high school teenager for his sweetheart whose love he still hasn’t been able to win, six years hence.

Each and every incident in these poems is real.

Even the degree of imagination and extent of pain is indeed very real, and not exaggerated nor manipulated.

He still yearns for his first love and the pain and emotions flow in these poems which portray his suffering and anguish in the most accurate possible manner.


Not all poems are in English.
Many poems are in Hindi (using English as the script).
Many poems are in Hinglish (using English as the script)
A lot of the poems are still in English.

You will find exactly 201 poems in this kindle ebook most of which were written between April 2007 and sometime in 2008, when the incidents took place.

These poems may not be the best you have ever read, but the suffering and anxiety which these poems portray are real emotions which portray the thoughts of a patient suffering in love.

The author is still in depression and on anti-depressants six years hence. His body has been manipulated and spoiled by the anti-depressants and the doctors don’t believe that he will ever be able to live without them, not again in this life at least.

This is the kind of true love this amateur lover expresses in his words through this ebook.

The only thing which is fake in this ebook is that the name of his sweetheart has been changed to Annie Sawyer to hide her actual identity. Because he doesn’t want to hurt her, even now.

And for the more strong hearted people, I, Aakshey Talwar, the owner of Weaving Thoughts, am the author of each one of these poems.

Other works by Weaving Thoughts:

Romantic Thrillers

A Love Story which exposed the CIA I

A Love Story which exposed the CIA II


Earth – Eternal Love Poems with Pain I

Earth – Eternal Love Poems with Pain II

Manual Hospitalario: poemas antirrábicos (Maquinarias, artilugios y artificios nº 2) (Spanish Edition)

by Pablo Alejo Carrasco

En esta colección de poemas con propuestas poco hospitalarias para el lector tradicional de textos líricos, el lector se encontrará con una expresión lírica desacostumbrada. Una metáfora del amor, el dolor, la hipocresía y la vida urbana a través de la figura del hospital, como si nuestras almas enfermas no fuesen a ser curadas jamás pero la palabra, en su auténtico rugir la enfermedad, paliase para el resto del transcurrir vital.

Una lectura recomendable para los aficionados a la poesía vanguardista. Textos difíciles y desafiantes pero, a la vez, sinceros.

Only love can hurt like this

by jonatan Vega

Just as the title says it Only Love Can Hurt Like This,its what this book is about,of how love can hurt,the poems are ways as how it feels and can hurt in the soul.These poems are examples of how you feel heartbreak, whether a lack of love or heartbreak that leave you love those unfair loves. Poems like:

Galaxy of my chest,galaxies of my chest,planted love,thanks for leaving,I sowed you in the soul,An old soul,Time of love,Get out of my skin,sofa,Is requested a love,Glass of crystal,To what taste your soul,Coffe,Moles,This love,Between planets and suns,Inadequate nights,I stay,i am not a saint,What i dont see in anyone else, Soul number 35264,Paris Hilton perfume,Always remember everything of me,Since when,The face of your soul,Where is?,You are the soul that I could carry,Graduation of love and pain,They are you and me.

звеÑ?Ь Человек (Russian Edition)

by Юзвак Яна

Ð? Ñ?еÑ?вÑ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ? книгÑ? ЯнÑ? Юзвак воÑ?ли сÑ?иÑ?и и поэÑ?иÑ?еские заÑ?исовки 2005-2012 годов, написаннÑ?е в Ð?оскве и Ð?Ñ?Ñ?мÑ?.
Ð? 2015 годÑ? сбоÑ?ник издаÑ?Ñ?ся в испÑ?авленном ваÑ?ианÑ?е.

Eyes Beneath The Sky

by Andrew Corrao

Eyes Beneath The Sky is a collaboration of my poems intertwined with my digital photography. At the Gateway of the Superstition Mountains I was able to capture an amazing sunset as it unfolded before my eyes. The rapid transformation made for some incredible photos which I randomly displayed throughout the book. Hope you love it!

A nuvem: Uma nuvem espera por você! (Portuguese Edition)

by William Silva Barros

O livro A nuvem é surpreendente, assunto exclusivo sobre nuvens…Como assim? Os capítulos são os tipos de nuvens, desde nuvens de desespero a nuvens do espírito. Apresenta também esquemas, poemas, reflexões, acrósticos, que vão fazer você passar por essa nuvem de cabeça erguida. Divirta-se uma nuvem espera por você!

El reflejo de las palabras (Spanish Edition)

by William Silva Barros

Es una refleccion de la vida, e mucho mais… Poemas…

Monostiches et autres poèmes (Litterature roumaine traduite t. 4) (French Edition)

by Ion Pillat

Ion Pillat (1891-1945), poète roumain, se fit connaître, entre autres, par ses monostiches. Son art de la concision, de l’expression indirecte, surprennent toujours aujourd’hui et excitent la curiosité. Cette nouvelle traduction rend enfin un premier volume de son Å?uvre disponible au lecteur francophone, en regroupant une sélection de ses poèmes.

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